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A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

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"I have a feeling you're not going to fuck me," she whispered as the house came back into view. The grass was completely void of any life.

All he could do was groan.

His life had to be fucking complicated all the fucking time. How could he could not even catch the slightest break? There were a lot less cars than when they left and he knew what that meant; Ayame's pack had decided to leave. He had expected her to be gone because his warning had been pretty fucking clear but he did not think so many would follow her. He knew pack came with loyalty but Ayame could be a little much to handle at times - as she had so wonderfully proven by provoking Kagome over and over again. Fuck. Now they were out and about - and he had no control over them. He could only hope Ayame's rage would not make her too reckless.

At least they were less people in the house.

"They packed their things like - right after you left," Ginta said as he hopped outside. He had heard the car from miles away - and he knew Kouga would not be too pleased. They had all kicked Ayame out but they had all hoped so might stay behind. Plus, they did enjoy the company of others, and the moment was cut short.

But they all rather have Kagome be safe within the pack than to have people that were strangers. It was an easy decision.

Kouga ran his fingers through his bangs and sighed. "Well, good riddance."

Ginta grinned. "I didn't think Ayame would turn out to be such a problem."

They were not as oblivious to Ayame as Kouga had been. He had spent his whole life so in love with Kagome, that he felt to notice the feelings and declarations from other females. Ayame had not been as forward as she had been in the past, but there were a few hints here and there that she harbored feelings for Kouga and that it was not about to go away. Of course, he could see how, deep down, it had not been all about Kagome, but about Kouga having someone good but her methods were lacking. It was no way to treat someone and she did not have the authority to decided who was best for Kouga. Only he could make that decision.

And Kagome was great for the pack and they all loved her.

Meanwhile, Kagome's body was still tingling from promises made to her. She knew the situation was more complicated than he anticipated and she did not want to put pressure on him. Perhaps he could no longer do what he had set out to do. Did he expect them all to leave? She did feel guilt nestling inside of her. After all, they only left because of her. She knew the whole pack stood behind her and had her back but it did not mean that she was happy about the whole situation. Although she was glad Ayame listened to Kouga's warning and left. She was not sure she could tolerate that bitch's face anymore. She did not enjoy being judged and being put down.

She was already difficult enough on herself and it took her a while to get to where she was. She did not need anybody taking away all the efforts and energy she had put into herself and into her relationship with Kouga. She was finding happiness again and she did not intend on losing it.

"Alright," Kouga said as he craddled the back of his head with his palm. "Ya'll need to get out."

Ginta arched an eyebrow. "What?" What in the world did this have to do with Ayame and her pack leaving?

He had made a promise to Kagome and after everything that happened he intended on keeping it. He would deal with everything else later - he himself did not have the patience to deal with it all right now. He was worked up and he wanted nothing more than to bury himself deep inside of her like he had been dying to do for a while now. Everything else could be put on hold.

"Yea, you and everyone in the house are gonna take a long walk."

"A long walk?"

His eyes shifted from Kouga to Kagome and then back to Kouga. For a second, he let himself smell the air and then - he busted out laughing. "Oh, you guys wanna have sex!"

And at that moment, Kagome wished she could have died. She wanted to melt into a puddle and disappear from sight forever. God, she did not know if she would ever get used to the bluntness of the pack. She did not mind it but - she did not think she would ever be at ease with it. Then again, perhaps Kouga could have been a little more subtle but she did not think Ginta would have gotten it. He had to be direct if he wanted to get his way. Except now, her face was red and her cheeks were burning. Talk about ruining the mood.

Ginta bent over in two, holding his stomach even though he could feel Kouga's rage rising. He had to laugh though; his pack leader was asking for privacy so that he could fuck his girlfriend. He might have been more crude about it but he did not want to embarrass Kagome anymore than she already was.

"Alright, alright," he said as he saw Kouga's fangs poking through his lips. "I'll round up the boys," he said with a last chuckle. "Maybe we'll go see where Ayame's pack settled. To keep an eye on them." He knew the whole pack would guess why they were all leaving but it might be a little better for Kagome's ego and shame if he made up an actual thing to go with it. A believable reason.

"Good idea." He did not even think about that. He was only focused on one thing.

Fucking Kagome.


