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Please Come Home

A Labyrinth Story
by Ying-Fa-dono

Part 19 of 20

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Please Come Home

"Jareth!" cried Limstella, staring in disbelief as her disowned godson drew nearer and nearer. "You're alive!"

"Yes, I am," said Jareth, conversationally. "No thanks to you, of course."

Sarah stared at the two Fae. Jareth was walking straight for Limstella, who looked almost afraid to move. He started moving in a circle around the Fae Witch, his eyes cold with malice.

"No thanks to me?" said Limstella, her upper lip curling unpleasantly. "It is that mortal wretch that broke your heart and lead to your doom."

"Silence," hissed Jareth, his eyes colder and crueler than ever they had been. "You have no right to speak here. You were banned from the Shadow Temple, Limstella. You shouldn't be here. You shouldn't have entered this place."

"Fool," snarled Limstella. "I came here to spear your miserable life and this is my thanks?"

"You could never have saved my life, Limstella, and we both know it," snapped Jareth.

"Is that so?" Limstella scoffed. "And what makes you say that?"

"Because I hate you," Jareth said, coldly. "I hate everything about you and that is one thing that will never change. You are full of delusions of being a queen of a destroyed race and you view everything and everyone around you as tools to be used at your disposal. You know nothing other than hate, greed, and ambition. The only thing you love is you and ideas of yourself surrounded by assets. That will never change about you. You cannot love and so you cannot have saved me."

"At least I do not take the hearts of others and smash them to pieces like your mortal scum," hissed Limstella. "She was the one who was killing you, Jareth, and even now you bend to her will? Even now bend your knee to an otherworldly piece of trash? Even now . . ."

"Yes, Limstella, even now," said Jareth, harshly. "I know it is difficult for you to understand, but what Sarah and I share is something you cannot understand."

Jareth was still walking around and around Limstella, like a vulture eyeing a fresh new corpse. Limstella revolved slowly on the spot, keeping her eyes on him at all times.

"If that is how you feel then fine," said Limstella. "I'll just finish the job your mortal started and kill you, her, that treacherous Ena, and these other vermin."

"No you will not," said Jareth, more coldly still. "You will not kill anyone within this Temple. I told you before; you shouldn't have entered this place. If you want proof that it was a mistake for you to come here, look down at your hands."

Limstella looked down and stared in utter horror at her hands. Sarah saw that they had suddenly become bony, wrinkled, and age-spotted. They were the hands of a crone.

"You've disturbed the peace of this sacred place," said Jareth. "And now the spirits are acting against you. Just look around."

He was right. As the party looked around, strange shadows were suddenly circling around them, just like Jareth was doing to Limstella. There were soft echoes coming from the shadows. Eerie voices whispering words in a language that Sarah couldn't understand. As they drew closer still, Limstella began to change rapidly. Her skin was becoming wrinkled and age-spotted like her hands. Her teeth, once white and straight, were turning brown and her honey-colored curls suddenly faded to dull silver.

"This . . . can't . . . be!" Limstella shrieked, her voice raising and sounding much older and feebler. "It just . . . can't be!"

"You disturbed the peace in a place of Fae death," said Jareth, harshly. "You shed innocent blood within its walls. You have broken the very oath you made when you entered this place, and now you must pay the price."


The shadows around them started to take shape. Sarah could make out arms, legs, heads and torsos, but no faces or distinguishable features. They were about the size of children but appeared flat as paper and fluid. These shadows closed in on Limstella. One of them crept behind her and threw its arms around her waist, like a child embracing their mother. Limstella screamed bloody murder and tried to pry it off her.

"Unhand me!" she screamed. "Unhand . . ."

Limstella suddenly clapped a hand to her mouth. She spat into her hand and unleashed another blood-curdling scream. Several brown teeth had fallen out of her mouth. She raised her hands to her head only to scream again when a handful of silver hair fell away from her scalp and into her hand. One by one, the shadows reached out and wrapped themselves around Limstella in their horrible embraces. Each time they did so, Limstella's aging grew worse and worse.

"Noooooo!" Limstella wailed, but she no longer sounded like herself. Her scream was that of an old crone and not the beautiful witch. "You cannot do this! I am the Fae Queen! Jareth, Ena, help me! Help me, you fools!"

