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A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 26 of 28

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Nobody was moving, nobody was speaking.

When a youkai got angry, they all ignored it. After all, when youkais gathered, sometimes there was a little sparring but it was nothing out of the ordinary. Nobody concerned themselves with that. A little punch, a bit of blood and it was over. It was simply their way and everybody kept going with their own lives. This time, however, it was much different. This time, everyone was a little scared for their own lives. When a youkai was mad, he could only damage the youkais he was aiming at and no one else. When a miko was mad, she could purify the whole lot of them.

And this was what they were scared of at the moment.

They all felt it, they all heard it.

It was a sizzling in the air as though electricity was traveling through and it was a slight burning across their skin, a flicker of pain. They knew only one person in the vicinity was a miko and they knew who she belonged to - Kouga. They all subtlety searched him with their eyes but nobody dared to move too fast. They did not all know her, they did not all remember her but a miko remained a miko and they did not know the extend of her power or the extend of her rage. The only one who moved was Kouga but even he was being careful.

Meanwhile, in another room, Kagome was shaking in anger. Her fists were trembling by her sides while she was using all of her self-control to not punch Ayame. She was vaguely aware of the pink aura surrounding her, but her control on her powers was not good enough for her to be fully conscious of what she was doing and the wave of prickling feelings she was giving all the youkais. She wanted her fist to fly in Ayame's face and it was the only thing at the moment that had her full control and attention. She really should not fight her - especially here. She was trying to be reasonable, especially since Kouga was the host - and he was her boyfriend.

But that damn bitch was making it difficult to remain in full control.

Ever since she arrived, she had been making life impossible for her; she laid claims where she had known, she inserted herself where she was not welcome. And now, she claimed to know more about her feelings for Kouga than her herself. No. She did not have to fight him to prove that she loved him. But she did want to punch the fuck out of Ayame.

"I don't have to prove anything to you," she said through hissed teeth.

That bitch.

The pink aura surrounding her could only grow with each passing seconds.

Ayame's green eyes narrowed and she hid how pleased she was with herself. Kagome was reacting how she had hoped - although she thought that by now, she would have gotten hit. She remembered Kagome as a very hot tempered woman but - what she was seeing in front of her was a lot more self-control than anticipated. She had pushed her about as far as she could - if she went any further, Kagome might end up accidentally injuring some of the youkais that were present and she could not let it get that out of hand. She had to admit, it was difficult to not wince despite the pressure and pain inflicted upon her skin by Kagome's power - but she had to keep a straight face.

"Maybe you have to prove it to everyone."

Nobody doubted her feelings for Kouga. They had all been rooting for this and they had all helped her along the way. Why should she need to prove anything to anyone? Especially her.

"Kouga and I are together."

"Maybe I want him."

"Well, you can't have him," she hissed through her teeth.

"What if he wants me?"

"He doesn't."

Ayame chuckled. "You don't know our whole story."

"He told me."

"Did he tell you everything?"

Her lips popped. She was a calm person, she was not a violent person - and she did not use her powers unless she was put in that situation. For the love of god, she never even really learned to control them. It was not like she could focus on Ayame and attack her as she pleased. She could punch her but she doubted that would do much damage; she was youkai. Would she even feel it?


He did. Because - he was Kouga and Kouga did not lie to her. Kouga loved her. Ayame was a spider, an evil that was trying to spread discord. And she did not need that in her life. She did not need to start doubting her relationship with Kouga.

"Maybe he didn't."

"Maybe you need to stop,"

And her fist flew.

And it was not supposed to do much because she was only human. But it did. Her aura was wrapped around her, surging through her body, and the hit itself was not bad- but the repercussion from her holy aura burned Ayame's flesh. All around her nose, the sizzling sound of melting echoed, and a loud screech vibrated through the air. The shock of the pain was enough to send Ayame flying on her ass, covering her face, cupping the blood. For fuck's sake.

Kagome felt a rush she had never experienced before; her blood was pumping, her hand was throbbing - mostly from the hardness of Ayame's face - and she could feel the built up of sweat in the back of her neck. She had actually hit her.


Kouga's voice cut the tension and it made her heart stop for a moment. Kouga was here. Where had he been earlier, where had he been when Ayame was trying to tear apart who they were and what they had?

But his voice did bring her back to reason. For the first time since Ayame's provocation, her aura began to die down. She kept her eyes locked on the girl on the ground but she still felt Kouga walking around her. She did not stiffen as he put his hands on her shoulders, his touch warm but firm.

