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A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

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Swipe down. Swipe up.

And again.

A growl of frustration bubbled from Kagome's throat before she allowed her cell phone to sink into the depths of her blue comforter. She stretched her arms above her head, which revealed a slight amount of skin from her stomach, and she dropped on her back, submerging herself into her soft mattress. Her jaw clenched while she closed her eyes, trying to ease away her irritation. Every day since she learned the truth, Kagome texted Yuka. Every day, she waited for an answer and never obtained one. Her friend was isolating herself and it was perhaps the worst decision she could have made. Kagome had the desire to help her, but she could hardly do more than she already did. Heck, she even showed up at her place once, but there was no answer.

Izu heard nothing of her either.

It was not good.

Despite everything Kagome shared with them, none of the wolves trusted Yuka…which meant they spent their time worrying. The less they heard about her, the more they believed she went on and spilled their secret to the world.

But Kagome knew it was not that way. Yuka was scared, alone and confused. She was not contacting anyone because she was freaking out. If only she could reach out to her one more time.

Plus, all of this stress was putting a strain - almost a pause - to her newfound…erm…relationship with Kouga. Pack members were worried and it was his duty to speak with everyone and assure them of the safety of their pack. New people constantly came over and Kagome tried to be as invisible as possible. He wanted her to stay, he never chased her out, but she felt like an inconvenience and tried to stay away. He texted her, although sometimes his replies were far apart - and she was pretty sure some of them were written by Ginta - but again, she was not holding it against him. His life was stressful, much more than hers would ever be nowadays.

Then again, she knew she had to give it time; it had only been but two weeks or so. She did fret over the fact that perhaps she let their relationship evolve too soon… maybe it would have been best to wait until this whole drama was over.

A groan rumbled through her chest and she gave up. She flicked her wrist and retrieved her cellphone. As soon as she touched the screen it lite up and she checked the time. 5:04am. This whole ordeal was truly messing up with her sleep schedule. Her mind was running a thousand miles a second, never given her a break; it made it impossible for her to sleep.


Kagome frowned before tilting her head forward. Her cellphone was lighting brighter than before as a white rectangle flashed on the top of her screen. New message: Kouga (1). Her heart skipped a beat and her eyes sparkled as she quickly opened it. "Morning." She grinned while she typed up her reply. "Morning! How did you know I was awake?"

Ding. "Your light is on."

"My light is on?" she repeated out loud. Her head snapped up and she looked at her bedside lamp. The light was on, covered by the lamp shade's blue fabric. How did he know that? Suspicion danced in her dark blue eyes as she began glancing around in her bedroom.

Ding. "Look outside."

Kagome's eyebrows were burrowed, creating creases in the smooth pale skin of her forehead. She tried to flip around to look outside her window but her clumsy nature had something else in mind. Before she knew it, Kagome found herself sprawled across the floor, her head smashing against her desk's beige wooden chair. A loud yelp of pain echoed through and she quickly brought a hand to her injury. She gently rubbed her head, trying to soothe away the pain and tangling her messy hair in the process. She sighed, her chest rising, and managed to get on all four. However, before she could make it on her feet, she felt something grab her by the shoulders.

"Are you okay?"

What in the - "Kouga?"

She turned her head to the side only to see him crouched down beside her, his hands on her shoulders. Concern was gleaming in his eyes while his pupils jumbled around, clearly inspected her and searching for an injury.

"I'm okay," she replied as she moved herself away from him and sat down on the floor. "I tripped and - what are you doing here?"

He grinned, trying to hide his embarassement. "I was outside your window. I was gonna wait there - but then you screamed and I -" He sort of crossed a boundary. He never even met to stalk her at her house. It was early and he did not manage to get a wink of sleep. He figured he could just walk around and before he knew it he ended up in front of the shrine. He tried to persuade himself not to go up those many stairs but in the end, he did it anyway. It was then that he saw her light and he took a shot; he texted her. And it worked. He was supposed to wait outside but then - she hurt herself and next thing he knew, he was jumping up the side of her house, climbing in through her window.

He probably should not have done that - but his instincts controlled his decision and before he even had time to think, he was in her room, holding her, checking every body part to make sure nothing was broken.

As he spoke, she noticed his slumped posture along with the way his chin was dipped towards his chest. She did not want him to feel guilty because he worried about her safety! "Kouga," she spoke in a soft voice. She reached out for his hand, gently brushing his palm with her fingertips. "It's okay. I'm okay." She smiled. "You think you'd know by now how clumsy I can be."