Jareth only backed away from Limstella, unwilling to go near the shadows that had entwined themselves around her waist, neck, knees and both wrists. Ena cowered behind Ludo, tears falling down her face as she gazed at what was left of her master. Sarah, Ludo, and Hoggle all watched in terror as Limstella seemed to be sinking downward into the floor, the shadows dragging her down, down . . .

"Jareth! Help me, you fool! Make them stop! Who will give you what you want now? How will you fulfill your destiny now? Ena! Serve your master! Be the slave you were meant to be! Aide me now! JARETH! ENA!"

"Stop it!" Sarah screamed as the withered hag sank even lower. "You can't hurt them any longer. You can't tell them what to do. They are free of you now. Go away! Don't ever come back! Do you hear me? Never come back. Go away and don't hurt them any longer!"

"VILE GIRL!" screamed Limstella. Only her head and shoulders were visible now. The shadow children having almost succeeded in pulling her down. "YOU RUINED EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!"

"There was nothing to ruin in the first place," yelled Sarah. "You have nothing here. Being dead is all that you're good for now. Leave them alone! Leave us alone!"


"Too bad!" said Sarah, furiously. "Because it wants you! You hurt Ena. You hurt Jareth. You hurt Ludo. You killed Didymus! You tried to kill me! I've had enough of you. Go away! Go away NOW!"

Limstella's death howl echoed throughout the room as the shadows swallowed her. Where she once stood, there was nothing. No mark, no tiny inkling that showed that the Fae Witch had vanished at that very spot was there. But then, the voice that spoke in the Hall of Remorse filled the air.

"So passes Limstella, the Fae Witch, by means of the Death Sprites of the Shadow Temple."

Nobody spoke. Nobody needed to speak. They all knew what the voice had meant. Limstella was dead. It was over.

As Sarah stared at the spot where Limstella vanished, she saw something dark out of the corner of her eye. She turned around quickly to see what it was. One of the shadows that had dragged Limstella down was creeping slowly toward the fallen form of Sir Didymus. Sarah gasped.

"No!" she cried. "St-stay away from him!"

She didn't want the shadow to take Sir Didymus as it had taken Limstella. She didn't want to see her dear friend dragged down into whatever abyss that now served as Limstella's grave. But the shadow did not wrap itself around Didymus as its fellows had Limstella. The shadow backed away from Didymus and disappeared. As it did, the little knight let out a small moan.

"Didymus?" gasped Sarah, hardly daring to believe.

To everyone's disbelief, Sir Didymus sprang to his feet, but fell over almost at once. "Nev-never fear," he mumbled groggily. "I-I seem to h-have shut my eyes for a few moments. Did . . . did I miss anything?"


Ludo stomped over to Didymus and lifted him up into the air. "Brudda back! Ludo happy!"

"Didymus!" cried Sarah, hurrying over to them. "Oh, Didymus! We thought we lost you!"

"Lost me?" said Didymus, apparently taken aback by everybody's reaction to his waking up. "Certainly not, my lady. It will take more than a bump on the head to rid the world of Sir Didymus, yes it will."

Just then, they heard the sound of something heavy falling to the ground. Sarah spun around. Jareth had fallen to his knees, his eyes closed.


Sarah ran over to him and knelt beside him. She listened intently as he breathed, but his breathing was slow and deep, the way people should breathe.

"Are you alright?" she asked, carefully.

"Yes," Jareth replied. "Forgive me. I'm just . . . a bit weak. As you already know, the last three years have been . . . hard on me."

Sarah laid a gentle hand on his shoulder, reminding him she was there. She looked around to find Ena. She was sitting beside Didymus, using her yarrow plants to heal any injuries he'd gotten from his duel with Limstella. Sarah was about to get up and bring her over to Jareth to see if she had anything to help him, but Jareth's hand closed on her wrist.


It wasn't a command, it was a request. Sarah turned back to Jareth and met his mismatched gaze. Never in all her life had anyone looked at her the way he looked at her now. It was a look of pure affection, of absolute love. He let go of her wrist and instead reached up to cup her face in his hands.

"Thank you. Thank you for saving me. Thank you."

Sarah's heart suddenly seemed too large for her chest. At the sound of her own words coming from his mouth, her eyes overflowed with tears. She put her arms around him and buried her face in the crook of his neck. Hugging him close, confirming the fact that he was, indeed, here with her now, she gave him the only reply she could give him. The only one he needed.

