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A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 8 of 28

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"If ya'll don't stop staring at me like that, I'm gonna punch you."

Everyone took a step back but nobody stopped staring which caused Kouga to sigh. This little routine had to stop. Ever since Kagome's little sleep over two days ago, they kept staring at him. They all knew they slept in the same bed and if they were smart they would know nothing happen. They had good ears and good noses. They knew it all remained in the boundaries of friendship. Granted the fact that Kagome felt safe around him made his heart race but it did not mean anything. Friends. Friends.

"Nothing happened."

"We know."

What was strange was that they heard Kagome say she felt safe and she wanted Kouga to stay and yet… she had not stop by ever since. Did their pack leader do something they missed? If she enjoyed Kouga's presence so much why had she not slept over again?

"When is Sis coming by?"

"I don't know." She had a life of her own. She did not need to come over all the time. Sure, a phone call, a visit; those were nice but she did not have to give news.


"We're gonna leave her alone. If she wants to be here, she'll come here."

He was way too exhausted to deal with all of this. When she was around, he did not sleep…when she was not around he did not sleep either. Either it was her presence or it was her scent. Even if he washed everything, the memories were too strong. He was a strong youkai and required only a minimum amount of rest but kami it had been a while. Everything was starting to get on his nerves and he was cranky; he did not want to be cranky. Although, the guys kind of deserved it with their insatiable pursuit of an imaginary love story.

Still, that night would be in his memories forever.

After telling him that she was safe with him, she instantly fell asleep. He listened to her breathing, he listened to heartbeat. He would keep her safe. He would do anything to chase away the bad thoughts that kept her up at night. If his presence by her side was the solution then so be it. He would be there as often as she would allowed him. It did break his heart thought to think that she was so sad. He always thought Inuyasha was bad for her, that he would hurt her. In a way, he was. Kouga was no fool; he knew it was the memories of him that kept her so unhappy and the worst part was, there was nothing he could do about it.

Her wounds had to heal on their own.

Considering the fact that it was five hundred years later and he was still not over her meant things did not look good for her. Hopefully, she would learn to let go. He could not bear to know she was in pain.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when Kagome mumbled. Since he could not make out her words, he leaned in closer and tried to listen. He did not expect what happened next. She turned around and snuggled against his chest. Perhaps he should have seen it coming. She loved being near him when she was asleep; not that he was complaining. Though now that he had time to think about it he wondered if it was his presence she sought or simply the warmth of his body. She felt good.

Perhaps she was in the middle of a dream and her aura sought his for comfort. He would happily provide it.

He rested his head on top of hers and wrapped his arms around her tiny body. This house might feel like home to her but this felt like home to him.

He always knew.

Every single time they spent time together, he realized how screwed he was. He did not even know how he was stupid enough to think he would be over her one day. There was no getting over Kagome. This was it for him.

"What if something happened to Sis?"

"We would know." He put his fork down. "Don't y'all gotta do something else today than bother me with stupid questions?"

"We're tryin' to look out for you and Sis."

"I know." He sighed; might as well admit it. "I miss her too but I ain't gonna force her to come here if she don't wanna."

They knew it bothered him, they could see it. It was about damn time that he admitted it. "Something must be keeping her busy."

On the other side of town, the sun shun brightly through Kagome's room. She never even bothered to close the curtains; what was the point? It was not as though she was going to get any rest. She gave up on that. Her nights were always rocky but since Kouga, it was worst. The movie night did it for her. Oh kami, she could still not believe everything she told him. She did not know why but sharing with him came so naturally and now she was embarrassed. Though everything she said was the truth. When she was there, she slept great.

Now though, all of that ruined her. How was she supposed to sleep alone?

Her family was composed of regular people; their auras did not have a pulse. She found herself seeking one during the night and obviously she never found one. This was bad; in a way, she regretted sleeping there. After all, now she was more screwed than before! She was not going to spend every nights at Kouga's apartment.