He joined her in her laugh, chortling along side of her. "I thought you hurt yourself."

"My head will survive," she added, her lips stretching. "Although, that doesn't really answer my question. Why are you here? Did something happened?"

He shook his head. "Couldn't sleep." He leaned back into her bedside table, never letting his hand stray away from hers. "I was just walking and I - I saw your light so…" He cringed. "Sorry… is that out of line?"

"No, no," she immediately answered. "I'm happy to see you."

She looked so beautiful, her hair tousled, her big pink pyjamas, covered in ice cream cones, and lines from her blanket still digging in her face. He loved the way she looked in the morning and it was hard to stay away. His body was urging him to close the distance, to kiss her good morning but he stayed put. Kagome did tell him she wanted them to start building a relationship but he was afraid to overstep some boundaries and screw it all up. He only wanted to go where she was comfortable and he did not know if morning kisses were on the list. Although he was fairly certain that climbing up her window in the middle of the night… was nowhere on the list of acceptable things to do.


"How are things…with the pack?"

A long sigh escaped his lips before he ran his fingers through his bangs. "It's alright. I mean everyone is freaking out and none of them idiots will listen to me, but ya know. It'll be fine. Any news on your end?"

She shook her head. "She won't reply."

"I'm sure she's okay though," he said as he noticed the sadness spreading on her face.

"Yeah… I know."

Kagome looked up at him, a feeling of warmth spreading through her chest. He was trying to comfort her and she wished she could do the same for him. It was hard to miss how tired he looked. He even had dark circles under his blue eyes and he looked strained. His hair was up in a ponytail, like it always was, and he had thrown on a pair of old dark jeans along with a black t-shirt. Despite how tired he looked, he - well, he looked good. There was one way she could provide him some relief from the stress but the thought painted her cheeks pink. Ookamis were very keen to the touching. Every time he was highly stressed, a touch from her seemed to relax him.

Though they decided to move on to the next step and break away from the friendship, she felt like she was standing on exploding mines; one wrong move and everything would blow up in her face. He made her happy and though some doubts lingered, she was satisfied with her decision. It was no time to screw it all up.

Shyly, she scouted a bit closer to him. It was not enough for them to be in an embrace but it did make their legs touch. The contact pulled Kouga away from his thoughts. He noticed the slight shift in the air, the shyness radiating from her and the way she looked at him with her eyes wide opened. He dared to interpret that in a positive way. He stretched his legs and opened them before wrapping his fingers around her wrist. She gently let him pull her in, and then she completed the rest of the way on her own. Her cheeks were burning red as she sat between his legs before resting her head against his chest. He wrapped his sturdy arms around her waist, holding her close and then she felt him bury his nose in the side of her head.

They remained that way for a while, his arms holding her secure. His palms laid flat against her covered skin, bringing her body heat up. Although a shiver sometimes ran down her spin, other times, she felt completely at ease. For the first time, she was almost certain that she could fall asleep. Also, by the way his heartbeat slowed down, she wondered if he could as well.

Meanwhile, Kouga had lowered his head, hiding his nose in the crook of her neck. Truthfully, he should change position; it gave him an excellent view. From where he was, he could see the top of her breasts, taunting him with more. And sometimes, when he moved his hands, when his fingertips would almost touch her skin, he felt her shiver and for a brief moment, her nipples would harden - which was easily noticeable through her pyjamas. Not that he was really paying attention. And it was not like those moments made him more aware of her body pressed against him or the way her ample rear was squished against his groin. Nope, he did not notice any of that.

Kagome tilted her head to the side, feeling a strange warmth coming from him. It was not coming from his body, it was different; she could not explain it. She dipped her head back and glanced at him. He looked back at her, watching her eyes and then her lips. Slowly, he dared to lower himself until his lips were pressed against hers. It was not a passionate kiss, it was simple touch but it was enough to soothe his heart. Once he pulled away, her cheeks were read and she hid her face in his chest. He leaned his head against hers, happy to have her in his arms. They did not have much time to talk, not with everything happening and he wished they had time to discuss this change in their relationship.

But he knew he would feel it when she was ready to speak about it. She would tell him wouldn't she?

However, there was one thing he knew he did feel; her breathing pace changed and suddenly, she felt heavier in his arms.

She fell asleep.

