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A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 4 of 28

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Days went by and Kagome did not hear from Kouga or the others. No more surprise visits or anything. The first day after having lunch with him, she actually woke up early. She was kind of hoping to not be in her pyjamas again during one of their visits. But, nobody came. After the third day, she got back into her previous routine; getting up, hanging around in her pyjamas during the early morning and then helping her family with the shrine. It eventually dawned on her that she did not even have his phone number. She could not call him even if she wanted.

His missing presence was strange. He came to the shrine, he invited her to his house and then, nothing. It was like he vanished, like he never was.

Then again, she could not forget that everyone was not like her; some people actually had a life. She had no plans for the future, nothing she was working towards since her teenage years pretty much screwed it up for her. She was grateful and happy for all the good she was able to do but - well, it would have been preferable to stay in the Feudal Era. She could no longer have a proper life here and she was not sure how to start putting the pieces back together.

She tucked herself into the couch even more, a red blanket covering her legs. She stuffed her hand into her bag of chips, mindlessly looking at the television. Her brother was going to be home soon and he would steal the TV to play some of his video games. She was trying to catch up on her shows as much as she could meanwhile.

Unfortunately for her, a loud knock on the front door pulled her out of her concentration.

"Kagome could you get that? It's the men dropping off the wood for the new roof. Can you ask them how much it costs?"


She kicked the blanket off of her body and rushed towards the door. Kagome almost tripped as she opened the door, her head leaning forward. "How- how much is it?" she asked as she tried to get her balance back.

"Depends on what you want," a confident voice inquired.

Her eyes bulged out as she recognized it. "K-kouga?"

He flashed a cocky smirk at her and leaned forward to ruffle her hair. "Sorry, I thought it'd be okay if I just kinda showed up."

"Oh, mm it's fine."

For a moment, she forgot the way her hair was tangled in a messed up bun or the overly large blue sweater than hung off her shoulders.

"Were you expecting someone?" he asked before peeking around.

"It's the - thee guys who are delivering the wood."

"What for?"

"The roof."

He stepped away and lifted his head to look at her roof. He frowned, clearly displeased. "Yeah, it looks like it's about to cave in over there." He grabbed his chin with his index and thumb. "Who's gonna fix it?"

"Us. We can't really -" She blushed a bit. "Afford it."

"I'll do it."


"I'll do it," he repeated with a shrug of his shoulders. "I do this kind of stuff all the time."

"I cou-"

But he did not let her finish. "It's fine."

He let himself in and closed the door behind him. "Is there anything else you need done around here?" He forgot; it was only Kagome, her mother, her brother and grandpa. One day her brother could probably fix up the place but he was too young right now.

"Kouga, really, you don't have to do this. It's fine."

"Kagome, you might not be my woman but you are pack anyway. We take care of our owns."

He was not going to let her live in a house where things could fall apart. He had money, he always did. He meant it when he said he was working to help everyone in the pack and in his eyes that included her. Plus, she sacrificed a lot to help in the past and she never demanded anything in return. He believed it was time that somebody returned the favor and helped her. He was going to be that somebody.

"Kagome, did they sa-" Kagome's mother stopped mid sentence when she noticed Kouga and then smiled at him. "Oh Kouga! I didn't know you and Kagome were heading out together today."

"Oh we aren't, here's here to-" Wait. What was he here for?

"I'm going to fix up the shrine with the guys," he said, flashing a grin.


"But I told him, it was fine and we had it all taken care of," Kagome added.

"Your daughter has helped us a lot. It's the least we can do. And to thank you for the fantastic lunch the other day."

"That is very kind of you, are you sure? I wouldn't feel right ab-"

"Please. We really want to do this."

"Thank you," Miyu said, her eyes glimmering with what seemed like tears. "We were going to have lunch soon, you should join us."

"Thank you Mrs. Higurashi," he said with a head tilt.

Kagome watched her mother leave, guilt swirling inside of her. She did not want Kouga to feel like he had to take care of her because he did not have to do that. She always took care of herself and so did her family. Though, she would be lying if she said this did not help. Her family did not have much money and the shrine was falling apart.

