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A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 16 of 28

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"So what's he like?"

"Did you do anything yet?"

"What about his pe-"

Kagome was unable to hear the rest of the sentence as she clamped her hands over her ears. No, more. She could not hear another single word about this. Kouga and the boys were working while she was waiting for him at his house. He was supposed to get off work an hour ago but was delayed. That left her alone with a few curious ookami females. Their questions were enough to burn Kagome's cheeks bright red. They knew no boundaries and no limit when it came to personal life. Why exactly did they want to know all of that? Why did it matter? Also, why did they assume Kouga and her did something? Their relationship was recent… they did not have to jump right into things… right?

Although she could not hear anything anymore, she could see. The three girls in front of her were laughing. Miya, the first one, was throwing her head back, her short brown locks fawning around her head, as a laugh bubbled from her chest. Her green eyes were glistening with tears, showing how funny she thought Kagome's reaction was. Yumi was being a little more subtle about it. Her delicate tan hand was covering her thin pink petal lips, shielding her laughter from Kagome's sight. Her long hair was pulled into a high ponytail, black strands of her hair swinging from left to right as she held back her chortles. Her brown eyes were focused away from Kagome, glancing in direction of Kasumi instead. Unlike the other girls, Kasumi was not laughing. Her red lips were stretched downwards as she clearly felt bad for Kagome. Her chin rested in her palm, her long pale pink nails contrasting with her tan flesh, while her dark red bangs covered her chocolate eyes.

Finally, Kasumi got up, her yellow shirt rising and showing her her toned stomach, and she grabbed Kagome's wrists with her fingers. She gently tugged and Kagome allowed her to pull her hands down. Kagome's blue, cotton sleeves slid back down past her elbows as she rested her palms flat against her dark blue jeans. She let a sigh roll off her lips before she made eye contact with Kasumi.

"They're just teasing you," she said with a smile. "Kouga's quite the catch."

Many females were after him and some were a little disappointed with his choice. Kasumi tried not to have a strong opinion on the matter. She was not a part of Kouga's pack back in the day but she heard what Kagome did for them. Plus, it was true that the selection of female was smaller than ever and relationship were difficult… he was the alpha though… Regardless, she respected his decision. It did not mean everyone wanted to stay out of it. Kouga stayed by himself for many centuries and now, finally they were getting a new glimpse of him, one they never saw before. They had so many questions and apparently, they were embarrassing the human girl.

Kagome's eyes narrowed for a brief second has she watched Kasumi wink at her, the girl's long, dark lashes intertwining. Was that a good thing? She glanced between all of the girls but none of them appeared to be upset. She did not truly think about the effect of her relationship with Kouga. Could some people be upset about it? Such a thought never even crossed her mind. Kagome grabbed the edge of her shirt, bundling the fabric in her tightly shut fists before leaning back into the brown leather couch, the fabric stiff beneath her. They were probably asking out of curiosity. The last time she had girlfriends to hang out with, they used to tease her about boys. It was just a normal thing to do; she simply forgot about it.

"You know, he has a lot of responsibilities," Yumi said, shifting her glance on Kagome. "Do you want cubs?"

Alright, this conversation was going too far and too fast. Kagome jumped to her feet, her bare feet thumping against the light brown wooden floor, and she shook her head left and right. "And I think I'm going to go."

"All we want to do is help you out a little."

"Yeah, you're human, we're trying to give you a few tips, is all."

"I already got a crash course from the guys," Kagome spoke quietly, the blush on her cheeks deepening.

"From Ginta and Hakkaku?" Kasumi said, unable to hold back the laugh bubbling from her chest. She chortled, tossing her head backwards and sending her locks sprawling across her bare shoulders. "They haven't been around much."

"Plus, they were probably a little shy to go in details. You're a sister."

"I bet they left out all the goodies."

