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A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 17 of 28

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The night was black with a hint of the moon radiating white light into the darkness. The stars were rare and few apart, leaving a chill surrounding the reduced numbers of pedestrians wandering down the cold, empty grey streets of downtown Tokyo. A tower clocked began to echo through as its black arrow hit the three. In a few hours, the sun would peak from the horizon but for now, most of the habitants of the city were in a deep slumber. Music still echoed from a few night clubs that had yet to close despite the late hour.

Meanwhile, Kouga was leaning against a painted beige wall, his arms crossed in front of his chest, his black t-shirt stretched around his biceps. Lately, he took up the habit of watching Izu closely. That also meant doing a night club's bouncer job with him. The death of his unborn child shook him to his core and Kouga was afraid to see him commit a mistake. Yuka never contacted him, which nearly led to the reckless wolf to seek her out. Fortunately, Kouga was there to stop him.

To prevent such recklessness, he followed him.

However, it was becoming tiring - and fast.

Not only was he wasting hours but it was also seriously cutting on his time with Kagome. Though he supposed he should not be selfish about it. Izu went through a terrible loss and even Kouga could not understand that kind of pain. Regardless, having a ticking time bomb around was a bit nerve wracking and he could not wait for the worst to be over. For now, he was forced to lean back while Izu was doing on last patrol before the girls went on their ways. At least they were making some money. It was a little tight usually, forcing him to go into his savings. Yes, his savings were sufficient but he liked to keep them for a rainy day. Because of the whole baby ordeal, they received a lot of guests and that was expensive.

"Are ya done?"

There was a heavy sigh. "If you wanna go, go."

"I'm not going anywhere."

"I'm not gonna fucking do anything."

"Oh, so you're not gonna go to her house?"

Izu's shoulders slumped and he dropped the white envelope he was holding. "You don't get it."

"I know that you didn't care about the girl. You just give a shit because -"

"Because it was my kid and I didn't get a say."

"You didn't want her to have it."

"I still should have been able to say something."

Kouga sighed before running his fingers through his thick brown bangs. This was a tricky situation, he was well aware of it. He wished he could take the pain away and erase that awful memory but that was not a viable option. All Izu could do was move on. "Look, it'll happen. Some day."

"We ain't all got a miko bitch who's gonna come out of nowhere."

A low threatening growl slipped Kouga and he bore his fangs as he closed the distance between them. "You attacked her, I let it slide. You ain't got any excuses this time. You will respect her." He was pack so Kouga was taking care of him. He made a point to be understanding of the latest fiasco since the situation was tense. He would not make excuses for him again. Kagome deserved his respect.

"She's not your mate."

"She's pack. And I say so, so you do it."

He would not refer to himself as a leader who abused his power but there was something about Kagome that could send him over the edge. He refused to stand by idle while someone insulted her.

Izu's nostrils flared but he remained still, his hands crisped into fists. His entire body was shook by a tremble of rage that was nestled deep inside his chest. It was not fair; he knew Kouga was his alpha and then his word was law but - it was all her fault. Perhaps he did not want the child in the first place but it was there and it was his. Then she came along and she was more involved in the whole ordeal than he was. How was it fair? And why did Kouga keep defending her? She might have done something for the pack a long time ago but it did not mean shit now. Plus, she was not a real part of the pack. She was entertaining Kouga. She was pretending to care. It was nothing more than a passing relationship.

Would she want him if she knew all of it? If she knew it meant forever? She would run - because they all ran and she was no different. Kouga was in it for the long haul but she was not. When was he going to accept that?

"Whatever," were his last words. He bite his tongue, preventing himself for saying anything else. Once the security loosened, he was going back on his own. He was done with the pack life - he could not deal with it.

Kouga's eyes remained narrowed, a thick lump in his throat. Something was wrong, something was going to go wrong. Though he felt helpless to stop the train wreck happening in front of him. Izu bumped into his chest as he proceeded to exit the night club and Kouga followed, fangs poking through his lips. It was going to be a long ride back. He exhaled, trying to let go of the rage stirring up inside of him. He did not like the feel of his blood rushing through his veins, blocking his hearing and clouding his mind. He spent so many years being human that he feared he did not exert perfect control over the beast deep in his mind.

