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A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

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He fucked up. He seriously fucked up.

His hands were still throbbing from the rage that filled his blood earlier. His instincts had been in overdrive, his mind clouded by his need for her. To be honest, Izu had it coming. He had pushed his luck time after time and Kouga always kept himself in check. That time was one too many. He needed to learn his place and he simply could not challenge his alpha like that - and he would not tolerate him insulting and humiliating Kagome. She played no part in this and she did not deserve to be treated like that. It was clear that there was no more room for Izu in the pack. Unless he changed his attitude, Kouga would have him revoked from the pact.

No, actually…even if he changed his attitude, he did not want to see his face ever again.

The superficial wounds on Kouga's body were already almost all healed. He managed to conceal most of them with clothes which helped his situation. He did not need people asking questions or getting suspicious about anything. Plus, his anger was far from dissipated. If someone simply looked at him the wrong way, he was afraid his temper might slip him and he would have another incident on his hands. And he did not need to be any more of an idiot than he already was. Especially not in front of Kagome. Although he did not regret beating the shit out of Izu, he regretted the fact that she was there to notice the event.

The first time he lost control, she was there to stop him. This time, there was nothing she could have done.

All she did was prevent him from hurting Izu even more.

And he showed her that side of her. The one he usually kept locked inside. He was civilized, he was better than this. Then again, it was who he was was it not? He was a wolf, an animal. The modern world did change who he was on the exterior, but not what he was inside. Kagome was familiar with youkais and what not but - he did not think she knew everything they were capable of. She never saw the worst of him. She knew he ate humans before he met her but she never saw him raid villages and devour flesh. She never saw him kill an entire village. He never did it at random. He did it when they hurt his wolves, he did it to defend his pack. But it did not change the fact that he did it.

Kagome was she beautiful, pure and had the kindest heart.

He had no choice but to walk away. He was too ashamed to even look her in the eyes. How could he face her? She begged him to stop. She almost risked exposing herself to everyone to stop him.

This was not who he wanted to be.

And now? Now, she was probably pissed at him. Maybe it was best that way.

Why did he keep screwing up with her? First he blurted out he loved her at the wrong time and now this?

"Kouga, we need ya here."

He sighed before nodding towards his temporary boss. He had to spend the day working as a mechanic. It was a gig Izu had gotten for himself and since Izu was still Kouga's responsibility, he had to make sure he kept his job. Especially if he wanted him out of the house. Though there were about a million things he rather be doing. He wiped a black grease stain off of his cheek before dropping his dirty blue rag in his toolbox.


This day was never ending.

Hours passed slowly until finally, six o'clock came along and Kouga was free to leave this hell. He somewhat dreaded his return home though he was sure of two things; neither Kagome nor Izu would be there. His Kagome. He tried to clear his mind as he got to his car and hopped in. It did not take long before he was pulling into the driveway and parking his car by the house. His steps were sluggish as he went up the stairs and reached the door. It was as he opened it that a reality shook him; Kagome was there. Her scent should have been faint by now but it was not. The whole house smelled of her - and she was mad. Just as he had expected.

"Sorry," Ginta spoke as he came into view. He made sure to keep himself small with his aura down. He did not want to enrage Kouga any further. When was the last time he had seen him this pissed off? "She wanted to stay and - well, we figured it was best if we knew where she was. We weren't sure if Izu was gonna keep acting stupid."

Plus - things were a bit tricky at the moment. He was not going to bring it up now because there was too much going on. Still, they would need to go over it eventually. Despite the human world that surrounded them, they kept pack rules - hence why everyone answered to Kouga and why they all saw him as the Alpha. But that title came with responsibilities and rules. Kouga sort of broke one at the moment. He beat Izu and then he did disrespect Kagome - who was a pack member, it was not Kouga's place to intervene. Not that way. Kagome was his girlfriend. However, the word girlfriend did not mean much to ookamis. Mate did.

