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Please Come Home

A Labyrinth Story
by Ying-Fa-dono

Part 18 of 20

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Please Come Home


Sarah ran over to the unconscious Goblin King. He was dressed in loose-fitting, soft black clothes and his boots were gone. She ran over to him, the ring barely clinging to her pinky finger slipped off and fell to the ground as she ran. He didn't so much as flinch when she jumped onto the bed beside him and didn't acknowledge her at all when she grabbed his shoulders and gently shook him.

"No! Goblin King, no!" Sarah cried. "Wake up! Please wake up! It's me. It's Sarah. I'm here."

He still didn't move or open his eyes. He remained pale and still. Sarah stared hard into his face. The Goblin King she knew, her Goblin King, wouldn't deliberately ignore her like this, not when she was crying for him as if her life depended on it.

"Goblin King! Goblin King!" Sarah shrieked, but it sounded wrong. The words sounded uncomfortable in her mouth as she said his title. And she knew why. That was not how things should be if she was going to save him. "Goblin . . . no . . . J-J-Jareth! Wake up, J-Jareth! Please wake up! It's me, Sarah!"

Still, Jareth remained motionless.

"Please, J-Jareth, please," moaned Sarah, tears leaking out of her eyes. "Don't do this. You can't be dead, you can't. I've come such a long way to be here. Do you hear me? I've been a long way to see you. Why didn't you tell me you were sick? I could have helped you. I want to help you. That's why I came all this way to the Shadow Temple. I want to help you."

Sarah placed a trembling hand on Jareth's face. It was cold as marble. Her tears began to fall more furiously as she felt how cold he was.

"This is my fault," she said. "I should never have said that. Why didn't you tell me what those words would do to you? I would never have said them to you if I knew they would hurt you. J-Jareth, please, don't die on me. I can't take it. Don't make me a murderer, I beg of you."

Sarah leaned closer to him, determined to find anything. The tiniest breath, the slightest rise and fall of his chest, that was all she wanted. Any sign at all that she wasn't saying all of this when it was already too late. But she needed to say it. Because that's the way it is done.

"Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered," Sarah said, softly. "I have fought my way here to the Shadow Temple, to your side, to be with you. My will is as strong as yours and my kingdom is as great, but they'll crumble if I don't have you with me. Please, Jareth, please don't leave me. Not now. Not when I've come all this way."

Still, Jareth did not respond. Sarah let out a cry of frustration and misery. "You once asked me to fear you, I do! I'm afraid that you'll leave me and I'll never see you again. You asked me to do as you say, I'll do it! If it'll make you come back to me, I'll do anything. You said you'd be my slave. I don't want a slave, I want you. You once asked me to . . . to love you. I . . . I . . . Jareth, I do. Jareth, I love you."

She leaned as close to him as she could without touching him. "Do you hear me?" she whispered. "Please, Jareth, I love you." And she covered his lips with hers. Sarah poured everything she felt into her kiss, praying he would feel it too. But Jareth's lips were cold and unresponsive. She pulled away very slowly, but nothing had changed. Jareth's eyes remained closed. He lay completely still. Sarah took that for what she knew it was. She let out a scream of misery and threw herself onto his chest.

"No!" she screamed. "Not now! Not when we're so close! Don't do this to me! Don't leave me! Come back, I beg of you. Jareth! JARETH!"


Sarah raised her head off of Jareth's chest. She turned around and stared in pure terror at the figure who had just entered the room. Limstella stood there, clutching at her honey-colored curls and screaming in fury. The Fae Witch marched over to the bed, grabbed Sarah by the hair and threw her away from Jareth. Limstella then placed a hand on Jareth's cold forehead and her eyes glowed with evil anger.

"So," she snarled. "Your sins have taken their toll. Jareth has paid the price for your stupidity and complete lack of reality."

"No," moaned Sarah, struggling helplessly to get to her feet. "No."

"Your evil actions are complete. You have ruined everything. HE IS DEAD!"