"You really didn't have to, but thank you."

He put a hand on her shoulder and squeezed. "Anytime."

Kouga missed her which probably made him linger his hand on her shoulder a bit longer than he intended. He did not mean to disappear for a few days but he was busy; he was the only leader the wolves had left. He also matured and he could not just run off for weeks at a time. His loyalty was to his people and when he had to take care of them, he did. Now they had their annual little gathering coming up and it required a lot of preparations. He thought about asking Kagome to join them but he was not sure she would say or enjoy it.

Kagome led him in the living room in complete silence.

He joined her on the couch, his arm resting on top of it, almost around her shoulder.

"So why'd you come over?" she finally asked.

He noticed a hint of…anger? He did not say anything but he smirked. "I thought I'd check up on you. I've been busy lately."

"You didn't have to, I'm fine."

"I'm also leaving for the weekend."

"Oh?" She did not mean to sound interested but she was. Why did he bother to come here and tell her that?

"It's a wolf thing. We go sorta camping. Away from the city and the smells." The whole pack went. It was a chance for them to unleash their inner beasts and roam free without worries. They usually picked a very secluded area, making sure no humans were around. After all, they might mistake them for regular wolf and try to kill them.

"Oh, I didn't know you did that. I guess it makes sense." She saw what happened to Kouga when he was in his wolf form in the city. "You do that all the time?"

"At least once a year. More if we can." Trying to blend in with humans was a full time job and it did not leave them much time to be themselves.

Now that he shared that information with her, he felt uneasy not inviting her. She was always welcome but… he did not want her to come just not to offend him, especially since he was certain she would not like. She never looked comfortable in his den back in the Feudal Era.

"You -hm, you can come. If you want. I mean, I didn't think you would. It's gonna be wolf, very wolf," he rambled a bit nervous.

"I don't wanna impose," she quickly replied.

He frowned, displeased. "Hey, you never impose alright? The guys would love it if you came, so would I. I just didn't want ya feeling like you gotta come."

"You still have your sleeping bag," a voice behind them said.

Kagome almost jumped, eyes widened. "Mom?"

"I kept it, it's all in the closet."

Her sleeping bag. The one she used in the Feudal era, the one she had not seen ever since her return. She remembered leaving her yellow bag and not touching it. Her mom eventually put it away and it was never spoken of again. Instead, she got a new school bag to finish her last year of school.

"We have plenty of tents." So she did want to go? Now he felt like an idiot.

Kagome felt uncomfortable under both their gazes. "It sounds like fun. Why not?" It felt forced and she did not know why. When he first spoke of it she thought it sounded quite fun. She missed sleeping beneath the stars, watching them glow in the darkness. Granted back then she would have done anything for a comfortable bed but it was different now. She wanted it all back.

"Great, we'll leave tomorrow and then," he turned to look at her mother, "we'll start the work here on Monday."

Kagome smiled, nervous. Her guts were twisted and she was nauseous. The part turning her insides upside down was the sleeping bag. She was certain that if she unrolled it, Inuyasha's scent would still be on it and then, she had no idea how she would sleep. She did not need the extra memories of what her life used to be like. Though maybe it would help - when she went to his house she felt like she was back in the Feudal Era but it made her feel better not worse.

Kouga seemed to have adjusted well into his new life.

Perhaps she could do the same.


His lips were pinched tightly and he was attempting not to burst out laughing. Kagome stood in front of him, in beige capri pants and a yellow t-shirt, her hair in a ponytail. At her feet was the biggest, most stretched, bag he ever saw in his life. There was no doubt she shoved everything she owed in it and then fought to close it. The lack of oxygen was leaving a red hue on his face and he was certain he was going to choke if he did not laugh.

"I need all this stuff," she defended. Her hands were on her hips, a slight anger on her face. "I always carried that much back then."

He let a few chuckle slip and nodded. "Good thing we got a car to ourselves," was all he said as he picked up her bag from the ground and swung it over his shoulder.

