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A Labyrinth Story
by Corrie McDermott

Part 7 of 40

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There was a wide arched doorway just ahead of her, and according to the map she held, the courtyard would be on the other side. Sarah crept cautiously toward the doorway. The map seemed correct so far, but she still did not trust the Goblin King. As she moved closer, she heard voices, familiar voices. A grin spread across her face.

"About time you showed up." Sarah glanced to the side to see Lee standing with her arms crossed over her chest.

Sarah's eyes widened. It was if Lee had just appeared beside the door. "I thought that you didn't want to meet them."

Lee gave her a lop sided grin. "Look, I'm sorry that I called your friends names and I'm sorry that I upset you. You were cool enough to let me borrow your duds and I got you all pissed off."

Sarah smiled. "I guess I can forgive you." She teased. "How did you get here? This castle is almost as big of a maze as the Labyrinth outside it."

"That little goblin that escorted us to our room the other night came to get me. If you hadn't stomped off, you would have been here much sooner. You missed breakfast and it's nearly lunchtime."

"I didn't realize that I had been gone so long." Lee smirked and held up Sarah's watch.

"You left it on the vanity."

'I know." Sarah took it gratefully and fastened it to her wrist. Anyone who knew her well enough, knew that she was a freak about time. She was rarely late for things, and was lost without her watch.

"Your friends have been waiting for you. They aren't as bad as I thought they would be."

"You met them?"

"Of course. What the hell was I supposed to do while we waited for you to make your appearance? What the hell happened to you anyway?"

"I got lost." Sarah carefully concealed the map she held behind her. Lee only smirked and she and Sarah stepped out into the courtyard. Sarah's eyes brightened when she saw Hoggle, Didymus and Ambrosious as well as Ludo.

Hoggle rushed up to her. "We's didn't believe him, when he told us. Thought it were a trick. You really are heres."

"It is an honor and a privilege to see you again, fair maiden." Didymus bowed before her, taking his feathered cap from his head.

"Sawah! Sawah back!" Ludo called.

Sarah beamed. "It's so wonderful to see you all again. You don't know how much I've missed you. All of you."

"You have grown much since our last encounter." Didymus told her as he replaced his cap on his head. He reached for her hand and placed a kiss there. "And you are more beautiful then ever."

"Thank you, Didymus." Something rubbed against Sarah's leg and she looked down to see Ambrosious. He no doubt wanted attention, and Sarah was glad to give it to him. She kneeled before him and scratched behind his ears.

"Am looks a lot like your old dog Merlin." Lee commented.

Sarah continued to scratch Ambrosious. She looked up to Lee with tears in her eyes. "Yes, he does."

Lee smiled sadly. Sarah's precious dog had been dead for almost 3 years now. He had developed cancer and they had discovered it too late. He had been put down. She remembered that Sarah had had a rough time getting over his passing. Lee mentally kicked herself for bringing up the dog. Sometimes she spoke without thinking.

Sarah recomposed herself quickly and stood. Hoggle had inched his way over to her. None of her friends had changed over the years. They looked exactly as how she left them.

"I can't believes you really is here. How'd ya get him to bring ya here? Ya didn't wish away no babe, did ya?"

Sarah smiled and shook her head. "No wishing away babies this time." She sighed. "I don't really know how I managed to come here, Hoggle. It all happened so quickly. I only worry that the Goblin King might not keep up with his end of the bargain."

"Ugh, you made a bargain with him. Bad idea." Hoggle told her.

"Nonsense." Didymus started. "I have served the King for many a year. He may be crafty and cunning, but he is loyal to his word."

"I hope that you're right, Didymus."

"Hungry." Ludo cooed.

Sarah smiled. "I'm hungry as well, Ludo."

'You must be. You missed breakfast and it was so good." Lee told her. "Hey, look! Someone must have heard us!" Sarah and the rest of the group turned to see some goblins bringing out trays of food. They were trying hard not to drop the heavy trays they carried. Sarah glanced around, almost expecting to see him there. But the courtyard was empty beside herself and her friends.

Hoggle, Didymus and Ludo had already started toward the stone table that the goblins were walking toward. Lee started to walk as well, but Sarah stopped her.

"Can I ask you a quick question?"

Lee nodded. "Sure, fire away."

"Did the Goblin King eat breakfast with you this morning?"

Lee shook her head. "No, I ate alone. I was hoping that you would walk in, but you were a no show. Why?"

"I..I was just curious."

Lee stared at her for a moment and then said, "Hey, let's eat, huh?" Sarah nodded.