"Where is he?" Kouga asked as he kicked off his dirty, stained brown boots off of his feet.

"At Kui's appartment. He's still groggy." Apparently Kouga did more of a number on him than anyone expected.


"She's upstairs. We found her another room that's not - that has a door."

Fuck. He was going to have to fix that door. He liked his bedroom, it was the furthest from anyone else's and did offer a fake veil of privacy. And his bed smelled liked her. One thing at a time though.

"She's mad?"

"She's pissed."

Great. Now he could not wait to go upstairs. Then again, he was the one who left her there. It was only fair that he let her yell at him for his stupidity. Except, he was not sure she was actually going to yell at him. He was afraid he might have spook her away forever. He already nearly drove her away with his stupid three little words. And then he was coming on too strong - he just kept on messing up when it came to her. He could not do a single thing right could he? Maybe she had enough of it and now she was planning on ending things for good. He was going to lose her because he could not control himself.

Kouga walked in the direction of the stairs, his steps slow like he was a dead man walking, and slowly began to climb them. Her scent became more clear as he made his way up and he could already tell which room she was in. She no longer was right by the door. Instead she was at the end of the hall…beside Ginta's room. He held back a groan; that was not where he wanted her to be. Once he stood in front of the door, he took a deep breathe before opening it. He stepped inside but despite a quick glance at the bed and the desk, he did not see her. But she was in there - he could feel her...


His head barely moved but there a slight tingle that spread through her left check, which was already injured due to his fight with Izu. He blinked before staring at the very angry miko that stood in front of him. Her nostrils were flared, her eyes were narrowed and her hands were back on her hips which made her look quite imposing despite her small stature. Her aura was expanding around her and he was not quite sure he liked having so much miko energy directed at him. There was no way that could be good for him. As all of his emotions and fears swirled inside of him, he missed the tears that were pooling in her eyes.

"You're an idiot," she said with a trembling voice.

She did not even mean to slap him - though she wondered if he even felt it. Her original plan was much different than this. She was going to walk up to him and yell until he could no longer take it. However, as she saw him walk in, something inside of her snap. She did not slap people and yet she slapped him. Because of him, she spent the entire day feeling like crap and in a stew of emotions. Sometimes she was so mad at him she could have screamed his head off and other times she was near tears. She did not even know what she was supposed to feel anymore. She did know one thing though; what words to yell at him.

"What is wrong with you?"


"I mean you just walked out. Without a word."

It seemed her questions were rhetorical and she did not actually want him to answer them.

"What did you think I was going to do?" She threw her arms in the air. "Run? Why? Because you're a youkai and you acted like one?"

She saw Inuyasha do worse than that during their travel. She never ignored that part of Kouga and she knew it was there. Did she not see him nearly lose control a little while before? She knew it could be stopped, she knew she could calm him down but that did not mean she was upset because he let his instincts take over. Who did he take her for? At this point she was more insulted than anything else. If he thought she would leave him for this... than he did not know her at all. And if he - if he thought she could not understand the situation... then why did he went to be with her at all? Why would he want to be with someone who did not understand him?

"You said you loved me."

His eyes widened and his throat clamped up. They did not talk about that. He did his best to distract her from those words. Why would she bringing it up now? He had to stop her from talking. "Kagome, listen..."

"No!" she cut him off. "You walked out, so you don't get to talk." She exhaled loudly. "All you get to do is stand here while I yell at you."

If the situation had not been this bad, he might have smiled at her little outburst but in this case he held back.

"You said you loved me, and then you walked out on me." She was terrified when he said that and yes, she did want to flee. But she stayed because it did not matter that they were not quite at the same place. She cared for him and she did not want to lose it so she overcame her fears and she stayed by his side. And she did not regret that choice at all. Yet, when he was presented with the same opportunity, he left her. "I - I couldn't - I can't say it back. But I was here. I stayed here."