"We do?"

It was not his decision - not that he minded it. Ginta and Hakkaku apparently took it upon themselves to organize the cars and they claimed this was just the only way it would work. Everyone had minimal baggages but a full car except them. They were going to have most of the supplies and whatnot and only be two. He knew they did it to leave him alone with Kagome but he did not fight the decision. He had yet to really have time alone with her and it would be pleasing.

He was about to turn around and head for the car when he noticed something else behind her. "Is that your sleeping bag?"

"Oh, I got it."

Her heartbeat increased and she slightly bent down to grab it. Unfortunately for her, Kouga heard her pummelling heartbeat along with the scent of nervousness all over her. He furrowed his eyebrows and took it from her. The moment it was near his body, he smelled it; Inuyasha. Oh. That was why she did not want to bring it. Now that he was thinking about it, he did see her in a sleeping bag once or twice in the Feudal Era. Shit.

"Ya know, this looks pretty old. We got a lot of back up ones if ya don't think this one's gonna hold up."

"Are you sure?" Yes. Yes. Yes. She was never in a rush to accept a favor but this one she was.

"Yeah, don't worry about it." He opened the door of her house and put it against the wall before closing the door again. "Come on, let's go."

If he was going to have Kagome with him for the weekend, the last thing he wanted was Inuyasha's scent all over the goddamn place and Kagome being depressed. He was going to make sure she was happy and had fun. Or at least as much fun a human could have while surrounded by wild wolves.

She joined him in the car feeling like a weight was lifted off of her shoulders. She sat in the passenger seat while he loaded her stuff in the back. When he got into the car, he turned on the radio. "You can put whatever on."

It might be a bad idea but he was certain whatever she chose he would be able to handle it. Hopefully.

When Yuna Ito's songs came on, he knew he was doomed and he winced. It did not go unnoticed by Kagome who began to look very apologetic. "Sorry, I'll find something else."

"Nah, it's fine."

She barely held back a laugh as she nodded. "So - what do you guys do during this camping trip?"

"Shift into our natural forms, hunt, you know stuff like that."

"Oh sounds like mrm, fun?"

"Sorry, it's not really 'human' stuff. But I mean, I promise you won't be bored." Oh yeah, this was sort of the other reason why he did not think she would like to come. What could that she would not find disgusting or extremely boring? Somehow, he did not think she would enjoy the 'catch a live rabbit with your mouth' game.

"It'll be like being back," she let slip out.

"That's why we do it."

She understood more than any human ever would. He just wished it did not make her so sad. Her sadness filled the car and it was suffocating him. She should look back on her experiences and realize all that she gained not all that she lost. It was hard for them too but they eventually adjusted. Although, maybe it was only difficult for her to move on because she lost Inuyasha - but he would not think about that. No mutt face this weekend, hence why he got rid of her sleeping bag.

"It was hard when we kinda lost everything," he shared. "We just had to come with ways to ya know stay ourselves while learning to live amongst you guys. It wasn't easy."

"Som- sometimes I don't know. I want to go see my friends and be a student again - one who fails science and sucks at geometry. Then, I remember. And I don't know if anyone is - was okay. I never got to say goodbye." She just vanished from their lives. "It was my home."

Without thinking, he reached out for her hand and squeezed it. "It was mine too."

She did not flinch, she did not pull away. All she did was give a squeeze back and he happily kept his hand there as he kept on driving with one hand.


When he said camping, he meant camping.

She forgot how long they drove before she almost drifted into dreamland. The occasional bumps brought her back from her rest a few times but she was still groggy for most of the ride. When they finally arrived, everyone unpacked fairly quickly and she was no match for their wolf speed and spent most her time standing around looking quite foolish. Once it was completed, she noticed they had quite the set up. They had all the tents on one side, though many sleeping bags were laid outside of them - probably for people to sleep outside -, the food was one another and they already had a campfire going.

