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Most Prized Possession

A Labyrinth Story
by Jester3

Part 29 of 42

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Most Prized Possession

She had waited long enough. It was time to put an end to all this misery.

Deliberately, she leaned in, brushing her lips over the corner of his mouth as she murmured thickly, "I'm not leaving..."

Glancing up at him, she savored the look of bewildered astonishment on his ethereal face.

For Jareth, it suddenly seemed as if everything were moving in slow motion. Sarah lightly kissed his mouth and breathed, "I'm not going anywhere tonight..." Her lips gently brushed against his a second time as she added in a low, enticing, whisper "...Except your bed."

Her darkened eyes rose to meet his, and they glittered with desire as she breathlessly admitted, "I am so tired of being afraid...of hiding my feelings out of fear...and pretending that you aren't everything I've ever dreamed of."

She was unable to finish, as he pulled her roughly, almost violently to him. His mouth came crashing down upon hers, her words smothered by his fiercely possessive kiss. The excitement that tore through every fiber of her body was so overwhelming, that it was beyond frightening; It was crippling. His kiss was deep and galvanizing, turning hungry as he devoured her soft mouth.

Thankfully, his arms tightened around her, effectively locking her in place against his body. It was the only thing that prevented her from swooning. Her filmy nightgown was the only barrier between them, and in its saturated state, it was flimsy at best. The feel of his warm naked body against her caused a delicious shockwave that shook her to her core.

His tongue boldly invaded her mouth, stroking provocatively against hers, causing a thrilling flutter within her stomach. Her mind was no longer capable of forming rational thoughts, and it was her body that prompted the appropriate reaction. She returned the kiss with a growing passion, as her arms tightened about his neck.

As her hot mouth melded with his, his touch became greedy. His hands roamed impatiently over her back, his fingers kneading the soft flesh of her hips in encouragement. She deepened the kiss, sliding her tongue boldly against his.

Jareth felt as though he would come undone. He groaned inwardly as his arms tightened and he lifted her, crushing her against him.

She gasped against his mouth, reeling at the feel of his hard arousal pressed intimately against her. It was incredibly hot and wonderfully hard against her wet skin. She swallowed as the pulsing ache between her legs became more insistent.

His hands slid down, smoothing over her hips, before his fingers bit into her flesh as he roughly grasped her backside, driving her body more firmly against his.

His full erection was now mercilessly digging into the soft flesh of her inner thigh, causing a flood of fiery wetness between her legs. Her startled cry of surprise was muffled, as their mouths were still locked together in a smoldering kiss.

Slowly, he lowered her against his body, as his hand traveled up her side, caressing her rib cage over the wet gauzy fabric of her soaked bedclothes. His hand halted, momentarily hesitating just as it reached the swell of her breast.

Sarah inhaled sharply, drowning in the desire for his touch. She needed to feel his hands on her body. She needed to know that this was re, that he was real.

Without pausing to break their kiss, Sarah slid her hand up. Artfully, she caught his hand in hers and moved it to cover her breast.

Unhurriedly, he started to stroke her, cupping and weighing her breast in his hand gently, as though it was something delicate, something precious. Her kisses grew persistent and impatient as he toyed with her. It seemed a slow eternity before his thumb finally brushed across the taut peak.

Sarah whimpered against his mouth, her hand once again covering his, pressing his hand more firmly to her. Her nipples were so hard that they ached as he slid both his palms over her breasts, further tormenting them through the thin linen chemise.

She was barely able to stand any more of his cruel teasing. She moaned against his mouth, kissing him with sudden unbridled passion as she arched her back, further thrusting herself into his hands.

Spurred by her enthusiasm, he fondled her roughly with both hands. It seemed he had waited an eternity for this moment, and now that it was upon him, he meant to make the very most of it. Her fervor was astonishing, and he was moved by the fact that she seemed every bit as impatient as he felt.