"You're welcome," she sobbed.

Jareth let out a long, slow breath. Sarah could almost feel the happiness coming from him. She pulled away from him just enough so that he could lean down and capture her lips with his.

They both knew, as they shared their long overdue kiss, that as he had said 'thank you' and as she had replied 'you're welcome' that what they were actually saying to each other was 'I love you' and 'I love you too'.


"And so he says to me, he says, 'You'll give her that, Hoggle, or I'll tip you straight into the Bog of Eternal Stench before you can blink.'"

Ena laughed. "He's changed so much in appearance, but seems to have changed very little, if at all, in personality since leaving the Silver Tower. So, you gave Lady Sarah this peach, did you?"

"If you've ever smelled the Bog of Stench, you would too," said Hoggle, grumpily. "No matter how many years go by two things will always be the same. I'm a coward and Jareth scares me."

"Poppycock, Sir Hoggle," said Sir Didymus. "You are quite valiant, my good sir. You were a rock in a sea of chaos when that witch had us chained up. It was, indeed, your idea to dig up that tree and carry it with us."

"Just because I'm a coward doesn't mean I can't think up a good plan," said Hoggle.

Hoggle and Ena were riding in the driver's seat of Limstella's yellow caravan as it rolled through the marshes. Didymus, who's head was wrapped in bandages, was riding Ambrosius next to them while Ludo, who's cut hand was also bandaged, walked on the other side. Since Ena's wagon was destroyed and her mule was gone and they'd left the Shadow Temple and found Limstella's caravan abandoned right in front of it, they decided that it would be an awful waste not to use it for the journey back to the labyrinth.

Jareth, though no longer ill, was still quite weak from three years of battling the illness and having almost died. Ludo, Sarah, and Ena had had to help him out of the Temple, which had surprisingly let him go without a fight. They had him settled in the back of the caravan, lying down on the small bed that was inside and Sarah was with him, making sure he was alright.

"So, in all matters, the quest was a complete success," said Didymus, proudly. "We battled through dangers and faced evil adversaries and found ourselves above it all."

"Sawah win again," said Ludo, proudly.

"Of course she did," said Hoggle, grinning. "Once she's got her mind set on something, there ain't nothing that's gonna stop her."

"Indeed," said Ena, fondly. "She and Jareth seem to have made their amends, haven't they?"

"Bah," said Hoggle, grumpily. "I think you'd need a crowbar to separate them now."


Sarah was still a bit surprised at how she got into the position she was currently in. Jareth had been dosing in and out on the bed in Limstella's caravan once the journey had started. After a while he awoke and asked Sarah if she could hold onto him for awhile, so that he could feel that she was still there with him. Unable to deny him, she'd grasped his hand in both of hers. As he drifted off again, it had frightened Sarah to see him lying there unmoving. It reminded her too much of that horrible half hour or so that she thought he was dead. In spite of herself, she'd laid down her head on his chest so that she could hear his heart beating steadily and reassuringly in there. Before long, Sarah had climbed onto the bed with him altogether.

Sarah examined their position. It was, to be honest, completely innocent. He was on his back and she was on her side. One of his hands was stroking her hair and the other was holding tightly onto hers. His chin was resting on top of her head, which was nestled against his shoulder. True, his black shirt was open quite a bit, revealing a healthy amount of bear chest and that strange amulet he always wore, but other than that, there really was nothing inappropriate about the picture. She smiled as she felt his fingers play with her hair lovingly. She couldn't help but feel how right it all felt. How fitting it was to be beside him.

Jareth moved his head slightly and planted a small kiss in her hair. Sarah sighed contently. She wanted nothing more than to stay like this for the rest of the trip, but there were things that needed to be discussed and she would have to do it eventually. Thankfully, it was Jareth that broke the peaceful silence that had come between them.

"Sarah," he said, quietly. "There is something I don't understand. How did you know about the Shadow Temple? How did you know where to find me?"

Sarah reluctantly took her head away from its comfortable position on his shoulder and looked down at him. "Rin told me where to go," she said. "She sensed your magic and told me where to go. That's when we met up with Ena, and she told us about the Shadow Temple and took us the rest of the way."

Jareth smiled. "Precious little Rin," he said, lightly. "I knew she wouldn't keep her word about not interfering with your dreams anymore."