It was not too long after all was taken care of that most of the pack turned into wolves and began running around, happily howling even though it was early. Kagome had a smile on her face as she sat down by the campfire and picked up a twig to play it. As she was digging tracing circles in the ground with it, she heard footsteps. Kouga's familiar sneakers came into view and he bent down.

"Sorry, they're a little excited."

"You should go to," she quickly offered. "That's why you're here."

He shrugged. "I'm alright."

"Kouga, I'll be fine," she reprimanded. "I'll feel bad if you stay here keeping me company instead of having fun."

"Who says I'm not having fun?" he asked with a smirk.

She inclined her head to the left, mouth twisted into a pout. "There is about thirty wolves here. I think I'll be safe," she said, dropping her stick. "Plus, I've never seen you transform in your wolf form."

"Who said I was gonna transform in front of you."

Her pout increased. "Not fair."

All she ever saw was his wolves and to be fair she thought for a long time that they were actual wolves not youkai. Perhaps it was Sesshomaru's overly large dog form that made her think all youkai's true forms were gigantic. Frankly, she preferred a smaller version. Kouga was adorable as a wolf though she was curious as of how he changed.

"We'll see," he said before disappearing in a blur.

She barely had time to catch a glimpse of the transformation that he was already a wolf, running through the forest. She shook her head, amused. This was exactly what she was looking for; a good time where she did not have to pretend everything was fine and like she did not time traveled.

Hours went by and all the wolves ran around the campsite and the forest. Each time one poked its head near her, she assumed they were checking up on her, most likely ordered by Kouga. She could not really tell who was who except for Kouga. Whenever she caught sight of blue, she knew it was him and she would smile. By the time darkness fell most of them were laying around the campfire, still in the wolf form. Kouga however, was in his tent getting changed.

When he pulled the tent open he was forced to stop and watch the scene unfolding in front of his eyes. Kagome was gently petting Ginta's head - though she probably did not know it was him, giggling every time he licked her palm. He had to hold back a growl there. He had no more claim on her and she was not his. Anybody could lick her - or alright, maybe he should not think about someone licking Kagome… Anybody could be around her and do what they wanted. Yeah that was better wording. Sort of. Ugh.

Still, it seemed a slight rumble escaped him nonetheless since Ginta stiffened and backed away from Kagome.

"Back to yourself?" she asked as she turned her head over her shoulder.

"More comfortable."

"Really?" You would think being a wolf in the middle of forest would be most comfortable.

He shrugged. He just wanted to be near her and talk to her - plus she looked lonely. He did promise he would keep her happy this weekend.

"I didn't even get to pet you."

Oh, he knew she meant it very innocently. He did like the sound of it though. Why did he not think about it? Once he transformed it was like he went on a running rampage. Last time he let himself transformed he got trapped and she rescued him. Though it was a great memory and a fortunate turn of events, he was planning on getting caught in another trap. This was his chance to be himself.

"We do have a whole weekend."

He sat down beside her, crossing his legs. Meanwhile, she was back to mindlessly running her fingers through Ginta's pelt. It was so soft. She wondered if Kouga's was so soft. She could not really remember since she was more worried about his wound when she saw him.

"I can't believe I stopped to help you," she finally blurted out.

Kouga chuckled. "Yeah, until I realized it was you, I thought, who is this crazy girl stopping for a wolf."


"Before I realized it was you. Humans are weird; they don't help. You do." He leaned forward, his long ponytail swaying. "You're kind and loyal."

He looked at her with such intensity in his eyes that she felt a blush rise up on her cheeks. "You're the one inviting me and fixing up the shrine."

"You're gonna have to get over that," he said, pulling away. "Marshmallows?" he offered while dangling the bag in front of her face.

She arched an eyebrow. Not very wild wolf trip.

"It is a camping trip," he said as he ripped the bag open and popped a marshmallow in his mouth.

How was she supposed to say no now? She took two, eating one right away before putting the other one at the end of stick and holding it above the fire. He crunched his nose; he did not like the smell of burnt food. He did however enjoy watching her shoving the melted thing in her mouth and then licking her fingers clean.