There was also the fact that she was extremely embarrassed: she asked Kouga to stay! It felt right at the time but now she felt stupid for asking him such a thing. The worst part was that he agreed. Of course he did; he probably did not have the heart to tell her no. She would not do that again.

Now there was only one question left: did she act as usual so it would not look suspicious or should she let a couple days go by before she swung by their house again? No it was best to act like it was not weird.

And it was not.

Kouga acted perfectly fine the next morning did he not? He even offered her breakfast - which she politely denied.

And then he drove her mind. Yes this was all in her head. She should not have spent night and nights dwelling and tossing. Plus it was normal for him to wait a few days before showing up on her door step again.

If he wanted to see her, he would let her know. Until then she had many more sleepless nights ahead of her.


Eight days ago.

That was the last time he saw Kagome. At first he thought she might be busy. After all she had a life outside of him. But eight days? He had grown accustomed to having her in his life again and this was strange. He dared to admit he missed her but he did not want to push her. Maybe she did not like the night she spent there and she became uncomfortable in his presence.

It would be strange to go see her without warning would it not?

No, it was much better to wait for her.

Though all this waiting was beginning to drive him crazy. And it even made him worried. And fuck he could not sleep. He needed sleep. Even a sleepless sleep with her way too close was better than what he was currently having. Nightmares…or dreams…they tended to be the same at the moment. He dreamt about her which should have been a good dream but instead it was torture.

Frustrated, he ran his fingers through his hair. He hated it when he had to be the one who made such decisions. Especially when it came to Kagome. Kami knew he already made enough mistakes with her. Perhaps he could innocently swing by? For what reason though? The roof! He could check up on the work they did. He did not even need to talk to Kagome. He could pretend he was going to see Miyu. He would not even mention Kagome's name. Yes, it would be perfect that way.

He nervously glanced at himself in the mirror. He tried to re-do his ponytail and then fixed his shirt. He could not look too prepared and kami he felt like a fucking teenager and he hated it. After one last sigh, he walked out of the house and went straight for his car. He could feel how moist his hands were as he put them on the wheel. He was the leader of one of the oldest ookami youkai pack there was! He had no reason to be nervous! And it was Kagome. Who made people more comfortable than her? She stopped to help him when she thought he was nothing more than a goddamn wolf. Who did that? Her.

She was different, she was special.

And hopefully she would not think he was annoying.

The drive to her house seemed like it took an eternity. Though he was not sure he was exactly relieved when he got there. He felt the pressure of his heart racing in his rib cage. It was good thing she did not have his good hearing or he would be embarrassed. For the first time, he took his time as he went up the million of steps that separated him from the shrine; he was in no rush to get there. Hopefully he had a good enough poker face.

Luckily - or unfortunately - for him, Miyu was outside when he got to the top of the stairs. Once she saw him, she smiled. "Morning Kouga!" she greeted with her usual chirpiness.

"Morning Mrs. Higurashi," he politely replied.

"Are you here to see Kagome? I can go get her for you." She was wondering when he would be back. If almost felt strange to have her daughter in the house all the time again. She got used to seeing her happy and smiling. The wolves were good to her and it showed. Now though, she rarely left her bedroom.

He scrounged. "Hm, No, that's alright. I came here to talk to you actually."


He nodded. "I wanted to know if everything was okay with the roof? Since we did the repairs and all," he nervously explained.

Miyu raised an eyebrow. "You came here to ask about the roof? You could have use the phone instead of going through all the trouble."

Kouga was not sure if she was sincere or taunting him. Did she see right through him? He hoped not. He did not want to look like he was that guy again. "Well, I wanted to be there in case something needed fixing. Plus, it takes two minutes to get here."

"That's very kind of you," she offered. "But, no you did an excellent job. Everything is perfect. Thank you so much again."

"No problem," he said before raising a hand to rub the back of his neck. That was it? That was as far as his plan went. Except, he had not even see Kagome yet! What was he supposed to do now? He already told her he did not want to talk to Kagome…it would be weird if he asked to see her now.

"Are you hungry?"

"Uh." He did not know what to reply. On one hand he did not want to impose but it would give him a reason to see Kagome…or at least to wait around. "No thank you," he finally settled on answering.

