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A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 9 of 28

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Kagome was the worst liar.

She learned that during her days of time traveling and recent events confirmed it. She tried to act as normal as possible around Kouga but she was convinced he took notice of her unusual behaviour. It was not her intention to damage their relationship but she could not help it: when he was too close she would get flustered. Part of it was sort of his fault: he kissed her head. Although... her reaction to it was her own fault.

As a matter of fact she could not even explain her reaction. It was not attraction or anything. He was her friend! It was more like... okay. So it was exactly the way she used to react when there was a moment of close proximity between Inuyasha and her. But it did not represent he same thing. Did it? No. She was not interested in Kouga that way. He dis tried - in the past - and she never fell for any of his extremely pushy advances.

Of course she was not the same Kagome and he was not the Kouga but - but there were no but.

Kagome sighed heavily while she let her body drop on her bed. Her heart and her mind were always filled with chaos. Why was it so difficult to know what she wanted?

Actually, it was not difficult to know what she wanted. She wanted a friend, she wanted a friendship. Situations, people; they were what made it all complicated and difficult.

The only good part in all of it was that even if Kouga noticed, he pretended he did not. Things were as normal as always between them. Except she had yet to spend the night again. It was not weird. No, it was not. Friends had sleep overs sometimes. Granted usually they were same sex friends and they were… kids or teenagers but still. Kagome's life was never normal. Strange was her normal. Plus, the wolf pack was like family.

And the fact that she sometimes got flustered around Kouga did not make him… not family. She did not want their relationship to be ruined. Perhaps instead of avoiding the problem she should face it head on? Maybe it they got the awkward out of the way…it would not be awkward anymore? She was not used to close contact with members of the opposite sex. If she just got more comfortable, it would all go away.

She frowned before reaching out for her phone. She clicked on Kouga's name and then she waited. Yes, it was fine. She inhaled deeply and texted him. Movie night?

It did not even take two seconds for her phone to ding. She opened his text and smiled. Thought you'd never ask.

It was not awkward.

She made the right decision.


Movie night.

Two words. That was all it took to re-assure him. Sometimes he wondered if he was paranoid or simply terrible at reading Kagome. Some days, he felt like she avoided him and put a barrier between them and other times everything was fine. He even thought his little friendly kiss ruined everything. At least she still wanted to sleep over. And she never mentioned it. Though he made sure to never do that again. Sometimes he got too comfortable around her, sometimes he forgot.

When he first fell in love with her five hundred years ago, he did not really know her but it did not make his feelings any less real. And sometimes, sometimes the intense passion he used to feel for her would surge back. Except now he knew better. He knew to keep it locked in, he knew to focus on the friendship part of their relationship. Sometimes… sometimes he wished things were different.

He was going to be in love with Kagome forever.

And that was not a bad thing. If he had to be stuck in love with someone, better it be her. She was an amazing person.

Some days it would be hard but other times it would be worth it.

"Hey boss, what's up?"

Kouga snapped his head up and looked at Ginta. "Kagome's coming over for a movie night."


"No romantic comedies."

"But they're funny!"

Maybe it was all in his head but he felt like it added an unnecessary tension. Okay, it was obviously all in his head but still. He did not need the added pressure.

"Kagome doesn't even like 'em that much."

"Fine," resigned Hakkaku.

Pouting, Ginta and Hakkaku escaped downstairs and once they made sure nobody was around, they went outside. They needed to get out of Kouga's super hearing range or else they might be in a lot of trouble.

"Did anyone say yes?"

"No," Ginta sighed, "Nobody wants to risk it. Kouga might get pretty mad."

"It wouldn't be for that long..."

"Yeah but I wouldn't wanna piss off Kouga either."

"But if he doesn't do anything he might lose his chance."

Ginta shrugged, a little desperate. "I'd do it but he wouldn't believe it."

"What about Kyro?"


"He's a little more of a loner and he's not around often. Maybe he wouldn't mind getting on Kouga's bad side for a little while."

"It's worth a shot. I'll call him up."

Ginta got his phone out of his pocket and walked away from Hakkaku.

