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A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 3 of 28

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Inviting her over was a great idea - when he thought nobody else would be home.

Instead, his pack was taking the word party to another level. Actually, it was rather common for them since this was their chance to be wild and free. They could enjoy fun and relaxation while letting even their disguises drop. He was used to it and frankly he did his share of partying as well, but he seriously doubted this was the kind of environment Kagome appreciated.

During the past two hours she moved around the different rooms, someone always stopping her. Most of the pack remembered her from the Feudal Era and many thanked her. Each time she blushed, always saying there was no need to thank her. He kept his eye on her but did not smother her. He noticed she seemed out of place but she never came to see him to ask if he could take her home. Then again, it was not in her nature to complain - she complied.

Guilt tugged at him and he downed the rest of his beer rapidly before standing up. He smoothly made his way towards her, teasingly nudging her shoulder with his by leaning down.

"Everyone is great," she said with a smile.

Kouga nodded. "A little wild, but we are wolves." He awkwardly rubbed his neck. "Look, if you wanna go home, I get it. I wasn't expecting anyone today."

She shook her head. "It's fine. Plus, it's giving my mom a chance to stop worrying about me." When he raised an eyebrow in confusion, she explained. "I don't go out much and she thinks - well with everything that happened…"

"All things considered, you're doing pretty good holding it together."

"I am better," she argued. "But it feels like I don't know how to adjust back to the modern world. Losing everyone at the same time didn't help."

He shrugged. "So ya don't wanna do what other people your age do - wait, how old are ya again?"


"Eighteen, so you were - "


He winced. He could not believe she was that young when all that happened to her. He also remembered her looking clearly older than that - he never guessed that she went through it all when she was barely entering her teenage years.

"Shame on you," she teased.

"Hey, I was a cub back then." Reckless, full of ambitions and with a huge ego. Then again, he was the fastest.

"You might have been young but you took really good care of them." Every time someone from the pack looked at Kouga, she saw the admiration in their eyes and the loyalty they had towards him. They were grateful for all of his sacrifices. She might not have always enjoyed his declarations of love but he was a good man - or wolf, rather.

"They're my family."

Softly, she raised her hand and squeezed his arm affectionately. She knew the feeling. She sacrificed herself many times for her family from the Feudal Era and she would do it over and over again if she had to.

Her touch was warm against his arm and he almost leaned in but caught himself in time. "Anytime you wanna go, just tell me, I'll drive you home."

Strangely, she really liked it here. This was the first time she felt like she fit. Being here with all of these youkais - and Kouga - reminded her of the past she left behind. She was surrounded by other people who probably felt like they did not quite belong into this world, although it was probably much worse for them.

"I'll be okay."

"Just -"

"Yo, Kouga!"

He groaned as he turned around. Someone was gesturing for him to come towards the kitchen. "I'll be right back," he said to Kagome before disappearing from her sight.

She watched him leave, clearly a bit annoyed and a smile formed on her lips.

"Here you go, sis!"

Kagome spun around just in the time to see Ginta handing her a bottle of water. "I thought you might be thirsty and ya didn't seem to like the beer," he said with a chuckle.

"Thank you," she replied before quickly uncapping the bottle and drinking a big gulp. It was pretty warm in the house and she had failed to notice just how thirsty she was.

"Do you like it here?" Hakkaku inquired, excited.

Having Kagome back was like a dream come true, especially for Kouga.

"It's nice, it's - it's like home - I mean, a home, it's a home. A nice one," she stuttered. The words slipped past her because she could stop herself. Here, she felt as free as them because everyone knew her past and exactly what she saw and lived through.

"You don't even know how happy Kouga is to have ya back!"

Ginta scoffed. "I think he really needed that."

She pinched her lips, dying to pry into his life but she was not sure if it was right. If he wanted to share his private life with her, he would. Then again, she never asked right?

"Has - has he been alone all this time?"

"Pretty much, I mean I think there's been a girl or two over the centuries. It was nothing though."

She arched an eyebrow. "He never took a mate?" When he declared her as his woman, he made sure to mention wolves mate for life but – well, in his tone she heard how important it was. He spoke with pride. Why would he choose to stay alone?