"A glass of water?"

Either she was being extremely nice or she was trying to help him.

"Mm, if you don't mind." Clearly he was meant to stay here a little longer or she would not have offered him so many things, right? Great now he was seeing signs where there was none.

"Follow me," she said with a grin.

The poor boy. He almost looked terrified. It was obvious to her that he was looking for a reason to linger. She tried to offer him a few but he did not seem convinced. She was doing it both for him and her daughter. Kagome spoke highly of him and it was clear that he was a great friend to her. Kagome could use more people like him in her life. Especially after she lost all of childhood friends. She did not want to mingle in Kagome's life but she would help her as she could. This was one way to do it.

Once the got inside, she poured him a glass of water and handed it to him.

"Thank you."

"Sit down," she said as she gestured the table. "I'll be right back." And then, she disappeared upstairs.

Kouga took her up on her offer and sat in the nearest chair. It was strange but this place almost felt familiar. He had only been there three times but…it had her scent all of it. He was so familiar with her that it gave her house a feeling of home. She was comfortable around his house and he was comfortable in hers. He liked that. Also, it was weird to see all the interactions her family had. He never had anything like that. Not only because he was a youkai but because he lost his family - at least his mother and father.

Her father. He never saw him and he guessed there was only one explanation for that. He was not going to talk to her about it.

"Where did you put it?"

He knew that voice; it was Kagome's. He froze, his hand clutching the glass of water - his grip was almost too tight, almost shattering did he miss her aura?

Unknowingly, Kagome was about to ask the same question. She did not turn her head until she reached the last step. That was when she saw him. Kouga. In her kitchen. How… what? Her mother did not even warn her of his presence!

He stared.

She stared.

It was silence.

Then she broke it.



She swallowed.

"I haven't seen you in a while."

"Been busy. Thought you might be too." He hoped she was. He hoped this was not her way to tell him to get lost. No, friends did not tell friends to get lost right?

"A little." If being cooped up in her room all day long counted as being busy… God, she was a terrible liar.

She joined him at the table and smiled. If he was here it meant he did went to see her again. That had to be a good thing right? She shook her head; it was. She had to stop being so pessimistic all the time.

"I'm glad you came by," she said truthfully.

Relief washed over him as she spoke. He could not believe he almost had himself convinced that Kagome did not want to see him anymore.

"If I hadn't stopped by, I'm pretty sure the guys would have come barging in here. They missed ya too." And they kept asking about a second movie night. Though they missed the first one. He was not about to let them set up anymore little plans.

"Kouga, are you busy tonight?"

Miyu's question surprised him, especially since he forgot she was even there. He cleared his throat. "Hm, yes, Mrs. Higurashi. I am." There was no reason for him to be nervous around her and yet he was.

"I told Kagome we should all go eat at that new place that opened up but I can't go anymore."

Oh boy, she knew where this was heading. "How come?" Kagome asked, her smile never faltering. Gotta keep a straight face.

"Your brother has an extra practice," Miyu answered before looking at Kouga again. "But you two should go! I had already made reservations!"

Kouga would say yes in a heartbeat. He was not sure the same could be said about Kagome. Although - wait. A restaurant? The two of them? Alone. Was that really the best setting? Suddenly, he felt a nervousness fill him and his guts were doing flip-flops. It would not be a date or anything. He was letting his emotions get the best of him. Plus, he really enjoyed spending time with her and he missed her like crazy. This could be fun.

"I'm in, if ya are," he said before looking straight into her eyes.

At least she could firmly confirm that he felt no awkwardness towards her. Plus, they had a lot of fun when they were together. "Sure."

"Great," Miyu said with a smile. "Reservations are at 6 o'clock!"

Dinner. With Kagome. He could do that.



"You could pick her up ya know!"

Kouga closed his eyes before sighing. Ginta and Hakkaku spent the day hovering over his shoulder. He knew it was a mistake to tell them. Then again, it might have been worst if he had tried to sneak out. Then they would have known something was up for sure. Still, he could have done without them pestering him and giving him advices he did not ask for. This was not a date.