He had felt it from afar; the rush of power that came from her. He had been talking but he ran to her as fast as he could. He had reached the scene prior to the punch but he had been forced to stay by the sidelines. He did not know if Kagome was aware, but her power was strong - it had almost shielded him away from her. He had wanted to cross, to reach out to her regardless but what if he had received an injury - even a small one? He knew how Kagome was; she would have never forgiven herself and he could not let her carry such a useless guilt around.

Now his only problem was with Ayame.

He had told her. He had made it clear that there was no one but Kagome - and yet she kept pushing the Miko until - well until now.

Kagome had every right to lose her cool; Ayame had provoked her since her arrival. The one problem in the story was that he could not figure out why Ayame was doing it. She had not hit on him in years, she had not tried to be with him in centuries, and - and he thought they had developed a friendship over the years. He thought the past was behind and that they were remnants of a time that no longer existed. Instead, she chose to ruin it by starting a fight with Kagome. It was senseless. It was not the Ayame he had gotten used to, the one he had called a friend over the centuries. Something was not adding up.

"Are you okay?" he whispered in Kagome's ears.

She nodded but she was nearly deaf from the blood pumping through her at a fast velocity. There was a hint of guilt in her chest - she never like to hurt anyone, but she was mostly rage and anger. Ayame had yet to get up, but Kagome never looked away from her. She was aware that Ayame had a temper - at least she did in the past - and she did not think she could hit her and receive no repercussions. Although to be fair, she had every intention of staying clear of the redhead - she was the one who kept coming after her.

And she was protective lately, and angry - and fuck it, almost a little possessive. None of theses were traits she used to have. Protective yes - possessive no. It was not in her personality to be like that. And yet she could hardly stop herself from defending what was hers. It was a need floating through her veins, calling out to her and telling her to stand her ground. And she listened to it because it felt good to do so. She felt as though she was acting more on instincts than before. Even when it came to her powers. Yes, she had used them before without meaning to actually do so but in each situation her life had been in danger, or something had been happening.

Now, her life had not been in danger. Yes, Ayame had pissed her off but it was not as though she had attacked her physically or that there was a threat to her safety. Everything was fine. Everything was safe. And yet, she had unleashed them like she had to take down a dangerous youkai. Why were they so quick to rise to the surface?

"Kagome?" Kouga repeated. He knew she nodded but she had yet to speak actually words to him and it worried him. He lowered his hands until he was holding her arms and he pressed his chest into her back. His nose was buried in the crook of her neck and though she was not youkai, he hoped that those gestures would help her calm down. She had been there for him when he had needed to regain his control and he was going to do the same for her. Although he could not wait until her aura was completely gone; that shit was starting to fucking burn.

She exhaled deeply, her nostrils flaring and she popped her lips again. "I'm okay." And now came the hard part; she would have to explain herself. Actually, she would have to defend herself. No, wait. She would not. Because Kouga would believe her and Kouga would know that she was not the one who started this whole fight. She had already talked to him about it. He would believe her over Ayame. He had to - or else…

Or else what?

"She started it," she finally spat out. She sounded like a little girl who was spilling secrets.

Her words finally caused Ayame to slowly scramble to her feet while still holding her face - that was actually going to leave a scar. She did not think she would get sucker punch like that. She also assumed Kouga would have shown up a lot sooner than he actually did. So she miscalculated a little. At least Kagome had done what she was supposed to do; she finally fought for Kouga. Although, she was expecting a bit more than this but now - it was too late to push her further. If Kouga was there, he would keep her calm. And he might end up the one actually kicking her butt and she was not in the mood for it. Her pack was staying with his after all.

Although that was per his request. They had not demanded that.

But they did have a friendship she valued.

Could he not see that she had done this for him? Kagome was human, she was not like them. She could not think and feel the way they did. She would always be somewhat of an outcast. Plus, Kagome's feelings had been quite flaky in the past - with her being in love with someone else and all - and it was her duty to verify that Kouga went to someone who actually deserved him. If she had not been willing to fight for him, she would not deserve him. Ayame had resigned herself to the fact that he might never want her but that did not mean she wanted him to end up with just about anybody. He was someone quite precious to her and she would be damned if some bitch just got him.

When he had been promised to her so long ago.

Sometimes, she did not think everything through, and she did do certain things on the whim of the moment. But this she did because he was her friend. Kagome was nothing or no one to him.

