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A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

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"What kind of advice?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure you didn't like our advices last time," Miya replied, a hint of teasing in her voice.

"Apparently it was too much for you," Yumi chipped in.

Kasumi was further from the other girls, pinching her lips together in an attempt to hold back a laugh.

Meanwhile, Kagome could not say a word. Her cheeks were burning like a fire, her blue orbs focused on the ground while her thoughts ran a million thoughts a minute. She knew this was to be expected - she did kind of shut them off last time but she never meant it in a rude way. It was mostly due to the fact that she was completely embarrassed and she - did not - she was not there yet. Nothing much had changed but for the first time she realized her lack of experience. And it was not like she had a horde of friends that could help her. Those three girls were it. All of Kouga's circle contained all the people she knew in the modern age. Everyone else either forgot about her or moved on.

"I know," she finally babbled. "I - thought, I - feel stupid."

Yumi tilted her head to the left, offering Kagome a pity smile. "It's okay honey, you're just a virgin. We've all been there."

God she hated the fact that her inexperience was so obvious. She offered a forced smile and then hide her face behind her hands; hopefully it would hide her shame.

"Listen, it's no big deal. We're gonna help ya."

"I don't need the whole run down," she said against her hands, her words muffled.

"We promise."

"Alright," said Miya as she rested her elbows on her laps, leaning forward from her seat. "What is it you need help with?"

"Erm, stuff?"

Kasumi rolled her eyes. "Stuff is not an answer Kagome."

How in the world was she going to do any of that stuff, if she could not even use the words? Why were they so comfortable why she wanted to die? And why couldn't any of this come naturally to her? It would make the situation much simpler. "I - I don't know. He just seems like he knows what to do - and I don't."

"Oh hun, that's normal. But I'm sure Kouga doesn't care about that."

"Yeah, I mean he's a wolf."

"And you're untouched," Miya pointed that. "It's good. I'm sure he doesn't mind anything you do."

But he made her feel so - with one touch he could take her breathe away. Meanwhile she laid there with no idea of what to do with her hands. It did not seem fair that she could not return the favor. Actually, it was not all about returning the favor. She wanted to take his breathe away, she wanted him to feel his skin on fire, pleasure jolting through his body. It was an amazing feeling and she wanted to provoke that in him. Gah, the thought of it had her shielding her shame from prying eyes even more. Bad thoughts to have while she was surrounded by very noisy, curious female ookamis. Ookamis would have an excellent sense of smell right? Ugh.

"Unless… did he say something?"

Kagome's head jerked up. "What? Why? I mean, I don't know. Would he say it directly?"

"Nah," Kasumi answered, playing it off. "I mean, it would be there but it's Kouga - how subtle could it be?"

She had a point. "Then, I don't think so."

"You know what? Let's be safe. We'll just cover the bases," Yumi said, leading the conversations. The other girls, except Kagome, nodded.

The bases? What did that mean?


Gah. Nope nope, she did not hear that.


"New to them?"

"Love 'em?"

"Hate 'em?"

The surge of questions sent her head spinning and she tried to shut them up by shoving her hands forward, waving them around as some sort of white flag. Were they serious? Did she remotely look like someone who was comfortable - or used - to doing that?

"I'll take that as don't know yet," Kasumi said with a giggle. "It's really easy to do though."

"A little tongue in here, a little sucking, it's good. Depth, depth is good."

"But don't gag."

"AND NO TEETH," Yumi pointed out with a serious look on her face. "I mean seriously, you'll get that bad boy down in a second if you do that."

"Youkai or not, teeth hurt."

"Although a mix of hands, tongue and mouth is good. Yeah, you should do that."

"And I mean let's face it. When's the last time he got a blow job?"

"Exactly. Whatever you do, he's going to cum honey."

Kagome closed her eyes, begging to the gods to relieve her from this nightmare. Because this was what it was; a nightmare. The most unfortunate part about it was that she initiate this nightmare. She actually sought them out and asked them for help. What in the world was wrong with her? Why could she not look at the internet like a normal person? She was pathetic. Then again, the girls had something the internet did not; knowledge about wolves. What if something was a little different? He was not human. Maybe there were certain things she was supposed to know, some stuff she had to avoid at all cost.