Sarah was caught up in the feeling. His fingers and hands felt so good on her body that she swore she could have endured their sweet torture for an eternity. Past memories of her previous sexual escapades flitted through her mind, all of them seeming foolish and insignificant, paling in comparison with what she was presently experiencing. Several times men had pawed at her in the very same manner...but never had it been like this.

The reason was simple. They hadn't been him..

His touch started to grow impatient as he continued to fondle her. Her nipples hardened even further against his palms as he rubbed them through the wet linen fabric of her chemise. Instinct drove him to force his hips closer to hers. The feel of her soft flesh against his was maddening and her sweet feminine scent stirred him even further. She intoxicated his senses, and excitement the likes of which he had never known, coursed through his veins.

Sarah gasped, breaking the kiss, as he rasped hotly against her ear, "Even now, as you surrender, you still manage to drive me mad..." Lowering his mouth to her neck he breathlessly quipped, "Is it intentional?"

Closing her eyes tightly, she forcefully shook her head as he proceeded to kiss her neck in the most expert and deliberate manner. Her fingers tangled in his fine platinum hair as she gave into the exquisite sensation of his mouth upon her throat.

She was so lost in his affections, that she scarcely heard him murmur against her skin, "No matter, love...soon enough we'll be even."

She couldn't help running her fingers through his wild hair, relishing its soft texture, as she brushed it away from the side of his face. Captivated by his exotic otherworldly beauty she took the initiative to do a little exploring of her own.

Her delicate hands slid down over his chest, her slender fingers tracing over his small nipples, as her mouth sought his neck.

Jareth was forced to endure a new maddening form of torture as she began branding his throat with her hot mouth, searing a trail of fiery kisses down his neck, thoroughly distracting him from his present course of action.

His head fell back as she tasted his skin. She ran the tip of her tongue up his neck, wringing a low groan of approval from him.

Provoked and empowered by his heady vocalization, she couldn't resist breathing hotly into his ear, "Once you asked me to fear you and love you...I was too young to understand then...but now I do..."

She nipped seductively at his ear before she breathlessly added, "I've always feared you. You frightened me in ways I didn't understand, but now I do. I fear you because I am in love with you."

She savored his sharp intake of breath and murmured in a voice thick with desire, "You told me that if I let you rule me, I could have anything I want...and there's only one thing I want..."

She tasted the skin at the hollow of his throat, raggedly finishing, "You. Tonight I want to be ruled by you...I'll do anything you ask."

He released a shuddering breath, as though a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders. He could hardly believe what he was hearing. He never would have guessed that Sarah, the champion of his Labyrinth, would ever consciously submit to him willingly. But she just did. And now she stood before him, admitting her weakness, submissive as a slave before her master.

He buried one hand in her thick hair and forced her head back so she had to look up at him. She met his piercing gaze as a heavy and tangible desire sparked between them. He captured her mouth in a searing kiss as the need rushed over him, possessing his body and mind with a single make her his.

She was vaguely aware of the fact that his hands were now grasping the front of her nightgown. With a groan, he broke the kiss, and she glanced down, panting in an effort to catch her breath, just in time to watch with dumb wonderment as he forcefully tore open the front of her nightdress. She was enthralled by his forcefulness, watching helplessly as her linen bedclothes were ripped apart, clear to her midsection, sending tiny white buttons flying in all directions.

With shaky hands, made hasty by his need, he nudged the filmy wet material aside to reveal her supple breasts. He was aware that his self-control was slipping, as his actions were becoming more urgent and rushed, but there was nothing to be done for it now. His need of her was overriding everything, and properly unfastening all those buttons was something he knew he didn't have the patience for, and judging by the way Sarah panted and gasped, neither did she.

His falcon-like eyes drank in the sight of her full breasts, and what gorgeous works of art they were, their rosy peaks already marble hard in anticipation of his touch. Gently he cupped them with his bare hands as her mouth hungrily sought his.

His touch was bold as he savored the softness of her full breasts, his thumb teasing one taut peak as he weighed them in his hands. His mouth moved purposefully to her throat as he continued to touch her.