They both silently got into the car, the atmosphere thick and heavy as Kouga drove them back to the house. His hands were gripping the black wheel, forming dents into the leather. It screeched under the pressure, threatening to rip, but he never loosened his fingers. After an eternity, the house came into view and suddenly Kouga could breathe easier. The moment he parked the car, Izu sped out, leaving him alone inside. Asshole. Kouga rubbed his tired, red eyes, and then let himself out. His steps were slow and sluggish, his black shoes thumping the ground each time they made contact with the grey stones that paved the way.

When he tried to open the door he was met with a resistance and he quirked an eyebrow. He pushed again and this time, he was able to swing the door open. On the other side, he found Ginta smiling at him with tightly pinched lips.




"Why you in front of the door?"

"We thought Izu was coming back in?"

"Coming back?"

"He left through the back door. He was pretty pissed."

He groaned; he dealt with enough of his bullshit for one night. "What now?"

"He saw Kagome."

Kouga blinked. Kagome? He lifted his wrist and glanced at his watch to confirm he was not crazy. It was three in the morning right? Why would… what?

"She came in earlier."

"We told her you'd be late."

"She just kinda of - she stayed."

"And then she fell asleep."

Ginta moved out of the way to allow Kouga to see. Behind him, Kouga could see a hint of black hair sprawled across the arm of the couch. He took a quiet step forward, trying to get a better view. Once he was in the living room, he saw her. One of her arms hung limp off the couch while her head rested on the other one. Her bangs covered her eyes, her lips slightly parted as she snored softly. She was tucked in a little ball, her jeans covered legs pressed against her blue shirt. She was also wearing mismatched socks; one white, one pink. His lips tugged into a smile and he approached her. Once his legs hit the couch, he dropped to his knees. He gently rose a hand and weaved his fingers through her soft locks of hair.

"Kagome," he whispered.

She did not move.


She frowned, her eyes still closed, and she moved her face to bury it deeper into the soft couch. He chuckled as he slid his face closer to hers. He forgot about being mad, he forgot about all the rage he had directed to Izu and the shitty night he had at the club. He even forgot about the fact that he had not seen her in a couple of days. Instead, all of his thoughts were focused on her.


Honestly, he wanted to let her sleep but he knew he could not. Her mother was displeased with his night over and though she did not hate him or anything of the sort, he refused to push his luck. It was important to him that she liked him and he wanted Kagome to keep coming over. Although - it was already three in the morning. Her mother was probably already worried - unless she did not know Kagome was out here. That brought forth another question. Why didn't the guys wake her up? He pulled his face away from her and twisted his neck to look at the guys.

"Why didn't you wake her up?"

"She looked tired."

"Her mom is gonna be pissed."

Ginta scratched the back of his head. "We didn't think about that."

"Plus - well…"


"Sis is kinda grumpy when you wake her up."

Kouga chortled, the lively sound bubbling from deep inside his throat. It was so bad that nobody forgot about it. Kagome was not a morning person. He experienced it first hand when her mother let him in her room. She was cute when she was mad. But - yeah, he could understand why the guys would be wary about it.

Now what was he going to do? Clearly she was tired - she was sleeping like a log. He could try to wake her up again but he might feel bad. Her mother probably did not notice she was not home. What was the harm as long as he had her home before her mother woke up? He sighed, already knowing he was simply making excuses; he wanted to see her. It was addictive really. He tried to not be pushy, to give her space. He waited a lifetime for her, he spent forward apart, thinking she was dead and now she was here. Best of all? She was his. He gave her up, he thought he would never have her. And then fate happened and there she was.

He smiled before slowly wrapping his arms around her body. Once she felt secured in his hold, he brought her body against his and lifted her from the couch.

"Where ya taking her?"


Ginta began smirking but Kouga glared his way and he immediately stopped. "She sleepin' you idiot."

"I know."

They saw it all; the little signs, the little touches. Kouga was finding it difficult to let go of Kagome and they could hardly blame him. It was the wolf inside of him, slowly claiming her. He already did the scent claim; his scent was so embedded in her aura, in her skin, that no one could ever deny that she was his. Obviously, Kagome had no idea but then again, she did not know much about them.