"We could get you a banana. You know, the practice," Miya said, barely able to hold back a grin.

"I- I'm okay," Kagome finally said, her entire face red tomato. She could already feel the sweat sliding down the nape of her neck. She was going to die before the end of the conversation.

"Oh and then there's the fatal question."

Kagome frowned. "What fatal question?"

"Swallow or spit," Kasumi provided with a smirk, her eyes glimmering with amusement.

"Oh yeah, you gotta figure that out before hand."

Spi - or what! No. No she did not want to figure that out. She wanted the ground to swallow her alive. She wanted to disappear. Oh god. Of all the ways she thought the conversation could go, she never thought it would go this way. The gods hated her, that was the only available theory. Oh god; And what was she? What was she going to do?

"Alright, alright," Yumi said with a roll of her eyes. She was going to spare the poor girl a little. She began tapping her chin with her index. "Let's see, what else, what else."

"Wolves have great tongues," Kasumi provided with a sly smile.

Oh for the love of god.

"Oh yes, trust me, he's going to return the favor and it will be amazing."

The image of - that was enough to stir something in her loins. A puddle of warmth formed in her lower stomach and for a second she clenched her thighs. If there was one unmistakable thing she ever saw in his eyes, it was devotion. That never went away, that never changed. If that was applied to another situation - oh. But that also meant being naked in front of him - as in not wearing any underwear. What if there was something wrong with her vagina? What - what if something looked weird? And the hair. What about the hair? Natural? Trimmed? Too trimmed? She groaned. She never even bothered to think about that until now.

Why was there so much to consider?

Suddenly her train of thoughts was interrupted when the girls surrounding her began to laugh.

"Honey, it's you."

Kagome blinked at them, still confused as to what exactly that was supposed to mean.

"You could have three heads and that boy you still want you."

It was sweet how innocent she was, how she missed all the little signals he was throwing her way. Kagome might only like him but he loved her and anyone could see it. Nobody mentioned it, everyone was careful not to reveal it. Youkais - especially ookamis were different. They chose one person and when they did, it was for life. Kouga would not pick someone else, not now that he finally knew he could have the girl. He wanted a bond for a life with her. The reason why everyone kept it for themselves was obvious; nobody wanted to scare her away. Although Kagome was kind, loving and different from most humans… she remained exactly that. A human.

Kouga would be the one to reveal his feelings in his own time.

Although all the questions she had were a good thing, a step in the right direction and though they did enjoy teasing her, they were happy to help.

"Why don't you wear some pretty matching underwear and it'll help you relax."

Matching underwear? Pretty underwear? Did she even own any of that? Probably not. Whatever she had surely did not qualify. The thought of granny panty crossed her mind as she thought about her awkward moment with Kouga a few days back. Yes, those were not the underwear he should have seen her in. She should own some nice things. Why did she not?

"You know what?" Kasumi said as she leaned back into the couch. "I know what you need; a girl's day."

"A girl's night too!," Miya added while clapping her hands.

"We could go shopping - and do all kind of beauty stuff. And give you even more advice," Yumi completed.

She wanted to say no, she truly did but she could not see a single thing wrong with their proposition. She was in need of a bit of advice and what was wrong with pampering herself a little bit? When was the last time she did it? Before she fell down the well? Her little hot springs sessions with Sango did not really qualify as a beauty day. Then again, did she have money to waste on underwear and beauty stuff? She was on a limited budget and she refused to take her mother's money to indulge herself while she had to work hard to get every penny. She really needed to get a job. Regardless, she might be able to spare some money for a pair of underwear or two?

"I - I guess I could get a few things."

Kasumi clapped her hands together, excitement bubbling in her eyes. "Let's get this show started!"

Hands grabbed her, dragging her away from her seat and she was unable to utter even a single word. The girl were happily chatting away, talking about all the fun stops they were going to do. Dildos. They mentioned dildos. Oh god.