A door slammed violently and before she could even blinked she was being tossed upon the bed. The air was knocked out of her lungs as he laid her down on the bed, nestling himself between her legs. It had been a stressful week and it had been a while since he had been able to properly touch every inch of her skin. His protective instincts had been kicked into overdrive when she had her fight with Ayame, and well - she had defended him and their relationship. That helped the arousal quite a bit. Especially since the intended mark on her neck had yet to fade away. And he had referred to her as such many times and she had never corrected him. Not even once.

Her hands snaked around his waist and slid under his shirt as she let her fingers roam free along the length of his back. She felt every ripple, every muscle, as he lowered himself to her mouth. He captured her lips with his and gripped at her ass. He shifted her position, pressing his erection against her already wet core, and helped wrap her legs around his waist. If he could, he would push himself right through her awaiting entrance and fuck her until she was screaming his name. Control had to be the key. Except, that was something he was finding himself do less and less around her. He was slowly letting more of himself show, more of his youkai side - and she hardly seemed to mind.

His lips tasted her, nibbling and tugging when he could before he decided he wanted to taste more. He tore his mouth from hers and lowered his touch to her neck. He nibbled at the skin, leaving a trail of teeth, until he reached her breasts. He cupped them through the fabric of her shirt, pushing them together, nearly plopping them out of their prison. And then he paused. Because he had to consider his actions for a moment. But fuck it, she had more shirts right? He gripped the fabric, right where her breasts met, and he ripped it apart. It snapped against her skin for a brief second and then, the pain was gone. He tore the fabric further until all he could see was her black bra and her pale skin.

Kouga could be sweet, Kouga could hasty or he could be - something else entirely. Apparently, the wait had been nagging at him and he was not taking any chances. She could not say that she blamed him. She did not know how long all the pack was going to be gone and she would rather not have them be present for this. Privacy was much better. It would allow to solely focus on him. And if he was going to get her naked… she was going to do the same. Minus the shirt ripping. She did not quite think she had the strength for that. She grabbed the hem of his shirt and slowly began to inch it up. She revealed tan skin, ripped abs and she unconsciously arched her back in an effort to bring her body closer to his.

His skillful fingers worked their magic, slowly sliding beneath her heated flesh until he found the clasp of her bra. Her tugged on it, freeing her breasts with one motion. He ripped away what was left of her shirt and then slid her arms out of her bra. Her breasts were bare to his eyes and he hurried to latch on to one of her nipples. She moaned, her hands gripping at his hair and tugging at it in an effort to bring him even closer - if that was possible. Her legs were tightly wrapped around his waist, as she dry humped him through the clothes. More friction, more sensations. And it was not enough. He began thrusting his hips back against her movement and then, he was the one groaning against her breast.

He could feel claws prickling at his fingertips but he held it back. Instead, he let his fangs nibble the skin around her nipple, nearly breaking the skin.

"It's fine," she whispered as she finally released his hair from her grip. Instead, she let her fingers wander until she was holding his shoulders, her thumb pressing against the skin. "It's okay."

She had felt his fangs before, but he seemed hesitant. She could bleed easier than he could but it did not mean she was completely breakable. She was strong enough for him and she refused to let Ayame's words get to her. She knew he was different than her but it did not mean it could not work. Already, if he stopped holding back, it would help them progress in the right direction. If he could not get there by himself, then she would have to encourage him. He had to trust her and to trust them just as much as she did. And if he did not learn to ask, she would never know that something was missing.

He let his fangs graze the skin, uncertainty following his every movements. He wanted her to be sure she knew what she was asking. Did she understand what it meant for him to let himself go? Because last time he let his control slip him, she ended up with an intended mark on her neck. He was not quite sure she wanted to repeat the experience. He would do. But, he felt the slight anger that was laying beneath the arousal - and he wanted to take it away. If that meant listening to her every order, he would gladly do it. And he let himself go. He sunk his teeth in her breast and waited while blood surged to the surface. He lapped at the metallic tasting liquid while she seemed to stiffen beneath him for a brief second.

And then, she relaxed.

The initial feeling took her by surprise but once that dissipated, a weird pleasurable pain spread through her right breast. It was good.