"I mean, you got pretty big boobs. I'm sure they didn't tell you what you could do to him with those…"

Again, Kagome was tempted to cover her ears with her hands but she resisted the urge. "It's okay, really I'm fine."

"So you know how to tend to a wolf?"

"I - hm - wh -" What kind of embarrassing question was that! She might be new to the whole serious relationship thing but she was not a child. Sure, Kouga and her struggled a bit with boundaries and what not but - he was afraid to be the pushy cub he once was and she was afraid to get hurt again or to mess it all up. It had nothing to do with her… knowledge.

"Wolves get lonely."

"Yeah, and they're a bit possessive."

She had not notice that behaviour with Kouga. Perhaps in the past but ever since they hung out together in the modern era, his behaviour was quite normal. "I don't think he is."

"That's because you weren't dating before. Now you're a real couple."

"He's not gonna like it when you hang out with other guys."

"I hang out with Ginta and Hakkaku all the time," Kagome defended.

"That's not the same."

"He needs re-assurance. You need a good nuzzling is just as good as a hello kiss."

"Even better," Miya chirped in. "Little touches. They like to be dominant." She leaned in. "If you know what I mean…"

Kagome was fairly certain she could not blush anymore than she already was. She needed to get away from these girls. They were very -erm nice, but these were not the type of conversations Kagome wanted to have. Especially since her mind was constantly thinking about Yuka and her current predicament. Yeah, sex was not exactly her first thought. She inhaled deeply, lifting herself from the couch and standing on her feet.

She was about to come up with some pathetic excuse as to why she had to get away from them when suddenly, her cellphone rescued her by ringing. Kagome glanced at the number, but it was not one she recognized. She frowned, hesitating for a second, but then she picked up anyway. She slide the green phone icon over and put the cellphone to her ear. "Hello?"

Immediately the girls gathered around Kagome, hoping to listen in to the conversation. However, as Kagome's face paled, turning to a pasty white color, their focus shifted and they grew concerned about their little sister. It was fun to tease her, especially since she blushed so easily, but it looked like an important matter was taken place. They watched as Kagome nodded, although the person on the phone could not see her. Her eyes filled with tears, she bit her bottom lip and her hand began to shake.

Kasumi closed the distance between them, putting a hand on Kagome's shoulder and gently squeezing. She might not know her that well but it hardly matter; she was pack and she was hurting.

"I'm on my way," Kagome finally said.

Her vision was completely blurred by the time she ended the phone call and put her phone back in her pocket. She turned to Kasumi, doing her best to keep a straight face. She should not be asking anyone's help but she did not know what else to do. She did not have a car and her mother was using hers. If she did not get there soon, she feared what might happen. She could not let her down, she had to get there as quickly as possible "C-could you give me a ride?"

Kasumi nodded. "Where are we going?"

"I'll tell you on the way," Kagome said as she slowly began heading for the door. She hoped she did not sound too rude or that Kasumi would not change her mind about helping her. Fortunately she did not. She did not even push the matter further as she grabbed her key from the coffee table and dashed past Kagome.

She had to keep this a secret, at least for the time being. Somehow, she did not think her friend wanted everyone to know of her decision yet.


"Are you sure about this?"

Yuka nodded although there was a slight tremble in her hand. Her fingers were clutching and grasping at Kagome's fingers, leaving red, irritated skin behind. Kagome hid all signs that it brought her some kind of pain and plastered a smile on her face instead. There was a hint of tears glistening in both girls' eyes though for quite different reasons. A deep fear was shaking Yuka to her core, the constant doubt wringing her heart and thumping her brain, never giving her a moment of peace. Though this was what she sought, there was a sense of finality about it that bothered her. This decision, the right decision, could never be taken back.

Meanwhile, Kagome's glistening blue eyes were caused by the overwhelming feelings bubbling in her aching chest. She respected her friend's decision and did so from the start. However, her heart broke thinking about all the pain Yuka was going through and the life that would never be the same. Yuka knew things she previously had no knowledge of and now, she had to live with the what ifs and what could have been. It was a terrible burden to carry and Kagome wished her friend did not have to carry it on her own like this.