He could not help the smile that reached his lips at that realization. And then he was torn; he did not want to leave her on the floor like this while she slept but he was afraid that if he moved her, he would wake her up. Perhaps it was safer to simply keep her on him? He was not the worst pillow in the world and clearly she was comfortable. Plus, he still had a few hours ahead of him. He leaned backwards a bit more, keeping her close and then he shut his own eyes. Maybe he should take advantage of the situation as well and try to get in a few hours of sleep.

The stress and the lack of time for her in his life was starting to take a toll.

He wanted to cherish this moment. Plus, it would only be for an hour right?



Kouga winced once then twice - with his eyes closed. What was that voice? He heard it before, it was somewhat familiar… Oh crap.

His blue eyes snapped opened and as expected, he found Kagome's mother standing in front of them, not looking absolutely pleased with the sight offered to her. "Mrs. - Mrs. Higurashi," he said clearing up his throat.

He thought Kagome was awake, probably trying to wrestle out of his arms, but instead, as he looked down, he saw that she was still asleep. Well this was a problem. He forced a smile in direction of Miyu before trying to shake Kagome awake. She was quite the heavy sleeper. "Kagome," he whispered in her ear. She barely moved. All she did was snuggle deeper into his chest, nuzzling him with her nose. Nope, not good. "Kagome," he tried a little louder. This time she cringed in her sleep before frowning. He shook her. "Kagome."

He finally saw her open her eyes. Except, she looked in the wrong direction; instead of glancing at her mother, she was looking at him. A smile stretched across her lips as she mumbled a good morning. However, he did not return the greeting. Instead, he peered behind her, a serious look on his face. He hoped she would understand. And she did. At first confusion illuminated her features but as she slowly turned her head, she understood. "Mom!"

Again, Kagome scrambled to her feet but her awkward position and her legs tangled with Kouga's did nothing to help her. Instead of ending up standing, she lean forward too much and nearly crashed. Fortunately for her, Kouga was able to use his speed to catch her. Unfortunately for the both of them, it left them in an even more awkward position. Kagome was nearly on all four, hovering above the ground, while Kouga was on his knees, his groin pressed against her round rear. Oh yeah, someone up there hated him. It was official. If he wanted to screw this up even more, he could not. This was the high peak of failure that could be achieved.

After a hot second, Kagome used her newfound hold on the ground to spring to her feet. "Mm, mom, this is - we just - we were talking and we fell asleep." Oh boy. Yes, she sort of forgot to have this conversation with her mother. At first, she kept it from her because they were still in a friendship and there was no reason to alter the rules but now… she supposed it was wrong. No, no it definitively was. She might be an adult but this was her mother's home, this was a shrine and - oh god she was screwed.

"I -hm, I should go," Kouga said, awkwardly scratching the back of his head. "Sorry, Mrs. Higurashi, I didn't mean to - Hm." He did not mean what? He did not even know what explanation to give her.

"You can use the front door this time," Miyu said with a half smile.

She did not intend to come up as a rude person or anything. She simply tried to wake up her daughter and when nothing worked, she opened the door. What she found on the other side was not what she expected and it also looked like it was more than a friendship.

"Yes- m, sorry." His cheeks were red as he nodded goodbye to Kagome and brushed up past Miyu on his way out.

Meanwhile, Kagome kept his eyes on him until the door closed behind him. This was not how she wanted to this conversation to go. "Mom, let me explain."

"Are you two seeing each other?"

"Well, yeah. We - we are?" She simply mentioned that she wanted more than friendship. She was not certain if that meant they were official. No they probably were not. It was not how relationship went. Oh, how in the word was she supposed to know? She was far from being a dating expert! "I just, it's recent. And seriously this - we weren't trying to do anything. I was awake and he's been stressed out and we just fell asleep. I swear. Nothing happened."

"I believe you," Miyu said with a small smile. "I - I know you're an adult, Kagome and you're free to do as you please but…"

"This is your home," Kagome supplied.

"I simply think it might be best to have a few rules." It almost felt strange to impose her daughter some rules. After all, she traveled through time, lived her life like an adult and made her own decisions but she felt this was different. It was serious and with the way the ookami looked at her daughter, she felt like this could turn out to be a serious relationship. She trusted Kouga and she saw how happy he made Kagome but - she simply wanted her daughter to be careful. Miyu did not want to see Kagome hurt again. She was her mother and she wanted to protect her from heartbreak and sadness. Though she did not even know where to begin those rules. Hopefully she would figure it out.