"No!" screamed Sarah. "Please, no! I didn't mean it! I didn't mean to! I love him! I love him so much! Please, have mercy . . ."

"There is no mercy for murder in the Underground," said Limstella. "You have destroyed my future. And now, little girl, I shall take away yours."

Sarah sprinted. Half-running, half-crawling away from Limstella. Limstella's magic chains chased her, but she slammed the door of Jareth's room and blocked them. She ran through the Temple as fast as she could, not knowing where she was going or what she was doing. She heard Limstella behind her, heard her chains clanking threateningly after her. Sarah didn't know where her feet where taking her. All she could see through her tears was Jareth's pale face. All she could hear was his voice.

Your eyes can be so cruel.

Something hard and thin wrapped itself tightly around Sarah's ankle. She tripped and fell down a staircase she had been about to descend. She curled up defensively as she toppled down the stone steps, banging her arms, legs and back as she fell.

Sarah landed on the ground in a crumpled heap, pain all over her, her eyes still swimming in tears. She looked up at Limstella as she advanced on her, walking down he steps with a long knife in her hand.

"You took away my chance to be a queen among my people," said Limstella. "You ruined everything I've worked for."

"No," sobbed Sarah. "You ruined it. You never loved Jareth like I do. Your words would have killed him. It didn't matter either way."

"YOU DARE BLAME THIS ON ME!" screamed Limstella. "This is your doing and yours alone."

"I KNOW that!" shrieked Sarah. "I KNOW what I did to him, okay! You don't have to tell me!"

"May there be mercy in your next life, you pathetic little wretch," said Limstella, raising the knife as she came closer and closer. "Are you afraid, little girl? Do you feel the fear of death?"

Sarah made no move to get up or run away, she watched Limstella come closer, her eyes on the knife. "No," she said, honestly. "I'm not so afraid."

"Then be ready to die, you mortal whore!" screamed Limstella.

"Fine, kill me," yelled Sarah. "I don't care. If I die, my soul will go up to heaven and then I can see him again. I'll be with Jareth again . . . sniff . . . AND THEN I CAN TELL HIM HOW I FEEL!"


Just as Limstella was within striking distance of Sarah, a large eucalyptus branch came out of nowhere, wrapped itself around Sarah's arm, and pulled her away from the advancing witch. Sarah stared around at the branch and followed it to the hand that was holding the other end.

"Ena!" cried Sarah.

"ENA!" roared Limstella.

And there she was. Ena bent down over Sarah and examined her bruised and tear streaked face. She conjured a small yarrow plant and ran it along a bruise on Sarah's face. At once, the bruise vanished.

"Ena, what in the entire Underground do you think you are doing?" yelled Limstella. "What is your problem! Don't you know what she has done?"

"Enough," said Ena, softly. "Please, Limstella, enough. That's enough, please."

Limstella stared at Ena in disbelief. "What?"

"This poor girl has been through enough," said Ena. "Jareth has been through enough. Please, for pity's sake, let them be. Leave them be."

Limstella gaped at her slave. "I don't believe it," she said, slowly. "You've come all this way, done all I have asked, only to betray me here and now?"

"If you mean that I wish to aid these people," said Ena, sounding braver than she looked. "Then yes, Limstella, I'm betraying you."

Limstella stared at her slave, looking utterly abashed but then the evil anger returned. "Then you shall die as well."

The Fae Witch pointed her free hand at Ena and another chain shot forth. It wrapped itself tightly around Ena's throat, cutting into the sensitive skin there. Ena cried out in pain and fear as the chain hoisted her into the air, strangling her.

"ENA!" screamed Sarah. "No! Leave her alone, please!"

A loud roar suddenly filled the room. Ludo bounded right past Sarah and Limstella and took hold of Ena, lifting her slightly so that the chain would no longer strangle her. She gasped and choked, tugging fruitlessly on the chain that was wrapped around her like a noose.