Kagome was the first to take a step forward, reaching out for the light silver handle with trembling digits. She pulled it open and moved aside, allowing Yuka to step inside. Immediately, Kagome's nose was assaulted by the scent of antiseptic. She crunched her nose and held her breathe for a moment while she followed behind Yuka, the door closing behind her and nearly hitting her jeans covered behind. The sight inside was as aggressive as the scent; everything was bright white with blinding lights decorating the ceiling. She tried to stare at the ground since the floor was a bit less offensive than the rest of the environment.

Yuka's eyes snapped from left to right rapidly until they landed on a big yellow rectangular sign that said registration in big, black, bold letters. Shaky legs headed in that direction, her tiny blue heels smacking the dirty tiles beneath her feet. Pale fingers grasped at the metallic counter while she leaned forward, afraid she would slip if she did not have something to hold her up. Her throat was completely dry, clamped up from all the emotions swirling in her stomach. She felt it churn and she pinched her lips, fearing that if she did not, she might throw up all over the pristine counter.

Kagome kept a safe distance between them, allowing her a bit of privacy. She shifted her weight from her left leg to her right one. There was a slight wind in the room, bloating her red t-shirt around her stomach. She tugged on her ponytail, tightening it while Yuka finally pulled away from the counter. The color in her face was drained and her eyes were lifeless while she ahead straight for a beige cushioned chair. She plopped down on it, a form in her left hand and a blue pen in the other.


"I have to do this, Kagome." Her eyes never glanced in her direction. She stared ahead, browsing through the questions in front of her.

Kagome held back a sigh before sitting down beside her; she was not trying to convince her otherwise, she was simply trying to comfort her. The chair was stiff, jolting a pain in her lower back she ignored it. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, plopping forward her breasts and slightly pushing them out of her rounded collar. She tried to steal a few glances at Yuka's sheet but did not manage to see anything. It was probably best that way - it was none of her business.

Once Yuka completed the form she got back up and handed it over at the lady behind the counter. Again, she was gripping at the counter, probably using the gesture as a form of comfort. They talked a bit but Kagome could not make out a single word. All she saw was the woman's blonde hair swaying left and right each time she turned her head and flipped her ponytail around. After a few minutes, Yuka sat back down in her seat. Again, she sought comfort in Kagome's presence and quickly intertwined their fingers together.

Time ticked away until finally, they called out Yuka's name. The young girl was barely able to release Kagome's fingers from her constrictive hold while her shaky legs moved on their own. Their fingers brushed, Yuka holding on as long as she could. And then, her digits felt into emptiness, the cold air wrapping around them, the loneliness ringing in her heart. She closed her eyes, since it was the only way she knew how to prevent the tears from staining her cheeks, and she followed the stranger to another room.

Kagome watched her friend walk away, completely hopeless. She could not take the pain away, she could not erase the hurdle and it was killing her. She let her hands rest on her thighs, folded and tucked together. She stared at her shoes, noticing the dirt covering the tip of her black ballerinas. A deep heavy sigh shook her rib cage and she pinched her lips together, turning them white.

Time passed slowly, seeming like an eternity. Finally, Yuka came out. This time her eyes were different; there were no tears, no fear. There was nothing. Her eyes were blank, her skin was pale and the shaking of her limbs was no longer present. Her steps were small and sometimes, there was a flash of pain adoring her features. Kagome jumped to her feet and quickly wrapped her arms around Yuka, holding her close to her body in an attempt to comfort her.

"Are you okay?"

It was a foolish question and she already knew the answer could never be positive but she asked regardless. Hopelessness was causing her to scramble for things to say. Nothing was right, nothing probably felt right to her.

Yuka did not provide her with a verbal answer but she did nod her head faintly. She swallowed hard, always staring straight ahead. "I wanna go home."

