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A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 19 of 28

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Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot.

How many times could he call himself an idiot? Not enough. He had the girl he loved in front of him - in lingerie. Oh no, she was not just in front of him, she was sitting on him - sitting on his hard cock. And, and she bared her breasts to his sight. What did he do with that amazing gift? He ruined it. He could not shut up his mouth and he completely ruined it. There was one good side; she had not run away yet. No, instead she laid beside him, completely stiff and silent. Silence was not good. He should do something, he should say something. Then again, he should have said something when she was under a complete shock and getting off of him.

Not now.

And her breasts were still out.

FOCUS. Focus.

He just needed to focus.

"Kagome," he croaked out.

She wanted to speak, she wanted to say something - anything really - but nothing made it out. The words remained stuck in her throat. She was a bitch, she was the worst person to ever exist. He said he loved her - he expressed his feelings for her, rather than groping at what she had to offer and all she managed to say was what. And then nothing. She rolled off to her side of the bed and had been staring at the ceiling ever since. This was not how she thought this would go down. It was not supposed to happen like this. They were going to fool around and then - just not this. What did he want her to do with that information?

Kagome hesitated about taking that step into their relationship - to even call it a relationship. He was precious to her and she was afraid she might end up losing him if they dated. Then, she realized that it was a good choice and he did bring her a lot. She found comfort and herself with him. They were going one step at a time and that was a good pace. But this? She had feelings for Kouga, she knew she did. But was she ready to tell him she loved him? This soon? She did not know that. How was she expected to know that? And then there was his feelings. He loved her. Already he loved her. It did not surprise her but - it did scare her a bit. He was attached and she could even more easily disappoint him.

What if they were not at the same stage? What if she ruined it all? What if she never said those words back?

Oh god. She was going to ruin it all. She was going to sabotage their relationship. It was going to happen.

Kouga could not help but frown when he heard her heartbeat pick up. He forced him up and propped himself on his arm. "Kagome, you alright?"

And the tears happened. They flowed out of her eyes and she bit her bottom lip. "I'm s-sorry."

She was sorry? He was the idiot! "No, listen - I shouldn't have - and I'm sorry."

"Kouga, I'm sorry."

She just said that. Why was she saying it again. Why was she saying it again?! His heart sank to his gut and all of the sudden all of his fears became real. She was not sorry because she hopped off of him. She was not crying because of his declaration. No, it did not add up. She was crying and apologizing because she was about to say something that was going to break his heart. That was the only logical explanation for the expression of pure heartbreak on her face. He did not want to hear it. He should have shut up; why did he open his big fucking mouth? Why could he not shut up? Why did he love her so much?

"Kagome - listen, I don't know why I said that - it was - I was mesmerized?" He cringed at his own words. Why was he making it worse?

"It's not that I don't want to s-"

"No, no. It's fine. Trust me."

But it was out there. How was she supposed to forget that it was out there and that she did not say it back? She would always know that he told her he loved her and that she did not say it back. It was not new. He screamed it at her back in the feudal era but this was different. Back then, he did not truly know her, back then they were not in a relationship and they were not - getting naked with each other. Well, naked was a big word. It was just her breasts - and oh god she still had her chest bare. Her eyes rounded and she hurried to find her straps and clumsily struggled to lift the thin lingerie over her chest. How could she forget about that?

Kouga felt his heart die a little as she shielded his prizes away from him. But - there was something more important that he did not want to lose; her.


"No," he snapped.

She froze, her eyes meeting his as she watched panic spread through his features.

"I said it, okay. I said it. And you don't have to say it back. And It was a stupid thing to say. And - I don't know why I did it. And - and…" Where the fuck was he going with this? How was any of this preventing her from leaving him? He knew she wanted to take things slow and he blurred out the worst thing. He did love her but - she was not there yet. He was there five hundred years ago. Of course he was fucking there now. Idiot. "I - I - don't go. Don't leave."

Kouga was many things; confident, strong, cocky, sweet, loving and generous. He put everyone first and himself last and he did not think twice about it. Even now, after all those years, that did not change. But, it was a different person in front of her at the moment. His eyes were filled with fears, there was a hint of begging twinkling in them. There was desperation surrounding his aura while it felt like he was waiting to wrap his arms around her. Whatever she said, she was going to break his heart, she could feel it. If she did not say I love you, he would hate her forever and if she said it, she would be lying to him.

