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A Labyrinth Story
by Corrie McDermott

Part 8 of 40

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It was two days later that Sarah was running late for breakfast. She had overslept terribly after staying up and talking with her friends, who had shown up after dinner to see her. She quickly pulled a shirt over her head, threw on some jeans, socks and shoes, and then rushed out the door. Lee had not even awakened her. She had probably gone off to breakfast on her own Sarah tore off down the hallway.

"And where are you off to in such a rush?" Sarah stopped dead in her tracks and turned to see Dartaynian. The young man smiled sweetly and removed his hat to bow before her.

'Hello." She greeted softly. Her heart began to pound in her chest. "I'm on my way to breakfast."

"Ah, I do not have much time, because I must meet Jareth, but allow me to escort you to breakfast."

'That's kind of you, but-"

He grinned and stepped closer to her, offering her an arm. "I won't take no for an answer."

Sarah smiled and gently linked her arm through his.

'I don't know what your plans are for the day, but perhaps after I meet with Jareth, you would walk with me through the gardens?" Sarah looked nervous and he smiled warmly. "Just a walk. Your friend, Lee, was it? She may come along as well if it pleases her."

"I'll ask her if she will join us."

"Splendid. Well, here we are, the dining hall."

Sarah actually felt disappointed that they had arrived so quickly.

Dartaynian gently captured her hand and placed a kiss on her skin. "I shall look forward to seeing you later, milady." Sarah smiled as he gently released her hand and then walked down the hall the opposite way. He glanced back at her once and smiled before disappearing. Sarah leaned against the wall and sighed.

"Sar, that you?" Sarah turned and walked into the room.

"Yes, it's me. Someone forgot to wake me up for breakfast." She frowned in disappointment when she saw that Lee had started eating from Sarah's plate. "It's bad enough that you didn't wake me up, and now you're eating my food."

"I'm sure they can bring more from the kitchen." Lee reached over and pulled a piece of off of Sarah's tray. Every morning it was the same routine. A goblin knocked on the door and alerted them that breakfast was done. Two trays were always set out with meats, cheeses, breads, fruits and juices. As Lee crunched on the strip of bacon, she asked, "So who were you talking to in the hallway? I'm willing to bet it wasn't the Goblin King. He didn't even join us for dinner the last two nights."

"I'd prefer it that way." Sarah said bitterly as she took her seat.

"You guys get into a fight or something?"

"Can you pass me the butter?"

Lee passed Sarah the butter and watched her spread it over a piece of bread. "Well, did you?"

"Did I what?" Sarah asked innocently.

Lee threw up her hands. "Ugh, attitude! Nothing! So who were you talking to?"

Sarah flicked back her dark hair behind her shoulders and smiled sweetly. "Dartaynian." Her smile grew when she saw Lee's astonished expression.

"You're lying. He hasn't been around in a few days."

"He's here now. He escorted me to breakfast." She smiled as she bit into her bread.

"Yeah, you expect me to believe that load of crap? Yeah, Dartaynian, Jareth's hot friend, just showed up out of the blue and escorted you to breakfast. Ye-eah, right."

"He did, and he invited me on a walk through the gardens with him." Sarah took another bite of her bread.

Lee's jaw dropped. "You are so kidding!"

"And you're invited to come along, IF you behave yourself."

"Pfft, I always behave."

Sarah laughed. "That has got to be the funniest thing I've heard all day."

"He seriously is here again and he asked you to walk with him through the gardens?" Sarah nodded. "And you told him yes, right?" Sarah only grinned. "Sarah! Please tell me that you said yes!"

Sarah laughed. "Calm down. I told him that I would ask you if you wanted to come along first. I don't know him. I know nothing about him. I'm not going to go anywhere alone with him, no matter how charming he seems."

"You like him!"

"I do not! I don't even know him."

"But you're attracted to him! I see it in your eyes! You think he's a hottie!" Lee cried out.

Sarah blushed beet red. "I won't deny that he's handsome, but it's still early to think anything else about him." Sarah realized that was an out right lie. She would never admit to Lee that she had spent the last 2 nights thinking and dreaming about the handsome man who had kissed her hand and had been a complete gentleman.

"Oh, today just got better! When is he coming to pick us up?"

Sarah shrugged. "He said that he had to meet with Jareth, and then I guess he'll show up."

"What is he meeting with Jareth for?"

"How the hell should I know?"

* * *

"I can't believe you didn't mention that you had those lovely ladies staying at your castle." Dartaynian said as he gazed at Jareth. His old friend had been quiet, exceptionally quiet.

"Slipped my mind." Jareth told him nonchalantly as he sipped at his wine.

"Um hmmm. A likely story, I'm sure. I can't believe you're not out with them, especially with how you feel about mortals." Jareth looked away. Dartaynian swirled his wine around in the glass and then set it down on the table. "Lee Matthews is a bit forward, a little too forward for my taste, but Sarah Williams." At the mention of Sarah's name, Jareth stared intently at his friend. "She is exactly my style. Sweet, shy, and very beautiful." Dartaynian's gaze was far off, and Jareth cringed inside and took a sip of his wine. "I think I shall ask her permission to court her."

Jareth coughed and nearly choked on his wine.

Dartaynian shot him a curious glance. "Bloody hell Jareth, are you all right?"

Jareth nodded and forced himself to get in control. "Fine.. I would not advise courting her."

Dartaynian's brows rose. "Oh, and why not?"

Jareth grunted. "Because, old friend, she will steal your heart, trample it, and throw it back in your face when she is done with you."

Dartaynian grinned. "Talking from experience, my friend?" Jareth growled, angry with himself for saying too much. "That's one thing that I never liked about you." Dartaynian continued. "You never did know how to let things go. We've all heard the stories whispered on the wind. Tales of a Goblin King who fell in love with the mortal who defeated him and left him alone while she returned to her world. Time to let the past be the past and move on."

"Tales that are completely untrue. Her determination captivated me, nothing more."

"Whatever." Dartaynian swallowed the rest of his wine and placed the glass on the table. "I think I shall ask her nonetheless. My castle has been without a woman's touch for too long." Jareth snorted. "What was that for? "

Jareth rolled his eyes. Dartaynian was known throughout the realm as having mistresses from time to time, and he was never serious about them. The thought of Sarah being a mistress of Dartaynian's bothered Jareth greatly.

"You're just jealous because you aren't on good terms with her."

"I feel no such emotion. Ask her for her permission to court her and see if I care." The Goblin King shot back bitterly. Let Dartaynian have her. He didn't want her and he didn't love her. She captivated him, and that was all. Perhaps he would see less of her if she spent time with Dartaynian. He was tired of avoiding her in his own castle.

Dartaynian shook his head. "Well, I've asked her and her friend to join me for a walk. I shall see you soon."

Jareth nodded and watched Dartaynian leave. He strayed to the window that overlooked his courtyard. Sure enough, less then 10 minutes later, Dartaynian entered Jareth's courtyard with Sarah on one arm and Lee on the other. His attention was focused more on Sarah and the two shared a laugh about something. Jareth felt envious of his friend, but he shook the emotion. He felt nothing for Sarah..and he vowed that he never would.


A Labyrinth Story
by Corrie McDermott

Part 8 of 40

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