This time, it was Kagome's turn to nod. She led her friend outside of the clinic, into the sunshine of the day. The sun hit them and Yuka quickly shielded her eyes, and her tears, away from it. Kagome could hear the quiet sobs but did not mention it; there was no need to make her friend feel sadder or worse. Although one thing that did worry Kagome was the way Yuka kept clutching at her stomach in pain. Was pain a normal side effect of it all? Should she be suffering so much? Surely her friend obtained all the information. She would not be leaving if she thought something was not normal… right?

Kagome pushed her worries aside as she reached out for Yuka's hand and grabbed her keys. "I'll drive," she offered and her friend only nodded. She did not think Yuka was in any condition to be behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Yuka slowly slid into the passenger seat, leaning into the grey cushion. Meanwhile, Kagome manoeuvred around and reached her own seat. She put the key in the ignition and then turned her head to look at Yuka. She reached out for her friend's hand and intertwined the fingers. She lacked the words to take the pain away and it killed her. Nothing would make this better, nothing would take away the ache in Yuka's chest.

"I did the right thing," Yuka said in between quiet sobs.

"I know," Kagome confirmed. If Yuka thought it was the right choice for her, for her life, then it was. Although it did not make that decision any easier.

They remained in that position for a little while before finally, Yuka pulled her hand away from Kagome's. Since her hand was now free, Kagome gripped the wheel with both hands and began heading towards Yuka's house, a weight in her chest, pressing down, churning her stomach.

The way there was completely quiet, not a sound ushered by either of the girls. Since Yuka was in a lot of pain, Kagome helped her up the stairs and into the house. Yuka had no desire to eat or to drink anything. Instead, she headed straight to her bed and hide herself in the depths of her blue comforter. Kagome leaned into the white doorway, her arms crossed in front of her chest until her friend fell asleep. Once she could hear the girl's silent breathing, Kagome made herself at home in the living room. She dropped down on the green couch, the cushion sinking beneath her rear and tilted her head backward. She closed her eyes, a threatening headache pounding at her frontal bone.

She remained in that position for a while, determined not to leave her friend's side when suddenly her phone vibrated. Grateful for the lack of noise, Kagome quickly snatched it from her back pocket and stared at the screen. Kouga callingShoot! The girls probably told him she was waiting for him at the house and then suddenly left. She sunk her teeth in her lip before stealing a glance in direction of Yuka's room. Maybe it would be better for her to speak outside? She did not want to wake up her friend. She jumped to her feet, accidentally bumping her knee into the wooden table, and ran to the front door, exhaling deeply as to not scream out in pain.

Once she closed the white door, she leaned against it and picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Kagome, you okay?"

She smiled at the concern in his voice. "Yeah, I'm fine."

There was a silence and she knew he was wondering if he should ask or not. She fixed the matter for him. "I went to the clinic… with Yuka." At the words, she let her back slide down the length of the door until her behind hit a brown panel of wood. She stretched her legs in front of her body and sighed. "She's a mess."

"Where is she now?"

"Sleeping. I can't leave her alone." She popped her lips. "If you could just keep it to yourself for now… I know.. I know everyone is stressing you out about it but…"

"Your friend needs time. It's fine. I can handle those knuckleheads a little while longer."

She smiled. "Thanks."

"Are you okay?"

She paused for a moment. "Yeah, I just wish I could help her more."

"You're already doing all you can. I'm sure she's glad you're there."

"I hope so."

"She'll be okay. She's just gonna need some time."

"I know."

"Wanna stay on the phone til she wakes up?"

She faintly shook her head. "Nah, you have things to do."


"I'll be okay. I swear."

She could hear him groan in the phone and she could not help the slight laugh that escaped her. His stubbornness had not changed. "Finebut call me. Whenever."

"I will, thanks."

"I'll see you soon?"


