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Secrets and Betrayals

A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by LilyTheNinjaGirl

Part 28 of 41

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Chloe dashed around Adrien, scooping up her cell phone and running away. She could feel Adrien watching her as she made her hasty exit, but she didn't care. She finally let the tears come on full force. After running around a corner, she found her personal car waiting for her.

"Ms. Bourgeois, are you alright?" her driver asked, attempting to be kind, lest he enrage her and pay the price for it.

"Just drive me home!" Chloe wailed. The driver nodded and shut her door, before climbing into the driver's seat and taking off. He drove as quickly as possible, knowing that whenever Chloe got sad, she normally got angry and then everybody around her (especially hotel employees) suffered greatly. A lot of people usually ended up fired, and he did not wish for the same fate.

But Chloe sat in the back, sniffling quietly and making no comment. Adrien's words kept replaying in her head.

"Then try to be a hero, Chloe. You could be just like Ladybug. You could have friends, real friends! Not people who follow you around and do your homework! You can be just like Ladybug, Chloe! You just have to try!"

"I can't do that," she told herself firmly. "Nobody will like me after what I've done. It's better to stick with Sabrina and keep being me! And it's hard to be nice! So I can't do it."

"You can," Adrien had told her. "The choice is yours Chloe. It's always been yours. Other people and what they do don't ever change the fact that it is your choice"

"I didn't get to choose whether I had a mother or not! I didn't get to choose if my father paid attention to me! I didn't get to choose to be loved! So why is it suddenly MY choice? Why does everything turn back on me? This is so not fair!"

Life's not fair!

Those were words Chloe heard all the time, and she hated them. Her mother told her that all the time when she was little. People told her that all the time. Life's not fair! Why wasn't it fair? She deserved everything she had! Right…?

Part of her wanted to be like Ladybug, but that involved a lot of effort. It involved a lot of self-control and a firm determination to be a better person. It meant doing her own homework and inconveniencing herself and being nice to people… Was it really worth it?

"It is," Chloe realized. "And that's why I hate it so much! Because it's totally worth it, and I don't want it to be!" To have real friends, people who cared about you. Love isn't bought, it's earned. And Chloe just wanted somebody to love her and compliment her and always be there for her.

But she had learned to buy love through gifts, and force other people to do things for her whether they wanted to or not. She complimented herself and made others feel bad to make herself feel good. But after five years of that, could she really change?

"You can," Adrien's voice rang through her head. He was her first friend. He used to love her. They used to share everything. And she could see the hurt in his eyes while he yelled at her. He believed that she could be a better person. Could she believe in herself?

It wouldn't be easy. Nothing was ever easy. Maybe Sabrina would be willing to help her. Of course, the first thing that Chloe decided she would have to do was apologize to Sabrina. Would Sabrina even want to be friends anymore? Would she finally realize how cruel Chloe could be and leave her?

The thought of losing her only other friend made Chloe's stomach churn. As they pulled up to the hotel, she realized how messy she was. Her jacket was dusty and wrinkled from diving for her phone, and her mascara was running down her face.

She marched into the hotel. Except that when the doorman hurriedly asked her if she needed anything, Chloe gritted her teeth and responded. "No thank you!" before hurrying on her way. The doorman stood behind her, frozen in shock. Did Chloe Bourgeois just act polite? He scratched his head and went back to guarding the door.

Chloe entered her huge room and threw her purse on her bed before heading to the bathroom. She took a long, cold shower. With a towel wrapped around her, she made her way to the closet. She looked at all of her expensive designer clothes. They were pricey and beautiful, but none of them were very comfortable. Skinny jeans, mini skirts, and tight blouses?

"I feel horrible," Chloe thought. And she really did. Thinking about every mean thing she had ever said and trying to come up with a plan to make it up to each and every person made her feel sick to her stomach. She looked into the back corner of her closet. There sat a few looser t-shirts and some regular jeans that she had mockingly told Sabrina she would burn later. Now they looked pretty good.

She slipped on a loose yellow t-shirt and some jeans. Although she didn't really feel like putting on her excessive amounts of makeup, she couldn't help but toss on some mascara and eyeliner. Then she braided her hair to get it out of the way and collapsed upon her bed.

"How many people have I hurt?" she thought to herself. There were too many to name. All of her classmates, all of her father's employees. "You know, I've been horrible to pretty much every person in Paris…"

Her big dangly earrings were getting annoying, so she crossed over to her vanity and pulled them off. When she set them down, she noticed a little brown jewelry box embroidered with yellow. Huh, maybe her father got her some new jewelry.

Despite the fact that Chloe didn't want to be reminded what a spoiled brat she was, curiosity made her open the box. "Maybe I can give it to Sabrina!" she thought. "Her birthday is coming up and she deserves a nice gift."

She opened the box and looked inside. It was a small yellow and black comb. Interesting. She had to admit that she actually loved it and she wanted to keep it. "No more being selfish, Chloe!" she reprimanded herself. "Still, I can try it on…"

She put her hair into a high ponytail, noting that it actually looked pretty good without a professional hair stylist working his magic upon it. She placed the comb on her head, right above the base of the pony tail. Almost instantly, a little black and yellow blur popped out of it.

"AHHHH! IT'S A BUG!" Chloe shrieked, stumbling backwards. She picked up a book and threw it at the little creature.

"Wait!" the little creature called.

"IT TALKS!" she screamed, flinging her teddy bear at it as well, followed by an expensive perfume bottle that crashed on the ground and broke.


"Chloe darling, are you alright?" The door swung open to reveal the mayor. Chloe felt her cheeks turning red. She was on her knees on the floor, poised to fling a book. When she looked up, the bug thing was no longer there.