"She was the one giving me those dreams?" Sarah asked.

"Yes," said Jareth. "Rin has the power to manipulate the dreams of those that live in the labyrinth. I was astounded that she managed to manipulate yours as well. You were in the Aboveground, but she still seemed able to reach you since you'd been in the labyrinth before. I had asked her to leave you alone after I left though."

"I came back because I wanted to come back," Sarah said. "She didn't force me to do anything. She's a really sweet little thing, isn't she?"

Jareth smiled. "She is indeed. I was a bit frightened when I realized that I'd given the labyrinth its very own soul. Walls and corridors, full of magic though they may be, aren't supposed to have their own souls. But she seemed very docile and I didn't feel any desire to be rid of her."

"I'm glad you didn't get rid of her," said Sarah. "I'm so glad I met her. And she wouldn't have found you if she hadn't messed with my dreams."

"As a matter of interest, what did she show you?"

"Well, at first it was glimpses of the past," Sarah explained. "When we first met in my parent's bedroom, when you met up with me and Hoggle, but then she showed me things that were happening in the present. She showed me you when you were sick. And then I met her, face to face."

Jareth played absentmindedly with a strand of Sarah's long hair as she spoke. He twirled it around his fingers and stroked it with his thumb, savoring the silky texture of it.

"Jareth," said Sarah, suddenly, disrupting his playing. "There's something that I've been wondering about. Toby, my brother, he's been drawing these pictures of you and the goblins. Does that mean anything?"

Jareth's brow furrowed as he thought. "It's probably just the remains of his time in the castle still clinging subconsciously in his memory," he said slowly. "I can assure you that it was not my doing. No, he probably remembers that time in the labyrinth as mild visions, nothing more. As he grows older, the memories will fade into nothingness. He will not remember for much longer."

"And back there in the Temple," Sarah went on. "I called you so many times, but you didn't wake up. I thought you were . . . I thought I'd lost you."

Jareth closed his eyes for a moment, and then he reached up and pulled her back down to him, laying her head on top of his chest. "You nearly did," said Jareth, quietly. "If you had been any later, you would have lost me. I knew it was ending and I couldn't stop it. It was like I was falling into the deepest sleep I'd ever had, a sleep I'd never wake from. The darkness . . . was swallowing me and I couldn't stop it. I couldn't help myself in any way. But then I heard you. It was faint, but I could still make out your voice. I head your beautiful voice saying all of those glorious things. You were calling me by my name, telling me you loved me, and it gave me strength. I rose above the darkness and it was letting me go. My heart healed over and it was like I was born all over again. I felt my consciousness return, but it must have been too slow. When I opened my eyes, I was alone again. But the door to my room was ajar and I heard voices. I could make out your voice and Limstella's. I was afraid. I'd lost you once and I wasn't going to let Limstella take you away from me again. I was still weak, but I forced myself to go to you. I couldn't lose you again. Not like that. I couldn't."

Sarah felt more tears leak from her eyes. Whipping them away, she lifted her head up and they kissed yet again. His mouth on hers was sheer perfection; it was as if they were made to go together.

"Sarah," Jareth whispered, breaking away very reluctantly. "Stay with me. Don't ever leave my side again. Stay here with me. Come back to the labyrinth where we can be together forever."

"Can we do that?" Sarah asked, looking down at him. "I mean, you're immortal and I'm not."

"Of course we can," said Jareth. "Fae and mortals used to mate all the time, back before the Age of Lovely Blood. But there is, I'm afraid, a sacrifice involved."

Sarah blinked.

"If we choose to be together," said Jareth. "One of us must forfeit our worlds for the sake of our love. Either the mortal can leave the Aboveground and share the immortality of the Fae, or the Fae can leave the Underground, sacrificing our abilities to live forever and live a mortal existence. Either way, our love will never fade. Now that you know I love you and you love me in return, nothing can come between us. Not even death."

"Share immortality?" Sarah inquired.

"Yes," replied Jareth. "As long as I am alive, you are alive. If one of us dies, the other dies alongside them. It is a risky existence, but one I am willing to live with if it means spending eternity with you."

Sarah smiled down at him, her eyes tearing again. She laid her head back down on his head, her mind made up long ago. "Oh, Jareth. I would love nothing more than to live with you here, in the Underground, in the labyrinth, forever."