The afternoon seemed to fly much too quickly for Sarah. She enjoyed spending time with her friends, but she also felt uneasy. She felt as if she was being watched. She or her friends had merely to wish for something or mention it and it was brought to them. Sarah often gazed at the castle, thinking she would see the King in one of the windows, but he was never there. Finally she settled her nervousness and enjoyed the time spent with her friends. Lee got along quite well with Didymus, and Ambrosious had taken an immediate liking to her friend. Ludo had been fairly quiet, but Hoggle couldn't stop talking about how happy he was to see Sarah.

Sarah waved to her friends as they walked down one of the stone walkways that cut through the courtyard. They promised to see her again very soon. The day had grown hot, and Lee was standing in the doorway of the castle as Sarah saw her friends off.

"C'mon Sarah. It's hot! Let's see if there is a pool or something."

Sarah turned. "This isn't a hotel Lee, it's a medieval castle."


Sarah shook her head back and forth. There was a goblin suddenly in the doorway to lead them back to their room.

'Hey, is there, like, a swimming pool or something?" Lee asked the goblin. He gave her a confused glance. 'A pool? A place you go swimming." He shook his head, still looking confused. "Uggh." She groaned. 'I don't know how the Goblin King can stand ruling these things."

"I'm afraid he has little choice in the matter." Both women gazed ahead to see a tall, slender man with dark hair. It was long and pulled back into a ponytail. He was dressed in a cape and an outfit that enhanced the lithe quality of his body. "Jareth didn't tell me that he had two lovely women staying with him. The bugger must have conveniently forgot to tell me. Can't say I blame him."

Jareth! That was his name! As soon as the man said it, Sarah recognized the name. The Goblin King's name was Jareth. Not knowing his name had been bugging her for quite some time. She felt bad not knowing his name, not that it mattered now. She would be content if she didn't see him again for the rest of her vacation.

"And who are you, handsome?" Lee purred. Sarah already wanted to smack her.

The man bowed. "I'm Dartaynian. Dart for short. I am the lord of Tabor Castle just to the west of Jareth's labyrinth. And you lovely ladies are.?"

Sarah opened her mouth to speak, but Lee cut her off. "I'm Lee Matthews." Lee smiled sweetly. "Oh yeah, and she's my friend." Dartaynian nodded and then smiled sweetly at Sarah.

"And does your friend have a name?" He reached for Sarah's hand and placed a soft kiss on her skin.

Sarah felt her heart leap into her throat and ignored Lee, who shifted angrily beside her. This man was incredibly handsome, and his manners were a vast improvement over the man who provided her with his so-called hospitalities. "Sarah Williams." She smiled shyly.

Dartaynian bowed over her hand, his lips lingering over her skin. "It's a pleasure, Sarah Williams. With all the talk about you, I feel as if I know you already." He kissed her hand again and then released it gently.

Sarah frowned. "What do you mean?"

Dartaynian smiled warmly. "It was a Sarah Williams who defeated my good friend, Jareth. Everyone knows about her. While it is quite a shock to see you staying in his castle after what happened, it surely can not be coincidence. The Sarah Williams I have heard of fits your exact appearance, though you are much more beautiful in person."

Sarah blushed. "I. thank you."

'You are she, are you not?"

Sarah nodded. "Yes. I'm the one who defeated the Goblin King's Labyrinth."

Dartaynian smiled warmly. "I don't know why you are staying with Jareth, but I can hardly believe that the overgrown goblin lets you out of his site. To have such beauty, moving about his castle and not to bask in your presence."

"We're not exactly on the best terms. I'm here on vacation with my friend, Lee. Nothing more."

"Ah, so you and Jareth had a falling out. I dare say I can understand that. Jareth hates to be defeated. No doubt he has been cruel to you."

"Yeah, he's a stuck up jerk!" Lee injected. She smiled sweetly. "Unlike yourself of course." Dartaynian only smiled.

"Jareth isn't that bad, if you get to know him. But enough talk about him. I'm on my way out to my own castle. Perhaps I shall see you again, Lady Sarah. Perhaps you would even grace my castle with your presence?" Sarah smiled shyly and nodded. "Splendid. Then I shall see you again, and soon. Good day, ladies." He bowed before them again and put on a feathered hat that he had been holding behind his back.

Sarah and Lee nodded. He walked briskly down the hallway, but turned and winked at Sarah before disappearing around a corner.

'Oh, Sar. Does he have the hearts for you, or what? You gotta go out on a date with him."

Sarah shook her head. "No! I'm here on vacation, not to pick up a boyfriend."

"Oh come on, Sar. I didn't say a boyfriend. He just might be a companion for you while you're here. You don't date enough as it is."

'I don't date for a very good reason! I only end up getting hurt."

Lee sighed. 'Fine, then just be his friend or something. He seems like a nice guy."

"Yeah, he did." Sarah said dreamily. Lee smirked beside her as they walked back to their room.


A Labyrinth Story
by Corrie McDermott

Part 7 of 40

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