Kagome hung up, the stretch of her lips decreasing. She brought her knees to her chest and then, rested her head upon them. This would be a very long, lonely day. Although, it was nothing compared to the hell her friend was going through. She might not have been able to help Yuka through the whole ordeal but hopefully she could help her get back to her life and pick up the pieces during the aftermath.


The day went and morning came.

Except none of it went about as Kagome expected. She thought Yuka and her might spend some time together, she thought her friend would rest and try to adjust to what happened in her life. It turned out she was completely wrong. Yuka woke up in the morning, dark circles under her eyes, her hair a mess and pale skin. Despite her condition, she got ready for work, while skipping breakfast. Kagome tried to tell her it was not a good idea and that she should be resting. Plus, it was obvious she was still in a great deal of pain. Yuka ignored her and told her she wanted to get back to her old routine, old life. What happened could not be changed.

Kagome had a feeling she was mostly ignoring it all but - was it her place to judge? She learned a lot of information about herself and new beings. It was hard to process. Kagome had no choice but to come to terms with it; it was that or dying at the hands of a centipede. Not everyone was in her situation. Nonetheless, Kagome tried to stop her, but nothing changed Yuka's mind. She did not want to turn her friend away, fearing she might not hear from her again…so instead Kagome let her do as she pleased. And now, she was walking home, her heart heavy. The pain, the torture, the guilt; Kagome was a little bit too familiar with it all and she did not want to think about it and yet she could not help it. That was herself not too long ago when she thought she lost everything. Things were better now, she should not be letting those dark memories hunt her mind.

She walked and walked until she made a slight shift in her plans. Instead of heading home, she decided to head for Kouga's house. She even resisted the urge to call first. They all said she was always welcomed and it was time for her to believe that. It was near ten o'clock by the time she reached his house and her stomach was grumbling for food. She almost knocked but quickly rectify her mistake by wrapping her fingers around the handle and pushing it open. Kouga was the first to pop his head in her direction. As soon as he realized it was her, he walked her away, his eyebrows knitted as he looked quite displeased.

"Did you walk here?"

"From Yuka," she confirmed before leaning against the wall. She used the support to take off her shoes; her feet were killing her. Not only that but she barely managed to get a wink of sleep during the previous night. She was always afraid Yuka might wake up in the middle of the night.

"I could have picked you up," he said, a stern look on his face.

"I didn't think it was far… and I thought I was going home."

But she went to him instead. That did help ease his mood. He wanted her to be able to count on him no matter what, no matter the time.

Kagome smiled slightly before leaning into his chest. His long sleeve blue shirt looked quite soft and comfortable and she could not resist it. As soon as her head made contact with his chest, he wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her even closer. "Did you sleep?"

She shook her head. "Didn't want her to wake up sad and alone."

Typical Kagome. Even if he mentioned that it was bad for her, he knew she would keep on doing it. Her kindness was one of the first things he noticed about her and he knew that would never changed. It was one of the reasons why she captured his heart. It was part of who she was. Instead, he simply softly shook his head. "Come on, let's get ya to bed," he said before snaking his arm around her legs and lifting her up the ground. She leaned closer into his chest, keeping her eyes closed as she enjoyed the warmth coming from his body. His left hand was carefully tucked beneath her knees while the other was grasping at her shoulder, holding her in place.

He carefully went up the steps one by one, and within a few minutes, he reached his bedroom. She let him lay her down on the bed, her eyes still closed. She looked exhausted, she smelled exhausted actually. He did not like seeing her this way. It felt as though there was nothing he could do for her and it was killing him. Kouga was about to untangle himself from her, allowing her to snuggle into one of the pillows, but it appeared Kagome had something else in mind. As he was about to pull away, she held on to his hand, tugging him back closer to her. He tilted his head to the side, a slight hint of confusion dawning upon his features.

"Ca- can you stay?" she asked shyly while she stared away from him.

