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A Labyrinth Story
by Corrie McDermott

Part 6 of 40

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The first thing she heard upon awakening was "I so can not wear this!" Sarah opened her eyes and nearly choked. First, she had completely forgotten where she was, so seeing the interior of a medieval bedchamber was just a tiny bit surprising. And nothing, absolutely nothing, prepared her for the site spread out before her.

"Good God, Lee, what are you doing?" Sarah sat up, wide eyed.

Lee spun around, a large grin on her face. Her grin faded, however, when she saw Sarah's expression. "What? You don't like it?" her shoulders sagged.

Sarah giggled and then laughed out loud.

"Oh, you find this amusing? Do I need to remind you that I don't have any spare clothes?"

Sarah controlled her laughter and shook her head. Lee had dressed herself in one of the long medieval style gowns that had hung in the closets. She looked completely lost in it with her short hair and wild makeup. There were gowns scattered all over the room. Obviously, dresses did not suit her taste. "We're still about the same size. You can borrow some of my clothes." Sarah offered.

Lee clapped her hands together and then fell to her knees on the blankets to pull Sarah into a tight hug. "Oh, this will be just like college! Gosh, remember when I'd run out of money to do laundry or forget and I had to borrow your clothes."

Sarah leaned to rest her back against the foot of the bed. "How could I forget? And you would take weeks to get my clothes back to me."

"It wasn't weeks. You got them back right away!"

"Only if I went to your side of the room and took them back." Sarah laughed.

"I do hope that you have something stylish. Please tell me that you've moved from straight leg to boot cut. I really don't want to be trekking around in straight leg jeans."

Sarah stood and yawned. "Hey, take 'em or lose them, sister. You can always wear the dresses that his High and Almighty provided us with."

"No thanks! Let me at the straight legs."

Sarah chuckled. "They're in my bag." As Lee rummaged through Sarah's bag, Sarah gazed around the room. It appeared sunny outside and she could hear birds singing outside the window. She crossed the room and leaned on the windowsill, gazing out across the Labyrinth that spread in all directions before her. She heard voices below and looked down to see the Goblin King standing with his hands on his hips. 3 goblins were in front of him and he appeared to be reprimanding them. He looked regal, dressed in a white poet's shirt, a dark cape over that, black tights and his knee high black boots. His hair was blowing gently around him in a cool morning breeze. Sarah had to admit that he did look handsome.

"It really is magnificent."

Sarah jumped and quickly pulled her eyes off of the Goblin King and to Lee, who was suddenly beside her and already dressed in a pair of her jeans and one of her t-shirts.

"You sure dressed fast." Sarah commented.

"Not any faster then usual. You've been staring out the window for almost 5 minutes now. What's so exciting out there? It's just a bunch of broken down walls and some plants. You gonna get dressed? I'm starved."

Sarah opened her mouth to answer, but a hollering voice from below stopped her. Lee stuck her head out the window, leaning to see what was going on. The Goblin King was still yelling at a small group of goblins. Lee's eyes lit up.

"That's what you were looking at." Sarah shook her head. "Yes! Don't lie to me! You were staring at the Goblin King, weren't you?

"Sssh, keep your voice down! They'll hear you." Sarah told her in a near whisper.

"Good morning, Goblin King! Don't you just look dashing today!" Lee cried out. Sarah tried to rush out of the window so he wouldn't see them both gawking at him. Lee grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

The Goblin King glanced up to see Lee waving at him. He groaned. Already, he believed Sarah's friend to be a nuisance. Perhaps Sarah had asked her to come along so that he would purposely leave them alone. His eyes fell upon the figure next to Lee. He grinned to himself when he saw Sarah with her hand over her face. She was clearly embarrassed about something. He muttered something to the goblins who stood before him. They tried to rush off, all picking the same direction to run off in and they collided into each other, falling over like bowling pins.