This time, the tears slid down her cheeks. "And then you left. You said you loved me but you don't trust me enough to love you - all of you." Her tiny chin trembled and she gripped her blue shirt while her fist shook. "You lied. You don't love me. Because of you did - if you loved me, then you would trust me to love every part of you. I know what you are." Her shoulders drooped and she felt a weakness snap in her knees. They were going to give under the pressure of the stress. "Kouga I don't care that you're a youkai. It makes you who you are. I know you're never going to be human and that's okay."

She did not even want him to be human, she wanted him to be himself. He let her be herself, he let her overcome the hurdles that stood in her way and he thought she could not accept his true nature. What was the point of this? Why were they together?

"You don't believe in me. You don't love me. You're a liar."

It hit him like a lance to the heart. Her body was trembling and he wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around her body. He did not see it that way. He walked away because he was undeserving of her. She thought he walked away because she was not enough for him. He saw himself as a monster so there was no reason for her to accept him. It was not about not trusting her - it was about - what was it about? Even with his pack he had to be human - they all had to be. It became a habit and it never left them. What he was - it felt wrong sometimes. He never had a problem with it, he embraced the wolf inside but - sometimes it was not enough…

She wanted to yell at him some more while the tears streamed down her face. She needed to be mad at him; he toyed with her. He crushed her heart by leaving her there and he needed to understand it was wrong. Except he decided to turn her mood upside down.

He dropped to his knees in front of her and then, he wrapped his arms around her waist before resting his face on her thighs. She lifted her arms up, her heart racing as she stared down at him. What was that, why was he doing that? He squeezed, his face buried in her jeans even if it was absolutely not uncomfortable. He let Kagome. He never wanted to let Kagome down. He never wanted her to doubt him and he never wanted her to think she was less than she was. He made her think he did not love her. He loved her so much that it hurt, it was constant pounding in his chest. He made her doubt that love and it was the worst mistake he ever made.

And he was making her cry. He made his Kagome cry. He promised he would never hurt her and he broke that promise. He was less than less. He was nothing.

At first all she felt was his nose, the warmth of his breathe but then suddenly, her jeans felt wet. Was - was Kouga crying? She was supposed to be angry and she was not done yelling everything she had to yell at him. But - but regardless, she dropped to the ground and put her arms around him. She pressed her face to the side of his and exhaled. "I'm still mad at you."

He chuckled. He knew she was and he did not even deserve to have her hug him like this. But her words and her warmth made him smile. "Kagome - I do trust you."

"Then why did you leave?" Now her voice was quiet.

"I thought I showed you I wasn't good enough."

Kagome frowned and this time she put her hands around his face, pulling him away from her body. She bumped their noses together and sighed. "Kouga, I have already told you. There is nothing wrong with you. The fact that you're a youkai doesn't make you less than enough. It makes you, you. And you is fine, you is perfect."

He covered her hands with his and it confirmed everything he knew since the moment he met her; she was perfect and he loved her. He needed her. "I don't deserve you."

"Honestly, I'm starting to think you're into the whole slapping thing."

He chuckled, the sound deep and reaching into her soul. Stupid wolf. She was supposed to mad at him and hate him for putting her through that and now she was smiling. She gently smacked her forehead against his and shook her head. "Again, still mad."

Kouga knew he was about to be stupid again, but he let it happen. "I love you Kagome. And I'm not lying." He would never lie about that. "I doubted myself. Not you." He lifted his head and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "I could never doubt you. And I'm sorry I made you feel that way." Another kiss. "I don't ever want you to cry because of me." He closed his eyes. "Never cry because of me. I'm sorry."

"You should be." But there was a tenderness in her voice that re-assured him.

He moved his lips down and crashed them against her mouth. After a quick peck, she pulled away. "If I kiss you, will you end up smashing a lamp again?"

Kouga narrowed his eyes at her but there was a glimmer of tease shining in his blue eyes. "Depends on how you kiss me."