"What the fuck Ayame?"

All the years, all that time building a friendship, and this happened. Originally, he had not even planned on wasting time with her but she had shown him another side of her personality and he thought this could work. Apparently he had been wrong.

"What? You know how we work," she said with a shrug as she wiped some blood dripping from her nose. "She doesn't know, but you know. I have to make sure she deserves you."

She had to make sure that Kagome deserved him? Who the fuck was she kidding? He was the one who did not even deserve someone like her. He was the useless one who should not even be in her presence. He had put her through a lot since they had begun dating but this was a bit too much. He wished he could say it was just a crazy ex but he had not even gotten close to ever going out with Ayame. She was just plain crazy.

"I don't deserve her," he corrected. "And apparently you know nothing about pack's dynamics." If she wanted to go down that road, if she wanted to make Kagome feel like she did not belong, then he could play that game as well. She was not being sneaky. "Kagome's my intended." He tried to keep a straight face as he did not know still how Kagome fully felt about it, but he needed that information for his argument. "You provoked her into my den." He caressed Kagome's shoulder for a moment, both to calm her and to calm himself, before he released his hold on her. He walked closer to Ayame, challenge shining in his eyes. "I'm the alpha. You've disrespected me."

Her eyebrows furrowed and for a moment, she tried to see the deceit in his face; there was not any. "Kouga, it's me."

"I don't care." He had tried to be respectful, he had tried to solve this matter very civilly but she had decided that she wanted to take the hard road. Kagome had already shared her fears and concerns with him and he did not want her to feel as though she was being overlooked. It had taken too much to get her for him to lose her over Ayame and her twisted mind.


Kouga had a temper as well and she knew he was very devoted to Kagome. After all, despite the years that went by he never forgot about that girl. That had to mean that he was quite attached to her. Of course, back then he thought she was dead and his love was more like a remembrance of who he thought she was than her actually. Regardless, now that he had found her, he would not let her go - ever. Which is why she had set her sight on Kagome. To make sure she deserved the undying love Kouga had for her. And now, instead, of seeing the bigger picture he was bringing up some old pack rule? According to those, his bedding of Kagome was - frowned upon.

And she had not brought that up.

"You heard me, get the fuck out."

"Centuries of friendship, and you ain't gonna hear me out?"

"There's nothing to discuss, so no."

"Yes, there is. She ain't one of us. You've loved that fucking girl forever," she defended. "I wasn't about to stand around and wait to see if she was going to break your heart." Ayame huffed and put her hands on her hips, leaning forward as to look intimidating. "You're my friend, and I'm making sure she knows everything she's getting into. And I'll be damned if I don't check that she actually wants you."

"If Kagome doesn't want me, if she ain't in, it doesn't concern you," he warned, his fangs poking from beneath his lips.

"Like fuck it don't concern me. I didn't give you up for her to break your heart."

He chuckled - although there was no joy or light in the tone of his chuckle. It was dark. She had never brought up the idea of them being a couple in a very long time. And now, she was spurting out shit like this? He did not think so. "To give someone up, you gotta have them." He did not know if it was the hit from Kagome, but she was beginning to make less and less sense and he had no patience for it.

Kagome's anger was hammering him in the back of the head and this fight was going against everything he was trying to set up for the two of them. She had just told him that she loved him and now everything was out of whack. How could he make her believe that this was her home as well when she was getting attacked, provoked and threatened left and right? He wanted this to be a safe place for her, somewhere to run to if she needed it. He did not want her associated him with pain and fights.

Ayame was the last straw.

"I told you, get the fuck out."

"I'm not leaving, you invited us in, you'll take away your invitation?"

He should not. He should not be mixing his packs dynamics with his personal life but they were already intertwined. Kagome was a part of who he was and he knew this was going to work. If they were going to stay together and eventually mate one day, her opinion would be requested during pack matters. What she wanted or did not want, would be taken into consideration. It was not that wrong to begin the process already. She was accidentally his intended and it would be okay for him to respect her and to include her in the decision he was about to make. The only problem was that Ayame was bringing up an important point. He offered shelter to this pack and now he was about to take away that invitation.

It would reflect badly on him, it would reflect badly on all the pack. It was not a decision he should be making by himself without seeking their approval first. He was not the type of leader who decided everything for everyone without caring. They lived with him and what they wanted or did not want was important to him.