"Ugh, sticky," she complained, as she tried to get the remaining of the white substance on her digits.

His eyes widened slightly more than he wanted but he quickly caught himself. He did not care what Ginta said the other night or the fact that he dragged Kagome to the construction site right after that. She was looking for a friend, not a mate - or boyfriend - and he would be that for her. He already knew how she felt about him in the past and he doubted a few days without him changed that. All he wanted was to have her in his life.

"Are they gonna sleep in their wolf form? Aren't they gonna change?"

"They could, if you want to be surrounded by naked people."

"Na-naked? Oh."

He was certain she could not get any redder even if she tried.

"I didn't think - I mean it makes sense." Nonetheless, she found herself not petting the wolf beside her anymore. She sort of forgot that under the whole nice, soft fur thing they also were sort of human. And it was weird.

He chortled at her reaction, his heart light with joy. She avoided looking at him, embarrassed and he enjoyed it. Once the laughter died down he pointed a tent to her. "That one is yours. I already put your bag and a sleeping bag in there."

"Thank you."

Two nights here, out with all of them. She was glad her mother cornered her into going. She would have regretted it. Plus, she was really learning to enjoy the company of the wolves. The only time she was in Kouga's den she did not really have time to make a lot of friends; she was mostly concerned with not getting eaten and how to escape. Thinking back about the memory, she laughed.

"Did the slap actually hurt you?"

He appeared baffled for a moment but then he understood what she was talking about. "Not really. I was mostly shocked that you slapped me."

"You chauvinistically claimed me."

"I did what wolves do."


"Why what?"

"Why do you do that? You just say, I claim you and someone is supposed to be yours?"

He tittered before beginning to rub his neck. "Not exactly. I mean, usually we court the female for a while. Then, she says yes or no - and you sort of take it from there, you know."

"What does courting involve?"

Now, it was going to be his turn to be red-faced. "Kinda like what I did to you. Bring you flowers. Give you attentions, fight for you. Usually you'd bring a fresh kill, give food, hospitality, nuzzle, ya know, small touches."

He did grab her hands an awful lot back then she recalled. "So you were courting me back then?"

He nodded. "And you never gave me an answer by the way. Slaps don't count. So you kinda left me hanging."

"You did give up," she pointed out.

"What else was I gonna do? You were in love with mutt face." The words slipped before he realized he spoke them. Then, he regretted it and it was too late to take them back.

Her expression formed into one of pain for a brief moment but she quickly hid it behind a smile. "I guess I never did give you an answer."

Kouga pinched his lips, feeling like an idiot. "I'm sorry Kagome, I didn't mean to…"

"It's fine. I mean, it's been two years already. And I'm sure Inuyasha found someone who made him happy." Saying his name out loud crushed her heart. "Everybody moved on." Except her.

"You're allowed to do the same, ya know." He cleared his throat. "Find someone I mean. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard for you."

"I don't - I mean, I'm not in a rush. I'm not very good at the whole dating thing." Mostly because the only person that she ever tried to date was Inuyasha and boy was that a complicated relationship.

"I don't know," he said teasingly, "I saw you rubs a lot of bellies today. I'd say you're pretty good at it."

She closed her eyes, wishing the ground would swallow her whole. "Please, do not ever tell who was who."

"That's Ginta beside you."

Kagome hurried to cover her face with her hands. "I'm not going to be able to look at him again."

As he watched her blush, he felt the tension ease a bit. He was afraid she would swallow in sadness for the rest of the weekend after his little slip up but it seemed there was hope - as long as he kept her distracted.


Night fell and some people slowly went into their tents while others kept running around, dead set on enjoying every moments of the trip. Kagome was sleeping while Kouga, Ginta and Hakkaku were sitting around the campfire with other wolves. Kouga was staring into the fire, completely quiet. Peacefulness and the smell of wood; he loved it. He leaned backwards, using his arms to support him, as he inhaled deeply.

"Sis seems to be having fun."

"I think she is," he said after a moment.