Sarah closed her eyes in anticipation as his kisses moved steadily down her throat. His lips lightly brushed over her breasts in a painfully teasing manner, making her cry out, as a tortured moan slipped through her lips.

Jareth smiled against her skin. The sound was music to his ears, and this was only the beginning. Before he was through with her, she'd be screaming his name. His lips closed over her nipple with tantalizing possessiveness, and then his tongue flicked persistently over the hardened rosy peak.

Sarah gasped at the raw sensation, her mind reeling. She couldn't take much more of this. She needed to do something before he drove her to absolute madness.

Overcome with the urge to touch him, and her inhibitions blinded by her desire, she brazenly slid her hand down between them, her fingers brushing lightly over his abdomen. Her hand ventured down into the dark water and she found what she was looking for.

Jareth inhaled sharply, pulling his mouth away from her breast as her hand suddenly wrapped around him. She was looking intently at him, her eyes nearly black with desire.

She was frighteningly beautiful looking down at him like that, with her cheeks aflame, her full pink lips, already swollen from his punishing kisses, slightly parted in startled amazement.

Boldly she slid her hand up, exploring him with her touch rather than her eyes. His eyes narrowed and he let out a shuddering breath as she started to move her hand rhythmically back and forth.

She noticed that his breathing quickly became erratic as his head fell back. She was rewarded when her daring touch wrought a low groan from him. The sound she had elicited made her feel strangely empowered, the euphoric feeling quickly becoming addictive. Enthralled by the idea of exerting such power over him, she boldly carried on with the repetitive gesture, her movements becoming more forceful and deliberate.

It was not long before his eyes slid closed and he hissed in agony, "Sarah..."

Hr swiftly caught her hand, stilling her movements as he panted, "Enough...or this passion play of ours will be over before it even starts..." With a shaky breath he finished, "...besides it's my turn."

Before she could even open her mouth to protest, his hands roughly caught her by the backs of her thighs and he lifted her against him. Effortlessly he raised her out of the water, sending water sloshing over the edge, as he set her down on the hard flagstone floor. His face was now level with her breasts as her lower legs dangled into the choppy water. The dripping hem of her wet nightgown, now raised mid-thigh, clung to her wet skin.

His eyes raked over her body, taking in its charms through her transparent and very wet nightgown. Smiling wickedly, he leaned in, his hands coming to rest atop her thighs as he began to kiss her breasts.

Sarah let her head fall back, her hands flat against the stone floor, supporting her upper body from behind as she leaned back. He teased her ruthlessly as his hands restlessly slid up her thighs.

Sarah tried to concentrate on what his mouth was doing, but it was difficult as his hands started to impatiently roam all along the tops of her thighs and in between. His touch strayed higher and higher each time, seemingly venturing everywhere but where she most wanted it to.

Just the thought of what his fingertips had felt like as he had intimately touched her earlier that evening, made her body pulse with wanting. God, if something didn't give soon, she would surely die from the mounting ache.

Unconsciously she whimpered, shifting her hips restlessly as he continued to stroke her thighs. What on God's green earth was he waiting for? Did he want her to beg? Well, if that's what he wanted...It wasn't beyond her at this point.

She forced her head up, looking down at him with hooded eyes as she breathlessly begged, "Jareth, please..."

Pulling back, his smoldering gaze locked on her face as he purred, "Please what, love?"

There was an edge to her voice as she thickly whispered, "Please...touch me."

A sinister smirk played across his lips as his hand brushed up between her thighs, disappearing under the wet hem of her nightshirt, his fingertips deliberately skimming over the outside of her soaked cotton panties and he hissed in a low whisper, ""

Her head fell back as she twisted her hips and raggedly exhaled, "Oh God, yessss...please..."

Captivated by the sight of her in such agony, he nudged the cotton covering aside, his fingertips just grazing her. She gasped at the raw pleasure.

Fascinated by her reaction, his fingertips delved within, causing her to cry out suddenly. Again his composure was shattered to pieces as he touched her in her most intimate of places.