His lips stretched into a smile and he nodded. Kouga sat on the edge of the bed, her knees touching his rear. He stared down at her, allowing his hand to squeeze hers a little tighter. It was not exactly how Kagome thought he would stay with her and she wondered if she was bold enough to make him come closer. She began slowly by scooting herself away from the edge of the bed, leaving more room between them. He had to stretch his arm to keep their hands connected. Still, he did not appear to get the hint. Kagome felt a blush burn her cheeks as she tugged on his hand, silently indicating to him that he should lay down.

This time, he understood. Awkwardly, he stretched his body until he was laying by her side. They were face to face, their noses almost bumping. Kagome lowered herself enough as to bury her head in his chest. Loneliness was creeping up inside of her and it was not a welcomed feeling. She saw her friend experience a loss, and Kagome knew she never wanted to go through something like that again. She lost friends, a life… a whole world and she did not think she wanted to lose Kouga. Their re-newed friendship was recent, and clearly he was a much different person than the wolf she used to know. Their relationship was even newer. Yet, it hardly matter; he was her anchor. He helped her get herself out of the darkness and through him she was learning to stand up on her own again.

Kouga felt the sadness that rumbled through her chest, her scent shifting. He hugged her closer, his arms wrapping around her tiny frame and his hand resting on her hips. Unable to resist his natural instincts, he leaned into her hair and nuzzled at her ear. "What's wrong?" he whispered. He should not pry but he could not help it.

"Yuka was sad."

She, herself was sad. "I lost a lot of things," she completed. She rarely mentioned her sadness although she was very well aware that she was not always on point when it came to masking it. Her mother noticed sometimes - Kouga probably noticed in the beginning. "When I came back, I lost everything."

He held her a bit tighter, keeping his mouth shut. Although, that did not stop his mind from wandering. In the things she lost, Inuyasha was there, probably on top of the list. He remembered the way she used to feel for him. He was probably not alive anymore and if he was, he would have to be an old man. It was impossible for her to be with him. What if he was alive? Would he lose her? Did he only get her because she was the best option out of what was left? He could feel a certain jealousy rearing its ugly head but he decided to push that feeling aside. Kagome was kind, she was not the type to go around; she would not be with him simply because she had no other choice. She would have said no again… right?

Kagome felt his chest tense beneath her fingertips and wondered what caused the sudden stress. Was he uncomfortable with the information she was sharing? Or was he upset with the whole situation? She chewed on her bottom lip before convincing herself to move forward with the conversation. "Don't disappear." Her words were spoken so softly, so quietly, he barely heard them. They were also covered by the sound of a sob and a trembling of her body.

Kouga was taken back; she thought he would disappear? He moved one of his hands up and scooped her chin before gently pulling her head away from him. He let his thumb brush up against her cheeks as he peered down at her. "Kagome, I'm not going anywhere."

"If you - if you ever don't want this…" a shaky sigh left her lips, "please tell me. We can be friends, I know we can." She sounded whiny, she sounded weak - almost as though she was begging. Her emotions were too close to the surface, too raw for her to handle this properly. She knew she was broken when the well stopped working but she never saw what that sight looked like. Until she saw Yuka. It was heart shattering and it brought back memories she rather leave behind. She was not stuck in the past but it did not mean the loss of her friends did not affect her. It did not mean that she did not feel like a stranger in the modern era. Finding Kouga and the rest of the pack helped her find her place. Here she could be herself; the modern miko who traveled to the past. She did not have to lie and she could be herself.

Kouga let out a small growl, one that escaped his control. He approached his face to hers, his nose brushing up her cheek before he nestled it in the crook of her neck. "I'm never not gonna want you," he said, his warm breathe puffing against her skin. She shivered at the sensation and quietly nodded. "Don't ya ever think that. I'm not going anywhere."

He dared to be bold and pressed a kiss to her flesh. She tilted her head backwards instinctively, giving him better access. He kissed her again, and again, peppering the skin with his lips. He shifted his position until she was slightly snuggled underneath his body. He moved his hands to her face, tangling his fingers with her long dark locks. Kouga dipped forward, his forehead resting against hers. "I've waited too long to let you go," he said with a smirk.