"No, I agree. And I'm really sorry mom." God, if she could die and get swallowed by the ground, it would be absolutely perfect. This was perfect… the worst situation ever. Kagome could hardly believe they fell asleep and the fact that Kouga was so out, he did not hear her mother coming.

Her mother walked over to Kagome's bed and gently sat down before resting her hands on her thighs. Then, she raised her head and looked at her daughter. "Are you happy?"

She knew she was but she needed to hear it. She spent days, weeks, watching her daughter being miserable and alone. For the first time since her return to her proper era, she was happy. She was afraid to put too many limits; she did not want to take that happiness away from her.

"I am."

"Kouga is always welcome here."

Miyu was convinced there would not be any other secret visit and there was no point in discussing everything now since - she did not even know what to tell Kagome. She was traveling during her teenage years and then she was closed up at home. She never had to deal with this kind of situation before. She offered her daughter one last smile before getting back up.

"How about we talk over breakfast?"

"I'd like that," Kagome said as she slowly followed her mother downstairs.

This time, she shared everything with her; from what happened with Kouga to the whole ordeal with Yuka. It was nice to finally be able to unleash her fears and share them with someone who was not from the wolf pack.

"Is Yuka going to be okay?"

Kagome shrugged. "I can't reach her."

"Well, her situation is complicated honey. Perhaps that is the best choice for her."

"I know - I -" Really, what would she do? She could not judge her friend and she was not trying to but she wanted Yuka to have all the informations… Perhaps she was pushing her too much.



"Are you careful?"

The question took her by surprise and Kagome's cheeks went up into flames, burning with shame. "Mom, it's not like that. We didn't - we haven't" God, she was a grown woman and she could not even say the word. Although the fact that she was having this conversation with her mother was not helping the situation.

"I simply want to make sure you will not find yourself in a difficult situation."

"I won't. I'll be careful," she mumbled, looking away from her mother.

The thought of contraception had not even crossed her mind yet. Kouga and her were not there yet were they? No, they - they barely kissed on a regular base, so clearly they were still far from sleeping together. It did not help that she was very unexperienced. Was it normal for her to be so far behind? And now that she was thinking about it, she did not even know where Kouga stood on this and just how experienced he was. Suddenly, she felt her stomach churned and she became nervous. Did she want answers to all of her questions?

"I trust your judgement, but you can always come to me if you need it." Clearly her daughter was not comfortable with this conversation but Miyu felt like they had to discuss it. She might be an adult but she was a bit young to be saddled with kids, especially since she had not figure out what she wanted from life. It was her job as her mother to look out for her.

"Thanks mom."

Kagome might have been at ease when she woke up but now, all of that was gone. Instead, she was worried.


Kagome was out job hunting.

Or at least it was what she told her mother.

Miyu might have been very accepting and everything but it did not mean Kagome was not slightly nervous. She did not exactly want to tell her mother she was heading straight to Kouga's. Technically, she should not go; he was busy. But she did not truly enjoy the way they left things and she thought it would be best if they spoke. She also wanted to tell him that her mother did not hate him. Of course, to do all that she had to ignore all the questions and worries that bounced around her head all day long. It was partially the reason why she was walking ever so slowly; she sort of did not want to arrive to his house.

Unfortunately for her, since her feet kept walking, she eventually reached her destination.

Her tiny hands were bundled into fists as she slowly rose one and knocked on the door. It did not take too long for it to open and on the other side she found Ginta. He flashed her a smile and moved out of the way to let her in.

"Hey Sis."


He closed the door behind her and then leaned against it. "Everything alright?"

"Yeah, why?"

He shrugged. "No reason."

"Liar. He thinks something happened," Hakkaku chimed in as he joined them. "He's been acting a little off since he returned from his morning walk."

They both knew it had something to do with Kagome. When Kouga returned he was covered in her scent and there was a little hint of arousal. Although what they could not figure out was if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

At their words, Kagome blushed furiously. She tried to hide her eyes with her bangs but it failed. "Oh, hm. No, nothing happened," she lied through her teeth.

"You're a bad liar little sis. And you," Ginta said as he pointed to Hakkaku, "owe me money."

"What? Why?"

"Clearly they almost did it."

"No they didn't."


At the sound of Kagome's angry voice, both wolves turned around to look at the rather angry miko. Despite the blush covering her cheeks, her rage was expressed through her eyes. "You guys are - betting - on what!"