Kouga went up the stairs quite slowly, her body barely shaking with each step he took. Kouga lowered his head to the top of hers, burying his nose in her hair. He inhaled softly, allowing her sweet honey scent to calm his body. He shivered for a second and then sighed in her hair. The push of air sent some strands astray and he smiled. Her sleep was fairly interrupted and he even had a chance to make it all the way to the door. However, it was then that she decided to stir in his arms. She tilted her head back and then, nuzzled his chest with her nose, letting his warmth wrap all around her. A dazzled smile formed on her lips but her eyes remained closed.

"Kouga?" she said with a groggy voice.

"Hey," he gently answered.

She tried to blink but she failed. When her head was tilted that way, he could see the purple circles painted beneath her eyes; she was exhausted.

"Mm, what time?"

"Three in the morning."


She snuggled deeper into his chest and for a moment, he wondered if she was truly awake. "Kag?"


He kicked his bedroom door opened with his foot and entered it. He closed it with his back, trying to minimize the sound. Now that she was a bit more shaken out of her sleep, he might be able to wake her up. He hurried his steps all the way to his bed and carefully laid her down. Shockingly, she let him unhook her hold from his body and she quickly snuggled into his chocolate brown pillow. He chuckled and shook his head. Perhaps she was not awake after all. He watched her for a few seconds but since her breathing returned steady, he decided he might as well let her sleep. As a matter of fact, he was dying to take a shower; he smelled like sweat and dirty sex. Too many nasty people rubbed against him during the night.

Kouga peaked at Kagome's sleeping form before turning and heading towards his personal bathroom. He flipped the switch and then rapidly shed his clothes, throwing his black shirt over to the corner and kicking his jeans and blue boxers off his feet. He slid the shower's glass door opened and turned on the hot water before stepping in. Immediately he was covered in water, his soaked hair clinging to his face. He tilted his head back, enjoying the feel of the scorching heat bursting across his flesh. He let his mind cleared completely, chasing all thoughts of trouble, all trace of anger. These past few weeks brought him back to a state of stress, one he had forgotten.

Things were rough for a while but it all smoothened out during the last thirty years or so. He forgot how stressful and demanding it could be. He would never turn his back to his people, his responsibilities. His status as an alpha was one he cherished, something that was a part of him. He would never give it up but it did not mean that it did not take its toll.

He waited a few more minutes, letting the heat relax his muscles. He quickly turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Kouga reached out for the yellow towel that hung and quickly wrapped it around his waist. He slicked back his wet bangs, removing them away from his face. Once his legs were done dripping, though his chest remained wet with droplets of water, he stepped out of the bathroom. He shook the extra water out of his hair as he walked, his gaze focused on the ground rather than the sight that was in front of him. He was so zoned out in his thoughts that he never noticed the shift in aura that happened.

"Sorry, I guess I pass-"

She froze.

He raised his eyes.

He froze.

"Hey -"

Kagome blinked once. Then twice. She woke up mere minutes ago and for a second, she panicked. Perhaps it was that state of alert that caused her to be deaf to the sound of the shower. After a few instants, she recognized his room and relaxed. She was about to step off the bed to look for him when she heard the door. She - did not think he was taking a shower. She took a deep breathe, afraid to say another word. Her mind was a bit dazed and the sight in front of her was - it left her at loss for words. Granted the most important parts were covered by that thin towel but everything else was left bare for her eyes. His sturdy, strong, muscular chest was there, water dripping through the muscles lines while his long, dark hair clung to him. Her cheeks were burning and though she wanted to look at away she could not.

"Did I wake you?"

At first, she took him by surprise but once the initial shock wore off, he was fine. It was not like she never saw his bare chest before - as a matter of fact they had a complete conversation about their relationship while he was completely naked. This was fine.

"Erm -." She shook her head. "I just - woke up."

