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Most Prized Possession

A Labyrinth Story
by Jester3

Part 30 of 42

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Most Prized Possession

Elsewhere in the Vast Underground...

The moon hung low in the sky, large and full, and its silvery light filtered through the black skeletal branches of the darkened forest. The woods were dense even without the cover of leaves.

It wasn't the season that kept these hulking trees bare. They were ancient structures, long since dead, merely petrified structural remains. The subtle moonlight that penetrated the canopy of dead branches cast eerie shadows on the mossy forest floor.

There was a damp chill in the night air and the smell of death permeated the woods. A piercing sound interrupted the silent stillness.

It was the sharp cry of a raven.

The large black bird descended and made a flawless landing on the barren branch of a large dead elm. The bird cocked it head to the side as it watched a stream of cloaked figures fill the clearing below. Taking flight, it flew over the heads of the hooded figures, who were all similarly clad in black robes, before it disappeared in a dense thicket tangled with thorns.

Moments later, another hooded figure emerged from the very same thicket. There were close to twenty of them already lurking in the clearing. It was a macabre gathering. They all seemed to be silently waiting for something or someone.

As the newcomer cleared the obscuring dense underbrush of the thicket all heads turned in his direction.

They were all dressed in the same manner of black robes, all their faces obscured in shadow by the generous black hoods they wore. There was nothing to distinguish one from another, save in the case of the one who had joined them from the dense thicket.

Around his neck, hanging over his midnight black robes was a gleaming silver medallion. Its design was unmistakable even in the gloomy darkness of the dead forest.

It was a sliver skull, holding one bony finger to its lipless mouth in a gesture of morbid secrecy. In the empty eye sockets were two glittering red stones, the color of freshly spilt blood. In the background behind the skull was the figure of a human mortal female, and a rearing alicorn. Both likenesses were engulfed in silvery flames.

It was a frightening visage, and one that couldn't easily be confused with any other. It was the mark of the Shadow Horde.

The crowd of black bodies pressed forward, gathering around the one who wore the medallion, as he had been chosen as their leader. Expectantly they fell to their knees around him, all waiting with baited breath to hear what he had to say.

A soft persuasive voice emanated from within the anonymous dark cowl, "My brothers, our time has come. The Horde will rise from the ashes to dominate all Faekind, for the gateway to the human world is about to be opened."

The announcement was followed by the hiss of frenzied whispering.

The leader straightened to his full height as he prompted, "Be still, one at a time..."

The figures fell silent as one crawled forward on his knees. He bowed forward in a sign of respect in front of the leader before he hissed, "How is it possible that the gateway will be opened? For over three millennia we have waited and searched to no such avail. If you really have discovered something, do share with us...for we will no longer be pacified by false hopes and empty promises."

The leader bowed to the one who posed the question and remarked, "An excellent case you make, but this time I assure you...I have learned a way that will grant us access to the world aboveground."

An audible gasp emanated from the crowd as a second figure fell forward and ventured, "What way my Lord? Please share with us."

Under the dark cowl the leader grinned, "The answer lies in the Goblin Kingdom."

The silence was deafening.

The leader further ventured, "The answer to our riddle is...Goblins. Goblins can cross over into the human world."

A bold soul leaned forward and ventured, "That's true my Lord, but they can't just come and go as they please, I mean...I was under the impression that they could only cross over when they are summoned by a mortal?"

The leader nodded responding, "That is true. But why is that? I'll tell you why, it is because they are governed by formidable Fae magic. The Goblin King is not foolish enough to let them run rampant in the human world. No, his power keeps them on a very tight leash."

The leader glanced about at his still followers. He could see he had their undivided attention. "Suppose, the Goblin King failed to control them...Why, they'd be vulnerable to the suggestion of anyone willing to bribe or frighten them into submission. They aren't very intelligent...Goblins, and I can't think of even one that wouldn't do just about anything for a barrel of ale. Why, with the proper motivation we could have the entire Goblin army at our disposal. Human females would no longer be in short supply in the Underground, and better still, with the aid of the Goblins, we too could swarm upon the aboveground world and seed it with our progeny, by simply stealing into their homes and bedding the females."