What had she gotten herself into?



Kouga sighed as he turned his screen off again. He kept looking at his cellphone but nothing changed; Kagome did not answer his message. He managed to get out of babysitting duty for a night and he intended on spending some time with her. He texted her with excitement spreading through him but unfortunately for him she never replied. He knew she had a life outside of him and she was in no way forced to reply to him right away but - after three hours he was beginning to get a bit restless. Also, what if something happened to her? Did Izu go crazy and decide to go confront her? Or worse?

No, he could not let himself think like that.

"Hey Kouga!"

At the sound of a female's voice his head jerked to the left. What he found left him with eyes wide open; Miya, Kasumi and Yumi were standing in front of him, a dozen of bags in each arms. What did these girls do?

"What are you doing here?" Yumi asked with a suspicious look in his eyes.

"I live here," he said, clearly annoyed. Why was she acting strange? He could smell deceit but he was not sure who it was coming from.

"Oh." She shrugged her shoulders. "Well this works out fine anyway." She took a step forward, revealing who was behind him; Kagome.

"Hey," she offered with a little wave of the hand.

He frowned. "Kagome?" His Kagome was clean from all the suspicions of deceit - even if there was a remnant of shame coating her scent.

"Sorry, we're stealing her for the day. And the night."


"Don't worry," Miya said, dismissing him. "We already went to her house, talked to her mom. What a nice lady. And we told her Kagome was having a sleepover with us. She was fine with it."

Everyone heard about the little story between him Kagome and her mother and nobody ever intended on letting him live it down. But that was not even the point right now. A girl's night? He was happy to know Kagome was getting along well with the pack - he wanted nothing more than that. Though he would be lying if he said he did not feel a slight ping of jealousy piercing through his chest. He wanted her for himself. He barely got to hold her lately and now he had some free time. But it was not fair of him to ask her to drop her plans and give everything up for him. He was the one who was busy all the time. He bit back a whimper of pain and nodded.

"Good. You girls have fun."

"You sure?" Kagome asked with an eyebrow arched. For an instant she saw something flash in his blue eyes; it looked like disappointed…or was it pain? It flickered so quickly that she might have imagined it. And yet, something was different about his smile.

He rose from the couch and walked in direction of her. His hands were trembling as he put them behind her head. He gently put his lips to her head, kissing her hair. "Have fun," he whispered against her hair.

She bite her bottom lip, pondering her options. The girls were nice and she might still have a thousand more embarrassing questions to ask them but - she also really wanted to see Kouga. No, it was best to get her questions answered. What would be the point of embarrassing herself in front of him again? She needed more knowledge.

"Oh by the way, thank you," Yumi said as she reached into her pocket.

"Thank you for what?"

Yumi's smile grew as she handed Kouga his credit card. "For this."

He took it from her, the plastic almost falling from his grip as he stared at it in confusion. When in the world did that girl take his credit card?

"Don't worry we used it to buy Kagome some stuff."

Kagome's eyes widened. "What are you talking about? I only have this bag," she said raising her lonely white bag in the air.

"Oh no honey. All these bags are yours too," she said, gesturing to all the bags they were holding.

"WHAT?" Kagome screamed, her eyes opened wide.

"Don't worry, Kouga. It's money well spent," Yumi began as she tugged on Kagome's hand, freeing her from Kouga's hold. "We bought her lingerie."

His jaw unlocked, his mouth opened wide as he gaped at the little, tiny, blushing miko in front of him. He wanted to speak, he wanted to get rid of the fire spreading in his cheeks but he could not neither. Instead, he grabbed on tightly to the card that was slipping through his fingers and watched, his eyes following her, as Yumi tugged her away from him. His mind provided too much imagery and he almost cursed. He swallowed hard while his jeans suddenly became too tight. Lingerie. As in - what. Why - why was she buying lingerie? He - okay there was a reason why people bought that but he was not - he did not even think things would go there for a long time.

Not that he minded - he did not mind, why would he mind? Nope. He did not mind.

He stared at his credit card and for the first time, he was glad they stole it. She could spend all his money. All of it.