He yelled something at them and they got up, quickly scurrying away. He glanced back up at the window to see that Sarah had left, leaving only her annoying friend, Lee. Usually he loved flattery, but he could definitely pass when it came to Lee. He felt disappointment at no longer seeing Sarah gazing down at him. He quickly shook that feeling.

"It's a lovely day!" Lee cried out.

Jareth growled to himself. Perhaps if he ignored her, she would leave the window. He looked away and then decided he would walk into the castle and away from her prying eyes.

"Where you going, sexy?"

He walked a few steps and then spun to glance up at her. "I have more important things to do, then waste my time conversing with you." Came his clipped remark. He was inside the castle before Lee could reply.

"Yeah, well aren't you just a stuck up jerk!" Lee cried out into the empty courtyard. "Ass hole. He must have gotten up on the wrong side of the royal bed this morning. I hope you choke on your breakfast!" Lee stepped back from the window and turned to Sarah, who had dressed in a pair of jeans and a green t-shirt. She was shaking her head. "What? Why are you lookin' at me like that? I was only trying to be friendly!"

"Just leave him alone, Lee. So far he's been keeping up his end of the bargain and he's staying away from me. Just leave him. We're going to see my friends today."

"Dwarfie, Hairy and Dogboy?"

"Hey, cut that out. You haven't even met them yet and you're already calling them names."

"Do I really have to meet them?" Sarah frowned. "I mean, this is your type of thing, fantasy creatures and all." Sarah turned her back on Lee and stalked over to the vanity. She brushed her hair in long, harsh strokes. "Look, don't get all pissed off with me, because I don't want to meet your weird friends."

Sarah spun to face her and walked at her. She raised a hand and pointed an accusing finger at Lee. For once in her life Lee backed away. She had never seen Sarah so angry or upset. "And don't you get all pissed off with me because the Goblin King isn't falling for your little advances." She poked Lee hard in the chest.

"I . Damn you, Sarah. Look, I wasn't the one who wanted to come on this little adventure."

"Fine, then you can go home! I should never have asked you along in the first place!" Sarah pulled away from her and left the room, slamming the door behind her. After she left the room, she realized that she had no idea where she was going. She walked on anyway and got herself terribly lost. The hallways all seemed the same and the interior of the castle reminded her of the Labyrinth. With a frustrated sigh, she threw herself down in a velvet-covered chair in a small corner.

Lee was her friend, but there were times when she really couldn't stand her. Like right now. Lee was extremely moody, and if she didn't get her way with a guy she was attracted to, then forget it! It was obvious to Sarah that Lee was attracted to the Goblin King's good looks, and that was a dangerous thing. What she knew about the King, she did not like, and given Lee's flamboyant ways, if the King changed his mind, there was no doubt in Sarah's mind that Lee would sleep with him. The thought of that bothered her greatly. Sarah did not wish her friend to become one of the King's pawns and deep down an alien emotion filled her at the thought of Lee and the Goblin King together.

Lee was often wild, almost the complete opposite of what Sarah had become over the years. Sarah had taken on being quiet and Lee often told her that she allowed herself to be walked on. But being quiet often saved her from getting hurt. She would hide within herself and remind herself that somewhere, someone was worse off then she was. For the most part that kept her going.

It was only after a drop of moisture fell upon the hand resting in her lap, that she realized that she was crying. It was not the heart wrenching sobs that wracked her body, but tears that slid down her cheek quietly. She hastily wiped the tears from her face with her arm and glanced around to make sure that no one had seen her moment of weakness. She sighed and rose from the chair to continue on down the hallway. She had been gone quite a while now, and still she had no idea of where she was going. She turned a corner that she swore she recognized as seeing earlier and crashed directly into a solid body.

Hands gripped her tightly, to keep her from falling onto the hard floor. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry." She started. She still had not seen who she had walked into. Glancing down, she saw knee high black leather boots. She gasped and pulled back and away. The Goblin King put his hands on his hips and gave her a smirk.