"Disgusting creature!" shrieked Limstella. "How did you get in here?"

"Hold!" cried another voice. Sir Didymus and Hoggle arrived. The dwarf made a beeline right for Sarah, but the knight went right for Limstella, brandishing his staff.

"You have harmed these fair maidens for the last time, you creature," said Sir Didymus. "In their honor, I shall fight anyone, anywhere, any place, any time! En garde!"

"Didymus, no!" wailed Sarah, but it was too late. Limstella had already turned her knife into a long sword and she and Didymus began to duel.

"Sarah," cried Hoggle, looking closely at Sarah's face. "Are you okay? Did she hurt you at all?"

"Not really, Hoggle," said Sarah, pleased to see her oldest friend with her again. She took comfort in Hoggle's being there. She needed someone with her right now. Ludo was still supporting Ena, trying everything he could to keep her alive while she struggled to remove the chain around her neck. Sir Didymus and Limstella were both fighting elegantly, his staff and her sword clashing delicately with each stroke and each parry.

"Sarah, now's your chance," said Hoggle. "While Didymus has her distracted, get outta here and go find Jareth!"

At the sound of his name, Sarah's heart broke all over again for the one she loved. Hoggle didn't know. She and Limstella where the only ones here who knew. "H-Hoggle," sobbed Sarah. "Oh, Hoggle, I was too late. It's over. I blew it."

"What?" Hoggle said in disbelief. "You can't . . . you don't mean . . ."

Sarah let out a wail of misery. "He's gone, Hoggle! He's gone and it's my fault! I did it all! I . . . I killed him, Hoggle! I killed him!"

"No," said Hoggle, in distress. "No, you didn't Sarah. It wasn't your fault."

Sir Didymus swung his staff at Limstella. It whacked her wrist and her sword fell out of her hand. "Ha!" laughed Sir Didymus. "Thou must do better than that! Ha ha ha!"

Limstella reached for the sword. It picked itself up and soared right past Didymus and back into her hand. Didymus stopped gloating just in time to block her next attack. "Ah ha!" he said. "Touché, madam, but this is where it comes to a close. Surrender and throw down your weapon and I'll see that you are well treated!"

"There will be no surrender on my part, sir knight," said Limstella, savagely. "Nor will I grant you one. You dare challenge the Fae Queen, you worthless creature, and now you shall learn your place."

"You are no queen," said Didymus, swinging his staff threateningly. "Not among the Fae, not among anyone. Your greed and wicked ways have destroyed any chances of that when His Majesty abandoned you."

"And that means what?" Limstella snapped. "Don't tell me you creatures would rather have had that mortal whore!"

"How DARE you?" bellowed Sir Didymus and he began fighting with renewed vigor. "How DARE you speak of my lady like that! She is brave and true, honest and kind, and a much better person than you. That is why she obtained the Goblin King's love, and that is why she shall conquer you. Evil never triumphs, no matter what! She is more a queen than you will ever be and I shall defeat you on her behalf!"

"Try all you like, rodent!" hissed Limstella. "You can't defeat me."

"I needn't defeat you," said Didymus. "It is against the nature of a knight to strike a lady, even one as vile as you! All I have to do is keep you engaged until the Shadow Temple sees fit to intervene."

"What?" Limstella's eyes widened. She knew what Didymus meant, but she couldn't afford to lose now. She had to end this now. She attacked Didymus with more power, but he was smaller and more skilled than she. Limstella used her sword to pin Didymus's staff to the ground, but Didymus sank his sharp teeth into her hand, causing her to shriek in pain. She dropped her sword and Didymus attacked again. But Limstella, though disarmed, wasn't about to lose to him. She dodged as Didymus lounged at her and conjured another chain, which wrapped around the knight's leg.

Didymus growled in fury and tried to reach around and bite the chain, but Limstella used the chain to swing Didymus around, like a lasso. She spun him faster and faster, with more vigor and violence with every turn.