"I offered. She said that I didn't need to trouble myself with that."

"But ya should still do it. Get there early and pick her up. She would like that."

She would notice it but…damn it. Were they right? Should he do that? This was the reason why he did not need anyone around while he was getting ready. They were putting ideas in his mind - ideas that did not belong there. Despite all that, he might take up that one suggestion. He was a gentleman after all. Perhaps he had that whole primitive cavemen going back then but he still had his moments. Now, he was a grown man and he was more delicate with women.

He certainly did not slug them over his shoulder anymore. Kouga chuckled at the memory. Oh way and the slap.


"What what?"

"Why are you laughing?"

"No reason! Why don't you two mind your own business."

"We would if ya had any idea how to act on a date."

"It ain't a date."

Ginta rolled his eyes. "Whatever you say."

"Does she know that?" added Hakkaku.

Of course she did, was what he wanted to answer but in all honesty he did not know. He doubted Kagome would agree to go on a date with him but she might have thought this was him asking her out. Maybe she did not want to be rude. Maybe she liked the pack, this new home too much to give it up. No. No, that would not be the kind of thing Kagome did. She was kind and honest. She always let him down truthfully in the past and it would be no different now.

She knew. "She does."

He did the last button of his shirt before straightening it. Then, he looked at his watch; 5:35. Maybe he should pick her up. Damn it. He would. If not, he would feel bad now. Hopefully she would not mind that he went against that they decided. Plus, it was silly to take two cars just to go to the same place.

"I'm leavin'."

"Have fun."

Kouga resisted the urge to roll his eyes and kept going. He calmly drove all the way to Kagome's house. He only began feeling stressed as he went up all the steps. Nonetheless, he kept a straight face as he reached the door and knocked on the door. And he waited - and waited. He tried knocking again.

This time, he was given a reply. "Coming!" he heard shouting from the top of the stairs.

He heard her as she tumbled down the stairs and came to a squeaking halt in front of the door. She rapidly opened it and quickly looked surprise. "K-kouga?"

"Hey," he said a bit uncomfortably. "I know we said we'd both go separately but - I thought this would be more convenient. If you don't mind."

She blinked. Oh. "No. No, no. Come in."

Kagome agreed that it made more sense to go together but… he did so much for her and she did not want to bother him with more. It did not take that long in bus and she always took the bus or the subway so she was used to it. But, he rarely did not seem to mind since he was here; they would be no harm in accepting the ride.

"I'll be ready in a minute," she said as she headed back towards the stairs. "Make yourself at home."

He watched her blue dress bounce up and down as she went up the stairs. Once she was out of his sight, he went and sat down on the couch. Quickly, her cat joined him. Actually it was mostly staring at him. Kouga frowned; that was one thing him and dogs shared in common. They did not like cats. It seemed the feeling was mutual because the giant ball of fur was hissing at him. Kouga leaned forward and growled. The cat hissed louder before jumping off the couch. Kouga smirked with pride; he was the alpha. Stupid cat.

Kouga peeked down at his attired. He had a black shirt on and a pair of jeans. It was casual… casual was good right? Kagome was wearing a dress. Was that her version of casual? Did he not dress enough for that place? He did not want to embarrass her. Shit.


Her long hair was cascading down her shoulders, her blue eyes shining and she had on a pair of high heels. Did he ever see Kagome in heels before? Of course not. She did not wear those in the Feudal Era and… they mostly went camping and whatnot ever since he found her again. No, he never saw Kagome dressed up before and she was breathtaking.

"You look beautiful," he honestly said.

She quickly blushed. "Oh - thank you."

He opened the door for her, hoping that her embarrassment would lessen, and let her pass first. He closed the door behind himself and she locked it. She quietly followed him to the car and sat down.

"Thanks for coming."

"I thought it would be nice. The pack - we like loud events, in groups. It can get a little crowded." And some of them were really pushy. At least there would be no pressure at the restaurant. They could have a nice evening between friends.