The gathering broke out into excited whispers before one spoke up, "But why would the Goblin King relinquish his duty? He has never supported our cause, is there any reason to think he might now?"

The figure to the left hissed, "Not a chance. Just this very evening the Goblin King had the audacity to display a human girl on his arm at his own masquerade. He scarcely left her side. You should have seen the way he was draped over her the entire evening. It was a disgrace. He was practically flaunting the fact that she was his chosen escort. Indecent and abhorrent to indulge in such company at such a gathering, if you ask me. That renegade King couldn't fathom, never mind appreciate, the values of the Horde."

A third voice demanded, "Then why would he relinquish control over the Goblins if he isn't sympathetic to our cause?"

The leader's voice was icy in its ominous certainty as he interrupted their squabbling, "He wouldn't. Which is why it is imperative that we get rid of him."

There was a moment of stunned silence before someone hissed, "Get rid of Jareth?! How exactly do you propose we do that?"

The leader's voice was deathly calm as he supplied, "Simple. We kill him."

There was a collective audible gasp from the crowd before another outraged voice cried, "One does not simply waltz into the Goblin Kingdom! What about the labyrinth? The Goblin Castle is not the type of place you just storm into! And let's not forget who we are dealing with. Jareth's power is formidable, and he is treacherous! He'd surely put up a terrible fight."

The leader turned to the one who spoke and protested, "Ah, but that is where you are wrong."

His voice took on an ominous quality as he spat venomously, "I can think of someone, who single handedly stormed the Goblin castle...someone, might I remind you, who was a mere human girl...little more than a child when she succeeded."

The leader took a deep breath, seemingly composing himself before he went on, "Now, I'm not suggesting that we storm the Goblin castle. In fact, we further remove ourselves from seeming involvement if we never even set foot into the Goblin kingdom. There is a far better way. You are correct in being wary of Jareth's power. For his magic would rival that of any Fae who stood against him alone. But you are forgetting one thing. We are many. Together we would easily overpower the Goblin King. We simply lure the Goblin King from his domain, and ambush him. If our plan is flawless he won't suspect a thing. The element of surprise will give us a powerful advantage."

They were all silent, as if riveted by the idea. The leader looked to them, as if awaiting another skeptical comment.

The one who protested earlier fell forward and groveled, "How foolish I was for questioning you...for it is a splendid plan. Will you share the details with us now?"

The leader gestured for him to stop prostrating himself as he soothed, "No my brothers. The hour grows late. We will refine the details together at another time. In the meantime think on this; I ask you to kill, not for me, but for the good of the Horde...this is the only way we will grow strong. Jareth already knows of the alicorn. I do not doubt that he already suspects the Horde, even if only in the furthest reaches of his heart."

Many of the skulking figures nodded in agreement, while others remained unmoving. Perhaps they were still skeptical of their new leader's motives. The leader seemed to sense their uncertainty, and was determined to convince them.

With intense conviction he went on, "Jareth is the antithesis of everything that we stand for. Why even now, he is sharing his castle with two humans. You have seen for yourself, the human girl was his chosen escort, and it has come to my attention that she is the same mortal that bested the Labyrinth. Jareth's magic may be powereful, but he is a fool. It is one thing to use a human female to act out your basest urges with in order to ensure the survival of our race, but there is a world of difference between bedding a human and sharing your home with one as though it were an equal."