"He never found anyone."

"He didn't even know me and he claimed me as his woman! I can't believe there isn't one woman who could have made him happy."

"Oh, no. They were women who could have," began Ginta with a shrug. "He just wasn't interested in any of them."

"After you, after he gave you up, he just focused on other stuff and he didn't claim anyone else."

"Oh," she breathed out.

Somehow, she did not see Kouga as a solitary wolf. Maybe something happened that prevented him from getting with someone? They did mention a girl or two. If he paid attention to them, he must have liked them at the very least.

"What about you, sis? Are you seeing anyone?"

She nearly burst out laughing. "No," she said with a grin. "I -" She never saw anyone. She was not quite sure being two timed by Inuyasha counted. And before they had a chance to begin a real relationship she was sent to her world, locked there forever. "There hasn't been anyone."

Since Inuyasha. Those words lingered in all their minds but they were never spoken.

"I guess that leaves you free to -" Hakkaku was never given the chance to finish his sentence as Ginta hit him in the stomach with an awkward smile on his face.

"You know - study and not be distracted," Ginta finished.

Slightly puzzled by their strange attitude, she lifted her eyebrows and her eyes widened a bit. "I- I guess."

Unfortunately for her, their conversation was brought to a halt when someone bumped into her. It would not have been that bad if it was not for their warm beer spilling all over her shirt. She gasped immediately and backed away from the man.


She blinked, the liquid soaking through not only her shirt but her bra as well.

"Sis, are you alright?" Hakkaku and Ginta asked in unison as they rushed to her side.

They glared at the wolf who bumped into her, both of them thinking he was lucky Kouga was not around. They were there when he gave up on Kagome, saying it was a crush and he was over it. However, there were also there when he said he found her again - the look in his eyes was unmistakable. He still loved her.

"I'm fine," she said sheepishly. This kind of thing always happened to her.

"Why don't you go to the bathroom - the one upstairs? I'm sure we got something that'll fit ya." They had some girls living at the house from time to time too. Perhaps one of them left something behind.


They guided her to the stairs and then pointed. "Third door on your left."

She nodded and hopped the stairs as fast as possible. She did not have a wolf's sense of smell but even she could tell she reeked of beer and she found it disgusting. She counted the doors and stopped in front of the third one. Fancy door for a bathroom, she noticed. Once she entered, she realized why; it was not a bathroom but rather a bedroom. She timidly walked in and closed the door behind her. Really, she should not be in here but this was not her home and she would feel bad if she started opening all the doors until she found the bathroom.

To top it all up, this room did not appear to be occupied; it was too clean to be.

She dragged her feet until she reached the bed and plopped down on it. She pulled her shirt away from her body, holding the fabric with her index and thumb. Ginta and Hakkaku would probably find her even if she was in the wrong room so she decided to patiently wait.

Kagome kicked her feet along the edge of the bed as she laid down completely. Her arms were spread out by her side and her eyes were closed. Life here must be hectic but she imagined they were never bored - or lonely. They welcomed her like she was one of their own. Five hundred years ago she technically was. She chuckled.

"Something funny?"

She jolted in surprise, sitting right up almost immediately. Once her heartbeat finally slowed down, she squinted. "Kouga?"

He was not surprised that she had not heard him. He opened the door as quietly as he could. He had been waiting, leaning against the doorway, thinking she would feel his presence soon. He was wrong. When she laughed, he was unable to remain silent any longer.

"Didn't mean to scare ya," he said as he walked into the room. "The guys told me what happened." He needed to have a talk with someone. He did not appreciate her getting bumped into. This was her first time in his new home and he did not want her to stay away because of an incident.

"It's no big deal," she said as she pulled on her shirt. "Though beer smells really gross."

"Yeah," he spoke while rubbing his neck. "We checked but there's no shirt. I can lend you one of mine if you'd like. I mean, we could wash yours or something."

"Mm- sure." She did not really want to stay in that wet shirt.

She expected him to leave the room to get the shirt but instead, he headed straight for the dresser. She groaned, of course. "This is your room?"

"You sound surprised," he said as he roamed through his clothes.