It was not as though they wanted to mingle in things that were none of their business... but they hardly had a choice. In the past they supported Kouga's crazy love for Kagome because Kouga was their alpha and they loved Kagome and wanted her to be pack. This time it was a little different. They knew Kagome could make Kouga happy, happier than he had been in a while. Also, they saw the way Kagome acted around Kouga. And every time she was with him she glowed. Kouga made her happy.

They would be crazy not to give it a shot.

Unfortunately, they were both very stubborn. It was why Hakkaku and Ginta had to get involved in the matter. And really - they would not have to do anything. Kagome and Kouga's feelings would come out on their own.

Jealousy was a very powerful thing.

At least, they hoped it was.


"Why isn't he here yet?"

"I don't know! And sis is already here…"

Ginta and Hakkaku stole glances at Kagome and Kouga. They were both casually sitting on the couch, talking as if nothing was wrong. If Kyro did not arrive soon, their plan was going to fail. The fact that Kouga and Kagome were on friendly terms was a good thing but it was not enough. They would not mingle if this was not important! But they had no choice! Kagome was too shy and sweet to go after what she wanted and Kouga clearly was not going to step over the friendship line - at least not without some help.

Suddenly, a knock on the door made everyone jolt. Grins appeared on Ginta and Hakkaku's faces and they immediately backed away from the living room.

"We'll get that!" they said in unison.

Kouga raised an eyebrow at their weird reaction. Also, he was not aware they were expecting anyone else. Not that he minded. Still, it was highly suspicious.

Meanwhile, Ginta and Hakkaku were scolding Kyro. "What took you so long?" Ginta asked in a hushed tone.

Kyro nervously rubbed the back of his neck, his breath hitched. "I ain't so sure it's a good idea."

Hakkaku groaned. "You can't back out now."

"Kouga might get real mad at me. I don't wanna get my ass whoop over this."

They could not lie; it was a possibility. Hence why everyone else turned them down. Nonetheless, it was important and once everything was done and over with, they would tell Kouga the truth and surely he would understand… right?

"He won't do it with Sis here."

"Yeah, you just gotta lay low for a few days."

"He'll be real grateful afterwards."

They tried to give Kyro their best puppy looks… and it seemed to work. "You guys owe me one," he said as he entered the house.

Ginta and Hakkaku tried to tone down their enthusiasm as they followed him into the living room. Their entrance caused Kagome and Kouga to turn their heads in direction of the group.

"Sis, I don't think you've meant Kyro before," Hakkaku hurried to say.

Kagome smiled as she rose to her feet. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Kagome."

As she looked at him she could not help but notice there was a small resemblance between him and Kouga; dark hair, light eyes. Except Kyro's eyes were a sort of aqua instead of a deep blue like Kouga's.

Kyro retrieved her hand and gently kissed it. "Pleasure is all mine."

At the unexpected gesture, Kagome found herself slightly blushing. She offered him a weak smile before sitting back down on the couch. Unfortunately for her, she was surprised again when Kyro sat right beside. Right beside her. No space. Bodies touching.

If Kyro's first strange gesture had not really caught Kouga's attention, he now had all of his focus. He knew Kyro but he was mostly a loner wolf. He did not hang out with others and did not attend many gatherings. He knew him but he did not really know him. He did know that he was not a fan of Kyro's behaviour towards Kagome. He raised his glance and glared at him. He managed to hold back the growl forming in his chest - but only barely.

He was not allowed to be protective of her - at least not when it came to her love life. He was her friend. Nothing else.

Though that did not mean he was not going to rip out Kyro's hand if it got any closer to Kagome's thigh.

In the corner Ginta and Hakkaku were trying to hold back laughters. They expected a reaction from Kouga but nothing this intense and this early on. At least it confirmed that their plan was a good idea. Now, they just had to let things happen on their own. Hopefully Kyro was a good charmer. It was not that hard to get Kagome to blush - so as long as Kyro kept it up, everything would be perfect.

"Are we gonna start the movie or what?" Kouga asked with a slightly irritated tone.