He had turned his back to her while he dug through his top drawer. She watched as his fingers fumbled with boxers, his back bent forward, his rear stuck backward. Alright, nope, she was not doing this, she was not ogling him. Although - he was her boyfriend so she was technically allowed to ogle him but she was not going to do it. Why did her cheek burn like that? Honestly, she was relieved that he could not see her face. She felt childish because of her reaction. Still, it was hardly her fault. She did not expect to fall asleep and she truly did not expect to wake up to a half-naked Kouga. It kind of took her by surprise.

"I- Sorry I fell asleep."

Kouga pulled a pair of grey boxers out of the drawer. "Nah, it's fine. It's my fault."

"You were working, I knew that."

The guys said that sometimes he got off early. She did not want to text him and bother him or pressure him into getting home early so she waited. She thought she would wait until midnight and go home. Apparently, it was not what happened. She should have known better; she was tired lately. Her sleeping pattern were more restless. Despite the state of things, a lot remained on her mind. She tried to chase it away but it always came back. It was the reason why she stirred from her sleep a few minutes ago. Her nights of sleep turned into naps instead. It was better than nothing but she wished she could rest a bit more.

"It's just for a while," he said while he leaned back against the chocolate brown dresser. He gripped the edges with his strong hands and stared right at her. For her sake, he would pretend that he did not notice the red flushing her cheeks. He had to admit, it was a nice boost to his ego. Clearly he knew she enjoyed it when he kissed her but this was slightly different. He was fighting her to keep his smirk from reaching his lips.

"I know you have things to do."

She was the one who had nothing to do, no job, no other friends. God, she almost sounded pathetic. This was no time for a pity party - she was supposed to be done with those.

"It's not that important. If it wasn't for that idiot…"

"Yuka never answers my texts," she said in a quiet voice.

His shoulders dropped and he tilted his head to the left. Sadness was dripping from her voice and it pinged his heart, constricting it. He released the edge of the dresser and walked over to her. As soon as he was near, he lowered his arms and wrapped them around her waist. She pressed against his wet chest before nuzzled her nose into his neck. That gesture became a natural part of the interactions and it always made him smile; she was more wolf than she let on. He tried to keep his wet hair out of her way as he pressed his forehead to the side of her head, inhaling her natural, sweet scent. Having her around worked like calmness washing over him.

"It'll work out. I'm sure she just needs time."

"Lot of it apparently." She did not mean to sound bitter but she did.

"She could not accept us like you do. Not everyone can." His own words left a bitter taste in his mouth; it reminded him of what Izu said earlier.

She tried to not let her heart break at his words. Nobody should have to work extra hard to accept them; they were not monsters, they were alive and kind… Yes, some of them were bad, rotten to the core, but so were many humans. Now, they lived a harsh life and they did not need anything else making it any harder. She did not want him to suffer, she did not want him to be persecuted for what he was.

Kagome trailed her hands up, resting them against his scapulas as she tore her head away from his neck. He let a shiver travel through him as he felt her small touch slide across his wet skin. Her pink, moist lips parted as she watched the darkness seep into his blue eyes. One touch from her, it was all it took. She resisted the urge to glance away, shy. All that ran through her head were the conversations she had with the girls. She truly did not know anything about anything. When his hands moved against her body, they knew where they were going, they knew what to touch, what to caress. She knew nothing.

Kami, he was going to - nope. She made it difficult. Her sweet scent spiced up, teasing his nostrils and forcing them to flare. The color on her cheeks was mesmerizing and her skin was warm, welcoming. He wanted to hold her, touch her but instead, he clenched his fingers. She was upset; it was the reason for their current closeness. Although - yes, there was a shift in her scent but - it did not mean a thing.

"There's nothing to accept. There's nothing wrong about you."

He smiled at her kindness and raised a hand to her face. He cupped her jaw, tilting her head backwards. "You're amazing," he whispered.

Mist hazed over her blue orbs but her lips broke into a smile. She leaned into his touch and rubbed her cheek against the cold, rough skin of his palm. As she inhaled deeply, her heart skipped a beat and then returned to its normal pace. Their closeness allowed her to inspect his face carefully; there were dark circles beneath his eyes. Exhausting was weighing him down. He followed his duty, ignoring himself in the process. "You are." He was a kind, sacrificing soul. Even when she used to kindly turn him down back in the Feudal Era, he always put his life on the line for her.