"No, no. It's not like that. I was -"

"He was kidding."

"What are you two idiots doing?"


Kouga glared at Ginta, than moved on to Hakkaku and yet neither of them said anything. All they did was gulp. "Beat it," he said as he gestured to the living room. He sort of heard the conversation and he already knew he did not like it. Plus, he did not need Kagome to be more ashamed than she already was. Once they left the vicinity, he approached her.

"They're idiots."

"It's okay," she said, staring at his feet. "I m- I hope I'm not bothering you."

Kouga reached out for her chin and grabbed it before gently lifting her head up. He bore his eyes into her, showing her his sincerity. "You never bother me."

Her blush deepened but she did not break the eye contact. "I wanted to talk to you about this morning."

"I felt shitty that I left. I felt that - fuck, I thought it was worse with me there."

She shook her head. "It's fine, my mom's not mad."

"She's not?"

"She's just concerned and - I mean, I told her about Yuka and she just - you know. Careful."

At first he did not catch her meaning but then his lips moved to form an o and he nodded. Kagome forced a smile and then peered at his chest. She tugged her chin free and took a step back. Kouga glanced at her, clearly intrigued as he noticed her putting some distance between them but he did not say anything.

"I - hm, is anyone here?"

"Just the guys. For once." If he had to hear one more person complain he was going to lose his shit. "Izu is kinda going in and out the house. He's going crazy, waiting to hear from Yuka." Though he much prefer having Izu out of the house. He was not going to forbid him from coming inside but he did warn him that he better stay the hell away from Kagome.

He tried to attack her meaning she should feel that much sympathy towards him but she did anyway. He was also under a lot of stress and well it was his child too. She could understand that it was a difficult situation for everyone.

"I hope he'll be okay."

"Are ya okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." That did not sound convincing at all.

"Kagome, what's wrong?" He did not want to push it but he could not understand what was happening. She was fine this morning was she not? She touched him, she reached out for him. Did something else happened with her mother?

He approached his hands from her, ready to take them but he was reluctant. She already back away from him, he should not push his luck. "I just -" She clamped her hand on her arm and bit her bottom lip. A sigh escaped her and then she looked at him. "Can we go upstairs?"

Kouga quickly nodded and lead the way. His heartbeat slowed down and he felt sick to his stomach. He lifted his shoulders, hiding his neck as he shoved his hands into his pockets to hide their trembling. He tried not to flinch with each step he took, dreading the moment they would reach the top of the stairs. This did not sound like it was a conversation he was about to enjoy. This happened after the awkward moment with her mother and now, he was nervous beyond belief. Did she decide that all of this was a bad idea? Did she want out? Of course he would give her an out but - but - he already felt like his heart was being squashed to a mush. This is why he did not want to push the boundaries of friendship.

His foot were heavy, thundering against the steps as he went up each one very carefully. He almost felt the wood crack beneath his feet. Once they reached the top, he began dragging his feet, sliding them across the carpet. It was not until he reached his bedroom's door that his heart sunk to his stomach. He wrapped his long, callouses fingers around the handle and twisted it open. He opened it and held it that way for Kagome. Then, he closed it even if it was pointless; the guys were listening. And they would hear even if the door was closed.

"So what's up?" he asked, his expression faltering and changing. He seemed aloof, uninterested. It was the only way to hide his nervousness.

However, Kagome noticed none of it. All she could hear was the sound of her own heartbeat hammering inside of her chest. This was stupid, it was a dumb conversation to have and she wanted to take it back. Yet, if she did not ask, she felt like it would block them forever. Plus, they were tiptoeing around each other and it was worse.

"I don't know how to do this."

Here it was; she was going to break up with him before they even started dating.

"I - I'm not as experienced as you are and I just - I never know if I'm pushing or if it's okay and I don't even know what I'm okay with and then today my mom talked about being careful and I realized I didn't - I mean, this is the first adult relationship I've been in and I feel like a kid because everything I think something or want something I blush and this is ridiculous and - we said we would go down this path but it feels like we're less close than before and oh for the love of god stop me!" She cringed and hid her face in her hands. "I'm babbling. You shouldn't let me babble."

She looked up at Kouga but what she saw on his face was not what she expected; relief. And then he laughed, and laughed. He laughed so hard he was almost bent in two, holding his stomach with his hands. He could not believe it. He thought she was going to change her mind but it turned out she was just as confused as he was about boundaries and what step to take next.