"Popcorn!" exclaimed Ginta.

"Yes, I'm sure Sis would like some popcorn."

Everyone turned their focus and glanced at Kagome. She began feeling uncomfortable under everyone's eyes. Why was everyone so weird today? And that guy was definitively sitting a little close to her. "Hm, sure?" she finally answered.

"Kouga, you're gonna get it?"

Kouga felt his anger flare inside of him. He breathed heavily throughout his nose and clutched his hand around the couch's arm rest. He was not angry. He was calm. He was relaxed - and he really needed to have a talk with those two. Like now.

"Sure," he said to Kagome with a smile. "And I'm sure Ginta and Hakkaku want to help."

Both wolves gulped before nodding. Kouga did not make it sound like a suggestion; it was an order. They reluctantly followed behind their leaders which left Kagome and Kyro completely alone. Apparently Kouga's rage blinded him to that fact.

As an awkward silence began to settle in, Kagome found herself playing with the hem of her shirt. She did not know what exactly made the situation so uncomfortable but she could not shake the feeling off. Usually she was very at ease around the wolves but… Kyro just had this aura about him. At least Kouga's momentary departure allowed her to scoot away from Kyro. For a moment she thought he was going to close the distance between them again but thankful he did not.

"I don't remember seeing you around before," she finally said.

"I wasn't part of the pack back then."

Ginta and Hakkaku filled him in about Kagome. It was a pretty extraordinary story - it was crazy to think that so much happened to such a ordinary human.


"I was alone and Kouga's pack took me in."

She smiled. "Yeah, they tend to pick up the strays." Even when Kouga pretended he was tough, he had a kind heart. Suddenly, she realized what she said and her eyes bulged. "I- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say you were a stray! I was just-"

Her speech was interrupted by Kyro's laugh.

It did not sound anything like she expected. It was light and harmonious and she could not help but join in with a little shy laugh of her own.

"Don't worry about it," he said as he finished laughing. "I know what ya meant." This was going a little easier than he expected. They were right; Kagome was sweet and shy. It would make this whole thing easier. Plus, he did not really have to seduce her, he just had to make it look like she enjoyed his company. He definitively needed to make her laugh a bit more.

Meanwhile, the boys were in the kitchen and Ginta and Hakkaku were about to get a earful.

"Just what the fuck are you trying to pull?" he snarled.

"Nothing," hurried Ginta.

"Nothing at all," added Hakkaku with his best innocent look.

"Don't take me for an idiot." Maybe it could have been innocent but they were too many coincidences. First, they invited someone else without telling him. They opened the door. Kyro stayed beside Kagome despite the fact that he could clearly tell Kouga was not okay with it. Oh yeah and the stupid popcorn excuse. Something was fishy and they were not getting out of the kitchen until he found out what they were planning.

"We swear, we just ran into him earlier and asked him to join us."

"Any reason why he's hitting on Kagome?"

"Maybe he thinks she's pretty."

"Sis is pretty."

"Did you think you would be the only one to notice?"

"Wha- I - well."

Kagome was an amazing woman. Obviously everyone knew that. In the past, everyone she encountered was smitten by her. It was not going to be any different in this era. He always planned that she would meet and date someone. He - just - it was not supposed to be now. Was Kyro's interest genuine? No. But - what if it was? Did he really have a right to interfere? It was Kagome's life and she was free to do as she pleased. But - but he did not like it.

"No. You guys planned this."

"We didn't."

If he did not believe them their plan was going to fail.

"He asked about her!" shouted Ginta. "He asked us to invite him."

Hakkaku resisted the urge to wince. Kyro was going to have a bad time. This was just going to piss off Kouga even more.

Suddenly, their discussion was interrupted by a lovely sound - the sound of Kagome laughing.

Kouga's glance hardened and he dared to peek in the living room. What he saw was not what he wanted; his Kagome laughing, smiling… with someone else. At first he froze and then he quietly listened. Maybe he hallucinated it? Maybe it was all in his head? His questions were rapidly answered when her sweet laugh echoed through the room again and he was forced to admit that Kyro was making Kagome laugh.