His ears perked up when she spoke; he had to have imagined it because there was no way she was telling him to do it again. He could taste her blood in his mouth and he thought he had made a mistake but - but she wanted more. He almost lifted his gaze to meet her eyes to confirm that he had heard right but he decided against it. Instead, he went for it again. A nibble on her breast, a nibble on the space between her breasts and one on her stomach. He did not quite break the skin again but blood rose to the surface, coloring her pale skin. Each time he nibbled she twisted and pressed her hot, warm body against him. He was doing something right.

She let one of her hands slid down until it reached his crotch and she squeezed the erection he had been hiding in his pants. She let her fingers trace the bugle in his pants and she felt him hold his breath, his mouth hovering over her navel. She let her fingers gently grab the zipper and she carefully lowered it over his cock. He hissed at the sensation, and he was dying to wrap his fingers around her wrist to stop her. It had been a while and the sensation was nearly overwhelming. He wanted to plunge himself inside of her, assert the fact that she belonged to him and prove that this could work.

He almost wished they were all downstairs so they could hear him claim her over and over again. He wanted them to know she was his and he was hers.

Cold air wrapped around his erect cock and he threw his head backwards. If she wanted to play dirty. Her small hand was slowly pumping him, surging even more blood downwards. Every time, she got more and more skilled and he could tell he was about to be in real trouble soon. She was pumping at the right speed to tease him, drawing out the sensations while make him pant for more. He could play that game too. He grabbed the edge of her pants and in one skillful motion, he got them past her ass, freeing the bouncy mounds. He regretfully moved her legs away from his waist, tugging them past her ankles. He discarded them on the floor and nestled himself back between her long legs.

Except this time, most of the barrier was gone.

Soft skin was everywhere as he wasted no time in snaking a finger inside of her blue underwear. Now that he had freed his dick from her fingers, he had the power. She gasped as he inserted one finger inside of her and he was forced to groan as he felt the wetness that awaited him. She was already ready for his cock. All he would have to do was push the fabric to the side and he could take her. But he had to resist the urge. Instead, he would tease her, drag out the sensations for her. He inserted another digit in her awaiting cunt and he watched as she buckled beneath him. Her pink lips were parted, her head thrown back while he pumped his fingers in and out of her.

He nestled his face in his familiar spot; the crook of her neck. He let his nose brush up the sensitive flesh before diving in with his fangs. He sunk them in the side of her throat, being mindful of her sensitive pain tolerance. As soon as blood flooded his mouth, he pulled away. He lapped at it, sending tingles through her nerve endings and she bit her own bottom lip. He would wreck her if he wanted to - he could take her whole and she might just be helpless to stop him. But she did not want to stop him. There was something about his more animalistic side that send her skin burning - she wanted more of it. If only he stopped pulling his body away.

Kouga curled his fingers inside of her, watching her squirm. She moaned, she licked her lips and he felt like becoming her whole world. "Tell me," he huskily whispered near her ear, tickling her.

"Tell you what?" Her eyes were closed, her head was beginning to swirl from the sensations his skillful fingers were inflicting upon her body. She was grinding back against his fingers, hoping to push him further in. She just needed something that was a little more - just a little more.

She had defended their honor, she had defended their relationship. He knew she was human and that times had changed but he was at his very core, an alpha. He was the one in charge, the one who protected, defended and fought. She had taken up some of his roles - and though it sent desires spiralling through him, he did want to regain some of his duties. Kagome could handle herself without him and now he wanted her to need him, he wanted her to want him.

His tongue darted out and he lapped at the length of her ear, feeling the goosebumps on her skin as he did so. He growled and then nibbled at her. "What you want."

It was not longer a question - it sounded like an order.

She shivered.

He had taken his body far from hers, forcing her to endure his tortuous touch. It did not mean that she could no longer tease him; he had just given her a weapon. "No."

Her tone was as harsh as his and if he had not been wanting to fuck her so much, he might have chuckled. But, she was playing the same game as he was. Except, she failed to take into consideration that he was way better at it than she was. He let his free hand travel upwards and he wrapped his fingers around her wrists. He lifted her arms above her head effortlessly, and then, increased the pace of his fingers. He could feel her juices leaking out of her and he was dying to plunge his fingers inside of his mouth; he wanted to taste her. He growled at his growing frustration and tightened his hold on her wrists.

He was about to gamble.

