Continuing Tales

This is my private collection of stories that I love and don't want to lose track of. I included the author's website when possible, along with pairing, descriptions, and a quote from the story.

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Destiny's Child by Fire ()
Ranma 1/2 (Ranma/Akane) and Sailor Moon (Haruka/Michiru, Ranma/Rei)
     While on a training trip with his father, Ranma fell into the spring of the drowned young girl. Unfortunately, his curse can only be changed back with _very_ hot water, which means he spends most of the time in his cursed form. Not only that, but since the spring was drowned young girl, he turns into a 12 year old girl who never ages. It is now the mid 1500s, and Ranma must deal with the fact that Akane - his wife of the last 50 years - has just died of old age, and he still looks like an 18 year old.
     We aren't different. We are just the same as all of the other people out there. I would risk my life any day to get the Talisman, or whatever else was needed. I would give my life and any other life that was needed to keep you alive. But I would never offer your life. Everything has a price, and that price is too high. Some things I cannot do.
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Something in the Eyes by Clever Lass (Aspirations to Cleverness)
Labyrinth (Jareth/Sarah) and Chronicles of Narnia (Susan/OC)
     Sarah from "Labyrinth" befriends Susan Pevensie, formerly a Narnian queen. Together they help each other rediscover their dreams..
     The goblin king wore his formal attire, down to the leather breastplate that held his symbol of office. "Aslan," he said, and bowed very low. The lion inclined his head. "Jareth," he greeted in his rich voice. As the goblin king straightened, Aslan continued. "I have a message for you."
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Twists of Fate by Stormlight (Stormlight's Realm)
Labyrinth (Jareth/Sarah) and Beauty & the Beast(Vincent/OC)
     Sarah has become an actress and moved to New York to escape the memory of a certain Goblin King. When she is attacked one night, she is rescued by a strange-looking man named Vincent, who takes her Below.
     "Then I guess...I'll just have to keep on wishing children away to you until you get so sick of me winning and showing you up that you'll be begging me to stay," she replied with her characteristic spirit.
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