He closed the distance between them, no longer worried that she did not want him. He wrapped his arms around her head, pressing her face into his chest. He kissed the top of her head, relief washing over him. "We'll go to our own speed. Our own step. I don't care that you blush. This isn't just some thing for me. I'm in. I don't care if I have to wait forever to kiss you."

She chuckled against him. How could he ease her worries away so easily? And with so few words? She still felt like an unexperienced teenager but some of the stress was taken away. "I would like if you didn't wait forever…"

"I can fix that," he said with a cocky smile as he leaned forward and quickly captured her lips with his.

He had been waiting forever to do that and now there was no hesitation. He knew she would let him and he knew she wold stop him when it was too much. He brushed up his lips against hers, nipped and tugged until he was ready to push his tongue against the seam of her lips. His tongue almost tickled her and after her heart was done skipping a beat, she shyly parted her lips to grant him entrance. He quickly invaded her mouth and she found herself leaning into his touch. Her action forced him to lean against the door to hold them both.

His fingers tangled in her hair, wrapping the long dark locks around his digits. His fingertips brushed her scalp, tilting her head backward. Involuntarily, the first moan escaped her. At that moment, Kouga had no choice but to groan. Her moans sounded like a melody he wanted to hear over and over again. In fact, his goal became to hear it again. He lapped at her bruised lips, fangs grazing at the sensitive skin. She pushed her body against his, her breasts flattening against his sturdy chest. Her shy hands were holding on to his sides, afraid to venture anywhere else. Although, she was dying to feel him, she was unsure what to do.

While their lips remained intertwined, his hands finally lowered. He squeezed her hips, slightly afraid to push it further but then, as she rose to her tippy toes, probably to get better access, her shirt rose and it gave him the opening he was looking for. His fingers inched up, brushing up her warm skin. She froze in his arms, nearly pinching her lips under the newfound sensation. His fingertips tingled at her flesh, caressing her higher and higher until he was touching beneath her ribs, which stole her breathe away. A whimper past her lips and he pulled away from her mouth. He pressed his forehead against hers, trying to catch his breathe.




"I'm slowing down the speed."

It was not much. There were kisses and a few touches but it was so much at once and he needed it so badly… If he lost himself in her warmth anymore than he already had, he felt like turning back would be too hard. He went from not knowing if he could kiss her good morning to tasting her lips in a way he never had before. As he held her, he could not believe how frail she felt under his touch, despite the fact that she was strong. Her skin was smooth, flawless, unlike his that was marked by time and battles. He never wanted to leave her side.

He pressed a kiss on her nose and she smiled, even though she remained breathless. Her whole body was drumming with need, the desire to feel more. Her previous shyness almost felt stupid. She thought she would feel awkward, inexperienced - and though she was, when he kissed her it was not how she felt. He was churning her heart, sending her world into a spiral and she loved every minute of it. There was an ache in his touch but control as well. He was Kouga but deep inside, there was an animalistic side, one he controlled very well, but for the first time she felt like she got a glimpse of it.

"So, good morning kisses?"


"What about good night kisses?"

"Kouga, you can touch me."

"I know you said you wanted this but -"

"I'm not going anywhere, I told you."

Apparently, she was not the only one with fears. He was afraid she was going to change her mind and it broke her heart. She did think it might have been too early but she never thought her decision was wrong. This was right, he was right.

"So you don't have to ask permission to touch me."

"Neither do you," he slyly reminded her.

"I know," she murmured, trying to not be as shy as usual.

She reached out for his cheek and gently cupped it, brushing her thumb against his warm, tan flesh. "We'll figure this out. All of it. It'll be okay."

He leaned into her touch, trying to take in as much as he could. "I know." He sighed, his eyes traveling to the bed; he was exhausted. "I'm thinking that sleep overs are out of the question?"

She cringed. "For now."

"What about naps?"

"Naps are good," she said with a smile.

"I need to rest before they all come fucking shit up and screaming shit," he said annoyed.

"Let's get ya to bed grandpa."

"Oh we're back to grandpa?"

"Face it, you're never gonna get any younger."

He smirked as she rushed to the bed, probably taunting him. This was what was missing earlier. They were comfortable in their friendship and they lost that when they took the step forward but he had a feeling it was back.

Hopefully for good; he was praying for some smooth sailing for once.


A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 15 of 28

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