He was going to die. Oh god he was a pervert.

As the final sounds of the girls thumping up the stairs echoed through the vicinity, he dropped to his knees, hiding his face in shame. Why did he think all that?

And what was happening?


"Are you still on that?"

"Yes, I'm still on that!" Kagome screamed while Yumi kept applying a face mask on her skin.

She tried to fight them off. Actually, once her total mortification wore off, she tried to run away and return all the stuff they bought for her. She tried a lot of things on - mostly for their amusement and a bit for her curiosity but she knew she was not going to buy any of that stuff - it was way too expensive and unnecessary. And then they went and used Kouga's money to get all that shit. Did they know how bad she felt? How guilty she felt? He worked so hard to keep the place going and to make sure he could help his pack in case of need. He certainly did not have the luxury to spend his money on superficial things she did not need.

She would have to pay him back. It was too late to return it now. Despite her protests, the girls tore all the price tags off and - it was too late. She needed a job, she needed to work so that she could spend the rest of her life paying back that expensive lingerie.

"Kouga does not care, Kag."

"How do you know?" she said, flailing her arms. "He needs that money."

"Honey - Kouga has more than enough money."

"He has to pay stuff and keep money outside."

Kasumi crossed her arms in front of her chest. "Kagome, how long do you think he's been doing this?"

"A while."

"Yes, a while. He accumulated enough money. You're his woman. He can treat you once in a while."

"And did you not see the look on his face," Miya added with a giggle. "Trust me, this is as much for him as it is for you."

Yumi snorted. "If not more."

"I - " She had to put this on and see him? God, this was a whole lot of too much all at once. There was no way she could look him in the eyes, there was no way she could show up at his door after he knew about the lingerie. She came to the girls because she lacked experience and truthfully, none of her questions were answered. She did not know her way around that whole situation, she did not know how to act around him. Why did she have to be so pathetic?

"Kagome, you need to relax," Kasumi said with a laugh. "You're all tensed, that's not helping."

"You don't have to do anything you don't wanna do."

"I know that." She knew Kouga, she knew that this whole thing was going to whatever speed she was comfortable with and nothing more. The problem was, she was fine with things going a bit faster. She simply did not know how to get them there.

Yumi put her hand down and stared at Kagome, pity shining in her eyes. The girl was completely hopeless and they had to do something about it. Those two badly needed a kick in the butt or they would not get anywhere. "I think I have an idea."

"I'm not sure I like where this is going…" Kagome said with a frown on her face. Last time they had an idea, she ended up apparently buying lingerie - with Kouga's money.

"Don't worry," Yumi said with a smirk. "Now let's finish that mask."

Suddenly, Kagome was surrounded by all three girls. Yumi finished applying her mask while Kasumi tugged on her hair and Miya shuffled through the bags, throwing clothes at her. After what appeared to be the longest five minutes of her life, they all pulled away.

"Alright, that needs five minutes and then we're good to go."

"She still needs to change."

"And let's not forget about her make up."

"Make up? Wait - what."


Kagome's eyes narrowed. "This doesn't look like nothing."

"What's your favorite color?" Miya asked with a smile.

"No, that's not a good question," Kasumi interrupted. "A better question is, what is Kouga's favorite color."

"Ohhh you're right." She turned her attention back to Kagome. "What is it?"

Kagome's mouth opened while she stayed stunned for a second. Kouga's favorite color? She did not know his favorite color - how could she not know his favorite color? He was her boyfriend. Boyfriend. The word forced a little smile out of her. Booooyfriend. Though, she was a shitty girlfriend. He probably knew her favorite color. "Hm, blue," she guessed. Maybe it was his piercing eyes that were on her mind. He should like blue right?

"Got thing we got something blue," Miya smirked.

"Something blue for what?"

"For your night with Kouga."

"What? No, I thought - we're doing girls' night."

"We were… but this is an emergency."

