Continuing Tales

This is my private collection of stories that I love and don't want to lose track of. I included the author's website when possible, along with pairing, descriptions, and a quote from the story.

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Once Upon a Time

Civilised Existence by Fyrie (FanFiction.Net Profile)
     Rumpelstiltskin tells Belle to go. Belle goes. But sometimes, you can't escape your happily ever after.
     He realised in that heartbeat that he had never wanted anyone so much in his life. It was never going to be True Love's Kiss, but when he lowered his head and kissed the perfect curve of her throat, and she trembled beneath him, it almost felt like it.
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Storybrooke's Tale of Beauty and the Beast by Teddy's Twin (FanFiction.Net Profile)
     Henry discovers a girl in a basement of the hospital that sends Mr. Gold's world reeling. He's lived without her for so long, and now she's alive. Alive, despite what he'd been told. Now what will happen as he tries to win her back?
     He captured her mouth with his, using up every inch of his bravery, his pent up frustration spilling out, longing with every fiber of his being for her to remember. He breathed in her life, her vivid light, tasting every bit as sweet as she had in the past. Sweeter. She and him.
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The Heart Won't Lie by Eyes Like Dawn (FanFiction.Net Profile)
     Regina plots to cripple Mr. Gold by placing a girl named Annabelle French back into Gold's life. After having everything in place to destroy him, all Regina must do is sit back and watch the heartless Mr. Gold slowly become undone by one he thought dead.
     I wish you cursed my name and hated the very thought of me after what I've done. I believe anger would be far better than the intense hurt I feel ripping my soul into a smoldering nothingness. The same hurt that I know you, as well, feel now.
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