She pointed her index at him and gently pushed him, putting a bit of her power into it. She zapped him. "You -?"

"Don't do this again. Don't ever do this again." When he walked out, it was like he left her. All the thoughts about him being better off without her, about her being the wrong choice for him, it all went out the window. Kagome did not want to imagine what her life would be like if Kouga was not in it. He had to be in her life. So he could not tease her, and lie, and leave. She needed him. Even the sight of him now made her heart soar.

She let her hands travel to his ears, feeling the unmasked pointy tip of them. "I know what you are. And there's nothing to accept because there's nothing wrong with you." She tilted her head to the side. "Though, in the future… try to remember that I like doors. And privacy."

He chuckled. "I'll try."

This is why he loved her; she had a kind loving heart. He was lucky that she even let him love her, that she let him touch her and be in her life. He was going to make sure she never regretted that choice. If there was one person he did not want to lose, it was her. He was going to make it up to her. He was going to love her until she was sick of his face. He brought his face even closer to hers and planted his mouth on her luscious lips. This time the kiss was more demanding, his own lips tugging at hers. She was here and it was real. He had not lost her. He was done being an idiot. Kagome accepted everyone and that included him.

Kagome winced when she felt the buttery feel of the black grease spread on her own face. Considering how much he had touched her she could only imagine what she looked like at this point. She tore her lips from his and smiled. "Do I look like you?"

"What?" His eyes scanned her face until he realized what she meant. "A little bit."

Kouga decided to swipe his arms around her, lifting her off the ground. "Come on, there's a bathroom in here."

"Yes, there's also a door."

"Smart ass."

The more she joked about it, the lighter it felt. It was easier to believe her words and convince himself that she truly did not mind. He walked them in the direction of the bathroom and then tried to wriggle one of his hand free. When she noticed what he was doing, she used her own hand to open the door. They entered and he lowered her onto the closed toilet seat. Then, he began to dig in for a clean washing cloth. Man, he missed his own bathroom. Finally, he pulled a white cloth and wet it before kneeling in front of her again. As much as he could be a dominant being, he never minded being in a more submissive position with her. Because she was loving and she would never take advantage. He never doubted that. He did doubt that he was good enough for her which caused her grief.

But never again.

He trusted her. She said she liked every part of him and he needed to remind himself that it was the truth.

Kouga used soft, little motions to begin scrubbing her face. After a while, it became obvious that he was making it worse; he had spread it all across her forehead. "Yeah, I think you're gonna need a shower. It's not coming off."

She glanced at him up and down. "I'm not the only one."

"Oh, I need a shower?"

"I can smell you from here," she teased.

This was good, this was better. When he left, she thought they would not go back to that lightheartedness. She feared that he would get stuck on that moment and never move on. He lost it and that was alright. She did not approve of unnecessary violence but she was not him. She did not have instincts driving her and she certainly did not hear the whole conversation. And she did not want to ask. She wanted them to keep moving past this. She told him how he made her feel, she shared with him how it broke her heart and she warned him not to do it again. Kouga was not a bad person and she knew deep down he did not want to hurt her.

He felt bad.

He shed tears.

He let go of all his pride simply to beg for forgiveness.

How could she ever turn him away? Especially after realizing just how much she needed him…

"You can smell me huh?"

He smirked, a hint of fangs showing, as an idea formed in his head. He rose to his feet and backed away while keeping his eyes on her. He pushed aside the green shower curtain and turned on the water and then the shower head. "I need a shower huh?"

Why did she feel like she was in trouble?

His grin grew and before she knew it, he sped up towards her, captured her in his hold and sped back up in the shower. A yelp escaped her as the warm water began to soak her and her first reaction was to hit his chest. "I still have my clothes on!"

"Do you? Shit, sorry."

She looked up at him, watching his smug expression. He was not sorry at all.

"You're the one who said I smelled."

"Yes, I meant you needed a shower."

"Oh no trust me. You needed it too."

She smacked his shoulder.