"No - I just, it's mm, clean. I thought nobody was using it."

He arched an eyebrow. "My bedroom can't be clean?"

"No, no, I - ugh!"

Kouga burst out laughing. "I'm kidding. I wouldn't expect it either."

He grabbed a black shirt and closed the drawer and joined her on the bed. "I'm pretty sure that's the smallest shirt I've got."


As he got closer to her he did not fail to notice the scents that covered her. She might only smell the beer but he did not. Another male's scent. Obviously she was covered in them but the one from the male who bumped into her was the strongest and he did not like it. Ginta and Hakkaku hugged her and he could barely smell it. He sniffed and almost growled.


Her voice snapped him out of it and he pulled his gaze away. "I'll wait outside."

She watched him as he left, confused. Did she do something? When he closed - almost slammed - the door behind him, the feeling increased. Unsettled, she quickly removed her shirt and put on his. As she crumpled her shirt in a ball in her hands, a new scent took over. One that was much better than the beer. It smelled - like a man.

"I'm done," she quietly spoke, knowing he would hear her nonetheless.

Kouga slipped back into the room, this time not leaving the door open. He reached out and grabbed her shirt from her. "They get a little wild," he said, amusement no longer laced in his tone.

"It's fine, I was in the way."

"I'm not mad at you."

"Oh, I know." No, she did not.

"They get rough - and you're human and I don't want them to forget it." Lies, lies.

"I'm not that fragile," she said almost insulted.

"I know, but you haven't seen how youkais play."

As he spoke, she felt a tingle travel through her. Was it her or his voice was a little lower and huskier than usual? She swallowed and ran her tongue over her lips. No, she imagined it.

When she fell silent, he felt edginess surround them. "You can go back down if ya want."

She shrugged. It was a little weird going downstairs with a shirt that was big enough to be a dress for her. Plus, she did not mind it upstairs. She barely saw Kouga since she arrived at his house; he was quite the busy wolf.

"It's quiet up here." He smiled. "Don't get me wrong, I love all of 'em, but sometimes I feel like I'll go crazy if I don't get away from all the noise." There was a reason why he did not travel with a big pack when he roamed the lands back in the past.

"Sometimes, I feel like I'll go crazy if I stay by myself."

She had never told anyone but it felt so natural to share with him just like he had with her. "I mean, I have my family. I love them but they worry so much and - I feel like I can't tell them everything. Especially all the near death experiences." They would know she was safe now but she did not want them dwelling on the past like she was.

Since they were sharing she wondered if it was appropriate to ask the question burning her lips. "Th- they told me, after I asked, that you never found anyone. Why not?"

He closed his eyes. He was going to kill them. "There was nobody."

"Why not? Aren't you lonely? I mean - you're the leader or the pack… the prince. Aren't you supposed to have babies... pups… cubs or something?"

This time, he chortled loudly. "Cubs." He pushed his arms backwards, his palms pressed against the bed, and he leaned backwards. "All the wolves down there? That's pretty much all that's left of all the packs. We kinda merged over the years. It's not like popping out children is common anymore. Some don't think it's fair to bring new cubs into the world just to make them hide themselves their whole life. It ain't like we're gonna be on top ever again. At least not for a while."

Her eyes saddened. "What about hanyous?"

"Not everybody likes mixing that much. Plus, then you gotta explain the whole 'I'm a youkai' thing. It's just a little complicated."

"What about you? How do you feel about the whole thing?"

"I want cubs," he almost immediately answered. Maybe it was selfish from some of their points of views but he could not care less. Before the world changed, he wanted a family and he still did. He would always make sure to provide a safe haven like this one for his children where they could be themselves. There was no reason why co-existence could not work.

"Full blooded cubs?"

"I once proclaimed you my woman. I guess you could say I don't care."

Before her, he did. Heck, before her he treated humans like they were food which meant he never actually thought he would have hanyous. Then Kagome came along and he did not really care. She was perfect in every way and he decided whatever cubs she gave him, they would be too.

"Well, you did need a jewel detector. I didn't think you ever thought that far."

He frowned. "A jewel detector?"