"I hope Ginta and Hakkaku weren't too sad we left them behind."

"Don't worry," he said with a laugh. If she only knew how happy they were about not coming. They would have declined the invitation even if they were invited. "They get the place all to themselves."

"How's work?" she asked, continuing the small talk. Anything not to talk about serious issues. Like what she shared with him that night. She knew it did not mean but it did not mean she was not ashamed. It had been a while; how does one not get over that? It was dark, it was mortifying but it was over now. She was not stuck in the darkness anymore; she came out through the other side. Not the side she had opted for, but still.

"Good. We got a few jobs." Enough to keep them going. He never worried about work; they learned to be very sufficient and versatile throughout the years.

"I'm thinking about getting a job or going back to school." Spending her days doing nothing was not working for her anymore. She needed to distract herself and do something with her life. Wallowing in self pity and memories of the past was not going to give her a future. Seeing Kouga and his pack inspired her. If they could live through all those years and come out on top, how could she not?

"I could call a few people. Maybe I could find you something." He had a lot of connections.

"Oh, you don't have to."

"My pleasure," he said before flashing a pearly white teeth grin.

And she gave in. "Thank you."

"I'll always be there for ya Kagome. I told ya."

"I know."

Promises were so temporary that some days she lost faith in them. Though Kouga always stuck to his words - or almost. He did give up on the idea of making her his woman. Though that was a good thing. Because Kouga and her - it would not have worked. It would not work. In the past it did not work because…she was in love with Inuyasha and come on he claimed her like an animal. Technically he sort of was but that was beside the point. And now well, now… now he was a very nice guy who was always there for her.

As a friend.

Because that was what they were. Friends.

And she could not find anything wrong with him. Why could she not find anything wrong with him?

"Are you okay?"

He heard her heart raced. He tried to find a reason for the sudden change but he could not. Did she see something he missed?

"Yeah, sorry. I was just - thinking about stuff." You - she was thinking about him.

The fact that she did not find anything wrong with him did not mean anything. She never considered him as a potential suitor for a reason. Friendship was what suited them best and it would remain that way. Frankly, she could hardly picture herself in a relationship with Kouga. Actually, she could hardly picture herself in a relationship with anyone.

Kagome was glad when they arrived at the restaurant. Fortunately, they were rapidly seated and given menus.

"Do you want something to drink?"

"I'm not old enough."

Oh. He forgot about that. He even gave her drinks at his place - and when they went camping. In his mind he had known her for five hundred years. He forgot just how young she was - and how much she went through for someone her age.

"I forgot," he said with a tiny smirk.

"You forgot how old you were or you forgot how young I was?"

He teasingly glared at her. "Don't push your luck, miko."

"I could take you."

"Really? Because if memory serves me right, I saved your ass a few times."

"I'm oblivious to danger. That's all."

"So I've noticed," he added with a laugh.

Kagome could not help the bubbly feeling that filled her. This was it. The feeling she was looking for, the one that made her feel whole. This was why she needed her friendship with Kouga. He could make her life even when they talked about the past. It did not feel like a painful time but instead a nice memory.

He gave her a chance to forget the bad.


The dinner went by great and many laughs were shared. It was much later than Kagome anticipated when they returned to the car but she did not mind. Kouga even opened the car's door for her. The evening reminded her that she should not be too embarrassed to go over and spend some time with him and others. They were having such a nice time that instead of going straight home they decided to take a little drive. She even teased Kouga about how much slower he was now - and that he was probably too old to keep running around.

As Kagome noticed the time flying by, she wondered; could she ask the unthinkable? She pinched her lips together and stared at Kouga who was still laughing. "I was wondering - do you think it would be okay for me to sleep over?"

She was so exhausted and really this was much more comfortable than she ever expected. "I mean, I'd get the see the guys too."

He felt so relieved that she asked that he immediately noted. "I told ya, you don't need to ask. It's your home too. Though you might wanna tell your mom first." Miyu liked him and he wanted to keep it that way.

Kagome smiled. "I'd need to pick up some stuff anyway, so I'd tell her then."

