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Most Prized Possession

A Labyrinth Story
by Jester3

Part 35 of 42

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Most Prized Possession

He stared down at her, his face set in a serious expression. With a mere thought, all the doors to the throne room closed with an ominous slam. Now no one could get in and neither of them would be leaving.

Sarah slinked closer to the Goblin King, as her hands ran purposefully up his thighs. Her fingers traced curiously over the fabric of his breeches, kneading the solid flesh below with eager enthusiasm. When she raised her eyes, she found him staring intently at her. His expression was serious and unreadable, save for the blazing intensity of his eyes. They alone gave away that he was struggling with his barely restrained desire.

Jareth stared down at the girl, nearly driven out of his mind by the sight of her so willingly touching him.

Her dark hair fell in careless tendrils over her face, giving her a wild, coy appearance. Her catlike jade eyes rose to meet his with ferocity. The urgency reflected in them was startling. The fierce desire that lurked in their depths and their savage intensity told him that she would not be denied.

She possessed her own sort of magic, of that, he was certain. Hers was a primal nature of witchcraft that stole his very breath away. Sarah Williams may have been mortal, but it occurred to him then and there that she was every bit as enchanting as any of his race, for she held a power over him that none before her had ever managed.

Her lips parted slightly and his gaze was instantly drawn to them. So full and soft, and so deliciously inviting that he couldn't resist. His gloved hand slid over her jaw, his fingers burying themselves in her hair as he leaned forward and captured her mouth with his. His kiss was careful and slow, but agonizingly deep, quickly stoking the blazing fire that burned within her.

Slowly, she returned his kiss, her mouth carefully exploring his, as though the precious sensation would suddenly vanish if she were too brash. He groaned inwardly at the gentleness of it and cradled her head with both hands as he deepened the kiss.

She sighed against his mouth, her head reeling from the euphoria.

Jareth kissing her.

Her whole life she had never known a sensation so divine, as the sweet ache born from his kiss. It wasn't a mere hunger filling her mind or heart, it was a deep longing ache that seemed to fill her soul as it stirred her entire body.

Maddened by the feel of his tongue finally stroking against hers, she wondered where he had learned to kiss like this. The delicious ache flooded her mind, making rational thought nearly impossible. As her eyes fluttered closed a helpless voice in her head softly groaned, "God, what is he doing to me?"

Whatever it was he was doing, he was very good it. It felt exquisite and she wanted more.

Slowly she slipped her tongue past his lips, boldly caressing his velvety tongue with her own. He gently bit at her lower lip in response, wringing a lusty gasp from her.

His mouth ventured from hers to the pulse point at her throat as his hands brushed over the sides of her breasts. Even through his gloves and her thin peasant blouse she could feel the warmth of his hands beneath. His touch was a welcome torture, but she was in no way ready to relinquish control of the situation just yet.

She smoothed one hand up his thigh with purpose and deliberately ran her fingertips over the growing bulge in his lap.

She felt the rush of his warm breath on the skin of her neck as he hissed his approval through his teeth.

Sarah flattened her palm against him. Her thoughts strayed to the night before when she had truly seen all of him for the first time. To say that he was beautiful would be an understatement, since every part of him seemed a flawless work of art. The corner of her mouth curved into a dreamy lopsided grin at the thought...there was one piece in particular that she was simply dying to see again.

Slowly and deliberately she rubbed her palm back and forth against his arousal. His hips restlessly shifted ever so slightly in response to her bold caress, as he entreated her with a ragged sigh, "Sarahhh..."

His unfinished plea roused something within her and her own heightened state of arousal prompted her to go on with her bold seduction. Her hand strayed higher as she playfully fingered the waistband of his breeches.

Jareth glanced down with hooded eyes, locking with hers as he noticed her wicked grin. She was flaunting the fact that she was ruthlessly teasing him. The sight of her so brazenly dallying with him nearly sent him over the edge. Lust, thick and hot, like molten metal, pumped through his entire body like his very blood. Like a potent drug, its heavy effect was impossible to fight. It sharpened his senses as effectively as it dulled his mind.

For a moment he pondered the delicious idea of forcing her onto her back, tearing off every last stitch of her provocative clothing, and mercilessly ravaging her succulent little body right there on the unforgiving cold stone floor of his throne room. A smug smirk touched his lips as he thought to himself ruefully, "...She'd be getting what she so badly deserves."