Why did it take her so long to see this? To see him?

She sneaked her hand inside of his, fingertips brushing up against his. She intertwined their fingers and tugged on his hand. "Let's get you to bed."

"I'm not sleeping. Gotta get you home." He frowned. "Before your mother hates me."

"She won't hate you."

"I'm not certain she'll approve of ya sleepin' here."

"I'm not sleeping here." She smiled. "I'm hanging out with Yuka."

He quirked an eyebrow.

"I told her I was going to check up on Yuka." Which she did try to do but it proved useless because her friend never answered her. And then she ended up here, where it felt like home.


"You're tired. You need to sleep."

"Gettin' a little bossy there."

"I was always bossy."

He chuckled as he finally allowed her to pull him into bed. If he got to snuggled up to her in his bed, he was not going to complain. Her scent had long washed off his sheets and he could not wait for her to rub it back in. She kneeled on the unmade bed and then dragged him down.

"It's probably best if I get dress first."

Her blue eyes gazed down at his towel and she blushed deeper. "Right."

He chortled, tossing his head backwards. His eyes lingered on her form longer before he freed his hand from her hold. He backed away, holding his towel with his hand; all the movements loosened it and he figured it might be best if it stayed on. "Did ya want something?"

She tilted her head.

"To wear?" he said as he pointed to her jeans.

"Oh, hm." She often slept with her clothes but to be completely honest it might not be the most comfortable thing in the world. She could borrow some boxes, she already borrowed one of his shirts. "Yeah, thanks."

He nodded as he retrieved his gray boxers and tossed them her way. She caught them immediately and nodded a thanks. He fished in for a new pair for him along with a pair of shorts. His hand lingered over the t-shirt drawer and he wondered if she was alright with it. He decided not to push it and grabbed a white shirt. Quickly, he disappeared back into the bathroom, leaving her alone.

Kagome peaked at the closed door and wondered. She sunk her blunt teeth into her bottom lip and glanced down at the boxers in her hand. He was going to be in there for a while. And it was not like he would peek at her. She twisted her mind before getting off the bed. Rapidly she undid the button and zipper of her jeans and push them down until they puddled at her ankles. She kicked them off, leaving her in her blue underwear. She grabbed the boxers from the bed and slipped them on. As expected, they were a little big for her, forcing her to hold them up. Maybe she did not think it through completely? She quickly sat down on the mood, allowing her to stop holding them up.

"Is it safe?"

She smiled shyly at his question. "Yep."

Kagome heard the door creak as he opened it and emerged from behind it. He was properly dressed with a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. He was almost more dressed than she was. Then again, she did not want to comment on it; perhaps he was not comfortable remaining shirtless. She knew nothing of his personal experience but she had a feeling he knew about her lack of it. Did it ask him more restraint? Did he need to be more careful? She knew there was a wolf somewhere beneath that human appearance and she did not know all that it entitled.

When Kouga lifted his hand, holding a hairbrush, it brought her out of her thoughts. His long hair were soaking through his t-shirt. Heat rose to her cheeks and she tilted her head to the left, avoiding his gaze. "May I?"

Her request took him by surprise and he found himself dumbfound. "Yeah." He raced a little too far to the bed and sat on the ground, his back pressed to the bed.

She figured he might be a little enthusiastic about it; it fell under the many things the guys taught her. She took the brush from him and quickly threw her legs around each side of his body, her tiny feet tangling into the emptiness. She unglued his hair from his back and slowly and carefully began to brush through the wet strands. The moment she began, he tilted his head backwards and closed his eyes. She smiled and quietly hummed to herself while she brushed his hair carefully, mindful of not tugging, despite the fact that it probably would not hurt him.

A soothing calmness rushed over him and his breathing rate slowed down. He pressed his lips, enjoying the feeling of her body around him and the feel of her fingers digging through his hair. She was gently squeezing his shoulders, trying to keep herself steady and he smiled. Her toes were flexed, letting him know she was focused on her task. He enjoyed the way she was careful around him, as though he was easily breakable. Then again, it was in her nature to be sweet and kind and it was probably one of the things he loved more about her. Love. Kami, he loved her. Obviously those words had to remain locked in but, it did not mean he could not think them.