"Um, thanks daddy! But I'm fine! Just…. Reading this book!" She hurriedly got into a sitting position and opened the book to a random page.

"Okay then. If you need anything, remember your daddy is right down the hall!" he called. She nodded, smiling sheepishly. Finally, her father shut the door and left. She let out a sigh of relief.

"Is he gone?" the bug suddenly popped out of nowhere. Chloe shrieked again (although much more quietly than she had the first time).

"Don't come near me, you bug thing! What are you? Why do you talk?" Chloe whimpered, holding up the book. The little bee held up her fuzzy feet in surrender.

"I am Buzzara! I'm a kwami!" the bee introduced herself. "And I'm not a bug, I'm a bee! Learn the difference!"

"A what?" Chloe asked. The bee started to move closer, but Chloe held up the book threateningly.

"You know Ladybug and Chat Noir?" the bee sighed, stopping short.

"Duh!" Chloe answered impatiently.

"Well, they both have Miraculous. Ladybug's earrings and Chat Noir's ring. Each miraculous has a kwami. We transform the wielders into superheroes!"

"So you're saying…" Chloe started.

"That the comb on your head is a miraculous? Congratulations, you figured it out!" The kwami wasn't rudely sarcastic, but it was clear she had an attitude. Chloe froze. "Hello? Chloe? Hellooooo?" Buzzara flew in front of Chloe's face.

"A super hero?" Chloe whispered.

"Yes!" Buzzara answered. "Isn't that exciting?!"

"I… I'm not worthy of this…" Chloe breathed out. "I'm not the person you want! You must have made a mistake or something!"

"Um, if you're wearing a miraculous, it's yours. Of course, Wayzz has been mistaken about wielders before, but I doubt he's mistaken about you!" Buzzara explained. "You might have done some bad things, Chloe. But you want to change! You're not too far gone! You can change your ways and make it up to those you've hurt. And helping to save the city can help you do that!"

"Helping to save the city? Like, help with akuma attacks? But Ladybug and Chat Noir seem to have it covered."

"A great evil is brewing," Buzzara explained. "Chat Noir's miraculous has been taken from him, and he has been greatly wounded. Ladybug has been mentally scarred, and she wants to give up her Miraculous. We are electing other superheroes to help them, and I believe you are up to the task, Chloe!"

"Chat Noir is hurt? But what about the rumor that he kidnapped Adrien? Omigosh, I shouldn't have left Adrien back there! WHAT WAS I THINKING? And if Adrien is back then…" her eyes widened all of the sudden.

"And the wheels are turning," Buzzara commented quietly in the background, like a sports announcer.

"That must mean…"

"The pieces are falling into place!"

"I knew it!" Chloe announced triumphantly. "I KNEW he was hiding something from me! Adrien is Chat Noir? Omigosh, how didn't I see it before? How long has he been Chat Noir? He had his miraculous stolen?"

"DING DING DING!" Buzzara bounced around happily. "WE HAVE A WINNER! Adrien has been Chat Noir since the day he and Ladybug defeated Stoneheart. And his miraculous was taken by Hawkmoth."

"We have to get it back!" Chloe hissed, "And we need to go make sure Adrien is safe!"

"Don't worry, he's safe. He's currently with Ladybug and two other new superheroes."

"How do you know this?"

"Mental communication. It's a kwami thing!" Buzzara said. "In fact, Tikki, (that's Ladybug's kwami), told me to bring you over to where they are right now!"

"WHAT?" Chloe freaked out. "I can't go meet Ladybug! Do you know how many people I've akumatized? I mean, I'm trying to be a better person, but I made that decision like THIRTY MINUTES AGO! What if she doesn't believe me? What if I can't change? What if she hates me and I screw everything up?"

"Relax Chloe!" Buzzara said. "I'm here to help you every step of the way! We can make the change together. Besides, you don't have to reveal your identity to them!"

"Will I see their identities?" Chloe asked nervously.

"One second, let me ask Tikki," Buzzara said. The bumblebee closed her eyes and concentrated. "Well, she said that everybody except for Adrien will be transformed, and they'll decide then if they want to reveal their identities to you. Tikki says they think that at this point, everything will be easier if you all know each other, but they need to meet you first."

"If they reveal their identities, will I have to?" Chloe asked. Buzzara shrugged.

"It would be the polite thing to do, and also a good way to show that you trust them."

"But what if they hate me?" Chloe whispered. "I would hate me… I hate myself. Especially Ladybug! How could she ever forgive me?"

"I happen to know who Ladybug is," Buzzara commented. "And you'd be surprised. She's a lot more forgiving than you'd expect. But she's not very trusting. And she's going through a lot right now, so don't be surprised if she gets angry. She'll settle down. Besides, what's she going to do? Take away your miraculous?"

"I guess… I know I'll have to earn their trust."

"Good. And the fact that you're recognizing how difficult that will be, but you're still willing to try, shows that you really do want to change. You are still willing to try, right?"

"Yeah…" Chloe said. "So are we going... Like now?"

"Yes!' Buzzara answered. "Just say: Buzzara, stripes on!"

"One more thing," Chloe said.


"Can I call you Buzza? Buzzara is kind of long."


"What? Just cuz I want to change doesn't mean I'm not still a somewhat lazy teenager! Besides, I think Buzza is cuter than Buzzara!"

"Fine, you can call me Buzza!" Buzzara relented. A small smile stretched across her lips. She actually kinda liked the nickname. "Now, are you ready to do this?"

"Sure! Buzza, stripes on!"

Secrets and Betrayals

A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Story
by LilyTheNinjaGirl

Part 28 of 41

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