But it was not even about the I love you anymore. He thought - he thought was going to leave him. He deserved so much more than her and she already knew that. She knew it from the beginning, which was why she was scared to begin this whole thing. She even thought he might leave her because he would realize she was not the one from him. And then they would not even be friends. But - she she did not want this to be over. She actually went through embarrassing questions, buying lingerie - wearing it. She tried to seduce him! She was horrible at seducing! She did all this - because she had feelings for him. She could not say if it was love or what it was.

She did not want to go.

She did not want to lose all of this.

Would it happen if she did not say it back?

"Would you hate me?"

"If you left?" his mind went to the worst place automatically. This was what she wanted. She wanted to be free from him; he managed to scare her away. It did not take him long.

She shook her head, shoving her hands in front of him. "No, no, no." Oh god, stupid. "If I didn't - if I didn't say those words back…" A few tears slid down her cheeks as she tried to prevent the quiver of her lips. "Would you hate me?"

His expression fell and his heart swelled as he reached out for her cheeks and softly cupped it. He let his thumb run across her soft skin and forced a smile for her. "Kagome, I -" Nope, he was not going to say those words again. "I could never hate you."

"But you said it and -"

"I said it because I'm an idiot. You don't owe me anything, you don't have to say anything."

He was a mess when he lost her but he had a lot of time to recover from this. It was recent for her and she needed more time. She was happier than she was when he met her and that was a good thing right? Every day, she surprised him, every day she did something new and he loved everything about her. He could be the first to say it. It did not matter. He dared to inch forward and gently pressed his lips to hers. It was not a soft, tender kiss; it was simply a peck. But she did return it and for the first time, the weight in his heart wavered. He had not screwed up enough to lose her and that was all that mattered to him in that moment.


"I don't hate you and we don't have to ever talk about this again."

He would tell her he loved her again but not yet - when the moment was right he would do it.

Kouga lowered his body down and wrapped his arms around her waist. He expected her to be stiff, maybe even rejecting his touch, but she remained comfortably by his side. She gave him a quivering smile and took a deep breathe before turning her head and tucking it beneath his chin. "I do like you, you know." She could not say this while looking at him, but she had to say it.

"Don't worry, this is what we do," he said, trying to lighten the atmosphere. "I kiss you too soon, I say shit too soon."

"And I freak out."

"You didn't leave this time."

She did not quite leave the last time but she did try to run away. This time - well maybe she was too shocked to even think about leaving. Perhaps that did help him.

Then, she had a reaction he did not expect; she laughed.

For the first time since his declaration, the mood was no longer thick and filled with awkwardness. He did not hate her. It was there, in the back of her mind and it would bother her but, they could be alright…right? He kissed her and she freaked out and they got over that. Back then, she was not sure if she could do this. Now, she did know. She wanted to be in a relationship with Kouga and she wanted more than friendship. Of course she would always want him in her life but - this was right. Them as a couple - it worked. Obviously this little incident shook her confidence and she felt like she held his heart in her hands…

But she had not crushed it yet.

This happened right? Sometimes someone said I love you first and that was alright. They did not all break up, it did not break anyone's heart. She knew from the start that Kouga was more ready than she was. It was only normal that he got to this point before her. Yes, that was the logical explanation. It was okay, she was not messed up, there was nothing wrong with her. She was just a girl who did not say I love you to someone who seemed perfect. Nothing wrong with that.

She leaned her nose into his throat and began to nuzzle him; that would bring him some sort of comfort. It was the best she could do. Kouga's hold on her tightened and she knew it was working.

"Any way we can start back where we were?" he asked with a smirk on his face. It was worth a shot.

She smacked him on the arm and he laughed whole heartly.

They were okay. They just needed to sleep and tomorrow everything would be fine and the awkwardness would be gone forever.



This was it.

She was going to do it.

In a minute. Or two. Or five. Maybe never?