"There is no emergency," Kagome said, panic stuck in her throat. Her hands felt clammy as she wiped down on her blue pyjamas pants. This was a night for her to learn - not for her to be thrown into the midst of the unknown. They had her freaking out for no reason. She was alone with Kouga in the past. They shared a bed a couple of times. God, why was she so nervous? She tried to breathe but could not, instead, she let her fear rush through her.

Yumi put her hands on her shoulders. "Kagome, calm down."

"I'm calm."

She laughed. "No, you're not."

"Sometimes the best experience is - hands on."

She did not like the literal meaning of that phrase. "I'm useless when it comes to relationships." She spent most of her teenage years pinning after a boy who loved another girl. Then, she mopped around - oh oh, and then? She hesitated about going through with this relationship with Kouga. Why? Because she thought she did not deserve him, she thought she might mess it up - she thought she was not ready. Most of those things proved to be wrong. Surely she was ready for this, more than she originally thought. If she weren't, she wouldn't be having a girls night. But she might still mess it up. She might still not deserve him.

"Honey, we told you. There's nothing you can do to scare Kouga off."

"Three hundred years later and he still wants you."

"Five," Kagome quietly corrected.

"FIVE! The boy hasn't seen you in five hundred years and he looks like it's been a week. Like he never stopped waiting."

He did give her up. He did let her be with Inuyasha. He recognized the hopelessness of the situation and he moved on. Although, maybe he never truly did; he simply let her go. For her sake. And now? Now, she was a nervous wreck simply thinking about being in his bedroom. If someone had told her this would be her life…she would have laughed her head off. And yet now? She would not trade it off for anything in the world.

"I don't wanna screw it up."

"You can't."

"Now, let's get that mask off of you so can get changed."

"I still don't think -"

"Well good thing nobody asked you to think," Miya interrupted.

It was now or never right?

Plus she did not think the girl were going to let her weasel her way out of that one.


A door creaked and Kouga's eyes flashed opened. He tossed around in his bed, his sheets sliding down his bare torso, all the way to his waist. He gripped the edge of the blanket with his hand, fisting it around the fabric. Blue eyes shone in the darkness as his piercing vision allowed him to notice the light coming in along with the shadows moving. Sounds of giggles reached his ears and they twitched while he sat up, half awake. It took him forever to fall asleep, especially considering Kagome was so close by. Fortunately, the tiredness of the past few weeks managed to weight him down. And now he was awake again. He heard the door close but nothing else moved.

But there was a scent.

He was tempted to say it was Kagome but it did not smell like her.

He tossed the blanket away from his body, revealing his black boxers and then he hopped to his feet. As he got closer and closer to the door, the figure in front of him became clearer; it was Kagome. She stood there, her back near the door and her hands clasped behind her back. Her head was tilted forward, her bangs hiding her face from his view. He stopped once he was in front of her, taking a deep breathe of air; her scent was masked by something else and he was not sure he found it pleasing. He enjoyed her scent - it had a calming and soothing effect on him. Why would she take that away?


"So-sorry, you were sleeping," she stuttered, unable to make eye contact while her arms remained tucked in at her sides.

She could not believe that they pushed her inside and left. How could they do that? She tried to stop them, especially when she noticed that his light was off. He was sleeping. And now she woke him up - and dear god. She was dressed like an idiot but at least he could not see that. She hoped he could not. She had a black night gown on over her clothes and it was so dark that he probably did not notice. Plus, he looked half-awake.

His lips tugged in a smile. "It's fine. Are you alright?" His eyes searched her face but she kept it hidden from him. He raised a hand and grabbed her chin with his fingers, forcing her head backwards. "What's going on?"

She shook her head despite his grip on her. "Nothing."

"I thought you were having a girls' night?"

"We were," she stammered, heat rising to her cheeks. She cleared her throat and curled her toes while her eyes finally met his. "So, hm, whatcha doing?" she spoke, a fake enthusiasm shaking her voice.

He arched an eyebrow. "I was sleeping."

"Right, right."

"Kagome -"

"I'm fine!"

Unable to hold back his laughter any longer, Kouga exploded in a fits of laughs. "You are the worst liar."