She tilted her head to look at him. "When you decided I was gonna be yours, it was so I could find shards for you guys."

"At first. But it wasn't just that. I thought you'd make a good mate. I didn't just pick you because you could see jewel shards. I certainly didn't keep coming back after you because of that. I meant everything I ever said about you."

Kouga declaring his love on top of a mountain. How could she forget? "You know, I was touched - I mean, when you said you loved me. You had just kidnapped me and threw me in a battle and I didn't even know you but, you made me feel like swooning a little."

"Good to know not everything I did was in vain."

"I did appreciate your friendship and all the times you saved my life."

"I'll take what I can get."

He stared into her eyes, her smile captivating him. He wanted to see her happy and he wanted to be the reason why she was smiling. He would not let her be depressed and sad again. Above all else, she was a friend and he wanted to help her. She did not deserve to wallow in unhappiness.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened with a loud slam. "O-h sorry. I - hm, I found a shirt for ya, Sis," Hakkaku said bashfully.

He winced, never daring to peek at Kouga; he assumed his leader was glaring at him. He did not think they would be laying together on the bed or nothing! It was not like he was trying to interrupt them.

"Thanks!" Kagome said as she got up to get the shirt.

Kouga followed her lead, his disappointment hard to hide. "I'll be downstairs."

She nodded and closed the door behind them. The conversation with Kouga made her feel happy and strange at the same time. How many nights, how many days did she spend by Inuyasha side? Countless. Yet, she never remembered them having a lot of profound two-way conversation. She did comfort him a few times but he never really returned the favor. She knew it was because he was not used to opening up himself and being vulnerable; she did not blame him.

Nonetheless, it was nice to talk to Kouga like that. Especially since he was the last person she ever expected to be able to do that with.

He was full of surprises.


The rest of the night went by smoothly and Kouga returned her to her home a little before dinner. Nobody asked her any questions and the meal was surprisingly silent though, she was grateful. It almost felt like she did not unnecessarily burden them with her troubles. Once she was done eating, she took a long warm shower. Instead of standing in it, she sat and wrapped her arms around her knees, letting the hot water drown her into her own thoughts.

Today, she barely thought of him.

It was the first time in a long time. At the beginning, Kouga's return into her life only made her think about him more often and intensively. However, once she found herself busy with them today, chatting and laughing, he was pushed into the back of her mind. Now, she wondered if she should feel guilty. Despite the fights, despite the two-timing, Inuyasha was good to her.

He did care for her in his own way but he loved Kikyo more. She did come first; how could Kagome blame him? When Kikyo passed away for good, Kagome was sad for him. He lost the love of his life and somehow, she felt like he was stuck with her. If the well did not stop working, if she went back, they might have been together. She would have ben locked in her belief that she was his second choice, forever. How could she be his first when he never had to pick?

That never happened though.

He was gone and she was here.

She could spend hours telling herself all the reasons why her crush, actually her love, for Inuyasha was wrong for her. Their relationship was never the healthiest. More giving than receiving. Again, Inuyasha had a hard life and she would never hold it against him. She chose to give him everything knowing she would not get anything in return. And yet he did - he did give in the end. A touch, a rescue, a scream of despair when he thought he might have lost her.

If their path was different, it might have been better. Maybe she wanted to be the one for Inuyasha but she was not right for him.

He was her first crush, the first person she loved - she did not know how to forget him or how to move on from him even if he was gone from her life. She did not want to erase their memories but she did not want to dwell in it. Today, she felt alive and she sought that feeling again.

Once her body felt numb from the hot water, she decided she needed to get out. She turned off the water and grabbed the nearest towel, wrapping it around herself. She stepped out, her wet hair dripping on the floor. She dragged herself to her bedroom and collapsed on her bed. She actually was exhausted. She was rusty when it came to going out it seemed.

Her eyelids heavy, she closed them.


Toss. Toss. Toss. Toss.


How in the world was he supposed to sleep in his own goddamn bed when all he could smell was her fucking scent? She might have only sat on the edge but it was all over the fucking place. His temper was slipping and he found himself kicking his blankets away with his feet. A thin layer of sweat formed at the base of his neck, droplets sliding down his spine. He never really let anyone in here. He never locked the door because he did not have to; they knew it was his bedroom.