Kagome groaned silently as she resisted the urge to smother herself with her pillow. Last night, she screwed up. Or maybe not. She was not clear on that one. All she knew was that she could not say something she did not mean. It would happen one day but that day was not now. There was no point in lying or saying it for his sake. Even though she really, really, really wished she could do that. Regardless, she did learn that every time she pushed past the tipping point, past her fear, it was rewarding. She feared getting into a relationship and despite the little bumps, it was a great decision. She was scared of getting closer to him physically because of her lack of experience - but so far it had not been that bad.

Except for the whole I love you, but she really needed to put that on the back burner for now.

What she could do was vanquish that one fear. She could do this, she could be closer to him physically. Maybe it would help her get over the emotional mess that she was. He was her boyfriend. She did like him - a lot. Being with him made her feel like herself and free. She needed this. She needed him. And he was not her emotional crutch, he simply made her life better. Ever since he came back into her life, it was more enjoyable and she found her drive again. And she did want him. When he touched her, he turned her body to fire and he spread a warmth through her loins. It could not be wrong to follow that urge right?

At least that was what she convinced herself of during her sleepless night. And now? Now she was laying beside him trying to convince herself to wake him up. As in - with a very good morning surprise.

But - nope. It was not working.

She needed to do this, work through the step and get to where he was. So why could she not do it damn it?

"Relax," he mumbled while his eyes were still closed.

His sleep was disturbed by a huge wave of stress rolling off of her. Although he had sensed her restlessness throughout the night, he figured it was due to the events that transpired. Despite his best efforts, he did not figure out what had her so worked up now.

Crap. He was awake. No, no, no. This was worse; now there was no doubt about it. She was about to chicken out of it. Fuck. Or not. Wait. She did not have to - he was still out of it right? She had time to make a move.

Come on. Now or never.

She closed her eyes, hoping to give herself some courage, and then she flung herself at him. Her lips crashed against his, her nervousness passing from her to him and she smacked her hands on both sides of his face. The initial shock jolted him awake but fortunately he had the good instinct of keeping still. Once her action registered with him, he kissed her back. He was not quite sure what was happening but he was not about to complain. Unless, she was doing it because of what happened. Fuck he hated his conscience. Why did he have to have one?

"Wa-wait," he whispered against her lips.

She groaned, pressing her nose to him. He was kidding right? Her lips were moist, missing his taste and she tried to patiently wait.

"Is this bec-"

"No," and she kissed him.

"Are ya sure be-"

"Yes." Another kiss.

"Kagome, I-"

"Kouga. I need you to shut up and kiss me." That was direct enough right? If he questioned her one more time she might lose the courage she spent all night gathering.

She did not have to tell him twice. He ignored the way she held his face between her hands and he flipped himself. He put his body on top of hers, his legs trapped between hers while his hands roamed to her waist. All the while, he never stopped kissing her. How was he supposed to deny her so well spoken request? As he shifted closer to her, his rather excited friend pressed into her core and he felt her gasp into his mouth. "Morning," he mumbled. The heat rose to his cheeks and he knew she could feel his embarrassment. Though it was no secret that she could quickly get him into that state. Still, he did not need another reason to spook her.

A tingle spread across the back of her neck all the way to her face as he spoke. Morning wood. She heard of those. She did not think they were that impressive - not that she had a lot of knowledge. As it pressed against her she felt her inner thighs clench and the puddle of need in her lower regions grew. It sent her scent spiking but she never noticed. Instead, she deepened the kiss, her hands moving until they tangled with the long strands of his brown hair. Her back arched, melting her body to his. Once he nibbled, teased and dragged his teeth across her bottom lip, he detached himself from them. His next target was her neck, his fangs grazing down the length of her throat.

He was not quite over the tease he got last night. Now he was greedy.

She moaned, her head tipping backwards while his tongue lapped her collarbone. Her fingers wrapped around his hair, she tugged. He did not complain. Instead of proceeding downwards to the swell of her breasts, he lowered himself all the way to her stomach, forcing her fingers out of her hair. She watched intensively as he kissed her exposed navel and then held her breathe. The see-through fabric did not offer much protection but neither minded. He inched it forward, revealing her stomach completely to his eyes. His soft lips trailed up, brushing up her bellybutton, working their way to her ribs. They lost the ghosts of a touch behind, just enough for her to forget how to breathe.