There was always one more thing he could try before traveling down that road. "I only told you to get out."

Ayame scoffed. "You know we don't work like that. They ain't gonna stay if you make me go. Where would I go?" He was hesitant about asking her to leave, and yet she did not miss the glare the little miko was sending her. This could be salvaged, this could be fixed. She understood that he had left a meaningless mark on that girl's neck but to send her away? What happened to calm discussions?

"You're a big girl, you've proved it."

Kagome's aura had completely died down because now the feeling of guilt inside of her had actually grown. Although it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she had punched Ayame in the face. It was mostly because there was once again trouble in the pack - and it had begun with her. It was the same thing with Izu, it was the same thing with everything. Ayame did have a point, she was not a wolf and she did not quite belong in there. Her presence seemed to arose a bunch of conflicts and she was putting Kouga in situations he should not find himself in. It was taking everything she had to not join him by his side and tell him to change his mind.

She did not want Ayame around. She did not know who that bitch thought she was, getting involved in relationship matters that hardly concerned her, but she also did not want Kouga to put himself against the others. She knew they were not that many wolves left and she did not want him to ruin friendships and pack links because she had gotten in a fight with Ayame. It was not fair for him to give up what and who he was because she was human. She needed him to keep on being who he was.

"I agree with Kouga."

The voice came from behind them and they all turned to see Ginta moving forward. Kagome might not know all the wolves' emotions but he knew what Kouga was feeling at the moment. He was uncertain and he was doing his damn best to not make any rash decisions. He was trying to think of the whole pack. The one part he was apparently ignoring though was the fact that there were very few people in the pack that did not consider Kagome to be one of them. Nobody disrespected her, nobody disliked her, but not all of them yet though that she fully belonged to the pack. Regardless, they would never forget when she stood for them and they would do the same for her.

Kouga was in love with her and if he had his way, she would be his forever. There was no reason for any of them to turn their back on Kagome. If Kouga wanted to take the decision to kick everyone out, they would support him. After all, inviting them over had been nothing more than a safety measure to prevent them from doing stupidities. Yes, they might still be reckless but - if they were to spread discord like this among the pack then it was not worth it to have them around. It was better if there was peace.

"So am I," spoke Haru while stepping forward.

Kagome felt a warmth spread inside of her. Everyone wanted her there. She was there, sulking over all the trouble she was causing for Kouga and none of them thought of even hesitating before coming to her defence. She dared to raise her glance and she made eye contact with the wolf girls that had been so enthusiastic about her kicking Ayame's butt. They had brought up the fact that she was different - a fact that Ayame seemed to strongly believe in. Sometimes they were her friends, sometimes they were pushy and other times it was quite blurry. It was time to find out what they really were.

It took a moment, but they ended up nodding their heads. They supported Kouga.

They much preferred Kagome over Ayame. Although, Kagome still had a few things she needed to learn but - it was no reason to not pick her. They had never thought this little fight would go like this. They knew how protective of her Kouga was but - this was a whole new level. He was willing to let a pack go to keep her safe. He was picking her above almost everything else.

And the pack? The pack was supporting her, so they would as well.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me," Ayame said with a laugh. This was her, being a good friend. She was trying to make sure Kouga would not get his heart broken and all of it was being blown out of proportion. Were they forgetting that Kagome did not have a scratch while she had gotten her nose punched out? She was the one bleeding, she was the one who needed the attention.

His claws were itching at his fingertips and his fangs had finally managed to pierce the sensitive membrane of his lips. She had challenged Kagome and now she was challenging his authority and he liked neither. Even if the pack did back him, he had to be careful. If he kicked her out to violently, it might have repercussions that nobody wanted to deal with, despite their approval of Kagome and him. He bounced from one foot to the other, his weight slowly shifting from left to right. The best way for him to keep his control was to get out.

"Be gone before I get back," he warned.

She looked at him, stunned and slightly confused about his words, but he did not care. He turned around, grabbed Kagome's hand and dragged her with him.

And nobody stopped them.


The car ride had been quite silent. Kouga had been driving somewhere, and though she did not ask where, she had a feeling they were about to find themselves in the middle of a forest. He was clutching the steering wheel tightly enough to make the fabric squeak and she was surprised it was not given up under the sheer amount of pressure he was applying upon it. She knew he was not mad at her but he was absolutely raging. His eyes were darting all over the place and she swore, if she looked at them at the right angle, she could see a glimpse of red shining in them.