She did not. And she walked right in. Out of all the rooms. Really, what made her pick this one?

Another growl of frustration escaped him and he decided he had enough. He flipped his body, his feet touching the ground. Kouga slumped forward, his elbows resting on his knees. His fingers tangled with his long, loose hair and he sighed. At least he could deal with a sleepless night; he did not need the rest.

He forced himself onto his feet and made his way downstairs to the living room. Yes, he had a television in his room but that would not let him escape her wretched scent. Though as he plopped down on the couch, he realized she had left a trace everywhere.

Usually another scent, especially one that was not wolf, was bothersome. Hers made the place feel like home.

He threw his head backward while his hand fumbled around the couch until he found the remote. He switched the TV on, the light brightening the whole room.

"Can't sleep?"

"It smells like her," he admitted a bit embarrassed. He could have kept that information to himself but he did not want to.

"It's our fault," Ginta said as he joined him on the couch.

"What is?"

"We sent her to your room. Told her it was the bathroom."

Kouga turned his head and glared. "You did what?"

"Didn't even think you'd show up really. Just thought you'd have her scent in your room."


"Cause ya missed, Sis alright! We're just as much wolf as ya are. Don't think we can't smell it. You're happy around her. Hell, you haven't really been with a woman or found a woman since Kagome."

"I haven't been with a woman since I proposed to her."


"Oh what?"

"Well, I thought, that girl back a few centuries ago… I might have told Kagome you had someone but it was nothing."

"You did what?"

It did not really change anything. She knew he gave up on her, she even expected him to move on. Yet, it bothered him that she thought he found someone else, regardless if it was brief or not.

"Look - I just - I thought… she hasn't been with anyone. Not even Inuyasha you know."

"I know. I smelled it."

Kagome was completely virginal. Her innocence emitted from her every pore. Part of him was pleased Inuyasha never got her; he did not even deserve her anyway.

"I mean, she hasn't even dated."

It did not surprise him; she was still hung on the mutt.

"She can date who she wants."

"Wouldn't you rather she dates you?"

He sighed, his frustration peaking. "I ain't gonna be that guy anymore, alright. I already spent almost a year bothering her and forcing my unwanted presence on her. I ain't gonna do that again."

"I don't know, Sis doesn't act like before. She didn't seem weird or nothing around you."

Because he was a friend whom she trusted; she made that point very clear a couple of times. He did not mind being her friend - he wanted to be. What he did not wish for was for his infatuation with her to return.

"You never really forgot about Sis, did ya?"

The more shocked Kagome seemed that Kouga spent five hundred years alone, the stronger Ginta found it. Their leader was powerful and charming; he could get any lady. Why did he not try?

"Ya only did it because you wanted her to stop worrying about hurting your feelings."


He did it because he knew she would never love him back. He might be stubborn but he was not stupid. She only had eyes for Inuyasha. Even now, even if he was dead, there would still be competition.

"I'm not going after her."

Ginta nodded. Fine, Kouga would not try to court Kagome. It did not mean he and Hakkaku would stop trying to get them together. Hell, he was sure if he asked the rest of the pack, they would help. They all loved Kagome and accepted Kouga's choice five hundred years ago. Why wouldn't they now?

"What if she goes after you?"

"She won't."

He was not certain. Kagome was different. Maybe she would not go for Kouga but he did not think all hope was lost.


Kagome's feet felt heavy as she exited her bedroom. Morning came too rapidly and on top of that, she stupidly let herself fall asleep with her hair wet and nothing more than a towel wrapped around her body. Not smart. Now, she felt like she was about to get sick. Despite all of that she managed to do a decent ponytail out of her tangled hair and she slipped on shorts and a t-shirt.

The sweet scent of food filled her nostrils as she rapidly ran down the stairs. "Morning," she chirped as she landed in the kitchen.

"Morning," her mother greeted.

"Morning," two other voices added.

Kagome froze, eyes wide open. "Ginta? Hakkaku?" But no Kouga.

"Hey Sis! Your mom told us you were sleeping and then she offered us breakfast!"