Nearly convinced to follow through with such a winning idea, he shot forward grasping her tightly by her upper arms and kissing her roughly on the mouth. Her surprised murmur of protest died quickly against his lips, and her body, which had automatically stiffened, promptly softened as though she were melting against him, once she had tasted the urgent passion in his kiss.

Her lips parted and she surrendered, returning the kiss with fervor. Her own white flag signal to Jareth that seemed to may continue.

The gesture nearly made him laugh. As if he could stop now...even if he wanted to. Her brazen temptation had been far too accomplished. It seemed his little Sarah was far too talented for her own good. He wondered, now that he had admitted his feelings for her and saved her life, if she expected him to be chivalrous and noble. Did she actually expect him to stop the proceedings before they went to far and politely beg for her affections, and remain content and patient if she said no? Another laughable thought as he mentally answered, "...sorry love, not a chance."

He deepened the kiss and it soon became possessive and fierce, not simply on his end either. Sarah was kissing him back with a forceful urgency that was staggering. The kiss was hot and deep, as if their souls were being melded together. Raw uncontained desire was shared, given and taken freely, with no boundaries of restraint.

Suddenly, his hands tightened on her shoulders. He forced her back, breaking the kiss as he groaned raggedly, "I can't bear anymore...I have to see you..."

Curiously, she watched, as he tugged the peasant blouse down over her shoulders. His hungry gaze drifted over her exposed chest

He leaned forward and Sarah's eyes fluttered closed as she felt his hands straying under her skirt. A tortured sigh escaped her lips as he hurriedly tore off his gloves. Murmuring some unintelligible plea, he ran his hand up between her legs, as he rested his head against her chest.

Overcome by the warmth and his closeness, she ran her fingertips through his fine silky hair, made silver in the moonlight. He turned his head slightly and she felt his hot tongue tracing against her skin.

As if in answer to her prayers his hot palm finally came up to cup her insistently between her legs, as he murmured thickly against her breast, "I must have you...I want you." Teasingly he nipped at the rosy peak just as he slipped a hand down into her panties. His hot breath assaulted her bare breast as he huskily growled, "...I need you...right now."

His fingertips began to stroke the smoldering apex of her desire. She cried out in startled pleasure, reeling from the sublimely wicked sensation, before she panted, crying out in desperation, "Oh...God...I need you too." Abruptly his hand stilled and her body railed against the cruel deprivation the stimulation.

She opened her eyes, surprised to see that he was staring intently at her. His expression was grave and his stern voice was laced with disbelief as he urgently demanded, "Do you?"

Her eyes locked with his and she saw it plainly for the first time.

Uncertainty. Apprehension.

It was a stunning discovery. The almighty Goblin King, Mr. Confidence himself, was unsure. The realization floored her. Was he really in need of reassurance of her feelings for him? It seemed unthinkable, but the look in his eyes was unmistakable. It was proof enough, that deep down, underneath all the cool arrogance and indifference, that Jareth was not so very different from herself.

She was careful not to give away her sudden perception, knowing full well, that one wrong move would injure his pride. She had to handle this newfound knowledge delicately. She wasn't about to botch the whole moment by acting or speaking impulsively, though she was so moved by the discovery that she had to blink a few times to keep her eyes from filling with tears. At that moment everything seemed to come to a grinding halt for her as everything suddenly clicked into place. The proverbial lightbulb had finally come on with startling clarity.

He was so serious, so cautious, and so guarded because he had been wounded before.

She had wounded him before.

It was no wonder he played the cold unaffected villain around her, always wearing that damn mask of indifference. He was afraid to leave himself vulnerable. Even now, after they had been intimate, after she had admitted her feelings, he was still being defensive.

Her thoughts strayed to their final confrontation just after she had solved the labyrinth. His words, his expression...all came back to her in vivid detail and it was brilliantly clear, as transparent as one of his crystal orbs. He had been imploring her, rather desperately, and she had refused. Not out of cruelty or lack of interest, but out of sheer ignorance. She had simply thought it had all been a trick. The idea of negotiating for more time, or asking for clarification had never even entered her mind at the time.

He had wanted her way back then, and unfortunately though she may have looked like a young woman, she had really been barely more than a spoiled child. The truth burned through her mind and it stung. If he had been the was because she had made him into one. Her iron resolve answered with conviction. It was high time to rectify the situation.