Venom invaded his speech as he spat, "Jareth had his pick of any woman in the Fae court, but instead he profaned the event by giving the honor to one who by all rights should be his slave. I saw them with my own eyes...the way he danced with her, and conversed with her. He kissed her like a smitten lover...not like a master should. I would stake my life on the fact that he is probably sharing his royal bed with her at this very moment. I was in attendance at the ball and I had to listen to the rumored speculation, and as abhorrent as it was...there may be some truth to it. Many say that Jareth is courting the girl. Though I normally would heed such a rumor as nonsense, I was there, and I saw the Goblin King and his human with my own eyes. Jareth may well be in love with the girl, and worse still, if that is the case it could be only be a matter of time before we live to see a human Goblin Queen."

He paused a moment letting his potent words sink in. After a moment he went on, "To make matters worse he has taken in a second human, a male, the female's twin to be exact. I saw him for myself, and this boy is no slave. Jareth has made him his page, and by the underground, the knave's clothes were fit for Fae nobility!"

He spat the words with distaste and before long he was yelling, "It is dote upon a human servant like one would a son. The lad cannot even speak! The Goblin King has profaned all that we hold sacred. It is an outrage!"

The leader took a deep shuddering breath. In a much softer, but deathly serious tone he went on, "Tell me, is there not one among you who would be willing to risk death to bring this Goblin King, this...heretic to justice? Is there none among you who would be willing to make this one small sacrifice to once again bring glory to the Shadow Horde?"

His question was rhetorical and he didn't give them time to answer before he announced with conviction, "I for one refuse to stand idly by and watch the Goblin King corrupt our precious Underground with his human filth. We have sat in the shadows too is time to take what is ours and take it by force!"

An unintelligible and deafening roar erupted from them as he finished, "My brothers, alone we are powerless, but together we will swarm upon the humans and use them as they were meant to be used, to provide us with healthy Fae offspring. Now I ask you...Are we in agreement?" In unison they cried their shouts of affirmation, incensed by the things that had been brought to light.

Meanwhile in the Goblin Kingdom...

In the gaping marble fireplace, formed in the likeness of yawning goblin mouth, a roaring fire blazed. The heat of that fire paled in comparison to the to the blazing passion of the lovers on the massive bed draped in black and crimson silks.

Jareth was immersed in the girl who lay panting beneath him. The skin of her face and breasts was flushed pink and a fine sheen of perspiration made her face shimmer in the firelight. She looked up at him with wide glassy eyes made dark by the unnatural dilated state of her pupils. Her wine colored lips parted as she fought to take in the rapid shallow breaths, her lips seeming more full than usual due to his rough kisses.

Sarah looked up, getting lost in the engaging blue and green pools that returned her gaze.

The Goblin King loomed over her with purpose, his intense expression proof enough that his long battle with self-denial and restraint was drawing to its close.

Her breathless whisper was laced with amazement as she murmured her erratic praise, "God that was...What are you doing to me?"

His long slender fingers smoothed back the wisps of dark hair that clung to her damp cheek as he assured her in a sultry whisper, "Not nearly enough. I'm far from through with you yet, love."

His throaty admission caused a thrilling flutter in the pit of her stomach. She was intensely aware of his knee brushing against her inner thigh, as he settled between her legs.

His eyes were set on hers, his intent evident as he positioned himself over her.

It was with startled clarity that Sarah realized what was certainly about to happen. She drank in the sight of him with wide eyes, in awe of the repressed passion she saw in his strained face.

Looking at him now, it was painfully clear. His restraint was failing. The inevitable had happened and now they were past the point of no return. Sarah realized with a mixture of trepidation and relief that nothing, not even the combined powers of the realms of above and belowground, could stop this.

No matter how preposterous and irrational sleeping with the Goblin King might have sounded. It felt right. Undeniably and wonderfully right.

To be one with him. That was what she wanted, what she needed...most feel him, very real, and very much alive, within her.

She knew such a physical union with him would be more profound than anything she had ever known.

She watched with fascination as he lowered his mouth to hers, a nearly pained expression marring his ethereal face. His lips brushed against hers, just as she felt that nudging, shocking pressure against her threshold.