"You're a bit abusive today."

She laughed and he was forced to join in. She was completely soaked, her hair glueing to her face like a drape, while her clothes were darker and hung low. He cupped her cheek with his large hand and let a sigh escape his lungs. "You're beautiful."

Through the veil of the water, he could still see the hint of blush covering her pale skin. She was breathtaking. And kind - how exactly did he get this lucky? He did not know. But he needed to show her that he meant every word he told her. He needed her to know he never lied about his feelings for her. His hands dropped to her waist and then, he leaned forward to capture her lips again. This time, he did not waste a moment; he slipped his tongue inside her mouth. He explored her moist cavern, his tongue demanding more than she could give. Fangs dug at her bottom lip while his hands squeezed her. It forced her to put her arms around his neck.

She gripped at the hem of his shirt, trying to hold on. The bottom of the bath was slippery and wet and the feel of him was enough to bring a weakness in her legs. Except his shirt was also soaked and heavy and oh… her thoughts fizzled away as he left her mouth to attack her neck. She tilted her head backwards, allowing him to leave open mouth kisses along the edge of her throat. His fangs nibbled at the skin when it could, leaving red marks, but never drawing blood to the surface. Her back was arched, not only giving him full sight of her neck but also leaving a hint of cleavage for him to admire.

Kouga could see her bra through her shirt and he groaned against her collarbone. As difficult as it was, he pulled himself away from her. Her arms fell into the emptiness as he moved away and he grabbed the edge of his shirt. He lifted it above his head, revealing his chest and he threw it on the ground of the bath. He was about to close the distance between their bodies again when he was stopped by her movements. Her arms were shaking as she proceeded to remove her own shirt. He remained there, speechless as she revealed a beautiful purple bra that cupped and pushed her breasts upwards. Those breasts - the ones that haunted his every thoughts since the moment he saw them.

As soon as the shirt was off, he pushed her against the furthest wall and immediately sucked the top of her breasts.

"Cold," she whispered.

Right. He had pushed them away from the stream of water and she was all wet. He regretfully removed his mouth from her skin and stretched his arm to redirect the water until it was on them again.


"Yeah," she answered, out of breathe.

She did not know where she found the courage to remove her shirt. Then again, he had seen her wearing a lot less than that. Though last time, it was planned. This was unexpected. And though she could not deny how nervous she was, she did not want to put a stop to anything yet. It did not feel enough. Especially not after the hollowness he brought forth in her heart. She wanted to feel him - every inch of him. She wanted to show him how much she needed him and make sure he would never pull something like that again. How could he not accept himself? How could he not see that she was fine with everything he was?

Kouga lowered himself down until his lips were on her navel. He let his tongue travel to the crest of her hips, finding out that she was a bit ticklish. He smirked before repeating his actions and forcing her to bend in two under the sensation.

"Not fair."

"Very fair."

He knew she was wet and aroused but the steam of the shower had dimmed the scent. Now that he was this close to her core, he could smell it and it sprung his cock to life. Fuck. It was uncomfortable. His jeans were heavy and it was pressing down on his erection to a point that was almost painful. How would she feel if he took them off? He did not even know what was happening. He brought her in the shower to tease her. He did not have a plan in mind. It was not a trick or anything.

"It's okay." She noticed the way he kept staring at his jeans. Her heart hammered in her chest as she repeated herself. "It's okay."

Kouga lifted himself up again and before he could even reach the button of his jeans, her fingers were on it. Then, her hands moved to his zipper and he winced. "Zippers are bad," he whispered.

"Zippers are - oh." Because of his - yeah. Oh. She tried to keep a straight face as she slowly unzipped his pants.

And Kouga was sure he was about to come right there and then. There she was, bent over his cock, removing his pants. If this was not heaven he did not know what was. His cock twitched as she pulled his pants down. Then, they fell all the way down on their own, leaving him in his white boxers. He lifted his legs to free his feet from the jeans. And then when he lifted his head back up, he found Kagome staring at his crotch.