"I'm sorry," he finally said.


"You told me about her. Shoulda listened." If it was not for the fact that he had to keep applying pressure on the gas pedal, he would be tapping his foot. He was so fucking mad.

"I shouldn't have hit her." She paused. "I'm really not sorry I did it though." That bitch provoked her and she had deserved it. "Sorry about the fight."

He shook his head. "They are the guests, they owed us respect. She disrespected you. They know. They're supposed to know. That's how this shit works."

Kagome was well aware that Kouga could have a colorful language but it was the first time he had let so many words slip him in such a short amount of time. She was afraid to ask questions that might make him more angry and so decided it was best to follow the flow of the conversation that he was setting up for them.

"I needed to get out, or I would have tossed her out."

"It's fine."

"No it ain't." Because he felt like shit, because she found herself right in the bull's eye again. And he did not fucking want that for her. He had already accepted a long time ago that his life was going to be complicated because of all the changes but he did not want her life to be complicated.

He wanted it to be simple, he wanted her to be happy.

Finally, he caught sight of some trees and he slowed down the car. "It can't be fine," he said as he slowly parked the car.

Kagome sighed as she turned to look at him. "Kouga, you live in a pack, it'll be messy. Although, I always seem to be the one messing it up."

She did not mean to admit to that quite now, not after everything, but the words had slipped her.

His glance changed, his features hardened and he was quick to unbuckle his seatbelt. "Kagome, you could never be the problem."

"It's because I'm human."

"I don't give a shit. There would be problem no matter what and Ayame would have been a cunt no matter who I woulda picked." He winced. "Shit, sorry."

This time, she was forced to laugh. "It's fine." He was really pissed off.

He ran his fingers through his bangs before leaning into his seat. He moved it backwards, leaving him more room to stretch his legs. "I'm just on edge."

"So am I - I've - I've been a little angrier lately. A little more - " God, could she admit to that without blushing? "Possessive?"



He did not think of that.

"My bad."


"If you were just human…" He sighed again but kept his eyes closed. "My youki - it got into - your powers a little when - I - when I marked you. We wolves tend to be more possessive." He did not think it would affect her or that if it did, it would barley last a day. It would explain the sudden surge of power. Actually, it was the only thing that could explain Kagome being this aggressive. Not that he minded her being possessive of him. It was actually quite a turn on.

Oh. Well, that explained a lot. She groaned. "Does it last long?"

"Why? Don't like punching girls away from me?" he teased. There was nothing funny about the situation but he could not resist.

She teasingly glared at him. "I like being in control of myself."

She had told him she loved him and now they were more connected than ever - at least for the time being. She wondered if she would get some of his traits, or more impulses if they were ever to get mated? Perhaps now was not the right time to ask, but one day. Instead, she undid her own seatbelt and scooted closer to him. She thought she might just lean into him but Kouga had other ideas. As soon as he felt her hair tickle his skin, he reached in for a kiss. She was the only thing that could calm him, the only thing that reminded him that he needed to be better. He needed to be everything for her.

He let his tongue swipe across the seam of her lips and she immediately granted him entrance. He groaned against her lips, finally allowing the tension to leave his body. He awkwardly wrapped one arm around her and she let him. At this point she had to shift in her seat to bring her body closer to his. His hand was palming at her back and he was dying to feel her soft skin beneath his fingers. He could already feel all of his blood rushing downwards and he was suddenly made very aware that it had been a long time since he had plunged his cock in her wet cunt.

"They better be gone when we get back," he whispered against her lips.


"Because I'm gonna kick my pack out."

She pulled away slightly and arched an eyebrow. Had she suddenly missed something? The whole pack had been behind them and had encouraged them. Why did he suddenly went them out?

He teasingly allowed his fingers to swipe under her shirt, his fingertips brushing across the skin of her back. "I'm gonna go tell them to take a walk." He moved his fingers higher, sneaking them past her waist and taking her breathe away with each movements he made. "Then, I'm gonna tell them, they better not come back for a while."


His fingers were right there, right at the edge of her bra. She knew he would dare. And he did. He slipped his fingers through, and cupped as much of her breast as he could, his fingers flickering across her nipple. She shivered beneath him, her back arching as her arousal spread through her.

"And then I'm gonna fuck you."

Maybe she did not mind if he used a more crude language every now and then.

Wetness spread through her and she prayed to god he was going to go through with that promise.


A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 26 of 28

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