Jareth's arms tightened around her and he kissed the top of her head again, ecstatic over her answer. Sarah let out a small sigh, her next few words coming from her against her will.

"But . . . not quite yet."

Sarah closed her eyes and kept her head nestled on his chest, listening closely to his heartbeat, making sure her words didn't hurt him anymore. "There are some things I need to do in the Aboveground. Things I was afraid of doing before, but now I'm not so afraid. It . . . it may take a few years but if . . . if you'd be willing to wait . . . for me . . ."

Sarah braved a glance at his face again and saw, to her relief, that his eyes were soft and understanding. He sat up and stroked her face, lovingly.

"Sarah, I've waited for you longer than you can imagine. What hardship would a few more years be?" he said, gently.

Sarah let out a laugh of relief as she kissed him again and again. As they did so, Jareth raised his hands to his neck and took hold of the pendent he wore. Without breaking their kiss, he took it off his neck and placed it over Sarah's head. She broke away and looked down at it.

"I've had this for as long as I can remember," he told her. "I had it when Limstella found me. I can't be sure of where it came from, but it has always been my favorite possession. I want you to wear it now."

"I couldn't . . .!" Sarah gasped, looking at the pendent with awe.

"It is mine to give to you," said Jareth, calmly. "I want you to have it so that, during whatever time you spend it the Aboveground, I will still be with you."

Sarah held the amulet in her hand. It was heavy and made of a strange metal that she couldn't identify. It was shaped like a curved horseshoe with an amber-colored jewel set at the top. It was just like Jareth in a way. Unique, strange, and completely beautiful.

"I take this with a promise," said Sarah. "That I will come back here. I will return and be with you, once I've finished everything I must do in the Aboveground."

They sealed their promise with one final kiss. They laid back down and Sarah, suddenly exhausted, felt herself starting to fall asleep on his chest.

"Jareth," she murmured sleepily.

"Yes, love?"

"Does this mean I won't be able to dream about you anymore?"

Jareth laughed softly and stroked her back as she fell asleep on him. "You have no need to worry about that," he said, raising his hand and conjuring up a crystal. "From now on, my love, we will only have pleasant dreams. Dreams of one another."


Sarah was suddenly standing in the midst of a familiar room. All white and elegant with jewels hanging from the walls and a beautiful golden chandelier filling the room with light. She was surrounded by people, all in beautiful gowns and strange, disfigured masks. The parodies of the goblins. Sarah herself was dressed in magnificent ivory gown. It was very similar to the one she had worn before, only less puffy and frilly. Elegant white silk and lacey sleeves and a long full skirt that swayed with her every step. She looked around her at the dancing couples. She wasn't afraid or uncomfortable as she had been last time she was here. She felt far more relaxed as she made her way through them, looking for the one she knew was there.

Then, out of nowhere, there he was. Dressed elegantly in a shimmering blue suit, his entire being radiating some unknown power and beauty, Jareth stared down at her with soft eyes and a gentle smile. She smiled right back up at him. He didn't disappear as he had before, but headed right for her to finish the dance they started long ago.

We are the lucky ones

We shine like a thousand suns

When all of the color runs together.

He placed one hand upon her waist and she raised hers to rest on his shoulder. Their free hands clasped together as he guided her to a spot clear of the other dancers and they began to sway together to the haunting music that filled the air.

I'll keep you company

In one glorious harmony

Waltzing with destiny forever.

They moved perfectly together, their eyes fixed upon each other. His smile warming her heart, filling her up with happiness. This was right. This was where she was always meant to be. Here with him. In this beautiful place. Forever.

Dance me into the night

Underneath the full moon shining so bright

Turning me into the light

As they swayed, Sarah looked at the dancers around them. They were not closing in on her, as they were before, staring harshly at her. Now, they seemed to respect her as she danced with her beloved. As they spun, the others began to drift farther and farther away, their laughter dying, leaving them alone with one another.

Time dancers whirling past

I gaze through the looking glass

And feel just beyond my grasp is heaven.

They danced in blissful abandon. He leaned forward and nuzzled his cheek against hers as he sang softly. "There's such a sad love, deep in your eyes, a kind of pale jewel, open and close within your eyes, I'll place the sky, within your eyes." The words of his song, their song, filled her with peace as they began to dance faster together in blissful abandon.