And she knew where he would stop.

Because he always stopped there.

She forced her to tear her hands away from his mass of hair and she lowered them to his hands. She covered them with her own while they rested on her hips. He gave her full control as she wrapped her fingers around his, moving his hands up. She brought them all the way to the hem of her shirt, and left them there. He grasped at the fabric, lifting his eyes to look at her face. She was giving him permission. His digits trembled with fear and excitement as he slowly lifted the fabric. And he tugged, and tugged, until finally, he revealed her bare chest. He did not stop, he tried not to waver, as he kept pulling it off until he had to pass it through her head. Then, he tossed it on the ground.

This time, he was not about to screw it up. Not twice. Oh dear lord no. He wanted to be sweet and look at her face but he could not. He was going to worship her and thank her for letting him have this. He was going to make her forget about his slip up. His large hands lower back down, holding her beneath her breasts. He lowered his face again, almost nestling it between the two mounds. He could. He shouldHis nose nuzzled her left breast while he made his way to the peak. His breathe teased her nipple and it hardened. Kagome felt her inside coil and she gazed at him, anticipation bubbling inside of her.

And he did it. He wrapped his lips around her nipple, suckling on it while his firm hands traveled to cup her breasts. As he kneaded the flesh, she arched her back, pushing her chest into his face even more. He lapped at his prize, his tongue twirling around it. Whimpers began to past her lips and his ears buzzed with pleasure. Carefully, he nibbled, teeth catching the hard bud and teasing her to new heights. He used his hand to bring attention to the other breasts, fingers flickering the nipple before offering a slight pinch. This time the reaction was loud. And her scent exploded around him, filling his nostrils and going straight to his erection.

He was pulsing against her, his hips slightly thrusting. She smelled so fucking good. Her tiny hands were in his hair again, pulling as the overwhelming new pleasure was taking hold of her body. She was even beginning to thrust back and he doubted she noticed. He did. His breathing was harsh, loud but he kept himself under control. He devoured every piece of her that she had to offer, resisting the urge of sinking his fangs into the supple flesh. Her legs rose up, brushing up against his sides as she was obviously fighting the urge of wrapping her legs around his waist. He wanted her legs around him. His tongue brushed over her nipple and he teased her with his upcoming touch and sultry breathe.


His thumb brushed over her right nipple, he pinched gently and then rolled it between his fingers. "Kk-" She could not even get the word out.

Her blood was liquid fire, her skin was prickling with heat and a touch of anything sent a flame bursting inside of her. She wanted more, she needed more. The girls talked about this but they did not warn her that her body would turn into a puddle. Her core tightened and she did not know how to handle the waves of desire rolling off her skin. She buckled her hips, forcing his hard length into her core. Wetness spread between her legs and she was dying to rub them together to lessen the tension that was building up. More, moreShe bore her neck to him, diving the back of her head into the pillow.

Kouga's world shifted and became the whimpers coming from her plump lips, the thrust of her wetness. There was a growl rumbling in his chest and he could feel the instincts screaming at him. This was a good spot to stop. If he did not, he might just rip her tiny, tiny black underwear and fuck her senseless. And that was not a mistake he was going to be make. Though it would be the best mistake. Of his whole life. Yes, he had to pull away. He removed his lips from her nipple, leaving a trail of wetness behind. As he took away his ministrations, she whimpered at the loss. She pushed her chest more into him, almost demanding more.

She was asking for more.

She was almost naked, asking for more.

"Kk-ouga." It was a lost whisper and it tightened in his chest. His cock pulsed, pressing at her core. She was wet, so wet. She soaked right through the panties; he could feel her wetness coating his boxers. It was close, so close.

Maybe a bit more? As long as he kept away from her glorious chest? Yes. That would be fine.