Jareth inhaled sharply, moved by her cries, his eyes growing glassy with desire. He was overcome by his craving to give her pleasure, the likes of which she never experienced.

His fingers exerted more pressure and she ground her lower body shamelessly against his hand. The sight drove him to a frenzied state of arousal, prompting him to act out his rash desire.

In one fluid movement he was out of the water and before he knew what he was doing, he had lifted her into his arms, and was storming across his chamber towards his bed, caring nothing about the water that ran down his body in clear rivulets, leaving little puddles across his chamber floor.

Sarah was startled out of her fog of desire as she felt herself being lifted. She opened her eyes, glancing about wildly as he dropped her unceremoniously atop his massive bed.

Aware that she was utterly soaked, dripping all over and saturating his bed, she quickly struggled to a kneeling position, hiking her drenched nightgown up her thighs as she protested, "Jareth, I'm soaked...what are you..."

Her words died in her throat, her sopping state quickly forgotten, as her wide eyes took in the sight of the Goblin King's naked form. He knelt on the bed and began stalking purposefully toward her on all fours like the predator that he was.

Her gaze moved slowly over his body, her brain going into meltdown as it was faced with his nudity. In a word he was...beautiful.

Well, she had just lost her little wager with Kayla, "...but" her subconscious taunted, "It'll certainly be the best ten bucks you'll ever spend..." She couldn't help staring a moment longer as the dreamy voice in her head finished, "Mmmmm, oh yeah...worth every penny."

Her thoughts were so muddled by the sight of him that the only verbal response she could manage as he stalked closer was a dumbfounded, "...Oh."

As he neared her, he rose up onto his knees, one hand firmly grabbing her upper arm as his other hand pressed against the small of her back forcing her closer. Her head fell back as he branded her throat with scorching kisses. His hands fell to the hem of her nightshirt, stroking her wet skin, before they turned upward, raising her nightgown higher up her thighs.

Sarah tangled a hand in his silvery hair as the other slid steadily down towards his narrow hips.

His voice came as a throaty murmur against her skin, "Now where were we?"

His hands grabbed the hem of her nightgown as he absently added with a warm chuckle, "Ah yes, now I remember...I was ridding you of this troublesome garment." Without further hesitation he raised the nightgown, slipping it over her head before he tossed it aside.

Slowly and seductively his gaze slid downward, drinking in the sight of her clothed only in her pink undergarments. He leaned forward, a slight smirk touching his lips as he purred, "Much better..."

His hands closed on her arms as he kissed her slowly, forcing her back on the bed. He hovered over her for a moment, searching her eyes with his before he shifted, and his weight came down upon her.

Her mouth met his, as the excitement of having his body atop hers tore through her. The kiss quickly became consuming as she started to writhe restlessly under him. The feel of him pressed intimately against her was terribly maddening and she couldn't help squirming against him in anticipation.

Jareth closed his eyes against the onslaught of desire he felt with her body, so eagerly squirming against his, pinned beneath him. His restraint hung by a thread. If was going to pleasure her before he took her, he would have to do it now...for he wasn't sure how much longer he would last.

Deliberately he slid his mouth from hers, pausing to kiss her jaw before he moved to her neck. His mouth tasted her throat, his lips closing over each breast in turn before his mouth continued its journey downward.

His hot mouth seared a path down her ribs, skimming over her stomach as his hands slid down her sides to the swell of her hips. He continued to place fiery kisses over her flat stomach as his fingers curled under the waistband of her undergarments.

Sarah shifted restlessly as his kisses halted. She opened her eyes as his fingers hooked on the sides of her panties. He glanced up at her, his eyes blazing with need, and she offered him her silent permission by raising her hips off the bed. He drew her panties down over her hips and down her legs before they too, were discarded on the floor.

His eyes moved steadily up her long legs as he took in her naked form. Her eyes flashed up to meet his, and they were filled with uncertainty, as her entire body seemed to flush a deep shade of pink.