Sacred geometry

Where movement is poetry

Visions of you and me forever.

Her dress twirled elegantly as he spun her around. Her skin prickled as he dipped her. The room seemed to be dissolving around them. They were no longer dancing in the night sky itself, their feet spinning on darkness and stars. "I'll lay my love, between the stars," he sang softly as she realized where she was. "As the pain sweeps through, makes no sense for you, every thrill is gone, wasn't too much fun at all, but I'll be there for you, as the world falls down."

Dance me into the night

Underneath the full moon shining so bright

Turning me into the light

Sarah never wanted it to end. She wanted to go on dancing with him forever, as they were meant to. She could tell he felt the same as she looked into his eyes. He wanted to stay this way for as long as he could, fearing for the moment when they would, eventually, have to stop.

Dance me into the night

Underneath the full moon shining so bright

She placed her head upon his shoulder and he placed his own head upon hers, wanting to be as close as they possibly could before the inevitable end came and separated them again. But they would be brave about it. When they parted, they would not pine for the other.

Let the dark waltz begin

Oh let me wheel – let me spin

Let it take me again

Their hands unclasped and they held each other close. From the eyes of a bystander, there would never have been a grander sight. They were the perfect sight. A celestial bride and groom. The very portrait of love.

Turning me into the light.

With sadness and the promise to see the other again, they let go and stepped back for a last glimpse at the face of the one they loved before the beauty faded into darkness.


Sarah opened her eyes. She was laying down on the couch in the living room of her house. She sat up and looked around. It was very dark in the room but there could be no mistaking where she was. She looked out of the window and saw that it was very dark outside and the street lights had already come on.

"He sent me back," she realized. "I'm back. I'm in the Aboveground again."

Suddenly, Sarah saw a pair of headlights pass by the window. She stayed where she was on the couch, reaching up towards her neck. It was with sheer joy that she felt his pendent still there, confirming everything had been real. She would finish her business and then return to him.

The sounds of keys and the opening of the front door reached Sarah's ears. Then, Irene's voice filled the hall.

". . . is getting very frightening, Robert. I think we should call the police."

Sarah hurriedly tucked the pendent into her blouse and went into the hall to greet her family.

"Daddy? Irene? Toby?"


Sarah's father, stepmother, and brother all cried out at the sight of her. They were all wearing coats and looked extremely relieved to see her.

"Oh, Sarah," said Robert, sounding exhausted with relief. "There you are! We've been looking for you all over town. Where have you been? When you didn't come home, we called the school and they said you didn't show up for play practice."

"Really?" said Sarah bemused. "I've been gone for hours?"

"Yes, hours," scolded Irene. "Sarah, I can't believe this of you. You just vanish for a few hours and expect us to . . ."

"Mommy, I'm tired," whined Toby. "I wanna go to bed now."

I was in the Underground for days, Sarah thought. He must have reordered time again. For them, I was only gone a few hours.

Sarah spent the next twenty minutes or so telling her family some story about deciding to skip play practice to do some studying at the library, forgetting the time, then coming home after they'd left and taken a nap on the couch. She then spent the next forty minutes listening to Irene rant and rave about how unsafe it is for her to be wandering around town alone and not telling them where she was going. It was only when Toby was practically screaming about how sleepy he was that Irene decided to drop it and let them both go upstairs to bed, swearing to Sarah that they would pick this up again in the morning.

When Sarah finally got some peace in her room, she suddenly heard something behind her.

"Bye, bye, Sawah."

"Bye, Ludo," she said, softly. "Don't be sad. I won't be gone long."

"Fare thee well, fair maiden. And remember . . . should you need us . . ."

"Yes, should you need us, for any reason . . ."

"Yes, Hoggle, Didymus, I'll call for you if I ever need you again."

"You'll be back soon, right Sarah?"

"Of course, Rin. Before you know it."

"We shall wait for you, Lady Sarah. For however long it takes."

"Thank you, Ena. I'll be back, just wait for me."

"For all eternity, if I must. And remember, Sarah. Remember that I love you. Always."

Sarah smiled and clutched the pendent in both hands.

"I love you too, Jareth. I'll see you soon, as soon as I finish things here. I promise."

Please Come Home

A Labyrinth Story
by Ying-Fa-dono

Part 19 of 20

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