Really, she did not mean to stare. But she had never - and his wet white boxers were sort of transparent and… she could see the outline of his thing as it pressed against the fabric. When she realized what she was doing, she hide her face in her hands.

"Is that a good staring or a bad staring?" He tried to play it off as a joke but he was a bit nervous.

"I - no, I -erm it's hm." Wow, that was eloquent. "I've never - seen one…" She groaned against her hands. "Please let me die of shame."

A smile graced his lips as he bent forward and carefully grabbed her wrists. He tugged to pull her hands away from her face and once he succeeded he grabbed her chin with his index and thumb, tilting her head forward. "We can stop now." He did not mean to push her too far and he would force his dick to go back down if he had to.

"No!" She slouched her shoulders. "I - I don't know what I'm doing and I just - this is new and I - I just I don't know."

"Kagome, we're doing whatever you want to do."

"I don't know what I want to do."

"Are you comfortable with this?"

She nodded. Embarrassed, yes. Uncomfortable, no.

"Do you want to keep going?"

She nodded again.

"Just say stop and I will."

She knew he would because she trusted him. Last time they did a little bit of exploring it turned out fine - it turned out very pleasing. Alright except for the way it ended but she doubted that would happen again. She breathed out slowly, giving herself a rush of courage before grabbing the button of her pants and working on undoing them. He saw her in less clothes than this. Pants were not a big deal. At least it was what she kept repeating to herself as she lowered them down, exposing her flesh to him. Kouga watched her with wide opened, hungry eyes and surprisingly, despite her clumsiness, he made her feel sexy.

Once she was free of them, he pushed his body back against hers, allowing her to feel his erection against her thighs. A warmth spread through her core and she closed her eyes while his hands found their way to her back. "Can I?"

She nodded and as soon as she agreed the clasp of her bra become undone. He did not know how much she would give him but he would take all of it. Their last moment together was interrupted and he was not about to let this one slip away from him. Again, her breasts were revealed to him and he tossed her bra aside. Immediately his mouth was on her nipple, suckling on it. He felt it harden in his mouth and let his tongue twirl around it. When he pulled it, he attacked the other breast. He left a trail of bites around the nipple, hearing her moan in pleasure. She seemed to enjoy the fangs.

Clawed fingers grabbed her nipple, twisting it, teasing it and she arched her back even more, pushing her breasts in his face. This was heaven. Then it happened. It was completely innocent but it happened; a slight roll of her hips. It pushed her wet core against his cock and he snarled against her breast. His hands lowered to steady her hips before he died. His thumb slipped under, into the fabric and she buckled. He was close, so close.

"I love you."

Except this time, she did not freak out. And he did not wish he could take it back. He wanted her to know, he wanted her to see he did not lie.

This was wrong was it not? But it felt good, it felt so good. Her head was swimming in lust and she needed to feel more of him. Her heart was ready to burst out of her chest and her lips were dry from all of her panting.


"Yes," she shouted. If she did not scream it now she might never say it.

Kouga blinked, unsure. Did she mean yes to - she did not even know what he was asking. "Are - you…"

"Do it." Her voice wavered and she was almost afraid it was going to come out as a wordless moan.

He took a deep breathe and did it; he lowered her underwear. Immediately, the scent of her arousal was all that surrounded him and he was forced to close his eyes and bask in the scent as he pushed them down further. His action revealed her core, decorated with a patch of short black curls. He wanted to bury his nose in there. She kicked her underwear off by lifting her foot and then lowered her leg back down. This was it. She was naked in front of him. She was naked in front of him. He wanted to look at everything but he did not want to embarrass her at the same time. Hands traveled to her inner thighs and he caressed the skin, involuntarily causing her to spread her legs.

If he moved his hands upwards… he would be…

And he did.