It was hard to tell. Kagome was known to sacrifice her feelings for the sake of others and he could see her pretending to be having fun simply so he would not worry. Though, her scent did not mask any other emotions. Perhaps she did manage to stop thinking about Inuyasha for a while.

"The pack loves her."

"I know." He already had an idea where this conversation was going.

"I just don't see what the problem is."

There was never going to be another human that would be as accepting as Kagome. Frankly, she was Kouga's only choice. If he wanted to mate a female from the pack, he would have during the past five hundred years. Clearly, none of them interested him. That left humans but - it was risky and complicated and he would have to lie. Kagome on the other hand knew the truth and she knew him when he was young and wild. She was even already a part of the pack.

"Maybe he just doesn't want her as his woman anymore."

"Don't you idiots realize it yet? She doesn't want me. I am not doing that again and this is the last time I'm gonna say it."

He did not need the fact that Kagome was the perfect one thrown back in his face all the time. He already knew that. What they seemed to forget was that he was not a foolish cub anymore. He knew better and he was not going to put her in that position again especially when she needed a friend so badly. He was not going to pursue someone who did not want him.

Both Ginta and Hakkaku dropped the issue and fell silent. Hopefully Kouga would eventually see what they saw when Kagome was around. He did not have to pursue her intensively like he was before but a little nudge here and there would not be so bad. Especially if he was very subtle though that was not really in Kouga's personality. Even though he was a little less cocky and reckless around Kagome. Though neither thought she would mind if he was.

Suddenly the silence was broken and Kouga's ears twitched as he heard a lot of tossing coming from Kagome's tent. He frowned before rising to his feet and quickly heading there. He did not really want to invade her privacy but he sensed she was nervous. He had to make sure she was alright. He crouched down in front of it and quietly unzipped it. He poked his head inside only to see Kagome grumbling in her sleep and kicking her legs. What in the world was she dreaming about?

He went all the way inside and sat down beside her with her back facing him. After a few seconds the kicking stopped and he came to the conclusion she was probably having a bad dream. Who would not have one after everything she went through in the past. Kouga was about to leave when she spoke for the first time.

"Kouga," she whispered.

At first, he thought she was awake. However, when he turned to look at her face he saw that her eyes were still tightly shut. Her breathing was regulated and soft; yeah, she was still she - did she dream about him? Thought he was not sure he liked that considering she was kicking and seemed upset.

Nonetheless, he was tempted.

He leaned forward and cupped her exposed cheek with his hand, his thumb caressing her skin. She might have explained how she time traveled but he was still amazed every time he looked at her and noticed how she looked exactly the same. He was still young, with lots of time in front of him but he looked older. He no longer appeared to be a teenager but instead looked like a man in his mid-twenties.

What happened next took even him by surprise. She wrapped her fingers delicately around his wrist and pushed his hand down. He let her do it. She then rested her head on his palm, nuzzling against his skin. Her nose was soft, her lips were warm and he swallowed hard, never daring to move. She did not know but she was tickling his skin with her fingers as she lightly tapped them against his wrist.

"Kouga," she repeated.

She knew it was him. She did not think he was someone else.

Perhaps she did have a nightmare and with her miko powers she recognized his presence. Perhaps he made her feel safe and that made his heart swell with pride. Now he could truly be all the things she needed but he could not have her and he did not want to want her. He accepted that Kagome was out of his reach. He could spare himself another heartache. This was the best way to go was it not? Friends. He could be friends with her - he was even when he was in love with her.

And yet, there she laid. So innocent as she held his large hand with her two tiny ones. Her breath puffing against his palm, her silky hair tangling in his fingers. It forced him to sit down again but he quickly realized that was quite uncomfortable and instead, he laid by her side. He closed his eyes, listening to her steady heartbeat.

She might be wrapped up in her sleeping bag but she was close, so close. If he only stretched out his arm, he could cuddled her against his chest. But he did not.

He kept his eyes closed and enjoyed the moment, her sweet scent filling his nose.

What are you doing to me, he thought with a chuckle.


A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 4 of 28

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