She tilted her head to the side slightly, her wide eyes studying his, as her hand drifted slowly up his body to softly caress his jaw-line. She leaned forward then, barely brushing her lips over his mouth as she softly breathed, "Yes. I need you Jareth..."

Her lips brushed against his again as she thickly added "...more than anything." She started to kiss him again, but he stopped her. His expression had softened as he drew back, his fine brow knitting in confusion. Clearly perplexed, he replied with faint disbelief, "But...why?"

The thrumming need for him was killing her, and the fact that he had stopped touching her did nothing but worsen the aching desire. She was aware that this was really not the best time for her to be having such a deep and meaningful conversation with him, especially since her raging hormones were prompting her to just shut him up long enough to jump his bones...but she had to try.

She inhaled sharply, trying to regain a shred of control. She managed to reign in her desire long enough to raggedly whisper, "Because...I just do..."

But even that was an effort, and as soon as the words left her mouth, she shot forward kissing him insistently.

Caught off guard by the urgency of her kiss, he yielded for a moment, softly groaning against her velvety sweet mouth. For a second it seemed her hands were everywhere, frantically caressing him all over.

And then, suddenly, She was trying to pull his breeches down over his hips. So, It seemed she was growing impatient too...

Automatically he shifted, allowing her to successfully pull down his breeches, as they continued kissing in a hurried broken manner.

Pulling back, she panted between kisses, "God...Jareth..."

"...I want to..."

"...touch you."

He hurriedly nodded in compliance as their intermittent kissing continued. She savored his sharp intake of breath as she wrapped her fingers around him, kissing him passionately as she began to move her hand expertly back and forth.

Fully aware that he was in danger of losing himself he groaned against her mouth, "Sarah, what are you...?"

Before he could finish, Sarah broke the kiss, and he felt both her hands now gripping him. His eyes slid closed and a ragged sigh slipped through his lips. Never had anything felt so wicked and so good at the same time, but to his surprise it suddenly got much, much better...

He nearly came out of his skin, as the incredible sensation of her soft hot mouth on him knocked the very air from his lungs.

It was almost more than he could bear and he moaned at the sheer sweetness of the feeling.

As her enthusiasm grew, her ministrations became more potent. She was relentless.

His fingers buried themselves in her thick dark hair and his throaty voice was laced with a mixture of ecstasy and agony as he senselessly begged her.

She was acutely aware that her own state of arousal was reaching its limits. The feel of him in her mouth was maddening.

Suddenly she pulled back and released him, obviously winded. Her face was intensely flushed and her ripened lips were parted in wonder. Her eyes never left his as she drew back, and he was mesmerized by the sight of them. Her pupils were large and black, rimmed only by a thin ring of jade green, as they were unnaturally dilated by the heightened state of her desire. Slowly she rose to her feet with purpose, her gaze fixed on him as her hands slid her skirt higher, disappearing under the crimson fabric.

She slid her panties off over her hips, her eyes never leaving his as she slid them down over her legs. His concentration was broken as his eyes followed her movements and her panties were finally discarded on the floor. He looked back up at her just in time to see her brazen advance.

Her movements were deliberate and graceful, like a great cat or some other starved predator. She came closer, bending down and arching her back as she slid one knee up onto the seat of the throne, her blazing eyes fixed on him all the while. Before he knew what was happening she was straddling his lap and artfully gathering up the hem of the skirt to keep it from getting in the way.

It was now Jareth's turn to stare dumbly in startled wonder. As if possessed by a will of their own, his hands grasped her hips, straining to pull her down against his lap. Sarah, however, held her position.

Instead she slowly brought her mouth down to his. Her hair fell down over her face in wild tendrils, gently brushing against his skin like a silky whisper. Her kiss was erotic and deep and his fingers tightened possessively, digging into the soft flesh of her hips. She slid her mouth down over the side of his jaw, teasingly kissing the pulse of his throat.

Thickly he rasped into her hair, "You didn't fully answer my question..." Nipping at her ear he growled seductively, "...and now I'm losing my patience."

She chuckled warmly against the side of his neck and huskily murmured, "Mmmmm, I do love it when you lose patience...but maybe I'll play nice..." She playfully bit him before she ran the tip of her tongue up the hollow of his throat, stopping to breathe seductively into his ear, "...and answer your question."

He swallowed, closing his eyes as she sent chills over his entire body. Her arms were now around his shoulders as she continued in that smoky voice, "I need you because..." She paused, lowering herself onto his lap, so that he could feel her.

