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This is my private collection of stories that I love and don't want to lose track of. I included the author's website when possible, along with pairing, descriptions, and a quote from the story.

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Rurouni Kenshin

Hakama Dake by Indygodusk (FanFiction.Net Profile)
     During a heat wave, Kaoru finds herself alone, frustrated, and extremely hot. Defeated by Kenshin's friendly behavior, she gives up on his love. But she refuses to lose to the sun. Clothes start to fly, but no one's there to see, right?
     Stepping forward, she grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. As soon as his surprised face appeared, she placed her other hand on his bicep and brought their bodies into searing contact, melding the bare skin along their stomachs, chests, and arms. The hand on his shoulder came up to burrow into the hair at the nape of his neck and tugged his face determinedly towards hers. "Our lesson isn't over yet." she demanded against his mouth as she bridged that final gap, fitting her lips firmly against his own.
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