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This is my private collection of stories that I love and don't want to lose track of. I included the author's website when possible, along with pairing, descriptions, and a quote from the story.

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Sailor Moon

Airmail by LovelyLytton (FanFiction.Net Profile)
     Reunions come in many shapes and sizes. The senshi are about to experience them all.
     Pulling a pillow over her heart, Minako cried silent tears for a man that died without his soul, for the carefree woman she could never be again, and for a love that had been doomed long before she was even born.
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Dark Kingdom Renegades 1: Refugees by Mark Latus (Sailor Moon Expanded Fan Fiction Universe)
Azurite/Pyrite, Calcite/Margrave
     Just because you escaped the Dark Kingdom doesn't mean you've escaped the past.
     "It is not enough to merely kill an enemy, you must destroy him. You must take everything he values and turn to ashes. You must take his hopes, dreams and loves and grind them into the dirt before him. And at the very end you must deny him death, condemn him to live on in the hell you have created for him!" Ami studied the creature before her then said with feeling, "You are a very sick creature!"
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Dark Kingdom Renegades 2: Bad Moon Rising by Mark Latus (Sailor Moon Expanded Fan Fiction Universe)
Azurite/Pyrite, Calcite/Margrave
     (Crossover with Bubblegum Crisis) If you've blown a whole in reality, clear through to MegaTokyo, you'd better fix if before the Senshi find out.
     "So we've got a mystery boomer and some guy with a tux and an unknown weapon out there somewhere ...not to mention something roaming the city leaving bits of scumbags all over the place. I tell you Daley things cannot get any weirder." Daley looked pained. "I really wish you hadn't said that. Someone up there might take that as a challenge."
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Dark Kingdom Renegades 3: Triangles Have Sharp Edges by Mark Latus (Sailor Moon Expanded Fan Fiction Universe)
     BMR sidestory. Pyrite and Azurite's relationship hits a critical point. Was it doomed from the start?
     This is not our world, that's dead and gone. It's Earth but not the Earth we fled to seeking an escape from our homeworld's end. The reasons we crossed from our adopted world to this one seemed important once. Now nothing matters anymore. Not to me. What does anything matter after dreams turn to ashes?
Chapters: [1]

Dark Kingdom Renegades 4: Remembrance Day by Mark Latus (Sailor Moon Expanded Fan Fiction Universe)
Calcite/Margrave, Naru/Nephrite, Naru/Umino
     Calcite takes a day to contemplate the father he never knew and finds he's not alone in memorializing.
     "We mourn not for the dead but for ourselves. For all we have lost by their absence. Don't confuse grief for their death with your own selfishness."
Chapters: [1]

Dark Kingdom Renegades 5: Valentines Day by Mark Latus (Sailor Moon Expanded Fan Fiction Universe)
Calcite/Margrave, Azurite/Pyrite
     Fitting in with your human friends means adopting and celebrating their holidays, even if that means facing some troubling questions.
     "...'Grave do you know what tomorrow is?" She frowned a little. "Monday? Okay that's obviously not the right answer. The fourteenth?" "That's partially right. But do you know what February the fourteenth means?" She shrugged, "Some human holiday?" Then brightened up, "Kitten, you don't mean to tell me it's Chocolate Day?"
Chapters: [1]

Dark Kingdom Renegades 6: Cute and Continua by Mark Latus (Sailor Moon Expanded Fan Fiction Universe)
Calcite/Margrave, Azurite/Pyrite
     Fed up with Tokyo's weirdness Calcite and Azurite go looking for a new home. Forgetting the old adage about the devil you know.
     "Do you think we've discovered some sort of multiversal principle? The defenders of all worlds will be female, range in age from teenage to mid twenties and generally be underdressed?"
Chapters: [1]

Dark Kingdom Renegades 7: Girls' Night Out by Mark Latus (Sailor Moon Expanded Fan Fiction Universe)
Calcite/Margrave, Azurite/Pyrite, Haruka/Michiru
     Surely Azurite and Margrave can get along for just one evening. After all what could possibly go wrong?
     "Azurite ... (which should have tipped me off that she was up to something, normally I'm Azure to her) ... it would make me really happy if you and Margrave could get along with each other. So for a present I'd like the two of you to spend an evening together and be nice to each other. Civil at least ... just don't fight!"
Chapters: [1]