Instinctively her hands snaked up his arms, coming to rest on his back as he froze, his body rigid with tension.

For one brief moment his lips brushed over hers, gently imploring her to accept what would come next.

Raggedly he whispered against her parted lips in a voice laced with strain and a sense of urgency, " the Fates. I can't bear anymore. I've wanted you...wanted this for so long..."

Her decision had already been made, and it was crystal clear. He was going to make love to her, and by the gods, she was going to let him. There would be no going back now.

He had already captured her heart and now she was dying for him to show her what it meant to have his body take possession of hers.

The overwhelming sweet ache overtook her again and she breathed thickly against his parted lips, "I can't wait anymore either. I want you inside me..."

His eyes slid closed as he pushed forward. It wasn't until that moment that Jareth actually realized he didn't fully know what to expect. Throughout his long lifetime he had been afforded the luxury of sexual experimentation with a multitude of Fae noblewomen, but never once had he ever been with a human.

He had been so focused on attaining his goal that he hadn't put much thought into what might happen when he actually got there. It seemed that only now a plethora of questions buzzed through his mind. The most pressing matter of course being, how they would fit together.

He proceeded as slowly as he could endure. Her body mercifully accommodated him and the sensation was so maddening that it forced all other thoughts from his mind.

They were both overcome by the exquisite agony. Sarah's cry of startled delight rang out just as a tortured moan slipped past his lips.

Jareth was assaulted by overwhelming sensations. The power of the sweet ache was astonishing. Never in a thousand lifetimes could he have dreamt of a more delectable sensation. Blinding ferocious lust began to surge within him, and he was overcome with his covetous need of her.

The intensity of the craving was frightening. He prided himself on being composed and in control, and it was startling for him to realize that his desire for this girl rendered him powerless. Afraid that his last shred of control would be relinquished, He froze.

He closed his eyes in desperation, silently beseeching the powers to give him the strength to last.

Sarah watched Jareth's every movement, captivated by the rapt expression that washed over his face just before his body tensed and his eyes slid closed. To see him be so moved by the feel of her, heightened her own need.

Out of her mind with wanting, she raised her hips against his, and breathed in a whisper far to husky to be recognizable as her own, "You don't have to stop..."

His breath caught in his throat at her stimulating movement, as he answered in a strained voice, "Am I hurting you?"

She pressed her lips to his, her hips squirming in the most maddening manner, as she murmured, "No. You don't have to hold back...I don't want you to hold back anything."

She gasped as he withdrew himself and pushed forward again. The feeling took her very breath away, and she hissed in approval, "Yessss...Oh good god, that feels nice..."

Jareth's eyes locked with hers as they began to move in unison. The incredible sensation was overwhelming and his self control was hanging by a thread, but perhaps if he concentrated on her, he would be able to last long enough to bring her pleasure.

Their rhythm was unhurried at first, as they savored the feel of each other. Sarah was astonished by Jareth's maintained discipline and prowess. Each movement he made was artful and deliberate, and she could tell by the tension in his body and his intense expression that his control was not coming easily. It seemed he was fighting to delay his own release, until she had been thoroughly satisfied.

There was still so much pent-up passion lurking just behind his eyes. She wondered how long he'd be able to contain it. In truth she hoped it wouldn't be long. She wanted to feel the brunt of that passion. She pined for him to share it with her, for anything that would bring her closer to understanding him and prove that this was indeed real.

Her hands smoothed lovingly over his lower back as her movements grew bolder. Sarah felt empowered by her seeming effect on him, and she was overcome with the desire to bring him the same intensity of pleasure he seemed so determined to bring her.

Tilting back his head, Jareth groaned. The girl would surely drive him mad. His eyes closed as he felt her hot mouth on his neck. Her hands roamed impatiently over his back as she insistently ran her tongue over the sensitive skin of his throat. By the much more would she make him endure?

Their rhythm had increased its tempo; their movements were becoming increasingly more frenzied. Raggedly she breathed her heated confession into his ear, her voice laced with a desperate need, "I love you...Jareth."