He removed his fingers and then, steadied her with his free hand. He could already feel her thrusting into the empty air, seeking the missing sensation. He positioned himself at her entrance, her juices coating the tip of his erection. He mustered all of his self control and went no further than the tip. He twirled his hips, teasing her as the head of his cock swirled inside of her. It was enough to bring him to the brink of insanity but he hoped she would crack under the pressure before he would. He slowly inched himself inside, never too much and then pulled out. And then he heard it; her groan of frustration.

Really, she meant to stay quiet. She had pinched her lips so hard together that they had turned white. But it had not stopped the frustration from rising out of her. Before she could even stop it, it had been too late. But it did not mean he had won; she had not begged. She would be lying if she said she was not close to it. She wanted him to fill her, to stretch her. She wanted to slam herself down on him and keep him lock inside. Her legs were quivering in anticipation and she began to feel shortness of breath. He was playing her and she was letting it work. If she was going down, then he was coming with her. He was busy holding her waist, he was busy pinning her arms but he was not doing anything to her legs.

She wrapped them around him tightly and used all the strength she had to keep him in place. She slowly dragged herself closer to him until half of him was filling her. In all honestly, he probably had the strength to pull himself away from her but he was not using it. Probably because this was torturing him just as much as it was torturing her. She began forming circle with her hips, slowly trapping his cock into a hell of wetness and tightness. He hissed, his grip on her wrists lessening as he focused himself on not plunging deep inside her awaiting cunt. It did not see this backfiring like this but he should have seen it coming.

At that point, her whole focus was on holding him back and not on stopping sweet sounds from escaping her mouth. She was moaning, groaning, dying for more - but she was never begging. She would endure the torture. She could endure him and whatever he had to throw at her. She could take it. She was human and she could take him and there was nothing wrong with them. There was pulsing coming from her body where he had sunk his teeth and it was making her throb. She had been so new when they had begun and now, every time he took her, she gained confidence. In herself, in them and in what she could handle.

She could handle him.

Her toes were shaking from squeezing so hard, but he remained where he was.

He knew one of them would have to give.

And he decided to be the one.

He knocked the air out of her as he shoved himself deep inside of her, her legs slipping from his waist. He had given her this win. He wrapped his arms around her legs, keeping them straight and close to her head and then, he used them, held them, to give himself his tempo. He was sliding in and out of her wet cunt with a quick page, watching her breasts bounce with every thrust. She moaned while a smile of triumph was painted upon her lips. Her hands clawed at his chest, the sensations overwhelming her as she squeezed around his cock, the release building up inside of her. She was not very good with the teasing.

He was already close but it was only because she had pushed him to the edge. But it did not matter.

He could lose to her.


Hours had passed, wolves had returned but it had not disturbed their little world. Kagome's body was tangled with his as they remained naked under the sheets. He knew the pack knew better than to come barging in - at least, they would not if they wanted to keep their heads attached to their bodies. Her head was shielded by his and his arms were wrapped around her waist, holding her close to him for protection.

"What's going to happen?"

"What do ya mean?"

"With Ayame's pack."

He shrugged. "It ain't like they're gonna do a bunch of stupid shit. They don't want people looking at them too closely." They could not take revenge like they used to and they could not shut up humans like they used to - keeping them close had mostly been for security measures. He slept better knowing where they were. But it was not like they were going to go and eat half of the town. "It'll be fine."

"I hope so."

She needed to know more than she did. She needed to know what she was supposed to do. If they were going to work out, she would have a place in the pack and she could not always be left out, unsure of how to proceed.

"I don't mind it."


"I don't mind the mark."

She had been called his intended more than once and - and she had even used it to leverage the fact that she did belong with Kouga. How could she deny it after all that? "I mean, I'm not ready to be mated anytime soon." Just like she was not ready to get married anytime soon. "But I don't mind it."

It was a good compromise. Everyone had made her clearly understand that wolves mated for life and when they knew they knew. They did not simply move from one person to another. It was shown by the way Ayame still harbored feelings for Kouga. She had chosen him to be her one and she was having a hard time letting go of the illusion. She was human and she did not have that need to mark someone as hers. It did not mean Kouga represented nothing for her; he was everything. Because she could not understand, the least she could do was be supportive of what he needed. Of course, if he told her what he needed it would make her life a whole lot easier.

"So you want me to re-new it?" He almost did not ask. It was not a permanent mark and he knew she had not been that upset about it but he thought that they had agreed it would simply fade away and it would be the end of that. He never expected her to ask him to - keep it. Of course, he would never be against that. He might have done it in the heat of the moment but it did not mean he did not mean it.