He forced himself up, her breasts pressed into his chest. He resumed attacking her neck, dragging his tongue the length of her neck. Her hands moved and instead of tangling in his hair, they roamed down his back. She scratched at the muscles with her nails, her desire transferring from her to him. He lowered himself onto her, her legs rising to accommodate him; they were almost around his waist. For the first time, he let his control slip; he allowed his fangs to graze the skin of her neck. He made his way down to her collarbone without breaking the skin. At that exact moment, he was convinced he had finished in his boxers.

Her body trembled, shocks of pleasure jolting through her. She dug her blunt nails into his back, trying to hack away the flesh as she was unable to contain the effects of the newly found sensation. He violently thrusted against her, dry humping her as his head began to swim into lusciousness. Pull away. He was ordering himself to do it but - it was not working. Especially since she held him like a steel band. Redness wanted to seep into his eyes but he pushed it back. Nope. This is why he pushed her away when things got too intense. He was not human like her and it did scare him at time. Now he was pulling away.

But as he went to pull away, Kagome followed.

Her body was drumming with need. She was shy, she was useless, and she had no idea what she was doing. He licked her, he touched her, he turned her on with his skillful hands and she did nothing. She laid there while he treated her like a queen. It was not as though she did not want to touch his perfect body. She wanted to grab at everything, run her fingers along his muscles, squeeze that behind that looked very grabable - and how was she supposed to ignore the hard length that kept thrusting against her. Until now, she had no thought about having sex - but god she was beginning to understand the appeal.

Last night, he told her he loved her and she almost freaked out. She almost left.

And now she was half-naked beneath him, demanding more.

This was insane. Her mind was dizzy, thoughts were hard to form. One more touch. That was nothing right?

Kouga's senses went into alert. She was not letting go and he was weak, very weak. If he could just still her hips, it would be perfect. And then they would stop and he would get himself out of this before it became a nightmare. A nightmare he could not stop. One last little thrust? He rolled his eyes as he lowered himself back then, smacking his hips against hers. This time she curled, burying her face in his chest. Her lips on his skin, trailing up and his jaw clenched. She moaned against him while he pressed himself to her. He was going to die. It would be the best death ever but he was going to die.

And then a knock came.

All Kagome had the time to process was a deep growl that resonated through his chest, rumbling against her cheek and then, he was pulling away from her. Something crashed loudly against the door - a lamp it turned out - and then Kouga was baring his fangs at whoever was behind the door.

"Do not fucking come in," he snarled.

Kagome hide her naked chest with his body, her arms around his waist, afraid that the person might come in regardless of Kouga's warning. That acted like a cold shower. Her heart raced while Kouga protectively kept her in his hold, his eyes glued to the door. He was torn and did not know what was the proper decision. He wanted to rip that asshole's head but he did not want to open the door while his Kagome was bare. He took a deep breathe, exhaling through his nostrils.

"Here," he said as he gave her the blanket. "Wrap it around."

It was an order but she followed through with it. She tucked herself in with the blanket and laid down on the bed with her heart pounding. Kouga jumped off the bed and she heard his feet slam against the floor with each step he took. She had never seen him this mad. Actually, yes once. When he was about to rip Izu's head off.

The door slammed open. "What the fuck do you want?" His erection was still bluntly obvious through his boxers but he could not give a damn.

"Hey, you're the one who insisted on babysitting me."

Kagome knew that voice; Izu. Oh god.

Kouga's grip on the door tightened, cracking the wood. It creaked, splinters of wood forcing their way into his hand. "Ginta." He could not handle this asshole right now. He thought the broken lamp would do it but apparently Izu could not get the hint.

It took less than two seconds for Ginta to make his way upstairs and pop in front of the door. "Kouga wooooo-" He caught himself on time and did not say anything but damn. He heard the noises but he did not think the room would stink like sex. Did they - oh judging by Kouga's little problem they did not.

"I know right?" Izu said before crossing his arms in front of his chest. "I hope you used a condom. Wouldn't wanna knock her up." He glared at Kouga. "She'd kill it."

And the door broke. It split in half, leaving a trickle of blood dripping down his arm. He did not notice as he let his arm hang by his side, rage bleeding through his eyes. "Bring him downstairs. Don't let him leave. I'm coming." He was this close to smashing his head into the nearby wall but Kagome was naked behind him. So he would not expose her to all of this.

He would not.