She exhaled heavily at the sensation and continued to confess in a soft throaty whisper, "...I've fallen hopelessly..." She paused again, shifting her hips slightly, teasing him. He inhaled sharply, gritting his teeth as his hands strayed over her hips and backside, encouraging her to go further, she however, held herself perfectly still. Panting in desperate agony she finished, "...and completely in love with you."

She rested her forehead against his and that's when he noticed how glassy her eyes looked. His mouth blindly sought hers and he kissed her with fevered longing. His hands strained again to pull her hips downward, and this time she didn't resist.

She came down hard upon him. He entered her fast and hard, and she broke the kiss, crying out sharply with a gasp. He too was lost in raw overwhelming sensation, and moaned aloud. Exquisite torture, that's what it was.

He barely had time to adjust to the feel of her when she started to writhe atop him. He was disoriented for a second, letting his head fall back as she moved back and forth. He groaned, the acute pleasure taking him by surprise.

Sitting astride his lap in the dominant position made her feel more in control. Her movements became bolder, rising up so that he was almost totally withdrawn from her before she forcefully came back down against him. With each descent she shut her eyes, a low guttural groan escaping her lips.

It was a divine mixture of pure agony and excruciating pleasure. The pleasure began to outweigh the cruel ache and she moaned aloud at the startling sweetness of it. The sound finally jarred Jareth to his senses. He raised his head to watch her as he began to move in unison with her. His movements increased the stimulation for her and she cried out.

Their eyes locked for a heated moment and he was moved by the overwhelmed look on her face as she was caught between misery and rapture. She was breathtaking, a powerful enchantress indeed, passionately human, and more beautiful than any goddess.

Though he was reeling from the stimulation, he pressed on, struggling to keep his movements controlled to bring her the most pleasure. She squeezed her eyes shut tight, and it didn't escape his attention that a tear streaked down her cheek as she barely bit back a sharp cry of pleasure.

Her fingers bit into his shoulders as she desperately sobbed, "Oh...God...Jareth I need you..."

He closed his eyes knowing he was not going to last much longer. Through clenched teeth he growled, "By the Fates, Sarah...I need you..."

The pleasure built steadily to the point where she could no longer stand it. She cried out in abandon, nearly sobbing with pleasure, "Oh...God Jareth! I love you so much...Oh God...I think I'm going to..."

His hands tightened about her waist and he closed his eyes as he struggled to press on. He would only have to delay his release for but a moment, but it seemed next to impossible, as the white-hot pleasure ripped through him. Squeezing his eyes shut tighter, he inhaled sharply, trying to subdue the urge to let go and take her, all of her.

By the Underground, he wanted her, every part of her as he had wanted nothing else in his long life. He could no longer fight it...the need to possess...the need to lose himself in her, it had become to great for him to contain.

He opened his eyes and they were full of her. She was looking back at him, into his very soul. Savage intensity sparked between them and he groaned in a voice stripped raw by fierce need, "I want you Sarah...I'll never let you go..."

The pleasure was killing her, overwhelming her in ways she couldn't even fathom. Her nails were now painfully biting into his shoulders.

He was slammed with wave after wave of disorienting ecstacy. His brow knitted as the pleasure thrashed him. Through clenched teeth his growl sounded like a curse and confession made one as he climaxed within her, "Fire and rain! I love you Sarah!"

Wracked by the fever of her own release she cried out in a shaky breath, "Oh Jareth...I love you too..."

Spent by the forcefulness of their lovemaking, she collapsed against him. He gathered her up as tenderly as a guardian angel, carefully wrapping his arms around her as he held her close. Enfolded by his protective embrace she sighed deeply, lost in the rhythm of his beating heart. Her own heart pounded fiercely, her pulse unnaturally loud in her own ears.

It seemed an eternity that they remained like that. Slowly the world returned little by little and awareness of her surroundings crept back in.

In the castle beyond the Goblin City. Upon a sinister throne, astride the lap of her long time adversary, and her only love, the Goblin King.

She breathed deeply memorizing his unique scent. In his embrace she felt deeply contented, and despite the fact that all reason maintained that she should fear him, she had never felt more safe and protected then she did now in his arms. The realization came then with crystal clarity. This is real. This is right.

Most Prized Possession

A Labyrinth Story
by Jester3

Part 35 of 42

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