Many emotions swirled within him and he pinched his lips together. His stomach churned, his heart squeezed and his throat went dry. How was he supposed to take this? How was he supposed to react? How did they expect him to react? He felt their eyes on them, watching him, waiting for him to make a move. Really, there was nothing he could do. Kagome was not his and if - if it made her happy - well then… He was happy.

"If Kagome doesn't mind him, I don't care."

He finally released the breath he had been holding back and exited the kitchen. His steps were quiet and slow as he went back into the living room. He barely glanced at Kagome and Kyro as he sat back down beside Kagome.

Kagome was all smile as she looked at him. "No popcorn?"

The popcorn. He forgot about that stupid popcorn. "The guys are getting it," he said slightly loud so that Ginta and Hakkaku could hear him. He did not feel like explaining to Kagome why he did not bring the popcorn.

"Oh." Her smile soon faded as she observed his face. She brought a hand to his shoulder and squeezed. "You alright?"

He did not dare turn his head because he had no desire to look into her eyes. He did not want to see the concern in them. Kouga was not very talented when it came to lying to her and he did not want to anyway.

"Yeah, just tired. Lot happening lately."

He might be able to fool Kagome but he was not fooling Kyro. Not only did he know the plan was working but his leader was also a very bad liar. How could Kagome not see it? It did not matter. All he knew was that he had to keep going with this. Though he hoped Kouga was not going to lose his cool. Kagome was a nice girl and he was willing to help but he was not about to get into a fight with Kouga. Kyro was strong but not as strong as him.

"So you were telling me about your brother?"

Kagome arched an eyebrow at Kyro's interruption. Could he not see that she was having a conversation? Kouga was a friend and she could tell something was off. Kyro seemed fine but now she found him a bit pushy. She inhaled deeply, not wanting to be rude. "It'll be a story for another time," she said as she leaned into the couch and leaned her shoulder against Kouga's.

As the boys walked back into the living room they realized there was one flaw in their plan after all. They were only thinking about Kouga. In their mind, if Kyro did a good enough job, Kagome would fall for it… but they forgot what kind of person Kagome was. She was loyal and true to her feelings. She could not be easily swayed. They looked at each other and shrugged.

At least they managed to get a reaction out of Kouga.

Perhaps it would make him act on his feelings before it was too late for real.


The evening went better than Kouga expected. Especially when Kyro left not too long after the movie; he was afraid he would choose to linger around. All that left to do was check up on Kagome and get her thoughts on the newcomer.

"Sorry about Kyro."

Kagome laughed. "It's fine, he was nice." It was not as if he was a bad guy. The rest of the evening was great and as per usual she had a good time. Plus, somewhere along the way Kyro became a little less pushy. It all worked out.

"Yeah." Nice. That was one way to put it.

He resisted the urge to groan; he had nothing against Kyro. He had to stop with the whole jealousy thing. He did that to her before and he was convinced it never helped his case. Being jealous of Inuyasha never got him anywhere and being jealous of Kyro would not help either. Kagome was a big girl and she could make her own decisions. Even if those decisions displeased him.

"You don't seem to like him," she said with a small smile creeping up her lips.

"I don't have anything against him. He's more of a loner, that's all. We don't see him often."

"Did something happen to him?"

Kouga shrugged. "Probably. A lot of shit happened to a lot of people." He rubbed the back his neck, feeling slightly awkward. He did not want to share all of that with her. Kagome was different, she was kind and loving. She was not like the other humans. "For a while there… it was not easy being what we are."

He did not need to say more for her to understand. It was not the first time they talked about how hard the whole transition was but it was the first time she felt his pain. The tone of his voice was enough to bring her chills. She could feel her heart squeeze as she imagined a dozen scenarios in her mind. As much as she hated to admit it, she knew how cruel humans could be.

She did her best to put her biggest, brightest smile on her face and she gently squeezed his arms. "I'm glad all of you made it out okay."

"Had to," he said with a grin. "If I hadn't made it this far who would have protected you from approaching wild wolves?"

She joined him in his laugh. "I knew it was safe."