Kagome groaned before tilting her head backwards even more, freeing her chin from his hold, and accidentally banging her head against the wooden door. She winced as she rubbed her head, ready to give up.

Kouga slipped his hand in hers, tugging her away from the door. "Alright, let's take you away from anything dangerous, clumsy girl."

Kagome pouted as she allowed him to drag her to the bed. He hopped on, forcing her on as well. She stood on her knees, the mattress sinking beneath her weight. At least there was nothing dangerous around; her head was throbbing a little. Though she was grateful; it took her focus away from her shame and embarrassment. She popped her lips as he sat down, pressing his back against the headboard. He had yet to let go of her hand and she found that she did not want him to; she wanted to stay close.

"So, are ya gonna tell me what happened?"

"I told you, nothing."

He did not want to think about the lingerie but he did. It was his turn to be grateful for the lack of light; he did not wish for her to see his face. There was a deep blush coloring his tan cheeks while his eyes were shining with desire. Her hand was warm against his and he let his thumb brush up against the back of her hand. The gesture sent tingles through his body. He looked into her eyes and though she could barely see him, he could see her. Hair a bit out of place and - was that make up? Kagome was wearing make up? He blinked once, leaning his body forward. Yes, Kagome was wearing make up. Why? He never really saw her wearing stuff like that before.

He stretched his arm back, twisted his head around, and then clicked on the light's button, turning it on. "Why are you-"

And then he could not speak.

His eyes were glued to her form, unable to tear himself away from the sight offered to him. She stood there, her night gown opened, revealing the sexiest, lacy blue undergarments he had ever seen. A deep blue silky fabric was snugged fit against her body, the outside decorated with a black lace. It wrapped around her hips and it hide her breasts from his view. And she was cold - he could easily tell that she was cold. Her lips were painted red, her hair was tousled, curled around her face, and her eyes were dark, accentuated by eyeliner. She was a vision and he was certain he had died and gone to heaven. He was dreaming - he had to be.

Kagome swore her face was on fire. It was the only explanation as to why her face burned this badly. She could not look at him and instead she let her eyes traveled to everything but his face. He was not supposed to turn on the light. She was supposed to have more time - actually she was supposed to have a chance to change her mind. If she kept a distance the entire time, he would not have noticed. Although the point of this was to - be close to him right? The girls gave her a pep talk, they even gave her some pointers about the whole wolf thing. They warned her to expect some things and not to be afraid.

But that was not even the scary part.

Pulling this off was.

"That b-bad," she managed to say, her voice wavering.

"You look amazing," he replied breathless.

"Well you bought it," she said, trying to lighten the mood. "And I'm really sorry about that. I mean we can still return all of it and -"

"Don't." He breathed out. "Don't you dare."

This time, she was forced to laugh. He looked like a little kid at christmas and maybe if she was not this embarrassed she might have enjoyed it. Although now she felt like dying. She could not be that sexy, comfortable girl. All she could do was be herself - no matter how clumsy and awkward that self was. She took a deep breathe and inched herself closer to him. He was not moving, he was standing there like a statue. She did not know if he was shocked or unsure if he could touch her. The look in her eyes lit a fire in her loins; she looked like his prey and he was about to devour her. It appeared the girls got a few things right.

Kagome was slow at closing the distance but he was faster than her. He used his hold on her hand to tug her forward, colliding their chests together. The contact took her breathe away and she never had a chance to fill her lungs again since he planted his lips against her, tasting her mouth. His lips were demanding, warm, against hers and her body melted against his. She dug her fingers into his shoulder, trying to keep herself up, while he let go of her hand to wrap his arm around her waist. His teeth nipped at her lip and she felt her eyes rolled back while she clutched to him harder. The familiar warmth in her stomach was back and her body was on fire.

Kouga was struggling to keep his hand above her ass. The fabric was silky and he could easily slid it down and grab his prize but he kept his control in check. Her scent was divine, sending his head spinning and she looked delicious; he wanted to taste all of her. His instincts were reeling in and he was doing his best to keep them at bay. Did she know how all the little things she did drove him crazy? He wanted more, he wanted everything. But he knew that was not the way. He was going to take his time with Kagome because he loved her, because he did not want to screw it up.