"Sir Didymus!" cried Sarah.

"Didymus!" yelled Hoggle.

"Brudda!" growled Ludo.

"Sir Knight!" gasped Ena.

With one last swing, Limstella unclasped the chain from off Didymus's ankle. All eyes turned to watch as Didymus flew clear across the room with terrifying speed.


Didymus hit the opposite wall with a terrible sound that was something between a thud and a snap. Didymus slid down the wall, very slowly, and landed dully on the floor. He didn't move.


Sarah ran over to her fallen friend, Hoggle right behind her. Ludo roared and reached for his sworn brother, but didn't dare to drop Ena. Sarah knelt down beside the knight. He was spread-eagled on the ground, his staff held loosely in his limp hand. His good eye was closed and his mouth hung open.

"Didymus! Didymus!" cried Sarah. "No! Please, Sir Didymus! Stand up!"

The little knight refused to obey her. Sarah's already shattered heart splintered as she realized what she was seeing.

"No!" she screamed, burying her face in her hands so she wouldn't have to look at her broken friend. "Not you too, Didymus, not you too! Oh, don't do this to me, please!"

"It's . . . it's . . . it's not happening," said Hoggle numbly, reaching out timidly to Didymus. "It . . . it can't be happening."

New, hot tears poured from Sarah's eyes as she looked upon what was left of her bravest of friends. His brave voice echoing in her mind.

"Fear not, fair maiden, I will save thee . . . somehow."

"My lady! Thank goodness thou art safe at last!"

"If that is the way it is done, then that is the way you must do it."

"Remember, fair maiden, should you need us . . ."

"Even if it means facing the wicked hand of death, I shall aid you in anyway possible."


Didymus's name was torn from her throat as Sarah collapsed next to the little knight, her eyes overflowing and her voice mimicking the wails of misery that echoed deep in her heart.

Limstella stared at the mourning party. She knew this wouldn't settle well with the spirits. She had to end this and end it now. While the others were so focused on the fallen knight, she picked up her sword and charged at Ludo. Ludo tore his eyes away from his "brother" to see her advance. With the arm that wasn't supporting Ena, he reached out and grabbed the blade.

"OW!" roared Ludo as Limstella pulled on the sword and it cut right through the tough skin of his claw, which immediately began to bleed freely.

Sarah looked up. "LUDO!" she screamed, getting up and running toward her friend. Sarah threw herself in front of Ludo, shielding him from Limstella.

"Stop it!" sobbed Sarah. "Please, just stop!"

"You can't seriously expect me to do that," hissed Limstella. "You and these vermin ruined everything I've worked for."

"No!" cried Sarah. "I did! It was just me! I already told you, you can kill me! I don't care anymore. Just leave my friends alone, you've done enough!"

"Lady . . . Sarah . . . no!" choked Ena.

"Just stop," sobbed Sarah. "Please, stop hurting my friends. Let them be, I beg of you. If you want your revenge so badly, take it. Take it out on me. Just stop hurting them."

Limstella's eyes flashed and her face was set. "So be it."

"Sarah, no!" cried Hoggle, running over to her.

Limstella raised her sword and positioned it right above Sarah's heart. Sarah closed her eyes. How much would she feel? Would it hurt?

I'm coming, Didymus . . . Jareth . . .


Suddenly, the sound of shattering filled the air. Sarah's eyes snapped open. Limstella's sword had deep cracks in it and, after a second, the blade crumpled and fell to the ground in metal shards. In the next second, the chain wrapped around Ena's neck snapped and she collapsed in Ludo's arms. Limstella looked down at the ruined sword in shock then turned around to look through a doorway at the other end of the room. Sarah and the others looked around too. Sarah turned too and stared in disbelief at what she was seeing.

Walking slowly out of the darkness, mismatched eyes fixed on Limstella, was none other than Jareth the Goblin King.

Please Come Home

A Labyrinth Story
by Ying-Fa-dono

Part 18 of 20

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