And he believed her because Kagome had great instincts.

"I know. The same way you knew I could change." He was ashamed of his past but he could not changed it. All he could do was move forward and make sure he was a better person than before.

"Things were different and complicated." His world was not her world. She could not say that she enjoyed the fact that he used to eat humans but she was well aware that the situation was more complicated than that.

Suddenly, their conversation was interrupted by the sound of Kouga's phone ringing. "Shit," he apologized as he retrieved it from his pocket and leaned away from her.

Kagome watched his facial features change as he listened to whomever was speaking to him. It was probably bad news.

"I'm on my way," he replied before ending the call. "Kagome, shit I'm sorry." He ran his fingers through his hair. "Something came up. Do ya want me to drop you home… or do ya…wanna wait here?"

It should not take too long and frankly, he missed her and he did not want her to go home just yet.

"I'll wait, you go."

"Ya sure?"

"Go," she said with a smile as she pushed him in direction of the door.

"I'll be back quick."

"Hope everything is okay," she said as he zoomed through the door.

As she watched him go, she began to feel slightly guilty. He was always checking up on her, making sure she was okay and she was not returning the favour. She forgot about all of his responsibilities and how he had to look out for everyone. It had to be extremely stressful. Maybe sometimes she only made it worse.

"Where's Kouga?"

Kagome turned her head towards the entrance only to see Ginta walking towards her.

"He got an important phone call, he had to go."

"Oh." Wait, this was perfect! He had to think fast though. "Ohh, well, probably Misa."

Kagome slowly pressed her lips together before popping them. "Misa?"

And she bite. "Oh, it's just a girl from our pack."

"I don't think I've met her before." Granted, it was highly possible that she did not remember everyone's name. But she was only asking to ask.

"She's been around a few times. Maybe ya just missed her. She's really nice. Kouga and her hang out often." Lie. One that he was not sure Kagome would buy. Jeaously worked both way and he intended on igniting that little spark inside Kagome.

"I didn't know. He never mentioned her."

"He… he didn't? Oh. I'm - hm, I'm sure he forget," Ginta replied, pretending as though he just realize he said too much. "They're just friends really. It's nothing."

"Well, I just hope she's okay." She never saw Kouga hang out with a lot of people - especially girls. Then again, sometimes she went more than a couple of days without seeing him. Maybe she was what kept him so busy. After all, she did not know every single detail about Kouga's life. They were friends not lovers.

"I'm sure she is. I don't think there is a problem."

Kagome arched an eyebrow. "Kouga seemed pretty worried."

"She makes it sound more dramatic so that he gets there faster," he said with a wink.

Ginta prayed he was not laying it on too thick and that Kagome was buying his story. The only problem would be what would happen once Kouga was back. Clearly his retelling of the story would not coordinated with the version Ginta just gave Kagome. What if Kagome took it as Kouga lying to her? Perhaps he did not think his whole plan through before putting it in motion…

"Or you know maybe it's someone else or something else," he nervously added.

"It's good for him if he has someone."

"Well they're not together."

There was a silence and their eyes mets and Ginta realized he made it worse. He was making her think they were friends with benefit. "I mean, I don't think they are," he said hopelessly trying to fix the mess he was creating.

"It's his private life, he can do as he wants." She cleared her throat before rising to her feet. "I'll be right back."

Kagome walked a little too fast in direction of the bathroom. Once she was inside, she closed the door and smacked her back against the door. Where was all this coming from? It was not the first time she experienced the ping of jealousy. It happened that one time during the BBQ after their whole camping trip. She thought she was over that. Kouga and her were friends. It was a good relationship and neither of them wanted more.

It was not that long ago that she used to wake up with a sadness filling her. It was not too long ago that he still filled her mind. Memories, always memories. She was stuck living in the past and now was no different. Even if, she wanted a relationship… it was not a good idea. She was not even over everything that happened in the Feudal era and that would not be fair to anyone. Anyways, she did not want more.

Did she?

Goddamn it, why did it bother her so much that he was over at some girl's place?