He could not kill him.

Murder was bad.

He exhaled deeply, his nostrils flaring and his top lip quivering, showing hints of his fangs. "Go."

Izu tilted his head to the left and peered into the room. Since there was no longer a door, he could easily peek in. "How are you Kagome?" He frowned. "A little chilly are we?"

Immediately Kagome lowered her head, thinking that somehow he could see something. Thankfully, it was nothing more than a distasteful joke. However, Kouga did not see it that way. He launched himself at Izu, thrusting him against the wall. His head knocked loudly while Kouga's hand was tightly wrapped around his throat, preventing any air from making its way through his lungs. He wanted to rip his throat out, watch him bleed to death and die at his feet. He put up with his shit, his bad attitude, his little comments but he was pushing it too far when it came to Kagome. It did not help that he was riled up to the max, teased like never.

He chose the wrong time to piss him off.


But Ginta's voice did nothing to calm him down.

Instead he raised his fist and smashed it against Izu's face. He felt the bones of the idiot's face trying to give up under the strength of his fist but it did not stop him. He kept on punching, and punching. He felt Ginta's hands on him as he tried to pull him off but he was done restraining himself. His eyes bled red, his claws poked from the tip of his fingers while his fangs were out, ready to shred. He was aware of Izu's struggling, the swipes he took at him, or the wounds that formed on his own body but he ignored them all. All the build up stress, need and rage slipped out of him at once and nothing could put a stop to it.

Blood smudged his face, and another hit. Another. Another.


That voice he did hear but it did nothing to put a halt to the wrath stirring inside of his chest. He felt fangs digging into his arm - and he knew there were Izu's. Blood dripped down, leaking on the floor and he pushed him again. This time, he left his face alone. Instead, he drove his fist through his stomach, causing him to choke for a second.

Delicate arms wrapped themselves around his waist and a chest was pressed to his back. He felt her face all scrounged up against him and she kept saying his name over and over again. At this point, he was running on his instincts alone. Except, his goal no longer was about beating the shit out of Izu. Kagome put herself in harm's way. There was blood, Izu was trying to unleash his aura and he was afraid she might get hurt in the process. His instincts demanded that he put Izu in his place. He kept challenging his alpha's status and it was unacceptable. Rules demanded that he did that.

But, but his Kagome was in the hall -

She was not dressed.

He gave her a sheet! SHE ONLY HAD A SHEET ON.

Bedroom was not good. Bedroom did not have a door. He needed to bring her somewhere else - nobody could see her. Did they see her?

He turned around and before Kagome could register what he was doing, he sped her through his room and locked the both of them in the bathroom. Izu remained on the floor, blood spilling from the side of his head. Meanwhile, Ginta inspected the injuries, a sigh leaving his lips. He knew this was going to happen.

Kagome could feel Kouga's body shaking while he thud his head against the door. She wrapped her arms around his head and rested her chin on top of it. His hands were gripping at her but he was not hurting her. The change in position caused the sheet to fall off of her but neither cared. She had never seen him like this before. It was a completely different Kouga. Granted Izu might have deserved it but - for him to lose it like that. She nuzzled the side of his head, hoping the touching would help him come out of his daze. His large hands slid down her tiny frame and he rested them above her rear.

What did he do?

Although Kagome was holding on to him as if her life depended on it, he felt the quake of her body.

His eyes were wide open, the veil of rage slowly slipping away.

She saw the human in him, she never saw the other side. Not even in the feudal era.

If it was not for her intervention he might have killed Izu. He would have never killed her - he put her first. He feared he might not but the last time she intervened proved that her safety was important to him, even when he was not in control. He buried his nose in her neck and inhaled her scent; there was no fear laced with it. He waited a few more seconds, listening to her heartbeat as a way to calm himself down. Once he could see clearly, he used his hold on her to push her away. He grabbed the blanket and lifted it up so that she was covered again. She remained there, sitting on her knees on the cold floor while he rose to his feet.

"I gotta go. I've got to cover for him."

And those were the last words he said before he opened the door and walked out.

Kagome stayed there, her heart crushed, unable to get herself off the floor.

He walked out.


A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 19 of 28

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