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This is my private collection of stories that I love and don't want to lose track of. I included the author's website when possible, along with pairing, descriptions, and a quote from the story.

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Phantom of the Opera

A Ceux Qui Attendant "To Those Who Wait" by Heather Sullivan (Erik's House)
     When I began this story, I thought it would be my last sojourn into fanfic - how wrong I was :) This time, I draw my inspiration from Lord Webber, whose prologue to the musical presents "a mystery never fully explained." Add a dash of Susan Kay plus a twist of Sincere Christine and get this story, which explores exactly what the Vicomte de Changy means in his question to the music-box.
     As I stared straight down into his eyes, my fingers twitched with the long-forgotten urge to span the diameter of his throat and squeeze. I exhaled. "Because you loved her," I replied in the lowest, evenest tone I could muster, "I will forget you said that. But you are alive today because she loved me, and you should never forget that. She was my savior, de Changy, and yours too - but for her, you would have been cold in your grave these twenty years at least." I moved to the door, feeling weak and close to tears; at the threshold I paused. "Go home, boy," I said over my shoulder. "You are not wanted here. You have never been wanted here."
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Al Fin con Amore by Heather Sullivan (Erik's House)
     This is the first of my fan novellas; it is based upon both the Leroux novel and the ALW musical, so you will find elements of both in the story. Christine has chosen Erik, as at the end of Leroux's novel; however, instead of releasing her to the Vicomte, Erik holds Christine to her promise and keeps her with him. I gave my Christine a shot of determination, making her resolved to keep her word - only to discover that maybe she doesn't determination to keep her with Erik after all.
     "I moved closer to him, offering my body to his arms, repeating the gesture he had made to me with the veil such a short time ago. My hands reached for the lapels of his tailcoat, and I felt the velvety thickness of the material as my hands lighted there softly. As if I stood outside of myself, I became aware that I was drawing my face to his, that my lips were whispering, "No thoughts are in my mind but thoughts of you," just before they kissed his. His arms came around me in that blissful moment, and the recent pain melted into the soft affection of his kiss."
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Binary by Soignante (Fanfiction.Net Profile)
     What better mask than the faceless world of the Internet? It's a mask that cannot be ripped away on impulse. This is a Modern EC fic involving Christine as a genius barista, Erik, and the 'net.
     "I've destroyed our apartment." "I don't care." "I've destroyed my beautiful instruments." "They can be fixed," thinking back on the carnage, she amended that to "...or replaced." "I've hurt you." This thought nearly sent him over the precipice again. "I will heal. We will heal." Sensing his rising distress, she held him tighter. "It's unforgivable." "I've already forgiven you."
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Blinding by Dream Descends (Fanfiction.Net Profile)
     Christine has spent four years mourning a life she never lost. Erik has spent four years mourning a love he never had. When fate and tragedy bring them together, can they find a way to forgive?
     “Christine, I cannot change my music,” he muttered hoarsely, averting his eyes. “I can only do what my own self tells me, and it speaks the same as it ever did. This,” he gestured to the piece resting on the music stand, “is the one thing you cannot reach, nor redeem. It is my life, and you merely wishing it away cannot change my past. You have my present, and my future, but nothing short of diving intervention can change whatever I might have done before now.”
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Demons by Wandering Child (Fanfiction.Net Profile)
     HE was nearly dead when he left the Paris Opera. Abandoned by love, Erik vows to erase his soul and begin life anew. SHE was nearly dead when they found her. Broken and alone, Christine will find that sometimes, love and fate will not be denied.
     "You are an angel. A goddess." "I also told your solicitor that I was your wife." Erik's face fell. " told him that...that you were my..." Christine batted her eyelashes, her face all innocence, even more beautiful as the starlight reflected off of the dry patches of salt where tears had once been. "Well...are you just going to stand there looking peculiar, or are you going to make an honest woman out of me?"
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Love Will Still Remain by Sparks (FanFiction.Net Profile)
     Meg fires the gun, but the bullet doesn't hit Christine – and so everything changes. Widowed, left with her son and the man she has always loved, Christine finally has a chance of finding happiness.
     He turned his face into her hand, kissed her palm, and then he bent his head and kissed her, his mouth pressed to hers, his hands on her waist pulling her impossibly closer. It felt like coming home.
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Prelude, Renascence and Denouement by Christine Reynolds ()
     The first story of the trilogy, Prelude, is my version of Erik's life prior to the events chronicled by ALW and company. Because it's the longest of the three, I've broken it into two sections. The second story, Renascence, tells what happens after the musical, when Christine comes to her senses. The fact that the third story, Denouemont was called "Happily Ever After" until about a month before publication should tell you something about the contents of that one.
     That first morning, waking stiff from sleeping all night in one position but elated to find her angel resting in her arms, had been the most beautiful of her life. Her slight movement had roused Erik. He had pulled his hand up to shield his eyes from the morning sunlight, then frozen with shock. His expression--wide-eyed disbelief giving way to unspeakable joy as he looked up into her face--would stay with her forever
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Red Rose by Riene (Riene's Website)
     At the end of the musical and book, Christine and Raoul leave, and Erik prepares to die. But events have a way of not working out as we think!
     "It's what is in your heart that matters to me, Erik! Yes, you're scarred. You're horribly disfigured. When will you understand that I don't care?" she said, her voice low and throbbing with emotion. "I don't care at all," she continued brokenly, pulling his head down again to kiss his lips, to kiss the rough skin of his ravaged face. Erik grasped her wrists, holding her away from him. "Mon Dieu," he breathed, looking down at her. "I think you mean it." He released her and sat heavily down on the couch, with none of his usual grace.
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Stay by My Side by Sparks (FanFiction.Net Profile)
     "It's not your face that scared me, Angel."
     "You cannot be real," he murmured. "You are a dream. I have dreamed you into being." "If it is a dream, it is a good dream," Christine returned, and she kissed him again, felt him relax beneath her.
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Still by Immokk (FanFiction.Net Profile)
     He closed them, not because he was afraid to die or because he did not want to see the gun explode; his death held no fear for him, it never had...
     He said nothing because words were not enough. There was nothing he could say that would change what had happened then or now, no amount of conversation would ever bring back the years they had lost. Nothing could thwart his tearing heart and nothing could stop her pain, this was what was left. This was all that was left.
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Untwisted by Heather Sullivan (Erik's House)
     This is my second Phantom novella, which is based upon my own answer to this question: What if Lord Webber misinterpreted Christine during the "Notes/Twisted Every Way" scene in Act II? Six months have passed since the chandelier fell, and Christine has had some time to think and mature.
     Joy and love welled in my heart, and I began to cover his face with kisses. He wriggled away from my assault, protesting weakly, "Please, Christine … I am not wearing my mask …" "And what of it?" I giggled. "I am not wearing anything at all." "Is that so?" he asked, lifting the covers slightly as if to peek under. I pushed them down again, and resumed kissing every inch of his face. He did not shy away again.
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