His finger shyly slipped inside her core and this time, the sound that came out of her mouth nearly caused him to spill his seed in his boxers. He inched it slowly and her thighs clenched while her whole body quaked. He dove in, deeper and deeper until he curled it inside of her. At that point, all hell broke loose and the new found sensation forced her to wrap a leg around his waist. It was too much - overwhelming and part of her wanted to flee the feeling while the other part wanted more of it. As her leg kept sliding down, she kept moving it back up. Her actions forced his finger out and he smiled. The juices left on his finger were washed away before he could even think about tasting them.

Frustrated, Kagome lift her other leg. His body was slippery and this gave her a better grip. Though she could already feel the loss deep inside of her. She did not try to push him out. She did not know what she wanted. Her body hummed with desire and she did not know what would fix it. Now that her legs were wrapped around him, his erection was pressed right into her core, applying just the right amount of pressure. Kouga's hands were back around her waist, holding her up with the help of her legs. She felt secure enough to unwrap her arms from around his neck and she let them slid down the length of his chest. Every part of him was muscles and tightening flesh. Her fingertips teased his flesh, dragging all the way down to his abs.

And he thrusted gently into her, much like he had done this morning. And she responded back.

Her hips rolled against his, and he gave little thrusts. For the love of god he was dry humping her. Her feet struggled to keep the hold, her thigh clenching, ready to give away. She could not bear the teasing while holding herself up. But they both kept going. There was a little voice in the back of his head that told him this was the worst idea he ever had but at this point, he could not willingly stop it. If she told him no, he would stop. He could not, however, tell himself to stop. All that stood between him and her sweet dripping core was his boxers. Flimsy little barrier that did not block anything. He could feel her wrapped around him, the warmth of her, the wetness leaking.

His cock was pulsing and he threw his head back, thinking he was going to die. And those hands, tracing the lines of his muscles, lowering as low as they could. Her fingers tangled with the hair leading down to his length and he wanted those hands wrapped around his erection. His thrusts became more demanding and so did hers. Feet tangled with his underwear and she lifted herself up higher again. And again.

Then it all happened too fast for him to stop it.

Her foot pushed his already lowering, heavy underwear down, and he thrusted his hips and - and his cock sprung free. He noticed it in that second but she did not. And she thrusted back.

Then they both froze.

He could not breathe. He could not think. He could not move. The head of his erection was right there, enveloped in her warmth and oh god this was death. He cleared his throat in a foolish attempt to find back his voice. "K-kag- whatever you do. Don't move."

Her fingers clenched around his hips and her bottom lip trembled. She could feel it; it was not deep but it was enough to be stretching her, promising sensations she knew she might like. Oh god. How did this happen? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Her heart hurt from pressing against her chest to hard and her mind was hazy.

He was going to pull out. He really was. He just - he just needed to focus for a second. Phew. Alright. He could focus. He could do this. Oh god she was wet and - oh fuck. Oh fuck. He removed one of his hands away from her and smashed it against the wall. Breathe.

And then, her hips rolled again.

"Kag-kagome. Don't move." Now he was begging.

But she did not listen. Instead she closed her eyes as she inched him further inside of her. "It's okay," she whispered, her voice croaked.

He was hard and sultry inside of her and she just - just a little bit more. That was selfish, that was bad. But her heart wanted to explode and she just needed a little bit more. "It's okay."

She trusted him. She really did. And she could not tell him what real love felt like because all she ever knew was what a crush felt like. But when she thought he might not be part of her life anymore? She was terrified.

"Kagome - I can't - I…" Oh god, he did not even know how to speak anymore. All he did was keep himself steady while she lowered herself unto him.

"It's okay."

Those words, over and over again.

But then, the stretching became too much and she could no longer do it herself. Instead she winced and clutched his shoulders, blunt nails digging at his skin.

"Are you okay?"

She nodded, her face still distorted.

"Do you w- do you wanna - " If they stopped now… he would come the moment he pulled out.