Kagome rose her hands to his neck and then his cheeks. She held his face and lifted herself up, her breasts rising to his neck. Her action also forced his hand down right to her rear. She felt him squeeze the flesh, and she moaned involuntarily in his mouth. She heard him groan, the sound vibrating through her body and jolts of pleasure and thrill spasmed across her body. Before the groan was over, he flipped them and she found herself sprawled on her back with Kouga nestled between her legs. His large hands were still on her ass, grasping, kneading the flesh. Her blood was fire, her body was melting and her throat was dry.

She tossed her head backwards, the feelings overwhelming. As she tore her mouth from his, he took that opportunity to layer the rest of her body with his mouth. Moist lips touched her neck, her collarbone, leaving trails of kisses all the way to her breasts. Her chest heaved with each breathe she took, pushing the mounds in his throat. He always avoided them, he always stopped before he reached that point. He knew he could always control himself. He would never pressure her, he would never force himself on her. He would not get to that point if he knew he could not come back. But - he - his head was spinning. He missed her, he needed her - he loved her. And she showed up at his door in the middle of the night dressed like that.

She made his job very difficult.

Suddenly, he was pulled from his thoughts when he felt her fingers tangle with his hair. He raised his head and looked at her. She was breathless, her lips bruised and swollen from the kisses. He watched while she moved her hands and put them on his shoulders. Then she began pushing him up and he let her. There was a whimper caught in his throat but he let her. He would not force himself on her. If she wanted to stop, they would stop, despite the ache in his heart. She pushed him up until his back touched the headboard again. Once he was pressed against it, she removed his hands from him and settled them back on her thighs.

Kagome took a deep breathe in a foolish attempt to give herself some courage. She was supposed to be the one - doing. She tilted her head back and then stared right at him. Slowly, she approached him and stopped when her knees touched his. He remained still, looking as though he was afraid to scare her away. Kagome gulped and then put her hands on his chest to keep herself steady. Then, she lifted herself up and moved herself onto him. She straddled his thighs with her legs, lowering herself unto his growing erection. She felt it press against her barely clothed core and a tremble shook her body. It was hard, warm and pushing against her through its constraints.

Kouga's body was stiffed while she lowered her hands down all the way to his abs. Her fingers tickled the skin, finger tips brushing against the muscles lines. She could do this. She could be brave enough to do it. She knew what line he was afraid to cross and she did not want him to be afraid. She brought her hands to her tiny black straps, her fingers slowly pushing them down. They dropped to her elbows, the black lace barely still covering her breasts. Her nipples were hard, brushing up against the fabric. Her core was pulsing, her breathing was impossible to control. Then she did it, she tugged on the fabric enough to free her breasts and expose them to his sight.

And Kouga died.

He forgot how to breathe, he forgot how to think as he watched the angel in front of him. She was perfect and he did not even deserve her. His heart swelled and he wanted to worship every part of her. He never wanted to think about losing her, he did not want to know what it was like not to have her in his life. It hurt the last time but this time it would destroy him. He was too far in, too deep, too lost inside her world. If he lost her, it would be the end of him. How could he love that tiny girl so much? How could she spin his world like that? He changed the way they ate for her. He - he would do anything for her.

"The whole not moving thing? It's kind of stressing me out," she whispered.

That was not the reaction she expected out of him. She thought he might touch her, he might lay her down on the bed and ravage her. Standing still, not moving? Not the reaction she expected. Was there something wrong with her? Did she do something wrong?

"Kouga?" she tried again when he did not reply.

He saw the panic in her eyes and he never wanted her to feel as though she was not wanted. He wanted her with every part of his body. She should never be nervous, she should never think she was not perfect. He was the one that did not deserve her and she was way too good for him. His heart ached, it stopped beating while he stared in her eyes.

"God, I love you."

It slipped him.

He could not take it back.

This time, she froze. "W-what?"

It was out.


A InuYasha Story
by Maddie-san

Part 18 of 28

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