"I don't mind." This time there was a slight blush on her cheeks but he could not see it.

"Is this about Ayame?" he knew he was probably screwing this all up by asking but he had to ask. He did not want her to do anything she did not feel comfortable doing. "You ain't gotta prove nothing, Kagome." She was his and he was hers. And he did not care if there was a mark on her neck or not - it did not lessen what they had. Everyone could go fuck themselves. The pack supported her and in the end, it was the only thing that mattered. He did not care what another pack thought of her and of them. His pack fucking loved her.

"No." She had planted the seed but then again, so had the other girls a long time ago. It had simply taken this cataclysm for her to actually think it all through. "I want to be a part of this. I can't be what a youkai would be but -" But she could do her part. "I want you to be able to do things you want to do. I want you to be who you are." It was why she had let him bite her so much. He had nibbled before, he had grazed his teeth but it had never been this much. She was certain she would have a few bruises tomorrow and she could not care less. She had enjoyed every second of it and she would do it again if he was willing.

"But to do that, you have to tell me."

He was so scared of losing her, so scared that she might run away - that he preferred holding back. He knew what he was before and how reckless he was. He went for it even when she was uncomfortable with it. He could not risk losing her now that he had her. Keeping himself in check seemed like a good way to slowly build their relationship. Although, letting out his more primal side, letting himself do as he felt; it felt good. It felt natural. At some point, he had even stopped thinking about what she might think and he had gone with it. He had let himself be who he was. He was rough with everyone else, he had been violent, he had been out of control…

But not with her.

He always had the safety on. It was good sometimes. She was after all human and a lot more breakable than she was but - she had shown that she could handle her own and that she did not need him protecting her. Maybe his past mistakes were hunting him a bit too much. And he did want to let go. But he did not know how.

"I'll try." It was the best answer he could give her.

She pulled her face away from his chest and she started into his eyes. "Kouga, I can handle it." She did not want him to shelter him from the world - from his world. "Whatever, you need. I want you to ask me, I want you to tell me." She grabbed his chin with her hand, forcing his head down. "If you can't talk to me, what's the point?"

She had been more open than before - she had even reached out for him when she needed him. She had rely on him more than she had wanted to let herself. And he had been there for her every time. Whatever it was that he needed from her, she wanted to be there and she wanted to support it. She needed to shape her life, she needed to find where she was heading and - and he probably had goals as well. She wanted them to be able to be together and to be their own person as well. She had insecurities to let go of, and it would happen over time. She would not be ready to be herself now. But, if she had to worry about them, about him - then neither of them would be able to grow.

"I will." Fuck, now she had made him feel guilty. "Kagome, I ain't keeping anything from you."

She smiled. "I know." He was not lying, he was not keeping secrets. He was simply restricting who he was. "I just want you to be who you are. And I'm okay with it."

He nodded. There was nobody more accepting and loving than her. He knew that already. "I love you." And now that was something he could say without feeling shame or without risking losing her.

"I love you too."

She could shut it all out; the noises coming from the way too packed house, the insecurities, the annoyingness that was Ayame. It appeared that since they begun dating, they were unable to even catch a break. It was one thing after the other and no matter how many steps forward they took, life threw them ten steps backwards. She did not want anything to ruin this moment. She wanted them to be well, and she wanted this to work. She needed this to work. She could not be anything that she was not and he could not be anything that he was not.

They had to learn how to be together while being themselves.

He had many years on her and a lot of experience but maybe, just maybe he had given up. She thought she had as well. She thought she was done expecting things out of life. Maybe she had been wrong. Life still had a lot left for her - she just had to figure out what it was.

The moment was broken when there was a knock on the door.

"Oh for fuck's sake."

He was sure nobody was stupid enough to try and come in while Kagome was naked. They were not stupid and they all had an excellent noise; they knew what had happened and they could tell that the moment was not over. He was about to rip someone's head off.

"Hey, I know y'all naked in there, so I'm not gonna come in." Although Ginta had not been able to stop himself from teasing them, he knew better than to gamble his life away. He was not about to open that door. Under any circumstances. "I just thought I would pop by and let you know you know that Izu is here."


And the perfect moment was done.


A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 27 of 28

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