Dark Kingdom Renegades 8: Titanite's Bogus Journey by Mark Latus (Sailor Moon Expanded Fan Fiction Universe)
Calcite/Margrave, Akane/Ranma
     Letting an anime fan get hold of an interdimensional transporter isn't a good idea as Titanite's quest for the universe of "Ranma 1/2" takes a few unexpected detours.
     Shampoo glared. "Old woman make fun of way Shampoo talk!" "Little girl go away not bother Margrave. She in wrong mood mess with. She been spooked by dead city, attacked by pervert, freaked out by giant monster now she talking in third person all time and sound like total damnfool. Boy first good thing happen since start trip. Margrave like Ranma scent. Margrave have fun with boy! Little girl go away!"
Chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Dark Kingdom Renegades 9: Thy Kingdom Come by Mark Latus (Sailor Moon Expanded Fan Fiction Universe)
Calcite/Margrave, Azurite/Pyrite
     Ever wonder what would have happened if the Dark Kingdom had won? All hell breaks loose when the last surviving Senshi of another Earth arrive seeking help in defeating "The Dark Circle", the new rulers of both Earth and the Kingdom whose membership is shockingly familiar.
     "Two years free of the Dark Kingdom? For us it was one year ago that we went to fight the Dark Kingdom on it's own ground. Just one year since everything went to hell. It seems so much longer."
Chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]

Fatal Exposure by Meara (FanFiction.Net Profile)
     Usagi takes a blood test to get into college that changes not only her life, but the lives of all the Senshi forever. How will the world react to the disclosure of the true idenity of Sailor Moon - and the fact that she's much more than she seems.
     On earth, the Moon Kingdom's re-born citizens felt their world rise from its ancient slumber. They had been scattered by the power that sent them into the future and a new life. They were of every race and creed, part of every nation on earth. For one moment, they all stopped, as if someone had called them by name, and turned to look at they sky. A half remembered dream of other places, other lives began to surface. Even as they went back to what they had been doing, there was a warm feeling that lingered in their hearts. The awakening had begun.
Chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

First Truths by Lilac Summers (Lilacs in the Summer)
     It began when a poorly timed kiss was photographed by the media. Now Sailor Moon deals with some startling information, while our lovable Tuxie stumbles along behind her.
     Her smile didn't falter, but the light in her eyes dimmed into a cloudy sea of wetness. Something vital within him died with that look. It was like being offered the sun after living in the dark, only to find out that you had been blind all along. He was like that; he did not have the capacity to love. Somewhere alone the way he had forgotten how.
Chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15]

Full Circle by Meara (FanFiction.Net Profile)
     Sequel to "Fatal Exposure". It's been six months since the resurrection of the Moon Kingdom. There are dark forces that seek the power of the Ginzuishou and revenge against Usagi. Can Mamoru master the power that lies sleeping in him and save both hisbeloved and his world?
     Mamoru was trapped in the cold, unyielding darkness. An animal ferocity took control of him and he struggled violently, seeking to escape from the unseen force that held him in place. This was his most primal fear and his first true memory. It evoked a terror in him that threatened to swallow him whole. He was lost and alone in a world of darkness. Then Usagi came.
Chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]

Redeem Me by goldnheart (FanFiction.Net Profile)
     As Lunar New Year approaches, old debts remain. To finish the past, the Senshi must find the artifacts their lovers left behind and reveal the real events which destroyed the Moon and which led to the Shitennou's betrayal...before time runs out.
     She wanted to cry, wanted to sing, because he was every bit as beautiful as she dreamed, remembered, she couldn't say for sure. Those sharp features she could run her hands over for endless moments, trying to memorizing their symmetry, the lips she knew so well, that every inch of her knew, even in a new body. His long, graceful limbs, hands that...No, she told herself in shame, none of this is mine. It never was.
Chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

The Ties that Bind by Firefly-shy (FanFiction.Net Profile)
     An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. The Shitennou find each other and discover there are some bonds stronger than fate.
     "Aino-san," Konnor said, unexpectedly. "Yes?" "Let's get married." Minako looked up, surprised. Everyone else was shocked speechless, including Mamoru. "Well, ok. But let me take a bath and a nap first."
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Trials and Errors by Sean Gaffney (Sean Gaffney's Webpage)
     It stars Sailor Pluto. In fact, it stars a lot of Sailor Plutos.
     "...Michiru is terrified that she won't be able to go on without Haruka there beside her. Haruka is afraid of the exact same thing. And the two of you have spent so long being strong for the other's sake that you can't be strong for yourself." They released each other now, looking up. Looking into each other's faces and seeing the truth there. "And there's something else, something that you would never admit to each other. You're both afraid that you could be strong enough. That Michiru could go on without Haruka. That despite everything, she could pick up the pieces and move on with her life."
Chapters: [1]