"Do you wanna go now?" he asked as he slowed down the car a bit. "We can turn around and go."

"Are you sure?"

"Yup," he said while doing a u-turn. "I mean, I don't wanna go too late. Don't wanna make your mom mad."

Kagome bursted out laughing. "You do not know my mother. It takes a lot to make her mad."

"More reason not to piss her off," he said with a smirk as he began heading towards the shrine. "We could watch a movie if ya want." Or finish the one they never really watched because they ended up spending the night in his bed. In a totally friendly way.

Maybe he should give up his bedroom permanently and give it to her? He would not actually tell her that but he could do it. At least her scent would not be all over it and he would be able to catch a few hours of sleep at night. Even he was getting pretty tired and she looked like she could use some rest as well. The dark circles beneath her eyes appeared worst than the last time he saw her.

"That'd be fun."

They quickly arrived at her house and he waited in the car while she ran inside. Having her sleep over was a good idea; this way the guys would not have a chance to ask him about the evening. Sure, they might drop a few hints along the night but nothing too obvious since Kagome was there. After a few minutes, she returned, slightly jogging and carrying a bag in her hands. She smiled brightly and he could not help but grin back at her.

"All set. Sorry it took so long." It was usually easy to go over to his house; she never planned to spend the night before. It always just sort of happened. Now, she actually had to bring all her things and think about it. This was their first official sleep over.

He started the car and they were on their way. They arrived quickly and noticed Ginta and Hakkaku were outside with two other wolves. Why was Kouga not surprised? They had look of profound confusion when they saw Kagome get out of the car. However, those expressions quickly transformed into grins; they were getting the wrong idea.

"Hey Sis," Ginta said as he walked up to her. "Need help with your bag?"

"It's okay, it's pretty light," she replied with a smile.

"Spending the night?"

"Yeah, Kouga thought we could watch movies."

"Movies again huh? Last time was pretty fun."

Kagome arched an eyebrow. "You guys had to leave before the end though."

Kouga wanted to scoff; had to leave. Yeah right, if by that she meant that they orchestrated an escape. "Well, there is no problem on the horizon tonight and they looked all rest up. I'm sure they'll join us."

The tone of his voice was letting them know that they did not really have a choice in the matter.

"I'll go pick the movie," Hakkaku said as he ran inside.

"I'll the popcorn ready," Ginta added as he closely followed him.

Both Kagome and Kouga laughed as they walked inside.

"Where should I put my back?"

"Follow me."

Kouga led her to his bedroom. "In here."

"This is your bedroom," she stated.

"Yeah you can have it for tonight."

"I'm not gonna take your bedroom again." Well, last time she did not really take it. They shared it. However, since it was a bit too embarrassing to say out loud, she did not voice it out.

"It's fine. Ya'll be more comfortable in here."

"Are you sure?"

"Take it," he said with a grin. "No arguing."

"Fine. Erm, thank you."


"I mean it," she said as she put her bag down on the ground. "Thank you for tonight, thank you for last time. Thank you for everything."

He walked closer to her and grabbed her by the shoulder. "Kagome, I told ya. I'll always be there for you."

"I know, it just - it means a lot."

She closed the distance between them and hugged him gently. "I'm glad you found me."

At first he remained stiffed but then, he put his arms around her. "Me too."

Caught up in the embrace, caught up in the closeness, he pressed his lips to the top of her head. Then he stopped moving. He felt her shifting in his hold but he did not dare to look down. Was that too familiar? He did not mean it - they were so close and… he meant to comfort her. Nothing more. He felt her eyes on him and he dared to peek down. She did not seem upset.

He decided to play along with it.

He gave her another kiss, this time on the side of her, trying to play it casual. Comfort kisses between friends. Those did not mean anything.

"We should go before they burn the popcorn," he said with a grin before ruffling her hair.

For the first time, he went ahead of her and she stayed behind.

Kagome raised a hand to her head, her face like a blank. Her skin felt like it was on fire.

What was that?


A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 8 of 28

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