They had shared some good times, always within the boundaries of friendship, and that made her feel better. She did not need to confuse her heart more than it already was. Friendship was the way to go for them. Even when he pulled off a bunch of romantic gestures, she did not fall for him. She was a bit swooned, but she did not fall for him. Because Inuyasha was there. And now he was not. And she was… a different person in a different time.

A huge sigh rolled off her lips as she let herself fall down to the ground.

She never got closure - and not only with Inuyasha. She was transported back to her own world and stuck there. Deep inside, she wondered if maybe one day she would be able to go back but Kouga's presence revealed the truth; she never went back. She never got to say goodbye, she never got to make peace with all that happened to her. She never had time to let go of Inuyasha.

Those feelings… were they because she still felt something for him or was she holding on to everything because she could not have any of it back? Until she figured it all out, she could not do this, she could not invest herself in someone else - it would be unfair.

Unfortunately for Kagome, none of it helped her with the growing feelings within her. Her days were better when he was around. Her smile was truest in his presence. She felt lighter whenever she caught a glimpse of him. She could not describe it, she could not say what it was. Friendship? Love? She had no idea. She did not even know if her feelings for Inuyasha were real or they were the result of a crush or because of Kikyo's feelings lingered in her.

She never knew.

She would never know.

When Kouga fell in love with her the Feudal era, it was not her fault. She did not encourage him and she did not try to seduce him. She kept letting him down over and over again. He did not understand. This time, it would be different. If by some twisted turn of fate he did feel something for her…she had to be sure she felt the same way. She refused to toy around with him. He meant too much to her. He made her days worth it, he made it easier to get through all of it.

She glided her hands across her cheeks and inhaled deeply. This was foolish.

Being with all of them was her happy moment. Why was she letting confusing emotions ruin it? If Kouga was happy with someone, then she was happy for him. Considering all the suffering and losses he went through, he deserved happiness in his life. And if he did not want to share that private part of his life with her, that was his happiness. She would not pressure him to do so; he could do it when he was ready.

Kagome took another deep breath before struggling to rise to her feet. She then looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled. She already felt better. And she should hurry to get back downstairs before Ginta began to worry. She did not want any of them to think there was something wrong with her.

As Kagome leaned forward to grab the door handle, she suddenly heard voices screaming. She knitted her eyebrow together and approached her ear to the door. Quickly, she recognized the voice; it was Kouga's.

"What is wrong with you guys! Why - she!"

She quickly backed away from the door, her eyes shining. Was he mad because they told her about Misa? Did he really want to keep that piece of information from her?

Kagome sunk her lips in her bottom lip as she finally managed to grasp the handle. She could not let them get in trouble over her. She would go downstairs and explain to Kouga that she made them tell her.

However, once she swung the door open, she found an unexpected surprise on the other side; Kouga.

His eyes were wild with emotions and his breathing was rapid. He was searching her face for answers and he seemed to find what he was looking for. How could they have done that? He knew it was all too strange, he knew none of it was a coincidence. What he did not expect though were the scents coming from Kagome. She was upset. He only managed to get bits and pieces out of the guys but - but he did not think such informations would affect her that way. It did not make any sense.

"Are you okay?"

She nodded.

"You're back already."

The guys were stupid. Nothing was wrong and by the time he got there, they were already fine. Obviously, he wished he had known that before leaving. That way Ginta would not have had time to spread lies.

Lies that made… Kagome sad.

"I hope Misa's alright."

There was no jealousy, there was no resentment shining in her eyes and yet something felt off.

"And please, don't be mad at the guys for telling me."


"I don't think they knew I wasn't supposed to know."


"And I want you to know you can tell me anything. I don't mind if you want to talk about girls with me."


"That's why we're friends."

And that little word was what did it. He tried to explain, he tried to ignore it all… and now… it pushed him over the line… over the one line he said he would not cross.

Before he even fully realized what he was doing, he grabbed Kagome by the shoulders. For the first time, she finally stopped talking and she listened. Then he brought her body closer to his and before either of them could stop it, he pulled her in for a kiss.


A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 9 of 28

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