His words caused her to break into a smile. Already some of the weight pressing against her chest was lifted. She thought she put all the negative feelings away when her life took an unexpected turn but apparently she was wrong. Some of it remained. However, she was dead set on shedding this shell she created for herself. She did not want to be that sad little person anymore. She wanted, craved to retrieve her old self. She wanted to be comfortable in her life.

A bit shyly, she tipped her head forward, capturing his mouth with hers. He let her lead the kiss, enjoying the way she felt beneath him. Shy hands tugged at his shirt, while he felt her relax, the tension leaving her body. The kisses began to change, a haste added to them. He could sense her need while a faint spicy scent began to attack his nostrils. Memories of their previous kiss flooded his mind and before he knew it, he was asking permission to tangle his tongue with hers. It poked at her lips and she offered no resistance, allowing him to invade her sweet, moist cavern. His tongue tangled with hers, her movements a bit more shy than his.

Unlike last time, her hands were doing some exploring, though he was fairly certain she was not even aware she was doing it. She laid her shaky palms flat against his sturdy chest, her fingertips feeling the bulgy muscles beneath his shirt. Meanwhile, he devoured her mouth, his fangs sometimes breaking free. They faintly dipped the membrane of her lips, never breaking it. She shuddered, the sensation creating a warm feeling in the pit of her stomach. He was an animal, his fangs were dangerous and yet, it brought excitement forward. The quiver of her body rumbled through him and he felt himself tightening in his pants.

That would be the perfect time to pull away.

And yet, he stayed still while she glided her hands up his chest before looping her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts into him as she closed the distance between their bodies. His control slipped and he found himself nipping at her lips. A whimper escaped her and a growl shook his chest while he tore his lips away from hers. He began nibbling at her way, working his way down her neck. He did not stop playing with her skin, tugging at it, until he reached her collarbone. From his current position, he could feel her breasts touch his chin each time she took a deep breathe - which was often. If he tilted his head down, he could run his lips along the edge of her cleavage.

There was a twinge in his pants, his erection growing. He had to calm himself, he had to pull away. Disobedient hands found their way to her waists and much like last time, they rose, feeling the soft pale skin. His fingertips were barely grazing at her skin and again, he stopped once he reached her ribcage. She inhaled, thrusting her chest forward, fingers tangling in his hair. He closed his head and dared to lower his head. The first kiss was in between her breasts, not touching them. The second time, he let his tongue out to play and lapped the top part of her breasts. He felt her body twist in pleasure and her arousal spark.

His mind was hazy, cloudy.

He dared to take another taste and then, he tore himself away from his prize. His breathes were harsh and loud. He put his lips to her forehead and tucked her back into his chest. As he lowered himself and turned to his side, he accidentally pushed her right into his growing erection. He felt the heat of her cheeks and this time, it was his turn to blush as well. He did not mean for her to feel that…

Again, he had stopped so suddenly, she was pulled from her daze. His touch was fire, lighting her skin with a need she did not know she had. At first, she thought it was bad that he pulled away but now, she could clearly feel why he did so. They were not there yet and she was not bold enough to further her exploration but she felt a bit flattered. It was a good thing right? Even if it led them to unknown territories. The coldness in her chest was dissipated and now, she could fully feel her tiredness. She snuggled against his chest and closed her eyes again, ready to let sleep claim her.

Kouga hid his nose in her air, a smile on his face. His body was still tensed from the interrupted action but he knew he made the right call. He was not going to push her. Plus, it was rather soothing to know she was covered in his scent. He tried to hold back as much as possible when it came to youkai courting and claiming. Though the closer they got, the more his instincts wanted to kick in. He would simply have to keep himself in check.

She was not going to make it easy on him.

And yet, he loved it.

He loved her.


A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 16 of 28

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