"You really should look where you are going." He told her, and then strode off.

She watched him for a moment and called out to him. "Goblin King, wait!" He walked a few more steps and turned slowly. She felt herself shiver as his eyes fell upon her. He glanced at her, along the length of his nose, waiting for whatever it is she had to say. " is to say."

The Goblin King grinned at her uneasiness. "You're lost. Is that what you are trying to say?" There was no sympathy in his voice.

She contemplated lying, but that would not help her situation. "Yes, I'm lost." She admitted. "I'm human, I make mistakes."

"Regrettably human. Such a pity." He told her and then sauntered off.

"You haven't changed at all, Goblin King! You're still an arrogant jerk!" She called to his back as he walked away from her. She grunted and turned back in the direction she was heading, and nearly collided with him a second time. He stood before her with his arms crossed over his chest.

"You seem to forget that this 'arrogant jerk' is the only one with the power to bring you to the Labyrinth. I can also send you back."

She pulled back. "You wouldn't."

"I could, if I chose to. But you amuse me, so you will stay for now."

"Oh, I amuse you. Is that the only reason that I'm here? That's why you agreed to bring me here. So you could laugh at me when I got lost in your labyrinth of a castle? So you cold revel in the feeling of watching me fail?"

He tugged at his gloves. He wasn't even looking at her. "Something like that, I suppose."

A loud crack filled the relative silence of the hall and a surprised Goblin King lifted a gloved hand to caress his reddening cheek.

"Laugh about that, insolent bastard." Sarah turned and disappeared around the corner.

The Goblin King continued to touch his cheek. She had hit him. She had actually slapped his face as if he was some misbehaving child. How dare she! He lowered his hand and then stalked away in the opposite direction that Sarah had gone.

Sarah was raging with anger as she walked down the hallway. How dare he! She knew that his generosity was too good to be true. Her hand stung from the force of the slap she had given him. So she was here to amuse him! See if her hand print on his cocky face amused him.

She traveled on through the castle for an undermined about of time. She had been foolish enough to leave her watch on the vanity, so she had no idea how much time had passed. Lee had made her so angry that she had stomped out of the room and left it there. She knew that she was hungry as her stomach growled repeatedly. She gave a frustrated sigh as she leaned against a wall. She had not even passed by a goblin in her travels.

A sound that reminded of her of glass on stone made her turn. She groaned when she saw a crystal sphere rolling in her direction. It stopped directly at her feet and she glanced around. The Goblin King was no doubt close behind. She waited a few moments, but nothing happened.

"Hello?" her voice echoed. "I know you're out there, Goblin King!" She was met with silence. She glanced down at the floor again and blinked. The crystal was gone, and in its place was a rolled parchment. She bent to retrieve it, but stopped. What if this was a trap? She backed away and glanced around. Perhaps this was a joke. She would touch it and it would explode or something. It would be like those old cartoons of the coyote and the roadrunner. She started walking away, but the silence and her situation got the better of her.

Carefully, she picked up the parchment and unrolled it. She blinked in surprise at what she discovered. It was a map of the castle. Her brows furrowed and she glanced around. Still there was no sign of the Goblin King. She glanced back at the map and discovered that there was a message. It was penned in black ink, in an elegant hand.

'Your friends are in the courtyard. We will not cross paths again.' Was all that it said. There was no signature, no explanation as to why he was suddenly helping her after he had insulted her. She glanced around again in confusion to find that the hallway was still empty. She glanced at the map and began to follow it. The courtyard was clearly marked in red writing up at the top of the map. She was actually not too far from there. She left the hallway, in confusion, but grateful for the help, nonetheless. Grateful, even if the help had come from the Goblin King.

A solitary figure, dressed in a dark cape, with a white shirt and dark pants, leaned against the wall and watched as she left the hallway.


A Labyrinth Story
by Corrie McDermott

Part 6 of 40

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