He found her modesty sweetly enticing, his blood hammering away for her, as lowered himself back to the bed and murmured his approval, "...lovely."

Gently he stroked the inside of her thigh, and feeling her tense, he reassured her with a husky whisper, "It's alright love, trust me..."

She raised her head from the pillows and breathed sincerely, "I trust you Jareth..."

His fingers gently explored her.She cried out, senselessly panting in desperation, "Ohhhh...please..."

He rewarded her by teasing the focal point of her yearning. With a gasp of pleasure her head fell back onto the pillows as her hips squirmed against him.

Watching her intently he ventured, "Do you like this, love?" She nodded furiously, her eyes screwed shut, as she fought to catch her breath. Captivated he pressed, "Has anyone ever touched you like this before?"

She shook her head as she panted, "...not like this." His mouth twisted into a wicked grin as he mused, "I wonder..."

His fingers ceased their magic and she nearly cried out in despair at the loss when he suddenly breathed hotly against her thigh, "...and has anyone ever kissed you like this...right here?"

Her heart almost stopped as she realized what he was talking about and what he meant to do. Her futile protest, however, came too late, "Jareth...I don't think...Ohhhh..."

She felt as though she would scream. Or laugh. Or cry.

All rational thoughts flew from her mind as she felt his mouth upon her. She cried out in surprise at the blessed agony of it, hoping with every fiber of her being that this was no dream, for it was far too incredible to be real.

But it was real...Oh so real. And it was Jareth who was responsible.

Her scent and taste was intoxicating, and Jareth felt his lust rising to dangerous levels. His hands firmly grasped her thighs as his tongue worked it's fiendish magic upon her.

Sarah was lost. She tossed her head fitfully from side to side as her body was racked with gratuitous pleasure.

Never had she experienced rapture such as this. What he was doing to her made her feel so wicked and wanton, but it felt so good, she didn't care. Consequences be damned...she wanted more.

"Oh God..." She moaned, twisting the crimson satin sheets in her clenched fist.

Mercilessly, Jareth continued.

Tangling her fingers in his soft hair, she tipped her hips up, inviting him nearer, deeper. He willingly obliged, ruthlessly pleasuring her, hell-bent on making her see stars.

Soul shattering pleasure started to overwhelm her and with each passing wave, she swore she wouldn't be able to take any more. Jareth felt her body begin to tense, and he avidly continued to please her, desperately trying to ignore his own throbbing need.

Sarah writhed frantically, her voice thick with ecstasy as she begged, "Oh yessss, Jareth...please...don't stop..."

Jareth's hands tightened on her thighs, forcing her closer. The pleasure surged as she was overtaken by the fever of her release. Forcing her head off the bed, she watched him with eyes glazed over by desire as the feeling spiraled higher and higher. The pleasure kept right on mounting and she was sure she would die if she had to endure another moment of it. Jareth felt her body tense and knew victory was his.

White-hot passion blinded Sarah, her world seemed to collapse upon itself until all it consisted of was the one person whose name she screamed in repeated abandon...


The Goblin King drank in her cries, and a sweet victory they were.

The world was his. Sarah was his.

Slowly, Sarah returned to earth, a blissful tingling sensation radiating out to the very tips of her fingers and toes. She wondered if this was what dying felt like, for what she had just experienced was like nothing she had ever known. It was terrifying...undoubtedly some sinister spell, for it felt like heaven, and that couldn't be normal...could it?

She was vaguely aware that her surroundings had shifted and she opened her eyes, meeting a very engaging pair of mismatched ones. Lazily her eyes drifted over his face as he moved to hover over her. His soft platinum hair tickling her shoulders as her eyes fell to his roguish smirk. He was clearly amused, or very pleased, she wasn't sure which.

Jareth let his eyes devour her. His prize. She had willingly submitted; wholly surrendered both her heart and body. Now he would stake his claim, and take what was his. His blood pounded insistently, for he couldn't bear to wait a second longer.

Most Prized Possession

A Labyrinth Story
by Jester3

Part 29 of 42

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