After minutes stretched into half an hour, she was done. She put the brush down on the bed and smiled at her work. "All done!"

He painfully turned his head to the left. "Thanks."

As his hair was moved out of the way, she was able to notice the wet patch on his shirt. "You can take your shirt off."


"I mean -it's all wet. It's - hm, it's probably very uncomfortable."

"Oh, yeah it's fine."

"I don't mind." Though maybe he did.

Kouga rose to his feet and grabbed the hem of his shirt. He wore it because he thought it might make her more comfortable. If she did not mind then he did not mind. He pulled it over his head and tossed it into the hamper. Again, his chest was bare to her view. He bent forward in an attempt to get the brush and put it away but she stopped him. She rose to her knees and leaned forward to grab it. And then it happened. As Kagome handed the brush to him, she felt the boxer slip and the cold air wrap around her thighs. She held her breathe, his eyes widened and they both remained motionless while her heart stopped beating.

His hand crisped and he did not know how to react - leering at her remained far from his original intention. Though, against his best effort, his eyes did linger a bit upon her thighs, fluttering up to her appetizing, round a- nope. He forced his head to the side, a blush on his tan skin.

Kagome then did something he did not expect; she laughed. She clapped down her hands over her face, dragging her skin down in shame. She sat back down, her rear resting on her feet. Her clumsiness got her in many situations but that was a new one. She wanted to be embarrassed - and truly, she was but - well… This - She was not supposed to be wearing stupid grandma underwear the first time a guy saw her in her underwear and yet there she was. This was not sexy this was - unsexy and childish. But of course it would happen to her. It was not like he ogled her or if she was a sight to behold.

Kouga frowned, unsure how to react to her laughing. He dared to slightly turn his head to look at her. She was still laughing, hiding her face in her hands. His eyes darted left than right and then he fully turned his body. "Are you okay?"

She nodded. "I just - this is the kind of thing that happens to me."

"Losing your shorts?" he tried, teasing obvious in his voice.

"Wearing the worst underwear in the world."

She was kidding right? Did she not know that she looked amazing no matter what she wore? And that she could turn him on with a glance?

"They're nice. I mean - not that I looked."

He kept his gaze polite, and on her face, but he kept his smirk. She shook her head and reached out for the boxers. She lifted them up to cover herself again and he felt a twinge in the pit of his stomach. She sat back down, a sigh rolling off her lips. "Can we sleep before I embarrass myself again?"

"Actually, I kinda wanna see you lose your shorts again." He was teasing. He did not ever think he would ever push the teasing that far with her. He was always afraid of doing the wrong thing, saying the wrong thing but the past few weeks showed him that he needed to be a bit more forward. They were often stuck on one level, never moving forward. He was not taking her to the next step, he was not forcing her to do something she did not want to do. He was only letting himself be more comfortable with her.

Hopefully it would not blow up in his face.

Kagome blushed but still glared at him - in a taunting way. "Get in bed mister."

There he was; the cocky Kouga she knew all those years ago. It was nice that one of them could be comfortable. Although, as he joined her in bed she realized that sleeping by his side had become somewhat of a habit - one she was completely at ease with. She laid on her side and he wrapped his arms around her waist, bringing her close to his chest. She snuggled into him, their legs ready to tangle. Because of everything that happened, she felt too aware of every muscles, every inch of his skin. He was comfortable, she could tell by his calm, relax hold but she felt different.

This was becoming her first serious relationship. Her first real relationship.

There were a lot of things she did not know. And how to take steps and how to explore further… certain things.

"Ya alright?"

She felt his hold loosened and she quickly clamped a hand over his, holding him in place. He thought it was him who was bothering her.

"Sorry, just, thinking. I'm okay." She snuggled deeper into him and tried to calm herself.

She would need some informations. Informations only a few girls could give her.

God, they were going to be so happy about it.

And then would not let her live it down.

She closed her eyes tightly, trying to repress her stress. For now, she would enjoy this because truly, this was where she was at peace.

In his arms.


A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 17 of 28

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