With those simple words Jareth came undone, the passion within him overwhelmed his composure, and it flowed from him like rushing water burst forth from a dam. His hands found her face, cradling it as he kissed her roughly, his thrusts becoming more forceful.

Jareth's hunger for her was insatiable. She loved him, and now he had her in his grasp, writhing under him in the heat of passion. Her delicious moans and cries were becoming more insistent, and he could tell by her frantic movements that her release was imminent. She had offered up her body and heart to him in sacrifice and it was time to take all she offered. His fevered kisses claimed her mouth, as he crushed her body to his, rocking into her without mercy. His passion broke upon her like raging waves upon the shore.

Her name was a ragged cry on his lips, "Sarahhh..." He forcefully grasped her thighs, guiding her to wrap them around his waist before his hands found her arms and raised them over her head, his hands sliding forcefully up the length of them before his palms slid over hers, their fingers interlocking in one erotic moment, as their eyes met with savage intensity.

His voice was hoarse, and his eyes blazed with emotion as he rasped, "Say it again..."

Her eyes never left his as she moaned in abandon, "I love you Jareth."

There was such strain in his voice as he breathed, "I love you Sarah...I always have." His jaw clenched as his hands grasped her wrists, pinning them to the bed. His eyes burned into hers as he thickly beseeched her, "Say you'll be mine forever."

She arched against him, as his body continued to slam into hers, the physical pleasure becoming more than she could stand, making her cry out her answer, "Yess...Oh god...I'm yours...forever."

He kissed her fiercely, letting go of her wrists, and drawing her closer to him. Her hands grasped his shoulder, her fingertips biting into his flesh as she began to climax.

Finally he gave himself over to the pleasure of her young body, losing himself in the feel, taste and smell of her.

He moaned against her mouth, her kiss muffling his cry, "Oh...Sarah."

The intolerable pleasure wracked her body. For one moment they were lost in the possession of each other, their cries mingling with one another, before the pleasure overwhelmed them, becoming something too powerful for either of them to contain.

Sarah clutched Jareth tightly as she climaxed harder than she ever had in her entire life. Her body tensed as she cried out in a shaky voice, "JAR...ETH!...Oh God!"

Jareth relinquished his control at the same time. He moaned, savoring the long denied pleasure, before a hoarse cry heralded his release. He shuddered at the intensity of the feeling, as he spilled his seed deep within her.

Jareth's body relaxed, feeling heavy as he collapsed on top of Sarah. A newfound sense of relief washed over him. For the first time in years he felt at peace and it was no wonder why. At long last...Sarah was in his bed. His Sarah. His prize. She had confessed her love, and now she would be his...forever. It was as if his soul were finally sighing in relief, that after all these long years, after losing the battle, he had finally won the war.

Sarah felt as though her world had been turned upside down. The overwhelming storm of passion and emotion left her exhausted, as she clung to the center of her universe.


As she lay there, trying to catch her own breath, she was intensely aware of everything about him. She listened deeply to the sound of his breathing, for he too was breathing heavily as he attempted to catch his breath. She felt each warm rush on her neck, as he had collapsed on top of her.

His skin felt hot and moist against hers, and she could feel his heart pounding in that same frantic rhythm with hers. She buried her face in the crook of his neck, his soft hair tickling her eyelids as she breathed deeply, letting herself drown in his magical scent.

For several moments neither of them moved or spoke as they were content just to bask in their closeness after all that had transpired between them. Gradually their breathing returned to normal, and their contented closeness gave way to tender caresses and kisses.

Eventually, Jareth settled alongside Sarah, pulling her into his embrace. It was there, later in the wee hours of the morning, in the royal chamber of the Goblin castle that Sarah fell asleep in the arms of the Goblin King.

Most Prized Possession

A Labyrinth Story
by Jester3

Part 30 of 42

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