They were happily digging in their plates, absolutely certain they made the right choice by coming over. Delicious home cooked food was always a plus, especially since they did not get that very often.

"W-what are you guys doing here?" she asked, baffled. It was not that their presence made her unhappy but she did not remember making plans for today.

"Oh - well, we were about to go see Kouga at his work. We're gonna help him out. The faster we do the work, the more money we get."

"We thought you might wanna come. Have lunch. Kouga hasn't eaten yet." They were not supposed to either but they could not resist Miyu's cooking. Also, if only Kouga and Kagome ate, they would get some alone time. It was not the best plan but when Kouga announced he was going to be working all day, it was all they could come up with. Everybody liked to eat right?

"You know, that's a great idea," her mother chipped in. "I could wrap some of this and you could bring it to him!"

"Mm, sure."

Part of her felt like she was imposing. He was at work; that was no time for her to bother him.

"He won't mind," Hakkaku said, sniffing out her emotions.

"That's cheating," she said with a smile.

"Come on, Sis. We just found you again! We just all wanna spend some time with you."

It was nice to be needed and wanted. She did enjoy herself yesterday. What would be the harm in having lunch? Really, what were her plans for the rest of the day? Stay inside and help her mom. It was not exactly thrilling. Plus, it would be interesting to see what youkais did to earn their life. She wondered if they cheated.

"I'll pack the lunches," she said giving in. "Do you guys want more?"

"No, we're good." At that moment, they prayed their stomachs would not betray them - and they did not. They needed the two of them alone, or as alone as a construction site would allow them to be.

As Kagome and her mother packed two lunches - because she was starving - she found herself wishing she did not look like she was knocked over by a tornado. It was not like she wanted to pretty herself up but she looked like a mess.

Moments ticked away until finally, they clipped the lunch boxes closed. "Enjoy!" Miyu said as she handed both to Kagome. "You kids have fun."

"Thank you for the food Mrs. Higurashi."

"You're welcome."

Kagome led the way and Ginta and Hakkaku followed behind her. The same car as yesterday was parked at the end of the stairs and she assumed they simply all shared it. She slipped in the back while the boy went in the front. She realized she forgot to ask just what exactly Kouga's job was all about but she figured she was about to find out.

They only drove for fifteen minutes before they parked the car. She got out, the lunch boxes held tightly against her chest with one hand and she glanced around. Akumi construction, said a big sign. Construction? She supposed he was very strong - they all were. It probably made the job much easier for all of them.

"Yo, Kouga. We got lunch."

Her gaze followed them and a bit further until her eyes landed on him. He was bent over, his chest completely bare. Before rising up, he sniffed. His expression changed but she could not quite make it out. He looked at her over his shoulder and he seemed surprised.

"Oh yeah, we picked up Kagome. Her mom made the lunches."

They could not be any more obvious even if they tried. Good thing Kagome could not hear them. Although he doubted she would figure out what they were trying to do.

He sighed before walking towards her, a smile now on his face. He did not want her to think he was upset with her. Actually, he was rather happy to see her, especially with food.

"Hey," she said timidly. "The guys picked me - I - I hope it's okay."

"Yeah they don't care here. Plus, I'm just working for the day. Extra money since we're so many at the house right now." The reason why they came to him was so he could look after them. Money could do that.

"For you," she said handing him one of the boxes.

"You made this?" He knew she did not but he asked nonetheless.

"No, so it's safe."

"Hey, I'd love to eat your cooking," he said, offended.

"You wouldn't."

"I dare you to cook for me."

"Fine, I will."


He childishly stuck his tongue out at her before ruffling his hand in her hair, messing up her ponytail. He turned his back on her and headed for the closest table. He did not fail to notice Ginta and Hakkaku were nowhere to be seen but that did not shock him.

Kagome followed behind him, her eyes locked on his back. He might have been a bit scrawny back then but he no longer was. Many muscles bulged through his sturdy back and she held her breath for a moment. Once she realized what she was doing, she looked away blushing.

She did not just stare.

And then, the scent in the air shifted and Kouga smirked.

Hey, he would take all that he could get.


A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 3 of 28

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