She shook her head. She could not find her voice but she knew this was the dreaded part. The moment of pain. He was pressing at the edge of her hymen and if he just broke through…

Kouga inhaled before finishing it himself. He could have kept her pace but he knew that would do nothing to ease the pain she was about to have. He did not go in one stride, but he pushed more and more, faster and faster, until finally he was completely buried inside of her. She buried her face in his chest, while he kept himself steady and not moving. Oh god, she was so fucking tight around him. And wet, fuck she was wet. He gave her a moment to adjust and then, he knew he had to move again or the pain would never cease. He pulled out a bit and then, pushed back in. Her body was stiff in his hold but he kept going while his nose nuzzled her cheek.

She leaned into his touch while the worst was finally over. There was a twinge of pain pulsing through her but it was not as bad. She closed her eyes, trying to relax her body and make this better. Being stiff would not help. One of his hands was holding on to her ass, kneading the flesh, which helped to distract her. And then he was thrusting back a bit harder, pulling out more. He slid in and out without a problem, slowly tearing moans from her throat. Oh, oh. That felt better. Each time he penetrated her, he went a further, stretching new places and forcing a puddle of warmth in her lower regions. Her inner thighs trembled and she whimpered in need.

"Mhm, Kouga."



And she did not have to tell him twice. Now that she was comfortable, he stopped holding back. His face found its way in the crook of her neck, forcing her head back, while he became more demanding. Her nails scratched down the length of his back, the water washing away any damage she might do. He snarled while burying himself deep inside of her. It had been a long time. Her breasts bounced every time he pushed inside and he was mesmerized. Her walls clamped around him, forcing him in and trying to suck him back the moment he retracted his cock. He wanted to be inside of her forever. Today tested his patience and his instincts and he felt out of control.

He had been teased and angered and he wanted to take everything she was giving him and more.

His claws pierced her skin of her ass, drawing blood. He wanted to apologize but when it happened, when the tip of his claws sliced her flesh, she only moaned harder and he shivered in pleasure.

She felt herself choke on a gasp while his strokes stretched her in ways she did not know she could be stretched. And he filled her to the brim, pounding inside of her. He forced himself deeper in each time he slid back and the cries of passion that left her lips hid a built up she could not control. It was pressure forming in her core, a need that wanted to explode. Every time he stretched her, it was too much and she wanted him out but oh god when he pulled out she wanted nothing more than to be filled by it again. She needed something. He could provide it but she could not put it into words.

"Kou-ga," she begged.

And it was the hottest thing he ever head, forcing his cock to pulse inside of her. He was going to come. It was too much. The dragging of her nails, the way they would grip his rear and hold on when it became too much. Or the scent of her arousal mixed with her blood. He was dizzy and it was getting dangerous. Need pumped through his blood and oh he just wanted to graze his fangs along side her neck. Just for the thrill. His thrusts became harder, her back and ass smacking into the ceramic tiles behind them. One graze, one taste of her flesh. He dragged them down, feeling her clench and quiver in his arms.


She did not know what she was asking for but he had the answer. Her nails were embedded so deep in the skin of his back she knew he was bleeding.

His hand lowered to her core and his fingers quickly found the little nub of pleasure. He applied pressure before teasing it, twisting it and she cried against his chest. A little bit more. And then it happened. She became undone around him. Her walls clenched, keeping him locked deep inside of her, while whirls of juices of heaven dripped around him, leaking out of her core. She voiced a scream of need that echoed through the walls of the shower and he knew he had to pull out before it was too late. He whimpered while he pulled out of her warmth and the instant he was out, he was done. Unable to hold his orgasm any longer, his release spurted against her thigh and leaked down the length of her leg.

They remained that way for a few minutes until finally, her legs gave up and unwrapped themselves from around him. He steady her up with his arms and she leaned into his chest, exhaustion claiming her body.

He kissed her neck, peppering her with as many kisses as he could.

"I love you, Kagome."


A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 20 of 28

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